Monday, January 31, 2005

ding dong

Haunted by a jaded past
Never thought that love could last
Hope was but a castaway at sea
Skepticism took its toll
Closed the windows to my soul
Was fighting just to keep my sanity

When out of the noise I could hear You breathing
You came along knowing just what I needed
Turned me around and ya got me believin'
You would die for me ~ dc Talk

That song played in my mind as I once again, tried to comprehend all the changes in my life. Though it wasn't all that dramatic and stuff but still, it matter a lot to me. I've always wondered how would it feel for a person to undergo sudden change in the hands of God? Like Saul/Paul - got kicked off his horse and bam~! He's a new man. Instead, mine was a very loooong and sloooow process. I bet God had loads of trouble turning me around. Huge difference between then and now I tell ya.

Still, I am grateful for everything that He has done and I always feel like crap whenever I let Him down. The feeling is worse than letting your parents down. It's true~ Alas, no matter how hard I try to live a pure and holy life, sin comes in every now and then. And later it becomes another vicious cycle of redemption. I feed all of these monstrosities inside and I'll come alive.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

bus rides... car rides.. van rides...

I can't remember the last time I've ever had car-sickness. Picture yourself gazing out the window of the vehicle you're in, may it be a car, or a bus, or what ever. Now you're staring out there, watching the trees, cars, animals, road-kill, pass by your car, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! Feeling woozy yet?? Well you should!

Anyway, I remember back when I was a young innocent (still am) kid who had the heart for adventure. The family was having a trip to KL. Yea, it's the big city with lotsa lights and strange tall buildings *stares...* So there I was, anxious and hyper-active as always. I was sooooooo darn excited to be going to KL for the FIRST time in my life (or as far as I can remember).

Got into the back-seat of the car, coke in the left hand, cheese bun in the right. All set!

The first few kilometres was okay, but as the mood settled everything started to become draggy. I stared out the window and the trees looked like smeared drawings on an A4 paper. Okay~ Maybe not an A4 paper... IT DOESN'T MATTER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

Back to the story. Soon, my head began to spin. Stupidly (go on, laugh your head out bro), I still kept my eyes out the window and before anyone knew,


*cough* *cough......* *snort*

And I've never looked at mucos the same way EVER again.

Friday, January 28, 2005


*slaps Phillip Chan with a lo-han*

wake up and smell the coffee

coffee coffee coffee.. my precious..

Do you know that the person who made coffee was a Christian? You know why? Cause he's gotta be one God-inspired dude to create the ultimate drink, namely coffee!! By golly, everyone in the world should appreciate coffee for all it's natural goodness and *ahem* caffeine. Slap a person who doesn't like coffee with a salmon and he too would realize it's true.

Okay~ I might sound like a coffee obsessive nut bag with a few bolts loosen. Can you blame me? After all, I was brought up on coffee mann~ When I was juz an innocent child (and I'm still innocent.. ahaks~), my every morning kick-start was coffee. Sure there was milk and stuff but coffee replaced them a looong time ago. And if weren't for coffee, I would be wide awake every night. Now I can't sleep without it. Serious case huh?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

bad but funny

Okay~ Log into your friendster, and click on this link..

Talk about political warfare. Hahahahah~

this road

the long road towards the Son...

The past few days I haven't been feeling good. I had massive headaches at night (especially during CF), woke up yesterday with a rock on my chest cause it was sooo hard to breathe, and today I was down with an irritating flu. Well, I'm not really surprise as these few days I wasn't behaving well either. So for I everything that I've done wrong, I deserve to fall sick. Ahaks~

Today I woke up feeling tired as always. Mom was lecturing me about how I should take care of my own health and stuff. Figures she's a nurse after all. But then all the sudden, everything felt very routine to me. You know; waking up, dragging my feet to lecture and stuff. I used to wake up every morning reluctantly but then all the sudden waking up wasn't an issue. Okay~ I doesn't make much sense but read on. I mean I woke suddenly feeling like I've lost the purpose for waking up and I wake up juz for the hell of it. Think - zombie; mindless body with no purpose.

