Tuesday, July 31, 2007

| everyone's home

It's been far too long since all my wives and kids had a family gathering at home. In fact, since I got Andrew Jr late last month, my 1st wife hasn't seen her at all till the first WTO: KL. So yea, you can say that everyone's been busy and away. My two wives and amp hasn't come home in a very, very long time; more than i've-forgotten-how-many-months. After so long, I figured it's about time I brought everyone home.

my beautiful wives and kids (uncle amp's at the back)

Gave them a little wipe here and there, checked the scratches, dents and the wear-and-tear on their bodies, noticed how my 1st wife's frets have worn off and is giving off a sad buzz on the 1st string - so much to do that I should've done so long ago. Oh yea, my cloth is missing too.

despite the buzz.. she sings with the lips of an angel

I'm wishing for either one of these 2 things;
1) I'm rich so that I won't have to worry about financial problems.
2) I have more than one me to make two important choices.

Truthfully, I understand that my problems aren't relatively huge compared to what I've previously faced but I can't help but feel so..... *sigh* I dunno.. I wonder why am I placed here in this situation at such a time as this. This is bugging me. Almost everything I've done seems to give me little comfort so I went out to seek the Oracle from the Matrix for some help but she seems to be a liiiitle busy with someone else..

ohh... kay... i'll come back when you're free

I'll be alright, I guess. Good nite peeps~

Sunday, July 29, 2007

| yatta~!!

trust jessica, advocate and solicitors

Found a firm name for Jess already. So Jess, where's my commission for the promotion huh? Hehe~ You can thank me later Jess.

myth: pizza helps the brain - confirmed!

Meeting up for the script of this Christmas' aCt (a Christmas thingie). Started off pretty slow I guess, contemplating whether to go for a normal set meal or the buffet. Hmmmm~ Went for the buffet, bad choice but still, not that bad as all of us found out that - pizza helps dah brian!! So not only did we discussed about the script, we even talked about possible sequels and even trailers! WhoooOOoOo!! Pizza high!

a great adventure to an unknown restaurant

Went out with GerX and her bro, GerXbro to some new restaurant whose name still eludes me. According to GerXbro's friend, it seemed to be a decent restaurant with quite good food, in fact, he was even kind enough to warn us that it was a slightly little expensive. Fearlessly, we went ahead with this mini-adventure. As the menu was passed to us, we noticed..

no english translation?! GG~

Thankfully, a kind waitress was, uh, kind(?) enough to translate for us the gibberish that stood as wall between us and what seemed to be Some Good Food®. Slowly and carefully we picked out orders from the menu and made sure we had plenty of meat to go around. After confirming out selection of goodies, we sat and waited.

top-left-clockwise: rice, rice-salmon, rice-salmon-miso soup, rice-miso paste

t-l-c: bacon-asparagus, bacon-cherry tomato,
tenpura chic/pork, chic-asparagus n chic

Looks good doesn't it? Of course it does! Bacon and cherry tomato was GerXbro's choice but me, I saw something in the menu that caught my eye. If you paid close attention to the brokenly translated from Japanese, you'll know what I would definitely ordered.

bacon with block of melting cheese

Oh yea~ That's good food right there. Catalyst CG, watch out folks, bacon and cheese coming to Ana-chan's house. Need advice on what cheese to get though. Deb dear! Need ya help on that part. hehe~

still dunno what's the name of the shop

So, for an average of a slightly expensive RM3, any BBQ pork is good for me but don't expect me to come here often - only when I'm feeling super rich, which happens once in a full blue-with-slight-green moon. But coming here gave me a great inspiration to give my CG members a good treat with bacon, cherry tomato and cheese. See, I treat you guys so goooood~ Call me daddy!

should've ordered some good warm sake

Hmmmm~ Bacon... Cheese... Bleh~
Nite peeps~

Friday, July 27, 2007

| knife of char siew anniversary water futsals

Dad came into my room on Tuesday, gave me a new partner to accompany me on my journeys in life; a new partner to replace the other old, worn-out guy. A bigger, better Swiss Army Knife.

bigger badder bumblebee badger.. and stuff

So it's a bigger Swiss then my old one and it has all the good stuff except scissors. So yea, that's a minus point there but wait, it has whole loads of other goodies that I would (most probably) use frequently; 1 super-sharp big knife, 1 just-as-sharp small knife, 1 bottle cap opener, and a can opener-cum-screwdriver with sharp edge. Lots of sharp stuff.

