Thursday, August 31, 2006

| giving my thanks

It's Merdeka Day and this year I'm not going to catch those fancy fireworks or check out the hottest clubs and mamaks in town. No. This year I'm gonna sit at home and give thanks to the One who made it all come true in the first place.

i thank God for the gift of a family

In all the hype of our Independence Day, year after year it's easy to get lost in it and forget some of the really importance things we have that other people don't. Sure our government isn't perfect. Sure our roads are bumpy. Sure petrol prices are soaring high. Sure streamyx SUX!! GAHHH!!


Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Hehe~

Anyway, as I was saying. Sure things aren't perfect in our country - nothing is. Still, as Malaysians we are able to enjoy a whole lot more than many other people in poorer countries out there. While we eat, they starve. While we sleep under the shelter of our rooftops, they sleep out in the open rain. We have clean filtered water, whereas they drink out of rusty pipes and dug-out holes.

i thank God for the gift of guitar

Thank God I live in Malaysia. In fact, thank God for every single thing He has given me. For this Merdeka Day, I'm gonna give my thanks and for the rest of my life, I'll continue to give my all to a special someone who made it all happen in my life - Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

i thank God for the new-nicest fried rice evarr

I was finally able to find my now currently favourite fried rice stall. Next to Rama Rams, a Chinese all-fry-oso-can stall. Sells most of your typical food, Chinese-styled. For RM3, they sell surprisingly nice fried rice. Best part is, it comes with prawns! RM3! Got prawns some more! My mind just can't comprehend it!!

i thank God for this big bowl of Loi's Bak-Kut-Teh

In lieu of Merdeka Day, Dad, Bro, GerX and I went to eat at Loi's Bat-Kut-Teh. It's a humble stall along the road to Bukit Baru, coming from Bukit Beruang before the shop-lot that has 7/11.

i thank God for this small bowl of rice

A shop-house owned by an old couple who have been running this business as far as my memory goes back. Yea, I've been eating there for many years and the food still taste just as good. Quite spicy but not too spicy soup. Beef, bean-curd skin (tau kee), and other parts of the poor cattle that got chopped up. The food taste sooo goood,

Not only that, I managed to wipe out a few bowls of rice at the same time. Eating the 'liao' without rice just doesn't feel right and one small, humble bowl of rice is definitely not enough for me. It ain't gluttony I tell ya! Really!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

| just a reminder~


nuf' said~

Monday, August 28, 2006

| gals and guys and kawaii pictures~

Hehe~ It's quite a funny thing to see bunch of people posing kiut and kawaii in front of the camera. It's even funnier for the person saying that to pose kiut and kawaii.

I bet lots of *ahem* vain people have taken pictures from those quick-pix booth and then add some nice background scenery and stuff. Honestly, I've taken those types of pics before. Hahahaha~ Come to think of it I must be way out of my mind. A flood of vain-itis must've taken hold of me.

aiyerr... so kiut~

So what would a typical vain pic look like? Hmmm.. That's a dumb question. Almost every pic posted on the WWW are vain pictures posted for the viewing pleasure of the poster. Hehe~ Here's one;

Yea, so this is quite a good example of a vain pic. Though posted without the consent of the person in the pic, it still makes a good photoshop'ed picture eh?

Then there are those times during lectures when the lecturer is late and the class is bored. What do you do? Go vain~ Actually more like a vain-streak - but with clothes on of course. hehe~

So kiut!! As lame as everyone thinks these pictures are, they are in fact fun to take. Be it candid or spontaneous. After taking time sitting on my throne (aka toilet) I had an epiphany. I finally understood how gals feel when they go nutz with the camera. But gals aren't the only one who can look kiut on the camera.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

| good bye infineon

Yesterday I wanted to update about my industrial training but unfortunately I ate some baaaad pasar malam grub and end up with food poisoning. Omigosh! Someone tried to kill me!! *ahem* Anyway, it's getting better now (i hope). Still having a slight headache and fever.

My industrial training is finally over. The last 3 months of my life has been one filled with laughter (and occasional boredom). It will always remain a pleasant memory under the "one-of-the-interesting-ones" section of my hard-disk.

Initially I wanted to fill this post with pictures of my co-workers and stuff but they wish to remain anonymous to world outside. Actually, they dread my photoshop-skillz and are afraid that I'll do something nasty to their pictures. They better be thankful that I'm not that evil. Muahahahaah~ So here goes nothing. A summary of my 3 months attachment in Infineon Technologies (Advance Logic) Sdn Bhd.