I slapped myself in the facepretty hard too.. for thinking such thoughts. I got a hold of myself, took deep breaths and Switchfoot came to the rescue singing, "We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves?". We are the purpose driven people mann!! Ask ourselves, what are we doing everyday as we journey down this road?! Gotta really wake up and see the glory dude!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

CG nite of mmu

Today I officially have a CG~! Oh ya, CG stands for Care Group duh?!. I've joined Taman Dahlia's CG group aka A.S.S. What it stands for? Nothing corny I asure you. So before this, I was called many names. The spectator, the exile, etc etc. I guess it fits my description. After all, I haven't gone CF for 2 semesters. This should be a new experience for me. Gonna be fun - I hope.

Ever since I've stepped foot in CF, I've noticed certain interesting characters and met with weird people too. I didn't know studying people would be this fun. Ahahahaha~ I guess my plan for "staying low profile" didn't really worked out. Oh well, I guess it's juz another CF member thingie..

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

deep impact (on people's lifes)

Ever felt that chill slowly creeping down your spine whenever you sense someone watching you? I get that all the time mann. It's as if I have someone who's constantly stalking me. The fella could be some psycho admirer, or some one who has a huge crush on me. Even more profound, it could be the watchful eyes of God.

I'm a sinner. I confess it to the world. If it wasn't for God's grace and mercy, I wouldn't even be here. I would be out there in the club, getting laid and eventually dying of AIDS think too far already. Amusing as it sounds to certain people, it's actually a horrific fact. We should actually be dead right now. But God has His perfect plan crafted out in the hearts of His people.

We, being sons and daughters of God we're meant to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth, the sound of the thunders, the roar of the ocean and the voice of the people. The eyes of this world are always on us, watching our every movement - every behavior. We should lead the way and set the example.

With that in mind, one can imagine all the stress and the burden a Christian carries everytime he walks and talks. Every word spoken and every action taken reflects to Him. And guess what? Having said all that, I feel very rotten mann~ I've been a bad bad boy.. *sigh*

Monday, January 24, 2005

the mozzie killer

Killing mozzies has become a routine for me. Every night when I go online, I'll be swarmed by an endless wave of mosquitoes that never seemed to drop in numbers. They juz keep coming and coming and coming, trying their very best to suck me dry.

But one thing that they never learn is that I have the ultimate mozzie killer weapon - The Electric Bat aka The Zapper. When it's juz freshly charged it produces this eerie electric noise that sounds as if it could fry anything that it touches and true enough, it literally fries the poor mozzies that had an encounter with it.

However this weapon can't be handled by juz anyone. It needs a trained-stabled hand to grasp it tightly as it cuts through countless of mozzies. From experience, finesse is the essential in killing mozzies using The Zapper. Without finesse you might as well use a mosquito spray but where's the fun in that huh? It's so much more enjoyable watching those mosquitoes that sucked your blood getting electrocuted till there's nothing left but carbon.

Yea, it's that strong. Especially when you can see those sparks of electricity coursing through the mozzie's tiny little body. It's sooo cooool... *drools*

when four hours of sleep aint enough

Here's the deal, last Saturday night, I crashed over at bro's place. Like the usual, I'll be messing around and stuff. This time, however I was chatting on his comp with Vera for soo long, that I slept at 6am. Normally, it wouldn't affect me much but I had to get up at 8am to go home as my dad and mom was going to visit grandma since it was her birthday. 2 hours of sleep!! Crappers~

*grandma smiles could lighten up anybody's day*

Knowing myself, I knew my body could take it for the time being. I planned to take a nap as soon as I reached there. So we took a 1 and a half hour's journey to Asahan. The uncles and aunties where already there and so the fellowship began. Everyone was talking so loudly that I couldn't even shut my eyes. If you can't beat em', join em'. So the cuz's talked and talked and talked. Hmmm~ Talking does make you tired after all.