big knife so sharp, it shaves Tim's leg-hair.. scary~

Yea, so I opened up the big knife and it was a little dirty and oily. So I gave it a good wipe with my fingers like how I would with the smaller knife and to my surprise, it sliced through my skin. I used the word slice because it didn't 'cut' but it was as if it could just slice the skin. Unfortunately, it sliced too deep and blood was flowing out.

it drank the blood of its master - it belongs to me now

Anyway, on Tuesday me didn't go CF because as a role-model son, me had to accompany me dad to eat dinner. On Wednesday, me being a good son too, almost missed meeting up for the 10th anniversary practice as mom was alone at home and I had to teman her makan too. Thankfully, I manage to grab a good dinner with mom and went for the practice too and when I say 'a good dinner', I really mean it's goooood~

behold the blooming beauty of blings in blocks
(translation : behold the best char siew fan in malacca)

So yea, I made it for the CF 10th Anniversary practice and what we're gonna do, unfortunately, I can't tell ya. Well, I can but then I would be force to silence you with my extremely irresistible charms of fake chest hair, just like Tim's. So rather than post up pictures of what we practice, I'll just post up random scandal kiut-kiut pictures. Yea, that should work.

tweety twins tofu

(insert something witty) *koff*

Despite the boring 1 hour of class in the afternoon, something cool happened in my house today. But as cool as it is, it is still a calamity that befell us earlier this year and this time, it striked without any warning whatsoever.

funny floods flourishes farts

Dad and I scrambled to keep the water at bay and away from our house. We opened up the main house drainage in hopes that the drain would be able to swallow up the water that was beginning to creep into the house inches by inches.


Just kidding. A pipe burst a few blocks up my house and the water-dudes needed to release some pressure, thus, WHOOOOSHHHHGARGKLEBLEH!


seeing these kinda stuff turns me into a kid all over again.. heh~

Later in the evening it was CG time and not just any CG time - it's CG Lepak Time!! This time, we the Catalyst CG and Jingles' CG joined forces and had a friendly futsal game. Yea, we played futsal alright and it was fun. Both sides had their star players ready to rock; Elaine Sua and Ana-chan. Nobody and I mean NOBODY could stop their ball from entering the goal. They're THAT good. Star-player indeed. heh~

sore saggy stumpy stuff

Fellowshipping was never this fun and for the next Lepak Time, we're gonna play badminton!! Whoohoooo~!! Look forward to it ya?

see ana-chan, i kept my promise - i spared the rest of you.. hehe~

Nite peeps~

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

| getting in-tone

i don't wanna close my eyes~~~ opps, wrong song

I know I'm like, a few days late or so in getting this post up - but I have a solid, absolutely valid, no-crazy-nonsense reason for it. Initially, I was gonna come for today's CF (or yesterday, depending on how you read this blog), but then my dad called and said that he's coming home (mom's working and bro's mia) and he'll be fine having dinner on his own. Thus, being the good role-model I am to the many out there, I willingly, though tempted to do otherwise, forgo watching Intone Band in action and had dinner with dad. I know.. I'm a good son. Yes, you can cry now.

debbeh ;- (pronounced: debb-bekh'ar-tun)

Not only that, I missed their workshop on Monday as I had to sit for a mid-term paper which in the end turned out to leave the feeling that I've wasted my time. Thus, I'm only left with the pictures I took of them on Sunday night during their first workshop. So yea, I could've blogged this way earlier eh? Oh well~

he makes my wife looks giler small... seriously~

Initially, I didn't expect much coming to this workshop. Honestly, I didn't expect to learn anything new at all. Eventually, I did learn some stuff. Ergo, does prove my theory that one can never learn enough. Personally, I wished they'd get more detailed and not brush the surface of dynamics in music and explained better on how it goes about so that it won't have to be repeated during practices next time.

dynamics in our music team - somewhat lacking

I'd rather stay off talking about music dynamics in this blog as it'll need as besides the Intone Band, many had already said, requires humility and I wouldn't know how people would react to my comments regarding music dynamics as it would somehow definitely step on people's toes (including my own) and opinions would rage across like a infinite war about music and how it should be like.

nobody's perfect.. but this pic sure is nice

I guess the safest comment I can give in regards to music dynamics would be; let the (insert instrument) driven song be driven by the (insert instrument). I especially do not like to hear and personally feel it's unprofessional to say a statement like, "This (insert instrument) is leading so let it be louder than the rest for the whole service, concert, etc". There's no point for one instrument to play all roles at the same time, there's no dynamics in it.

there's a hole.. in the ceiling!