The first month was rather boring larr. A newbie at the office, a nobody - the usual in every workplace.
The second month was interesting as more projects were assigned to me. Fun with VB6.
The third month was even more fun with loads of projects and work to do but nearing the end, it got boring again.


There. Now that's what I call a summary. Now for the pictures. Heh~

the line between the office and production

i'll alway miss ya buddy

storing up food for the winter

sweets and goodies people give me

the breakfast

the farewell lunch - i couldn't say no okay? :(

bye johnson

bye temporary bed

my last coffee

good bye infineon

Friday, August 25, 2006

| one more day to go~

Just one more day.. just one..


Will update tomorrow with (hopefully) lots of fun stuff.

I know I've been ranting for sometime about wanting to buy a new graphic card bla, bla, bla. But THIS time I've REALLY settled on ONE particular card. The XFX 7600GT XXX. Yeap, it should cost me around RM700-RM800. Quite the ex - I know. But alas, a man's gotta want something else life will be dull.

Though I have the cash to buy JUST the card, my chances of actually getting it is slim. Almost none actually. It's sad but true.

Now I shall leave you with a word of wisdom from your beloved WontdieonE;
no matter how fair an opinion might sound,
it will always be bias

~ WontdieonE

nites people~

Thursday, August 24, 2006

| stupid thing called emo feeling

Hey~ That sorta rhymes. I knew I was talented.


It's fun to be lame.

twin1 asks, "i kiut or not?"

Just extracted X3: Reunion. Not yet install. Wanna wait till Monday to officially kick-off my 2 months holiday. Oh yea, how's those exams coming along eh? Kekeke~ I sooo bad.. Andrew noootty boi! Need spanking!! ......!! Sorry~ I lost myself somewhere there. Heh~

twin2 answers, "blek~"

I've got 2 more days to, come on William Wallace of Scotland help me out here;

Yes! Just 2 more days to complete, absolute freedom and there's nothing that can stop me (other than God but He's cool with me) but why do I feel soooooo emo?!! ARGHH!!! Stupid thing called emo feeling.

tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo
tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo
tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo
tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo tired/emo

What a way to spam people.

*sigh* Guess sometimes when you try too hard, things will just get from bad to worse. Tired of many things these days (but not tired of holidays!!). Really need to recharge myself (with the help of holidays!!). You guys are soooo lucky mann (because I got holiday!!). I envy ya'll!! Hahaha~ Nutz. Choking Debbie's soft-toy helped a lot though. Thanks Debb. Sorry about the broken neck.

debbie : NOO000ooooooooooo~

I've tried to keep that delicate balance between who I am and who I should be. Wearing me thin just to keep that smile on my face. It feels good to know that I manage to cheer up my colleagues back at office. Call it a consolation prize. Heh~

Oh well, just need to give myself some time and I'll be back to normal before you can say, "Don't ping my cheese with your bandwidth!". Gotta love that line. Dilbert's one funny comic strip.

Well good nite peeps~ Do get your daily dose of Pure Joy every morning!

note: no soft-toy was harm in the making of this post

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

| the great flood

Water level's rising! Quick, everyone get to higher ground! And uh, I'd like a venti iced tripple-shot caramel machiatto please (extra caramel drizzle!!!11). Sweetness.. w00t!!

Ya'know, funny things happen in the office toilet.


The office toilet nearly flooded last Monday. See, funny right? Ahahahaha~ Sampat. Must be that garlic-cheese naan I had earlier at Infasha. Mann, I sooooo wanna go makan at Putra. The best naan(s) in town.

I wonder who reads my blog. Hmmm~

Yea, bout the office toilet. Remember Johnson Suisse? Yeap, the toilet-making man. I bet people frequent him often, I know I do. Anieweiz.. Working in such a super-cold office can make a person's bladder (not to be confused with bradder/brother) go nuts. I guess it must be that weird science about how the absence of heat makes things shrink. Hmmm..


So I went to the loo the other day, last Monday to be exact. Standing in front of puny Johnson like the big bully I am, acting all macho-bravado I did my small business. It sounded like a cross between white-water rafting and a noisy cat. Actually it doesn't. Nevermind. Being a son of an OT staff nurse, I flushed the urinal, cleaning its yellow-stained walls - Johnson fought back.

fluuud!! fluuuud!! fuster lan!!