*playboy aaron and justin.. juz kidding~*

Finally it was time to go home. After opening the gate and doors, I went straight to bed to get as much needed rest as I can. After 2 hours of sleep, dad woke me up reminding me about the CF makan time. I was too tired and lazy to go but after awhile, I changed my mind. The makan was normal larr but the fellowship was great. We played the game Mafia soooo many times because it was a great hit. The dinner actually ended around 10pm but then we stayed on to play Mafia till it was 1am. Crazy kids... All those playing made us hungry so went to CD to catch some munchie. Roti Tampal Segi Empat never tasted sooo goood. Ahaks~

*me and my big empty cup*

Now here I am typing this post, deprive of the ever wonderful sleep that I need. I'm soooo gonna suffer tomorrow. *sigh*

Sunday, January 23, 2005

steve irvin would whine at this

*suck meee dry masteeeer*

Wednesdays at my bro's crib is always exciting and full of anticipation. Why? Because it feeeeeeding day!! Whoohoo! The lucky contestant is chosen from it's home and will be put to a gruesome test of survival. This is, SURVIVAL: The Trial.coming to you on channel**

So it's on, bro picks the lucky mouse which he named Lunchthe irony.... He held it by its tail and slowly puts it in Trial's little aquarium. Trial was then hiding in a small box that bro put for its privacy (snakes needs to change its underwear too you know). So Lunch was checking out its new surroundings and tried to get comfortable, though it was only momentarily.

As the tiny little mouse took a quick peek in the hole of the box, Trial immediately dashed out, biting Lunch's neck and wrapping it's muscle body around the poor bugger. Lunch was gasping for air. It tried to break free from Trials grasp but it was futile. Death was instant. Well.. It was a couple of minutes but still, it looked fast.

Once Lunch was certained to be dead, Trial began to unwrap him slowly and started to swallow him - whole! Started with its head and Trial worked its way till Lunch's tail. The whole process took about 5 to 10 minutes, so you can imagine a bunch of guys staring at a snake eating. I bet Trial was abit irritated. I mean, who won't be? Do you like people staring at you while you eat? I guess so~

who is - Ryan Cabrera?

If you'd asked me, I have no idea. Never heard of that name before - ever. But one usual day while sitting in my bro's car, enjoying the soft radio ballads, this guy came on with his song, "True". Since I heard it, I immediately got interested in it. Well, mostly because it's a acoustic song (guitar plucking/strumming with a hint of violin). I'm a sucker for it. Haha~ First time I heard it, I told my bro it reminded me of the Christian praise song that goes something like this:

"I need You, Jesus
Come to my rescue
Where else could I go?
There's no other name by
Which I am saved
Captured me with grace
I would follow You.."

It took us a long time to remember that song cause we got stuck at "Where else could I go.."If you'd asked me, I have no idea. Never heard of that name before - ever. But one usual day while sitting in my bro's car, enjoying the soft radio ballads, this guy came on with his song, "True". Since I heard it, I immediately got interested in it. Well, mostly because it's a acoustic song (guitar plucking/strumming with a hint of violin). I'm a sucker for it. Haha~ First time I heard it, I told my bro it reminded me of the Christian praise song that goes something like this:

"I need You, Jesus
Come to my rescue
Where else could I go?
There's no other name by
Which I am saved
Captured me with grace
I would follow You.."

It took us a long time to remember that song cause we got stuck at "Where else could I go..". Don't ask me how, but we really had a mental block that time. I guess it's just me. I wonder how I could've connected these two songs together. Well, there you have it, Ryan Cabrera.


I won't talk, I won't breathe
I won't move till you finally see
That you belong with me

You might think I don't look
But deep inside in the corner of my mind
I'm attached to you
I'm weak, it's true
Cause I'm afraid to know the answer
Do you want me too?
Cause my heart keeps falling faster

I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

You don't know what you do
Everytime you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move
I'm weak, it's true
I'm just scared to know the ending
Do you see me too?
Do you even know you met me

I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

I know when I go I'll be on my way to you
The way that's true

I've waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

p.s. Plan to play this song in Wings cafe or in any function.. hehe..

