Wednesday, September 29, 2004

signs of (alien) life

It was like every other night. I was practicing my dart throwing in the house compound. The air was fresh and the breeze was as refreshing as ever. It was a normal night. But it seems the word "normal" isn't known to me.. I walked into the my house's kitchen to catch some chilled Coke and eat some sweet chocolate. All of the sudden, the atmosphere became unusually calm. And before I knew it, there was a short circuit and power was cut off. Darkness surrounded me. Behold, an eerie light shone behind me. As I slowly turn to take a look, a strange being appeared before me. The being had 3 eyes and a strange antenna like thing on its head. "I come, in peace.." It muttered with a squeaky voice. Flabbergasted, I couldn't find any words to reply him.

"I !@#$*%, from the planet Zoltang, is in need of your assistance." he continued. "My planet is dying and is in dear need of certain resources from your planet." He said, pointing to my suddenly opened fridge. "Surrender it to us, or we will invade and destroy your puny little planet! Mehmehmehmeh!!". Toblerone, Brovil, and Coke, or the destruction of Earth? Don't make me choose!! Noooo!!

no words

it.. was a hoooooot day..

Scorching sun. No sight of water anywhere (except the longkang next to me. It's after class and though it's 4.30pm the sun is really frying lots of things down here on earth. But hey! The sun is my source of strength. Juz like Superman, he flew as close to the sun as he could before he spun the earth around to turn back time to save Lois Lane. Haha~ Okay, let me rephrase that again, the Son is my source of strength.

*30 minutes ago*

I could've waited for dad and bro but knowing their timing, they would be late. And knowing myself, I hate to wait. Actually it's difficult for me to sit still and not do anything. So, I picked up my bag and started walking towards home. I felt real dumb as I was the only person in my view to wear long sleeves. Everyone around was giving me a funny look. I quickly disguised myself as a retard with a bag hung from my head. They bought it and I carried on.

But something happened as I was walking down the road in the middle of nowhere. The sun didn't seemed THAT hot as I sense an object overshadowing me. I looked up.. and smiled. A huge tree gave me cover as shrouds of clouds covered the people back in Exodus. I leaned on the tree that "hugged" me. Soon after, a blinding light from a far made me cover my eyes as it drew nearer. As the lights fades 2 familiar faces greeted me with smiles..

I entered the car.

And went home.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

When Darting Matters

So what if I'm dead tired right?

Who am I kidding. I'm suffering like mad mann! I've been having really short sleep hours these few days. Why? Cause there's always something else to do before you sleep. But hey~ I ain't complainin.

So last night when I came home after fetching SP back to her house, I saw dad and bro playin darts~ Yeap~ My dad bought a dart board when we went KL 2 weeks ago. Real cool stuff (though I seriously sux in it). So I parked my bike, changed, and went to join my bro. As I was walking out to the house compound, that walked from the kitchen and pass me a glass of Coke. But it was no ordinary Coke - it was Bacardi with Coke. Yeap~ Finally, the liquor that's been dormant in my closet has been put to good use. My dad mixed the drink nicely. It was real smooth as it went down my throat. Years of experience working in a bar in UK would teach you that sort of stuff.

So I was getting ready to play but then, suddenly I pain on my arm caused me to hesitate. But I knew I would still carry on even though the pain was sorta killin me. Think - my nickname. So we were throwing and throwing and throwing. Then bro took out a bottle of Royal Stout and later dad took out a can of Carlsberg. Imagine 3 guys at night, wearing nothing but shorts, playing darts while drinking Bacardi. It seems the liquor had somehow improved our throw. Or that's what we would like to think. Hahhahaahah~ Dad was showing off his old darts that he used back in UK. Looks real classy. He even made 1 for bro and 1 for me. Too bad I'm not really that good, but for my father's sake, I would train myself to throw with precision. As for the game, dad has always been the champion. He's juz too damn good I tell ya!


Jesus would you light my way
Jesus would you light my way

In every word in every scene
To live for One who died for me
What grace is this that saved my soul
My God, my God, I give it all

All I ever want is
All I ever need is You
All I ever want is
All I ever need is You



when times are shorter than usual..