Anyway, back to Intone Band. Well, as I earlier said, I had my doubts about them. Not in the music nor their abilities but rather in whether or not it'll suite the conditions of this church. Hahaha~ Guess they turned out pretty well after all. Not bad for a four dude band. I know the CF gals dig their sound tech, Carlos (or something like that) so here's to all his fan;

hey babe~

I can hear the girls screaming already. Going for that workshop was.. I dunno what's the right word to use.. bitter-sweet(?) for me. To see those beautiful masterpieces of instruments that cost more than my entire set of 3 guitars, 2 effects and 1 amp. Plus, it's a 4k aussie-bucks Paul Reed Smith guitar. *melts*.. or more like *cries* and THEN *melts*

top-left has its own built-in analog-circuit tube-amp modulator.. sweet~

Also, I find myself enjoying talking to them as they seem eager to talk about how they got their instruments, their personal life, background, etc. I find myself enjoying even more when I'm funnily, failing at trying to speaking with an aussie accent. Good dai mait~

no workshop pic is complete without... I AI, AI AI!!

Later that night the lot of us went to feast in Newton and when you go to Newton, there's only one thing to look forward to.. heheheh~

darth ma-lak strikes again!

Nite peeps and sorry for the late update~

Sunday, July 22, 2007

| 40 days of fun and laughter

poking makes dimples bigger *koff*

For such an event, all we had was 2 and a half nights of practice. The first night, we practiced two songs, Lebih Dari Pemenang and Mujizat Itu Nyata. The second night of practice we ran through all the songs. The half night was at the venue itself where it sounded quite bad from upstage. So yea, if it sounded good that Friday, it wasn't our doing, it was God's.

what good is an instrument without it's Player?

likewise, what good are our works without God's hand in it?

It would be very long to type out all that happened that Friday so I'll try to be brief.. try.. I'm not good with briefs.. I wear them though but nonetheless, I'm still not good with'em. ahaks~

let my lips sing Your song, let my mouth sing Your praises all day long

It started off pretty slowly with the national anthem, marching, flags and stuff. Then the intro riff of Lebih Dari Pemenang kicked in on high gear. People were a little stoned but receptive nonetheless. Elaine led the people into worship with Mujizat Itu Nyata while Jess played the violin!! The final song, Pastor ended the worship beautifully, giving glory to God with the song How Great is Our God.

Name above all names, You are worthy to be praised

Rev Wong Kim Kong gave a speech after worship. Singers get to sit on the front row chairs, musicians, sat on stage. hur hur~ This year, NECF plans to do a, mobile rukun tetangga. Honestly, it was quite a shocker to hear that but I guess it's just me. Me no like the police.. only nice ones though like the guy who belanja'ed me roti bakar when I was in high school.

let my hands do Your work, let my feet go Your way

Then we had communion and we sang one of my favourite songs, The Wonderful Cross, from there we had a bunch prayers for the pastors, people and the event itself during which we sang You Deserve The Glory. Pastor James closed the event and we played Lebih Dari Pemenang again but this time, we rocked it out. heh~

for the Father above, He is listening with love

The funny part during the closing was to see the bunch of youths in the front jumping and praising God with all their hearts and then when you tilt your heads up a little, you'll see the row of MMU students just standing there, mouth half-open, with the usual stoner face. Hahahah~

MMUcf! w00t!! *ahem* to God be the Glory - amen~

it was fun to play with you guys.. again~ rockin on for Christ

So another tiring and exhausting day had just ended. Most of us ran a whole-day-shift with an early morning 8am class and without rest till after the event. Personally, I was already tired even before the event started but I guess I had some Dude backing me up. Now that the 40 Days Fast and Prayer has launch, let us pray~

steven curtis chapman
let us pray

i hear you say your heart is aching
you've got trouble in the making
and you ask if I'll be praying for you please
and in keeping with convention
i'll say yes with good intentions
to pray later, making mention of your needs

but since we have this moment here at heaven's door
we should start knocking now, what are we waiting for?