Friday, January 21, 2005

big round fan


I lay on my bed last night, lights on, Switchfoot rocking the room and the creaking sound of my fan. Yeap~ The fan creaks like toads during mating season - except there's no other fans to mate with. Ahaks~

Anyway, it's really noisy, especially when the fan slows down when you switch it on or turn it off. Initially, I didn't really noticed the creak till one day my mom complained to me, "How can you sleep with the fan making that kind of noise!". I instantly cracked back, "I'm deaf maa.." Got a long lecture for saying that. Hahaha~ I know, I know.. I deserve it.

My dad, feeling that the noise is causing me psychological harmsurprise.. tried to fix it. Slap on some WD40 and other lubricants. I supplied the lub since I have a lot of it. Hahahahha~ Bro would understand that joke. But instead of killing the noise, the creaking became louder than ever and fan sounds as if it could drop down form the ceiling anytime.

Now whenever I sleep I would be looking up at ceiling wondering when the thing wound come crashing down on my frail naked body.

*hey! it could be a next box-office horror flick!*

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

when the library calls

*note: real picture.. no kidding*

Dusty and ancient, MMU's library stands as a... standing? monument? baby? Okay~ So I can't say it like how Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery who has a card that says "International Man Of Mystery" on it. Hahahahah~ Can't get enough of that show. lame.....

Anyway, back to my story. I'm a guy who remembers better in class when the lecturer lectures than studying from notes on my own. But due to several undisclosed reasons, I knew I had to study for my Operating Systems test today. Failing to understand 100% what the lecturer was teaching, I had to resort to my last resort. Studying with my comrades.

Sounds weird? Of course larr~ Since I hardly go to the library. Read - ancient. So after eating dinner. The group of us went to the top floor of MMU's library to study for our OS which would start at 8.30pm. Not wanting to go unprepared, we looked out for every possible questions that could come out. Nothing was left out of our sight. Papers were being passed around, questions thrown at each other, our memories tested. It was something unusual indeed.

So the time of trial has come. It was 8.30pm and in the sky was a half-full moon. All of us sat confidently in our seats. Held our pens firmly and our heads high. Unfortunately, things weren't always smooth. Thinking we knew everything, we were being bashed up by questions that we've never seen before! We knew one thing for sure - we were doomed.

Our pride shattered like a broken glass, cutting the feet that walks over it. Like a thorn in the flesh, causing discomfort and pain. Like the spinach between your teeth that makes you feel like punching your own face till everything is crushed. Yea~ That's the feeling.

Monday, January 17, 2005

the mis_ing things

Last Thursday I got an sms from Allan telling me that he's gonna clear up our youth hall aka God's Garage at 8pm, Friday. Sending me that sms means that he wants me to come and help up to and so I went.

Friday, 8.30pm

*the 5 Es of GY*

Allan had told me earlier that he was gonna be late. Knowing him, he would most probably be around 15 to 20 minutes late. When I arrive, he had already started clearing up the minor stuffs. As stepped into the hall, a sense of pride and identity overwhelm me.

"This is my youth hall. This is God's Garage."

*P.A.'s still rawking!*

A faint smile creaked at the corner of my lips. Without wasting anytime, I started clearing up the place. First, the leftovers of Youth Camp and keeping them. Then fixing up the comp and making sure everything is there. Setting up the P.A. Wires, cables and jacks and arranging them neatly. Thankfully, Allan was testing out the equalizer with songs. It killed the silence and offered somewhat little serenity.

*the mighty allan (and his never-washed-before bag)*

Standing in front of the stage, there were memories, carried by the wind into my mind; youths screaming and shouting and praising - youths falling on their knees and faces worshipping the Almighty God. Ahhh~ Awesome sight indeed. But nothing can compare to it than watching God's presence filling the hall, touching the delicate souls of His children. Those are the mis_ing things.

*our identity*

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I need You so badly..

I need You Jesus
Come to my rescue
Where else could I go?
There's no other name by
Which I am saved
Capture me with Grace

I will follow You

2 weeks isn't so long... right??

*leaving the shadows behind*

For some reason, SP decided to go fulltime for her Starbucks Coffee stint. Initially, she was very excited about it though she had to train in K.L. for a week. Well, that was "initially". After dad recieved a call from the area manager, it seems that SP would be gone for 2 weeks instead of the earlier thought 1 week. Her hostel will be in Seremban and she'll have to travel all the way to KLIA to train and to me, that sux.