Whee~ I had a good time today. SP and I went to MP, and I mean juz the 2 of us. No one to kacau us. So first off, we went to Sushi King for dinner. We talked and childishly fool around. I dunno, sometimes it feels great to act childishly. Reminds me that I'm not so old after all. Hehe~ I gulped down my food like a hungry... me, as I didn't eat my lunch.

After that, we went shopping for SP's new shoes. Her old ones were, *ahem* gnawed by her dog to the point of useless. And so, the hunt for the 'perfect' shoe was on. We went to every shoe shop in MP - compared the prices and design. SP even admitted to me that she was very 'inn-chim' about this kind of stuff. Which gal ain't huh? After dragging out feet to every store, we narrow our choices down to one particular brand. Well, I've forgotten the brand name but the design is simple and the color resembles a seasoned jeans. Nice touch to the jeans she is wearing.

Earlier, we bought movie tickets to Jackie Chan's latest show, A New Police Story. When you hear the name Jackie Chan, the first thing that comes to your mind would be? Action? Stunts? Well, the list goes on but I'm not gonna trouble myself. This time, the story has more drama as we see a broken-down drunkard Chan being haunted by the fact that his comrades' blood stains his hand. As expected, there were lots of real dangerous, but cool stunts too (done by Jackie himself). What makes Chinese audience stayed on in the cineplex to the ending of the credit is Jackie's trademark of showing bloopers of his stunts in the ending of every movie. Real cool~ There was one particular scene where Jackie was on a speeding bus that was tearing tru the city's pasar malam lookalike and the bus ram through a few vehicles. During that scene I whispered to SP, "You see the car that was hit by the bus? It was me driving it." "Sampat!" was her only reply.

After the show, I took her home in time for her dad to return home from work. Exchanged hi's and bye's with her dad before speeding off into the night.

What a day.

I'm so exhausted from lectures in the morning that while watching the show, I had a really bad headache. It seems the headaches are getting more frequent than usual. Hmmm...

Monday, September 27, 2004

it takes a loooong time to load

So here I am, sitting here waiting for time to pass (and the rain to stop). Cursing the lousy so-called broadband connection in the CITS Alpha Lab. So what if MMU placed new computers in CITS? The connection is still as bad as ever! But I gotta give some credit for the Windows XP and new NEC keyboards and mouses. They're real smooth and easy to type and scroll.

Since I have 2 hours to kill before my next lecture starts, I wanted to watch some game movies and trailers at GameSpot. And so I did. I got to watch Sims 2 in action and a few other upcoming games. At first, I thought I could bear with the frequent buffering and lag. But after a couple of time I gave up and started to surf for anything interesting.

Ahhh.. Yes.. "Looking" for something interesting isn't as easy as "finding" it. So the head-cracking fiesta starts. Typing in "junk" or "cool" in googles didn't help much as I was literary flooded with junk. Searching for "interesting" was even lamer. And then suddenly before me, a glowing red "S" appeared on the monitor and I knew it was my destiny to check out Smallville. I opened a second window and typed in "superman" (i like to multi-task a lot), and behold, a whole history for Superman formed in front of me.

With the knowledge bestowed upon me, I shall now use my super-human powers to uphold the justice of Smallville Malacca! Watch your back evil-doers. A new hero's in town.

~fee, fi, foo, fum.. i smell.. the fingerprints of scum!!~
Ace Ventura


Acorss the heavens I fly. My wings spread out in it's glorious form. And everynight, together with 3 other angels, would go to the bed of a girl who's being prayed for by her loved one. He would pray,

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,
Bless the bed that she lies on,
Four corners around her bed,
For angels around her head,
One to sing,
One to pray,
Two to look after her,
Till the break of day.

I do the praying :)

Good nite peeps.

i.. missed.. Planet Shakers in KL.. Nooooo!!

*sigh* After all the hype and news I've been getting from people, I thought I could finally catch them live in KL. Well, so it's not as big as it was supposed to be. But I'm all set and geared for this. And so, on Saturday afternoon, we head off to the Big Apple of Malaysia, KL.

