Monday, May 17, 2010

| efficiency vs effectiveness

Here's one before I'm off for my last camp as a student (about time for the matter). Stay efficient and effective peeps.

p.s. we can do that if we ever fail to secure a job.. heh~

Thursday, May 06, 2010

| the simba wedding story

Hmm.. It's been awhile since I've done this so.. here goes nothing!

WARNING: SUXMYX KILLER DETECTED (ip man 2 could use a better climax)
BRACE FOR IMPACT!! (iron man 2 giveth nerd rage)

Listen well Simba for the story of the Circle of Life begins in the strangest of places.. more often-so accidental than others.

There was once a little gecko
Who fell into an evil starbucks cup
When he saw the owner returned
He thought to himself, "I haz no luck"

As he peered at little gecko
The owner was delighted
He turned and lifted little froggy and said,
"Look froggy at what the Lord hath provided"

By then the owner was starting to tire
From finding something that rhymes with 'uh'
So he let little gecko play with little froggy

Little froggy opened his mouth
And little gecko went in willingly
It's absurd like the stories our government tells
But will we listen ignorantly?

Remember what I've said well Simba, for this is the story of the Circle of Life.


I am rather intrigued by those who are able to follow most of my blogspot. I salute thee, man of genius (applicable to both men and women), for your appreciation of using time wisely is greatly.. uh, appreciated.

Next up, eight (8) random (or not so) images before actually posting something relevant and up-to-date!

The New Paddlepopper's Dinner with The Liu's

the day that bear is given to the Lord, is the day you get marri..

i haz the key to her heart(?)

the cat observes and likes what he sees

in the memory of the past, the scroll of the future
(with golden glitter ftw)

alas, six (6) years of waiting for this pic

The Band (p.s. it'll be awesome to run through it once again)

the new record for longest mamak table(?)

Now, for the moment worth waiting for. Pics (and captions) of Samuel and Charis' Wedding ftwftwftw!! Plenty of hot girls to look at It is always a pleasure to meet up with good ol' brothers and sisters. First and foremost;

Ladies, gentlemen.. LENTLEMEN!! I present thee~

Mr Samuel Yau

they go before me (heh~) (wayne not included) (double heh~)

Sepet 3: Reunion (is this the last of the series??)
(btw, you guys look thinner in pics then irl. hehe~)

from left: zx, sam, joash, deric, pastor, and shadowy figure

looking smashing as always

looking smashing as always.. *winks*

kok wei and *gasp* kok phin! such common similarities in namesssss

they're bringing sexy back

wait, scratch what i said earlier-
he has sexy on his back (yea!)

After the ceremony and photo sessions were done, we adjourned down for some light refreshments which included pastries, cup cakes and some (claimed to be evil) coffee bean coffee.

the awesome (but overly sweet) cup-cakes
(with awesome cream.. i heart creammmm)
also, the top cake with wayne's finger imprint on it

them classy ladies

*koff* my classy ladies *koff*
(p.s. i wish i could sing as well as you)

they may see no evil.. but jess did take a peek :P

We went to the nearest acceptable joint id est 1 (One) Utama, Petaling Jaya for some dinner. Our initial dinner plan was for SGF at Chili's but it was too full and for some reason, there was a strong word against T.G.I. Friday's. So we opted to dine at..

it haz no wiki link

it haz a garden

(claimed to be) fresh oyster with
(unbelievably and unsatisfyingly thin till its unnoticeable) vodka,
ebiko and other stuffs

lamb shank, for such 'classy' restaurant it was rather 'meh~'

medium rare australian steak, taste the same as Pan & Wok

Well, the entire journey was rather fun. Road trip up to Seremban for some dim sum in the early morning (which i didn't take any pics of, in retrospect, very strange), met Es-The-Dear's parents again, and then up to PJ for the wedding.

What made my day was meeting up with old friends, Juju, Lulus, Wen Wen, Jess Jess, Lainey, ZX (hugs), Jochebed (naish), Deric, Joash, Kok Wei (hugs), Ann Na and many more of a huge family known as the CF. It's awesome because though we may be separated by distance and though we may not know each other that well, when I look at that collective shot of MMUcf and cfMMU, I'm reminded of the truth that we have in Christ.. and it's awesome.

To end my loooong post, here's one more for ya, my dear~

Once again, Blessed (Belated) 23rd Birthday~

p.s. for our batch; waiting on ya, ju.. hehe~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.