After going through the briefing last Friday, she told me she felt rather reluctant to go now. She was afraid of being bored there and stuff. I tried my best to assure her that she would have a fun and rewarding time there. Alas, I saw through her smile and she was a little troubled. That sight made my heart broke. But what can I do? I mean, I believe that this will prove to be a great opportunity for her to learn how to live independantly, but I'm still very worried of her well-being.

She will be leaving tomorrow around 12pm. *sigh* I guess all I could do is juz to pray - hard.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

all mice goes to heaven (not really)

*Dinner: HELP MEE!!!*

After much hype from bro, Trial, bro's snake, was slowly becoming a superstar! It's been gaining sooo much attention, that bro had to post some security guards to make visiting hours go smoothly. Yea, Trial is THAT popular - especially among the gals. He has tons of chick-a-licious fans. Ratings were so high, bro did PVP style. Pay-Per-View. Talk about easy moeney eh? Hahaha~

Okay, so none of the above is true. Well, maybe except the part where Trial is gaining popularity among the ladies. In actual fact, people only came to see him feed. Imagine; dislocating jaws, huge spearing fangs, big beady eyes staring doom at the poor mouse. Coooooool........

So "The One" was chosen by bro. After saying its last words, bro let the little rat loose in Trail's lil' home. Bro dubbed the rat as "Dinner". So dinner peered on its predeator for the night, running around, climbing to higher ground. At one time, it totally freaked out and starting squirming loudly. Okay~ I dunno how to explain squirming loudly to you, but imagine Spongebob Square Pants screaming out loud. Yea, it's 10% of that.

After awhile, bro noticed something odd; Trial wasn't paying attention to its prey. He didn't even bother to seperate the juicy ones from te fat ones. So Dinner got away - this time. Muahahahahahahahahahah~!!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

comb over dude

*the guy with the twin hair*

In our present day generation, hairstyles have reach a level where everything looks good in the name of *ahem*, fashion. Your head may have only a few strands of hair BUT, when you keep it long and go to a hairstylist for some minor snips here and there, Walah~! It's another new trend. How pathetic cool is that?

I remember back when I was juz a kid. Center-parting was the "in thing". Everyone wanted to keep a short and neat center-parting hairstyle. But nooOOOOoooo~ Some people had to get influenced by the Jap's modern culture and saw it fit to change our once decent and almost perfect culture.

You go to a hairstylist and they chop up your hair so that it looks like it got bitten by a dog and you go around, telling people, "It's fashion laa~". You want to know what's my definition of proper hair culture? noooooooo... Wake up in the morning and take a look in the mirror. It's purrrfect!

Captain Planet : The POWER is YOURS!!

I've been messing around with the newly reformatted comp and sad to say, I find XP Pro Service-pack 2, sux - BIG time. Either that, or I'm juz not used to having my comp lagging like this. *sigh* Night life can't get any boring than this.

I did my usual stuff; transfering pics into the comp, surfing the net, updating my folder, etc etc when I stumbled upon my mp3 folder. Hold that thought for a moment, ever wonder how do you actually stumbled a folder? Juz had that thought in mind..


So I opened my mp3 folder, checking every title I have. Smiling as I proudly look at my collection of originals. ORIGINALS!! How cool is THAT?! Then I opened my mp3 playlist juz to see how many songs I have in total. 301 songs!! And they're mine! All mine!!

But I can't listen to them

Sux right?! It's like having all the cash in the world and not able to spend it. Okay~ Okay~ I know I've been yapping alot about not being able to listen to my mp3s. But it's a big deal okay?! Music is a must in my daily life. I can't sit still and be silent; I need music - lots of it!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

REFORMAT : my ass..

*steak = me*

So here's the deal, I was dead gone for 4 days without my comp. Why? Go read the previous post. Ahaks~ Anywayz, so after taking the CPU back home, I immediately plugged everything back in. I was hoping for everything to be back to its original state and I was wrong - dead wrong. The mp3 player still can run the songs! In fact, none of the players can run any song!! In other words~ I went through all the trouble sending the comp for reformatting for no reason!!