let us pray, let us pray, everywhere in every way
every moment of the day, it is the right time
for the Father above, he is listening with love
and He wants to answer us, so let us pray

so when we feel the Spirit moving
prompting, prodding and behooving
there is no time to be losing, let us pray
let the Father hear us saying
what we need to be conveying
even while this song is playing, let us pray

and just because we say the word, "Amen"
it doesn't mean this conversation needs to end

let us pray, let us pray, everywhere in every way
every moment of the day, it is the right time
let us pray without end and when we finish start again
like breathing out and breathing in, let us pray

let us approach the throne of grace with confidence
as our prayers draw us near
to the One who know our needs
before we even call His name

let us pray, let us pray, everywhere in every way
every moment of the day, it is the right time
for the Father above, he is listening with love
and He wants to answer us, so

let us pray, let us pray, everywhere in every way
every moment of the day, it is the right time
let us pray without end and when we finish start again
like breathing out and breathing in, let us pray

our Father which art in Heaven
hallowed be Thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven
let us pray

Friday, July 20, 2007

| strength - encouragement - passion

I couldn't lead my CG members for bible study today (yesterday, actually). The first of the many mid-term papers struck again and the early warning siren didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. What's more I'm feeling oh-so drained.. and I believe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

fingerprints of God - see the art in me

Been talking to a few.. okay, been talking to many people the past week. Been having a heavy burden to communicate and to understand what's going on in people's life as the air I felt around 'em were heavy. So yea, drained. I was drained. Was, that is, not anymore. Found an old piece that I've long forgotten about, it's one of the part from the Chapter of my life called The Fire. The piece I found is called Passion and it came to me like a quiet whisper, a gentle wind. Not like how I would expect it to come.

heaven in the real world - i am speechless

As tired as my body is.. as tired as my mind is, I feel evermore full of strength.. but I do know and acknowledge that this strength is not my own - it can't be and for that I'm encourage to press on, knowing that a Big Guy is backing me up. Picked up my guitar and remembered my call. I recall the promises of God on my life, personal ones, specific ones. It's like triple blessings have been poured on me.

im the dancer You are, the Lord of the dance

I found strength when I rest in Him, I found encouragement when I listen to Him, and I gained a deeper passion when I remember my purpose, my call. I only pray that I can spread this gem that I've rediscovered from my past, old life. I'm gonna give my all.

Thanks Steve for the reminder.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

| stop - family time

If you don't know who Mc Hammer is, it would mean that I'm old. If you guys who're my batch don't know who Mc Hammer is, it would mean that I'm way way old and should start thinking about my retirement plan.

love in the shadow

Did some searching on my older archives to see when was the last time I mentioned Malacca Club - it's been waaaay too long. That would also mean that I haven't spent quality time playing sports with my family for a loooong time too. In fact, it has been almost a year since we last set foot in Malacca Club and yearly membership fees is nearly RM1k. Great.

parked between the mercedes and bmws

I remember how we used to joke about how awkward it was for our lowly vehicle to park next to them rich-man's car whom most-of-the-people-i-know's parents drive them too. Ahh~ I even remember once when this old plump uncle open the door of his BMW went "CHAARRHH-TUIII~" on my dad's car. Me no tell dad because when me thought too far ahead, outcome no good.

queen of the table - she'll really kick ur arse

I guess the main sport my family plays besides the usual badminton, squash, tennis, baseball, basketball, rugby, avtomat and kalashnikova, would be table tennis. Either that, or it's just that I prefer table tennis over firing off rounds at blind dogs across the wasteland. Yea. My mom's the queen of it. Got bunch of trophies and medals to prove 'em too.

skill = technique

When my bro and I were much younger, mom would play with us with her left-hand as a handicap and that too, proved to be challenging for us. She's ambidextrous when it comes to this game of finesse. When we leveled up she would then only play with us with her right hand. Nutz.

skill = speed

Bro and I are pretty evenly matched though I used to let him win and stuff.. yea, pretty evenly matched. Mom would use technique to win the game; toying with the opponent, making them fatigue and no clues as to where she's gonna serve. Dad on the other hand uses brute force, smashing his way to victory but he can screw the balls well too.

skill = boning

I guess, I'm the weakest player in the family larr but I sure do like to play table tennis. Above all, it was that very rare, quality time that we as a family rarely get to enjoy that made it all so sweet. Wish I had more time.
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