Friday, May 25, 2007

| two days to (total) freedom!!

Truth be told, I still have a final paper this coming Saturday.


Despite me acting as if everything as already ended, I'm still technically tied down to that one last paper.

It's Theater.

So who's watching Pirates Of The Caribbean tomorrow?! heh~

Been watching lots of Astro lately. Episodes of CSI: Miami, House, Maximum Exposure, and, sadly, E!. Though I personally do not really like to watch stuff about celebrities etc, but there's only one program on E! that captured my attention. It's called Top 100 Shocking Moments in Entertainment, which, like the name states shows shocking moments in the entertainment industry. Guess how many times Michael Jackson appeared? heh~

what are children reading these days?!!

Had a fruitful meeting today, or yesterday to be precise, blame time dilation. Remember kids, reading wontdieone.blogspot is both entertaining AND educating.

Don't be a fool, stay in school.

So what was I talking about again?

in my future CG, we shall definitely dine at Longkang!!

Law, Engine and Business students still have a hurdle to jump over. But it's kinda late to give any 'good' advice on studying, thus, I shall speak a word. Just one word. Even as you all face enormous pressure from that killer paper, remember;

yea, just focus


Maybe that wasn't really funny. Heck, some of you might not even catch it so lets play a game; it's called Where's Louis!. Click the picture below to play!

good luck

Nite peepz.

p.s. hates my gutz.. T.T

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

| motivate over 9000!

Yes. Finally, my finals can be safely considered almost over. I don't count Theater paper on Saturday as an exam but rather... uh, a thing.


vista infected laptop + hazelnut latte = good stuff

So while surfin' the net on my dad's laptop in Starbucks, I thought to myself, "Hey~ Since I'm like, so free now, why not find ways to motivate people who are still studying like hell?!". What a dang good idea. After all, Andrew Liu is one heckuva good motivator.. to a certain extent.. narrowed by certain aspects.. which aren't all positive.. somehow.

So here are some of them, only 30 percent is original though.

Exam season is not a time to play around, so do be careful of sharks

stock up on McD's in case you're hungry

layoff the beer - seriously

plan your study wisely

Harry Potter is... oh, man..

Counter-Strike can wait

Starcraft 2 won't be out so soon

prepare yourself for a good time in IF Camp

And finally, to all my friends out there..

good luck dudes

Saturday, May 19, 2007

| hiatus

No updates due to the following reason;

playing battlefield 2142

watching animes

checking out 4chan

Studying for final exam of trimester.


Can't wait it all to be over.



now got headache~ *sigh*

Me: So she bites huh?
He: Yea, very hard too.
Me: Where?
He: Everywhere..

Notty notty but Tim forgives.


Monday, May 14, 2007

| Happy Mommy Dayz!!

Twas momma's day and the earth rejoice for the blessed woman that is a mother be celebrated for her efforts and virtues, for hell hath no fury like an over-protective woman's scorn. *shudders* So, to all mommas, big and small, tall and thin, sexy, hot and spanks.. HAPPY BLESSED MOMMA'S DAY!!

awww.. miss ur mom eh?

Took mom, my mom, that is to makan with the rest of the family, Leonidas has to wait till he gets out of the Matrix. Headed down to our taman's good ol' chinese seafood restaurant. We came here last year too but this year, we're keeping it simple as we're poor the exam seasons knocking on my grave. heh~

the owner's a cool guy gave us the crazy expensive soup

Predicting that every single makan store opened in Melaka (and the whole world) will be jammed packed with people eager to treat their moms, dad called the owner way earlier and placed our orders beforehand. A wise choice indeed. Sure enough when we arrived, the whole place was packed to the brink of evilution but thankfully, we have a table specially reserved for us. It pays to be friends with the boss.

dad: so much calories man
me : yea... it's nuts eh?

table 11, not bas ya?

Though we had the slight upper-hand on the table and early orders, we still had to wait for some time before our food come. When I say the place is packed, I mean its really packed. Alas, our food came and we had a simple, delightful dinner as a family - something we haven't had in a while.

points at crabbies - yum yum~

broken vessels = usable by God = profound

The crab took awhile to come but it was worth the wait. In fact, we came solely for the crap crab; also because mom requested for it. She hinted to us since last week that she wanted to eat some crabs. Sneaky woman. heh~

farsighted mom looking at the wall over the other end.. =.=

It's good to spend some quality time, though what little of it. Hope you had some fun this momma's day, mom. Blessed are you who carried us for so long.