Still, I'm grateful that I at least have my comp back and running though now I can't listen to my collections of *ahem* original Christian songs anymore. The internet is still as slow as ever but at least I can go online. Ahhh~ It's the simple things in life that we truely look forward too. I guess I'll have to send the comp back to the shop to fix the sound. *Grumble...*

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

return to the source

*dont look back Neo..*

Living the past 3 days without any computer made me realize something very important: humans are too dependant on machines. In almost everything we do, we require the help of machines to complete it. Whether it's working, walking, fun and games, or any other stuff, it's simply clear - the machines are planning to take over the world!!

The world leaders should be warned! Plan a tactical assault on the machines' city!! Wipe them out of the face of this planet!! Let everything be true and natural once more!!

on the other hand...

Let the One return to the source and our suffering ends, for now. If such sacrifice is necessary, then so be it. If deep in me does contain the source code, then so be it. I shall do my duty for humanity. Good bye...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

windows of opportunities

My com is gone!! So sad mann!! How'd it happened? I have no idea.. I think. Well, as far as I can remember, it happened one day as I was playing NFSU2. Being bored of the repetitive songs, I decided to switch on my mp3 in the background as I played the game. Thinking it was harmless, I played on - I was wrong. One fine usual day, I on my mp3 and played NFSU2. Suddenly, it crashed!! I calmly restarted my computer and scanned my disk. Nothing was destroyed. Whew~

Being a stubborn guy, I continued doing what I "thought" was harmless. It crashed as expected, but this time something was different - the game can't run! Okay~ Calm down. Life is not all about games and fun. I reinstalled the game - same results. The game was gone for good. *sigh* Okay~ So I guess it was time for me to find other entertainments anyway. I can't keep playing that dumb game for the rest of my life right? Right?? RIGHT?!!

So that night, I did my normal routine. Check my mail, chat with friends and of course, write my blog. With all that in mind, after my OS finished loading, I connected to the net. Then I switched on my mp3 player. The unexpected happened - the computer crashed!!!

"WHAT?!" I slammed my fist at the poor mosquito.

So I'll be on9 like for 2 to 3 hours with not a sound. No song, no noise, nothing. Great... As if my night life can't be any boring. I told my bro about it and the next day we immediately send the comp for some reformatting. I have a lot of patience for most things. But one thing I can't handle is silence. I need music mann~ *sigh*

So I guess this post has nothing to do with the title, but who cares right? Hehe~

Saturday, January 08, 2005

i'm running on a 56kb/s modem... sigh


For a guy who likes surfing (the net) alot, it sure sucks to be running on a 56k line. Alas, it can't be helped. Some things in life are juz like that, they tease you and they drop you. One day, some ambitious looking teenagers will come ringing on your bell, immediately catching your attention with their new broadband offers and make you wait for 4 months. Persuades your dad to buy a new DSL modem and eventually disappoint you.

"I'm sorry sir, the cable is not long enough. It stops exactly outside your taman."

"I'M GONNA SUE YOU BOII!!!" I shouted as dad and bro restrained me from kicking his arse.

Well, I wished I did that, but I guess I'm a nice guy after all. They say all ugly looking guys are nice. *winks* I wonder when I can get a broadband connection. In these times when speed is everything, I'm an old school dude surfin' the old school way~

stationary blues

Am I not just for writting?

Or are you just using me?

I like the way you hold my body

Click on my head and smile at me

Use me to your own pleasure

And please feel no pressure

I'll try to be smooth for you

Cause my ball is round and easy to use

Pick me up, my ink is full

Hold me tight and be my fuel

Friday, January 07, 2005

NOC3: A Time To Love

The 3rd installment of the Night Of Celebration (NOC) : A Time Of Love was a success!! Here's a short coverage of the NOC from my perspective. Got a call earlier by bro. He told us to be there at 7.30pm so that we could get good reserved seats.

Steve Irvin : Woah~!! Can you believe that?! RESERVED SEATS!! It's one of the rare bla.. bla.. bla..