"Uh.. why the water not stopping one arr.. Wei.. serious wei..", I thought to myself before running out of the toilet, screaming my lungs out warning people of the impending flood that's about to hit the hapless office people.

Actually, I wish I did that but alas I didn't have the courage to show people I'm crazy. *sigh* Actually, I let the water run and went to wash my hands. When I came back to check on ol' Johnson, the water already resided but the floor was very wet.

Hmmm~ I wonder who did that? *innocent face*

so kiut!

the guy MORE kiut!!

These pictures have nothing to do with the post but I thought I'd put them up for phuuunn. Nite peeps~ 3 more days and counting.

W0n7|)130n3 !5 73h 1337!!111

that's what i do everyday

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

| eating with the ish'ies episode 2 : the food

With awesome lack of inspiration, I (very) proudly present you..



I admit, that was lame. Moving on..
Wait, dad just called me out to watch some nasty stuff on mtv! tsk~ tsk~ tsk~ I'm such an innocent boy.

Rather than write a whole long story, I'd rather let the picture (and the small captions under them) do the talking. HAIYAH!!

soly : i said herbs! herbs you slaves!!

its so crispy and juicy, just like me andrew

ed's self-potrait of.. himself

note: this blog does not advocate smoking sausages
it'll look really wrong if you do

'Best BF 2005/2006' makin' his mouve

I should've posted this up before the end of last week but I hope it's still not too late to say good byes to two fellow ish'ians. They left us last week, taking along with them their 2 beautiful cars that we soooo depended on. While still with us, they were truly a blessing but alas, time was cruel. Now, they've gone to a better place; a place where the resonance of piano dancing around will never cease. I bid the both of you farewell.

bow-wow and fifi/cici (can't remember)

I'll miss you Jo-L and Rachel. *sob sob*

I wish you two can see this from wherever you are right now and I hope the both of you will like it. I'm missing you two already. This is my farewell present in memories of Jo-L and Rachel.

note: both jo-l and rachel are not dead. they have aligned themselves to another CG (jt's CG). do not send flowers to their relatives or they might take legal action against me.
thank you.

Monday, August 21, 2006

| the last stretch

Wow~ My internship in Infineon is almost over. Not surprising I guess. After all, it's only 3 months. I bet when I finish my degree, I would say the same thing too. After getting married, after having my first child, after meeting my grandchild.. I bet I would say, "Those years were like yesterday". Time pass us by faster than we are able to take a second to appreciate the wonders of God's creation. Each second is unique and can never be use again.

i've yet to own a house

I look at all those peeps who have graduated, I look at all my friends who are already parents, I look at all those who are younger than me and pray that I'll notice the change of time and appreciate the work that God has done in each and everyone of us. Our journey neverends. 'Never' is such a long word eh? Eternity would better suite it.

i've yet to visit a geisha house.. heh~

So yea, 5 days left (including today). In another 2 years I'll most probably undergo yet another Industrial Training programme. After that, I'll find a job, settle down and get married, have a few kids, grow old, die and fade away in memories of time. Talk about looking ahead eh?

i've yet to grow old and make dumb statements all day

Because life on earth is temporary, it feels too short. I wonder how much I'll be used by God. I wonder how many souls I would save. I wonder how many people I'll help. I wonder how, I wonder why? Yesterday, I saw another blue-slightly yellow, brownish with a sparkle of red dust sky and a cherry cloud next to the sun. Mann, I'm getting high. Heh~

I pray that while I'm still in MMU, I'll live this life, this moment that God has given me to the fullest. Lets go nuts! WHOooooHOOooo!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

| eating with the ish'ies episode 1 : the cast

It's the moment you all been waiting for.. *drumroll*


premiering thursdays on

Q: What happen when your CG runs out of idea of things to do?

A: .... huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening.

With lots of time and little inspiration, the members of the proud (and stoned) Ish-Ish CG thought it was once again, time to test our culinary skills. The last time I did someone fell sick but it wasn't my fault - really! I didn't know there were people allergic to nonsense. hehe~

It's time to introduce the players on the field. Give it up for..

1/5 days of cooking experience
winner of 'Soly's Kawaii Guy' in cf

already taken - go find someone else

voted 'Best BoyFriend 2005/2006'
can play guitar wooo~

voted 'Best GirlFriend 2005/2006'
used to be called Jessica

Their first challenge; what in the world can they do with this (and a couple of sausages. picture not taken as it might offend)

*picture taken with a bad camera*

to be continued... some people need to sleep you know~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.