Luv ya~

*hugz and muakz*

Great success and win for exams!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

| this semester scares me

Because I'm over procrastinating and have zero mood to study. What's worse is that during my time spent procrastinating and having no mood to study, I came up with this.

soly saw smith

This is evidence that Soly's from the Matrix! WIN!!

Okay, I know the Matrix has run out of fashion and popularity but hey, I'm a Mr. Smith fan. Doesn't really help my situation too either. Somebody please inject me with any left-overs of 'hardworking', please~ *stares at su be*

now everything seems to fall into place eh?

Crap. Finals are 3 days away and I still have time to procrastinate and photoshop. I blame /b/. Sick people. Their motivational posters are the only clean part of the board. Actually, it's not that clean either but at least it's funny. heh~

Haven't been eating my lunch for the past few days. It's either I woke up too late or.. well, lazy to cook anything (*read procrastination*). But I do eat my dinner with my parents but still.. it ain't enough for a uni student who frequents the mamak stall for a quick bite. Even now, I..

for food!

Heh~ Gotta love 300 memes. Nite peeps~

p.s. remember to PRAY HARDAARRR!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

| buh-bye cf 06-07, hello exams

With yesterday being the last CF for this trimester, another year has passed, another generation has stepped down and left, and a new generation as risen and received the call. But yet..

..crap.. i haven't started studying for exams >.<

Today was a rather interesting day for me. Heck, everyday's an interesting day for me. heh~ But seriously, yea, it's an interesting day alright. I thought I would find something fascinating other than checking them /b/tards at 4chan, and indeed I found it. It's a simple thing, as with breathing air and walking pass campus, it's something normal and simple but yet, as simple as it is, it fascinates me.

there's always a silver lining for someone's head.. i think

I should've been a researcher or a bird watcher or photographer, because watching, observing life and its surroundings really puts them smile on my face. To listen to the conversations, to watch every emotion, to ponder the heart.. yea, it's the few fun things I do to keep me occupied.

all cf presidents, except for justin, shall grow sideways

I wonder how we'll do this time around. The many minor and major issues that requires attention, the many exciting plans and the wonderful people that are part of it, will we be able to be different? To break that limit and reach out our hands towards the sky. To not leave anyone behind and to truly be a family that'll be more unique than before. We're living in interesting times indeed.

newly elected prayer coordinator richard pastor

As the beloved old leaves in the path of their future, towards their individual destinies and chapters that God has prepared, we bid them farewell and Godspeed. They'll need it. The rat-race of the world is waiting to consume all who go unprepared after all. Man, I'll really miss you guys.

semi-nude CF prez for 07-08

Remember to pray hard and earnestly, for the exams and for the coming future... oh yea, not forgetting my future-CG-members, good luck to you guys too. heh~

Nite peepz~

Monday, May 07, 2007

| dorrrifttooo~

To applaud or to break down and cry.

That's the question.

Things are gonna progress rather slowly for the next few weeks. Even for wontdieone.blogspot, exams are still the sore in my butt so updates won't be that frequent (not that anybody reads this crap anyway), soooo..


In other news, which is not that new anymore, I've managed to learn Andy Mckee's song called, Drifting and to my surprise, it's not as like, really giler hard as I thought it would be, or should be, for that matter. Mua encourages all guitarist out there to give it a shot for ya never know how hard till you get punch in the face. Words of wisdom. Yea.

Anyways, me somehow managed to learn the whole song within a few hours and for that price, I paid it with blisters on my right hand's fingers. Drifting's a song that utilizes both hands a lot, especially tapping with the right hand. My right hand is not conditioned to play such vigorous style therefore - blister. Two blisters on my index finger and a hidden one in my middle. The sucky part is that while waiting for my, 'injuries' to heal, I can't play that uber cool song. *sad*


Study hard for ya finals guys!!

Give it one last push and see if its a boy or a girl kay?


Friday, May 04, 2007

| the last day of Ish-ieness *sob*

We had it all planned, well, not really, other than the makan part, we're clueless as to what we're gonna do. But anyway, we dropped down in downtown, down to a drowned place called Carry On that's drawn up on the second floor whose drinks are drowned down. Whatever.

bring on the BUTTER!!