Upon arrival, there was a sea of people, all crammed up in front of the main hall. Bro secretly led us through the back door. Back doors: gotta love 'em. Saw many familiar faces; bro, Justin, Jason, Vijay, Wee Liem, Samuel and others. Dad and I were surprise to find Jackie, dad's ex-worker here accompanied by her bf. We could see the cast and crew running around, preparing their stuffs and.. stuff.. I predicted the show would start late and indeed it did. While waiting Jason Teoh's band played some great tunes to keep us company, Jars Of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman and other Christian praise and worship. Cool stuff. The curtains finally opened around 8.20pm (we waited for more than 30 mins and mom was making some noise.. hehe) and the show started.

Well, basically it's a musical play about a guy who's clueless about the meaning of love, did stupid things and eventually repent and of course, it's about Christmas. Like duh~?! The musicals and solos were okay. Some of the guys went off-pitch but I guess the audience couldn't notice it. Bro was acting as a sailor and he wore this all white shirt and pants with a sailor's scraf. I bet he would look better if he had wore a very short skirt <-- Japanese school gurls~ So cute!! Ahhahahaha~ The overall performance was great, as expected from SPARCS club. Jason and his band were good too. They ended the night with Switchfoot's Dare You To Move. Cool.. Way to go dude!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thomas Liu : You're FIRED!!

*the glass is empty and there's nothing left for me*

Nahh~ Dad didn't say that. Though it would be cool if he did. All he needs is loadz of money and less hair with a comb-over and he would overtake Da' Trump. Well, here's the news: I'm leaving Kenny Rogers - for good! So no more free juicy fat roasted chicken for me. I had enough it already anyway. Why am I leaving? Well, had some personal reasons but no problems, mind you.

I guess it was coming sooner or later. I mean, I can't work there forever right? So what if I'm their best worker (ahaks~)? I should give other people a chance to prove themselves. Me = one of the five Aces. Gundam S Destiny is sooo coool!

So is this the last of the great Andrew Liu? Of course not! The soon-to-open-in-MP Starbucks Coffee is having an interview in KRR this Saturday, 10am and I'm set on getting my "dream job" there. I've always wanted to be surrounded by coffee. Ahhhh~ That rich aroma..

SP on the other hand, is having trouble resigning. Why? Because it seems that my dad's junior manager has a way of persuading young, innocent, naive' gals. And SP happens to fall in that category. Even my dad was abit irritated when I told him about it. I mean like, what so hard quitting? Juz quit mann! Hahahaha~ But I can't blame her. She has a big heart deep down there. She juz wanna help that poor manager. Still, I've told her to resign and so, she threw in her letter. Now I'm juz waiting for her confirmation. Starbucks!! Here I come!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

covered in dust

It's a new year (yea, i'm still lost in 2004). Right now everything is calm and the quiet. Well, not really quiet - the darn fan is making these squeaky sounds. Kinda creepy.. Neways, I was going through the stuffs in my room and was trying to clear all the junks - which seemed to be everything. Gee.. THAT helped. Too many junks that holds sooo much value to me.

I sat in the middle of the room. Looked at the four walls that protected this little sanctuary of mine. Flipped through several old books and albums. Laughed at the corny pictures taken together with the family. "Some things never change.." I sighed.

My eyes naturally turned to one corner of the room and there it stood. My pride and joy - the 3 guitars. Each string vibrated with its own shares of stories. One sparked the flame, one traveled around the nation and one rocked the world. But all of them had one thing in common; they were made to faithfully serve God. I took my finger and wiped the surface of the X.


"How long has it been since any of you served in the Youth?" I questioned them, my eyes filled with disappointment. Alas, it can't be avoided. Some things weren't meant to happen. My rusty hands have stiffened and grown weary. I gazed at the birds that are flying in the sky. "When will I soar again?" the guitars cried out to me.

I took them out of their stand, sat down and played..

Monday, January 03, 2005


*lets see what happens in 2005*

At exactly 0800 hours, the first lecture of the year 2005 will commence!! *applause!* Right... So here comes the boring parts of my life. Loads of things happened last year. Some memorable, something I'd rather forget. But whatever it is, here's my life in 2004.