Went to Sentral and bought our tickets. Went to look around the impressive bus station. It's quite a shocker as the whole place looks more like a shopping complex than a bus station. Real cool.. Heh~ As we went around posing as dumb tourist, we almost forgot about the time. We had 15 minutes before the bus leaves and we haven't had our lunch yet. Desperate, we went to our only option. We were saved by A&W. Another cool thing about Sentral is that it has a few fast-food restaurants that other shopping complex in Malacca doesn't like Marry Brown and A&W. So I ordered the Horny Corny Dog Meal while SP ordered some cheap lousy burger. *ahem* We paid, took our food and ran for the bus in the speed of Singapore drivers. Luckily, we managed to get in the bus on time. While on the way, SP had a phone call and sadly, we couldn't stay on for the event due to some.. 'unexpected' reasons.. Nonetheless, we were keen on spending some time in KL before we head back to Malacca on the same day.

After a 2 and a half hours drive, we eventually reach Pudu Station, KL. As we step down from the bus, we were greeted by ever cheerful beggars and 'odd' taxi men. Being ever careful, I placed my wallet in my undie - juz kidding. SP wanted to go to Petaling Street to check out the stuffs there. And so, we took a cab and arrive at our destination safely, thank you. As I paid the guy SP whispered to me, "We should've walked". I was sooo tempted to say 'I told you so but nooooo..' Hahahah~ Petaling Street didn't change since the last time we came, so much so that we could easily trace our steps back to our old hotel, where we stayed last December. Once SP was satisfied, our next destination was Plaza Sungei Wang which translates to Money River Plaza (what an impression on the prices there huh?). We went around and the place is as pack as ever. What caught my attention more (as I told SP) is that how the people are dressed there. I couldn't tell if they were prostitutes (no offence) or really poor people who can't afford more cloth to cover their body. I looked at SP and told her how much I thanked God that she's not from KL. She hit me back saying vice versa. Hahah~ That's my gal. So we walked around carrying these heavy looking bags and though I was so keen on acting like I was from some western country, SP didn't want to play along. When we were in front of the counter of some shop, I would looked to SP and say to her with an Australian slang, "Gosh, I will really miss Malaysia. What time is our flight back home?". And then SP would stare at me saying "You want to fly so much, fly me larr!". Hahahaha~ Chinese people would understand what that means.

I was there!!!

Like before, we almost forgot our time and we had less than 30 minutes to catch our bus. We got out of the complex I spotted a cab on the across the road and so I grabbed SP's hand and walked across the ever busy road with calm and ease. Luckily, the cab driver was a quite friendly Indian with a short fuse on the road. We told him about our bus and that we're short of time. He said he'll get us there as fast as he can and gave, quite a menacing grin. This is when I truely "know" how good of a driver a KL'ian is and let me tell you, they are one heckofva good driver. The cabbie cut in and out of the lanes with ease skidded his tyres a few times and eventually got us safely to Pudu. He wanted only 8 ringgit but SP and I agreed on giving him 10. We = generous (my father would call us moot chui. that's the idea, he ain't there. Hahahahah!)

Went to the loo to 'pump' our petrol, and got on our bus. We took Jebat Express instead of our usual KL - Melaka Express and boy did we make a big mistake. The dumb bus took 4 hours to reach Sentral. Why? Because he stopped at Alor Gajah, Masjid Tanah, Cheng, and then only head for Sentral. Okay, so it's partially my fault but what kindofa bus takes 4 hours from KL to Melaka?? I mean, even I could take 3 hours to walk from KL back to Melaka... Okay, so I can't. It juz doesn't make any sense. *sigh*

Though we were short on time, we had quite a fun time in KL. Makes me think of my coming December holidays. I plan to go KL with SP and spend a week there, juz like last year. This time, maybe I would call my bro and my cuz and we could bunk in Aunt Helen's crib instead. Who knows? I guess we'll juz have to see in time.

Friday, September 24, 2004

songs in your soul

Everybody have their own way of expressing their hearts right? Well, for me, my heart is all written down in a red-hardcover book. Whatever that's in my soul is composed. I dunno bout you guys, writing songs is one of the only ways to soothe my heart in times of trouble or despair. So far, I've written 71 songs (1 still in process) and I target myself to write 100 by the end of the year. Hmm.. Shouldn't be to hard.. I hope..

Ahh... Gonna grab my guitar before I sleep now. Tomorrow, I have a looooong day a head of me. I will only update my blog on Sunday or Monday. Good nite peeps!