Carry On is a haven for every meat lover who can't afford eating at places like double ex restaurants like Seoul Garden and it's com padres. And since its price is WAY much cheaper than Soul Garden (SG), one should expect that the food's not as great as SG. I'm not saying the food taste bad, I'm saying that it's not as GREAT WONDERFUL MAGICUL as SG. But heck, for a poor guy like me, I have few little choices eh?

eat meat and meet them meeks and geeks.. yea

We brought our own butter. After that blissful experience I had cooking plain beef with butter, I was never the same man again. Thus, I came looking forward to eating butter drenched beef (i'm salivating) cooked half-raw that's sooo juicy, you'd quite smoking/drinking/gambling/wayning. heh~ But to my utter horror, after cleaning one full plate of beef, the dumb shop owner comes and tell me that they're out of beef! And it's only like 8pm ONLY. GRRRRRR!!

the guys

and the girls - oh wait.. yea, girls.. heh~

fear the wiener (or its lookalike)

Despite the setbacks and disappointments of incompetent and irresponsible workers (yes, i'm sensitive about my beef.. heh~), nevertheless, we had loads of fun, as seen in the 'lucius fears the wiener-wannabe' pic. We stuffed out bellies, retaliate for the lack of beef by grossing out the soup (Jess was excited about it) and I pranked almost everyone by mixing their drinks but no one noticed a thing. Now what does that tell you about soft-drinks? If you've tasted one, you've tasted them all. heh~

you're okay with the way

this is going to be

cause this is going to be
the best thing we've ever seen

The nice group picture was taken by our photographer, Lucius who's more than happy to take for us since jess' in the pic he's sucha nice guy and a great friend. Thanx dude. heh~ After we were satisfied with our wayness, we went next door to play some pool at Senyum Super.

havent played pool for almost...

a whole super long year!!

So yea, the 7 of us Ish-ies and the CG Coordinator, Lucius get down and dirty and played some pool. We had two tables so we split ourselves into 2 groups, Soly, Lucius, Richard and Merilyn on one table, while Su Be, Jess, Edmund and I played on the other. We also paired ourselves and took turn chasing that blardy ball that doesn't want to enter the hole. hahaha~ Can't blame the ball, actually, I admit, I've slacked a lot in my skills and aim. What a fun night it was. hehe~

later that night

As we were heading back, it rained so heavily that half of Bukit Beruang was living in darkness due to a power-cut. So just as Soly was driving Ed back to UG, Jess called me asking if we'd like to go yum cha at some Zubaidah. Soly needed to head home as Ai Ai was alone (sucha nice bro), so it's only Ed, Lulu, Jess, Mer, Rich and I. At Zubaidah, Jess revealed that she had planned an activity but since we didn't go to the beach, it didn't work out.. or so she thought. Not wanting her precious plan to go to waste, we supported her idea and did some cool souveniers for everyone - write something nice about everyone

"at first.. you're a dumb ass
but now.. you're still an ass
but kind and helpful nonetheless.
~by someone to me~

Wow~ Three months flew by without us realizing and now it's coming to an end. I believe there's a whole bunch of mixed feelings amongst us Ish-Ish'ians. For Jess, I guess it's her salvation from the hell she went through taking care of us. heh~ Thanx Jess for making this sucha great CG. You rock, Abby.

Click on the pics for a bigger resolution.
Nite peeps~
Nite Ish-Ish'ians. I had fun - loads of it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

| its not the end, but it feels like it is

It's not the end of the trimester. Heck, it's not even finals yet. But I feel like the end is near; an end that I look forward to and yet, don't want it.

contradiction is a gun and indecisiveness is the bullet

for all good things must come to an end
and bring a new cycle.. of good things.. i think

This semester, this.. trimester, year, whatever. Has been one heckuva roller coaster ride with many nose dives and loops going at 160kmh. One moment, there's a spear in my heart, and the next there's a person to tend to its wounds. One moment I'm annoyed and the next, I'm in love. One moment I feel so close to Him and the next, I'm the one who's holding the spear. Sometimes it feels that I'm still holding that spear. I'm sorry.

the old and the new

I wonder if I can do it or not. I wonder if I'm ready for it. It may seem like a small manner of responsibility compared to the others but in truth, I wonder if I'm ready to be the shepherd? Sure people joke about it, giving me blessings and grace, but seriously, can I do it? I wonder indeed but one thing's for sure, I'm sure gonna bring them for one helluva wild ride of my experiences of knowing Him.

sneak peak of the last day of Ish-ieness

She did a great job, I feel, as a shepherd. Constantly sms'ing and emailing everyone, even though she'll say she's bored and has nothing to do. Her innocent sarcasms and squeaky voice brings laughter to many and her heart is that of a mother (or grandmother). heh~

I'll stop here for now.

Will write a longer one when she uploads them pictures into her computer and sends them to me. For now, good nite peeps~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.