Note: Not in order (i think)

:: Spend the new year of 2004 in KL with SP, Lik Shien, Carroanne, and Sam.
:: Celebrated a rather quiet Chinese New Year in Asahan.
:: Put on my very own custom-made traditional Chinese clothing.
:: Carroanne came down to Malacca and we had lots of time to catch up.
:: Went for my medical appointment (NS requirement).
:: Packed my bags, said good byes and left for NS.
:: Shaved bald (yea babe~)
:: Got kicked in the face for the first time (in the face larr).
:: Made lots new unexpected friends in NS.
:: Went for the other half of the training in UIA Gombak, KL.
:: Got together with SP on the 25 April, her birthday.
:: Finished my training, said good bye to my other family.
:: Pants size went from 36 to 31. Face became noticeably thinner.
:: Registered into MMU on the 5th of May. Immediately started class.
:: Forgotten to wake Ee Jin up the previous day to register into MMU.
:: Started blogging!!
:: Had a fascination for animes. Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu is sooo coool!!
:: Went to Malacca Club frequently with family.
:: Got hit by a car and the guy sped off (still alive).
:: Sharpen skills in dart, table tennis, badminton, pool and bowling.
:: Accidentally set off MMU's alarm one night (ran like mad).
:: SP and I bought dad IceWine Collection for his birthday.
:: Bro gave me his Nokia 3650 for my birthday.
:: Work for dad for more than 2 months none stop.
:: Celebrated mom's birthday at Seafarers Nyonya Cuisine.
:: Celebrated 5 of my relatives birthday in August (except mine).
:: Had a minor concussion at home while no one's around (it hurt).
:: Frequently ate Sushi with SP.
:: Went to grandma's place juz to play cards with her.
:: Went to Tanjung Bidara with my ex-classmates.
:: Saw Babu pissed on Yuga for the first time.
:: Went to KL for cuz's wedding dinner.
:: Had the biggest Fish Head Curry in my life.
:: Walked all the way home from MMU. Took me one and half hours.
:: Shu Lin, my NS best buddy, gave a surprise visit.
:: Lil' toe nail completely broke (didn't really hurt)
:: Dad had is stomach probed.
:: Bro shifted out of the house to BBU, which is near to the house.
:: Changed my hairstyle to some Ah Beng look.
:: Repaired my hair so that it didn't look so Ah Bengish.
:: Saw Aaron Wee's cuz's Nissan Skyline GTR.
:: Spent my first week of the holiday preparing for Youth Camp.
:: Went for Gateway Youth Camp 2004. Accidentally scratch my guitar!
:: First time in Gateway YC, I planned a game about throwing tofus.
:: Dislocated my left shoulder.
:: Went to KL with SP, Sim Hong and Kai Ping.
:: Bought Switchfoot!!
:: Reminisce a lot about NS.
:: Gateway Youth had its last Sunday Service.
:: Fireworks will never look the same.
:: Eggs will never look the same.
:: Toilet paper will never look the same.
:: Cancelled the open-house plan. Instead, ate at Carry On.
:: Tsunami disaster. God is warning us!!.
:: The quiet new year.
:: Me typing this blog at 2.43am.

Well.. I think I've cover most of the important ones. Though it may not seem so, I'm actually looking forward for exciting things to happen this new year. God bless!

*item of the year : hot coffee*

Sunday, January 02, 2005

the quiet new year

I told Aaron Wee, "Mann, this is one slow new year." And true enough, it IS slow. No fireworks, no loud cheers, no doves in the air, and no one cares. Tsunamis and deaths right after Christmas, it's juz not fair. Ahh~ It's a slow new year. For those over-sleeping everynight, they wouldn't even notice the coming of the new year.

We welcome the new year with silence and respect. *sigh~*

don't close your eyes
don't close your eyes

This is your life
Are you who you want to be?
This is your life
Are you who you want to be?
This is your life
Is it everything you dream that it would be
When the world was younger
And you had everything to lose

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