Yamaha DWX-10

When The Skies Clear Away

Fridays were meant to be my *ahem*, "Happy Day" as I only have 2 hours of lecture from 8am to 10am. Whoohoo! Since our lecture was about Business and Technical Communication, my group (consisting of Aaron Wee, Irvin, Alex, Led, a dude, another dude, a girl and me - 8 in total) decided to go ahead with our group project, educational visit to Infineon Malacca. So after lecture, we went to BBU Apartments to discuss our workplan. We wrote a formal letter, watch some Chrono Crusade in the same time too. Hehe~


SP called me from her school and asked if I was interested to go for a movie. If there's an opportunity, don't miss it. Hah! She told me to meet her at 12pm. So after finishing off my work, I sped off to MP and reached there exactly at 12pm. Think - professional stunt rider. And like a good boy (as always), I waited for her at KRR. 12.30pm. Still no sign of her. Luckily, Syikin came to the rescue and killed my boredom. 1.30pm... Still no sign. But this time, coincidently all my ex-classmates were lepaking in MP and they so happen to pass by KRR and after seeing me, they came in and yap and yap and yap. After a few minutes, more friends came and eventually, there was a whole bunch of High School boys standing and sitting in KRR.


Before I knew it, SP and her friends arrived. After saying good bye and all, we head off. First stop, the cinema. We actually wanted to catch The New Police Story but we were.. 25 minutes too late~ Though you travel so far, boy I'm sorry you are, 25 minutes too late. I could still hear her say~ Lalala~ Oppps~ Went off singing again. Muz be the Malaysian (Sux) Idol fever again. Hah! Instead we executed Plan B - MAKAN!!! Whoohoo!! (and gluttony's a sin.. hehe..) Food Court seemed to be the best (and cheapest) place to eat. SP and I had Black Pepper Mini Wok. Superb as usual and though the gravy was a little water down, it was still ok. The usual and often customary bowling game was next. After a rather good game (without my own black bowling ball.. *sigh*) we went to drink some good ol' Roibo! (formerly known as Quickly). Rebekah came and chatted with SP while I prank around with the rest of the girls. I wanted to take her pic with my HP but she was rather shy. But who could resist the iron fist of Andrew Liu. I am, after all - EVIL... Muahahahahaha!!


In the end, it was quite a fun day. Really thank God once again for letting me have some purely good fun. Heh~ I miss SP. What's new. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Mlk Club

Since I have a splitting headache, the family went to The Club to kill off the pain. I couldn't play well due to.. certain reasons. But hey, I did kill off the headache. Thanx God for that. The headache was really starting to get on my nerves.

So we went to Malacca Club and to our surprise, Un Wong was there too. So as usual, I played the table tennis and badminton. Beat my bro on the first round. Okay, so as I've said, I couldn't play well. And with that, I couldn't beat my bro on the 2nd round but I accept my defeat gloriously. *sigh*

Thankfully, we had a good meal (Un Wong paid for dinner Heh). Food was good and all. But still, though troubled, my heart was at peace. Somehow, there was a lovely moon in the sky that cut through the dark clouds. Heh.. God really knows my heart. *sigh* What a relief. And for a second, I almost forget the beautiful moon and the lovely sun that God made for me to see. Soaked with sweat and beaten up. It felt good.

weights on your ankles

i'm weigh down.. somehow, these pass few days i've not been myself. lately, i keep getting frequent headaches and i get dizzy very easily. like last night, when i was in the house compound with dad, i suddenly felt so dizzy that i almost fell into the pond. *sigh* tell me whats going on inside of me? i despise my own behavior.

right now, i'm having a splitting headache and it's really irritating me. feel like smashing my head on the wall several times juz to counter the pain. i wonder if there's anyone out there who goes through this too. what a torture..


I'm feeling weak now. Normally, I wouldn't say that I'm weak at all, but I guess typing is okay. *sigh* It sux when you partially know your future. It's like having a huge concrete wall with the words "INEVITABLE" carved on the wall.
All you could do is juz watch helplessly as the blind and deaf bus driver speeds to the wall in the bus you're on. The worst part is that you don't mind dying, but there are other people on the bus as well.


I feel like crap today but luckily, I managed to pull of some fake smiles in front of my parents. Don't wanna spoil their day. One of my principles in life is, never let other people know when you're down or depressed. Chances are, that you'll pull them down with you. Better to take the beating all by yourself, rather than dragging innocent folks along for the ride.

Truthfully, I almost never tell anyone about this.


Ever since I started blogging, I've been very open (only in the blog). Whatever nonsense I feel like putting in, I could. So now, I'm telling the world out there that I really, honestly, inexorably feel like crap. *sigh* I wish I could cry..

Disappear II

Disappear - jars of clay

I watch you smile, you steal the show.
You take a bow, the curtain falls in front of you.
You're magical, on display.
I gaze into your eyes, you turn to look the other way.

But I'd really love to know.
I'd really love to climb,
My way into your heart,
And see what I could find.
I'd walk into your skin,
Swim through your veins.
See it from your eyes.
Cause I'd really love to try, yeah.

Standing still but in my mind trying to escape.
Looking for a place to hide.
It's not safe but I'm so near.
Invading every place you go to disappear.

But I'd really love to know.
I'd really love to climb,
My way into your heart,
And see what I could find.
I'd walk into your skin,
Swim through your veins.
See it from your eyes.
Cause I'd really love to try,

I'd really love to know.
I'd really love to climb into your soul.
Walk into your skin,
Swim through your veins.
See it from your eyes.
I'd really love to try.
I'd really love to try.

I want to get inside the you you're hiding from.
I want to get inside the you you're hiding from.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Invisible is what I am,
Seeing as far as your eyes can,
Unknown to the world or to any man,
Invisible to you is what I am,

I want to disappear and hide,
I want to seek my solace for I'm dry,
Unnoticed though I'm by your side,
It makes me want to run away and fly,

Away into the sky so high,
Through the dark storms and flashes of light,
Turning around as I try to find,
I looked away as I weep and cry,

I wish to disappear into the shadows,
Run away from the bickering society,
Over the hills and to the medows,
So now, would you fly with me? - WontdieonE

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

2nd feeling

"You all are gonna suffer this semester!! Muahahahahaha!!"


Huh? It.. It's juz a dream.. Well, actually it's real but hey, I'll pretend that it's juz a dream.

Hmm.. Second day of a new semester. And I *ahem* almost woke up late for lecture. But luckily, I'm a light sleeper and I was awaken - by the sound of a cricket. Went to lecture hoping to be "surprised" and all that stuff instead, I saw a guy calling out to me as I entered the hall. Ahhh yes.. Aaron Wee has decided to join the party. He's in the same group for business and technical communications subject. The first word he said to me was, "This class is gonna suffer!". I chuckled at his remark. *sigh* There goes my concentration. Well, atleast he brought some interest in the subject to me. I do pray to God that He'll grant me concentration.

Yeap! Big world, here I come!

mozzie killer

Actually I don't have really much to say here. Right now, I'm juz having fun killing mozzies with my dad's new toy - the mozzie zapper! It's actually very entertaining to watch defenseless mozzies being burnt as thousands of kilowatts surge through their tiny little body. Awww... Aren't they cute? But in truth, it's actually quite frustrating to hunt down those sneaky parasites. Someone must've informed them of the new weapon of mass destruction. Damn traitor! Slowly, but surely, they all will fall to the ground without pride - without honor. Muahahahaha! And we, blood bags will rule the world!!

Oh? Wait..

That has already happen. *sigh*

Dr Evil: Juz to let you know, I have a whole bag of *shhh!* with your name on it.

Monday, September 20, 2004

wait a sec.. i know this feeling..

After 3 weeks of hibernation, it was finally time for my brain to awaken from its slumber. As the lecture was going on, I could've sworn I saw my brain hopping around in the hall, leaving entrails of slime along the way too. Hahaha~

Nah~ Nothing like that happened *duh?!*. Truth be told, I'm actually quite fired-up for this new semester. Hmm.. Rare indeed.. Andrew Liu and fired-up-for-studies doesn't really go hand in hand. But, as the new lecturer introduced herself and began the lecture, I was assiduously paying attention to every single detail of her lecture. And believe it or not, at the end of the lesson I couldn't even remember one word she spoke. Hahahahaha~ Juz kidding~ I know I'm blurr but I'm not THAT blurr okay?! Hehe~ Yea, I did pay attention to the lectures and I admit, I did lose some concentration along the way too. See! Honesty really works! Right... Hahaha~

My lecturer gave the synopsis for this sem - short time, more info. *sigh* I've always wondered why they have to cram up so many chapters at one go. I find it hard challenging to keep up with the lecturer. Luckily, I have one lecturer from my past semester teaching my group, so I'm quite familiar with her teaching methods. Hmmm... I wonder if people will believe that I looks juz like that underneath my clothes. Hehehe~

dream dream dream

Floating in the midst of coulds,
I feel free dreaming of you,
Though troubled by a myst of doubts,
I know my dream will come true,

My mind keeps pressing on,
Pushing the thick leafs away,
In this jungle nearing dawn,
Focus that I may not stray,

Oh how I long to see you,
I go crazy as my head juggles,
The day will come when I get to eat you,
Oh my precious beef noodles.

Sin Hoe!!

Hahaha~ Gotca!

the missing fung wan


Alright, so my room's a mess. Well.. My room's not exactly a mess, but my cupboards definitely look liked a fallout of a nuclear calamity. Since my 3 weeks of holidays are now officially over, I said to myself, "Heck~ Might as well clear up this mess and start off all over again."

And so... I did.


As I separated the junks from the 'stuffs with sentimental value', I found my old copy of Fung Wan Online Beta. The sense of déja vu bedazzled me as I held the cd in my hand. I recalled how I 'happened' read about the upcoming MMORPG, Fung Wan Online in The Star InTech. I, being a fan for these kinda things, e-mailed P.H.O.E.N.I.X. Games Studio (now taken over by Eden II) and filled in the necessary requirements. Sure enough, after a few days I received a snail-mail with the my Fung Wan Online CD and some information about the game in it. Excited and all hyped up after reading the comics through again, I installed the game that night itself and went under the alias 'Winterfire'. It was the best name I could think of to suite my saber-wielding fire/cold elementalist. After reading through each clan's profile, I made my choice to join the Sword Worship Clan (SWC). They were the ones responsible to protect the 'Ultimate Sword'. Even now I reminisce about the clan wars we had and how, in a special event, we had to defend our clan shores from the invading 'True Atheist'. So what if we has a corny name? He's EVIL!!! In a huge battle, we managed to push them back to their boats and delivered a kick to their arse. Heh~ That, my friends, is the world of Fung Wan Online. I played through 4 out of 6 stages of the beta testing period and then, I had to stop as my exams were drawing nearer. But still, it's SOOO COOL!!! *sigh* The game has already gone 'gold' and pay2play. So the CD is my only physical memory of that fabulous game. It's so cool, it's even better than RO!! HA! take that RO fans! =P


Soon, reality kicks in and I continued to clean my room. At the end of it, I gazed into the CD's title, "Fung Wan Online". My beta testing days are over.


sleep.. for tomorrow may never come..

Catchy no? This is my final farewell to my 3 weeks of holiday.


Good bye.. *sniff*

I'm gonna miss you.. *sniff*

The 3 weeks was fun.. *sniff*

The time with my family.. *sniff*

With my friends.. *sniff*

With my love.. *sniff*

I thank you.. *sniff*


Who am I kidding? The truth is I'm actually excited for my new trimester~ Somehow I have the mood for lectures now. Hahaha~ And in truth, I thank You O Lord for giving me the holidays to reflect upon alot of things. Thanks for dealing with my life~

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Guess Who's Back... Right...

I’m back!! I hope ya’ll don’t miss me too much. Kekeke~ Well, incase you’re wondering where have I been, I went to KL last Friday and I juz arrive back home today. And yeah, I had a good time there (though there were those lonely nights there). Took a couple of great shots with the digicam too. warning: images may take some time to load. wahahahaaha!

Cheerful Aunt Helen

We left Malacca at 12.30pm and reached Aunty Helen’s place at Kepong at 2.30pm (due to the heavy traffic on Fridays we took 2 hours). Had our lunch there and played some PS2 with our cuzzies. My cuz, who’s also a youth leader in his church, proudly exhibits his 12-stringed Yamaha acoustic guitar to me *drools*. As I stood in awe, I wondered, why is everyone getting super brand-new guitars? And I reflected my back on my quest for the new X. Hmm~

Aww.. How sweet

With the help of Aunty Helen, dad rented a place at the Golden City Condominium, off Jalan Ipoh. On the 6th floor, we had a good view of the city. There’s also this sweet clerk at the office who was kind enough to walk all the way up to our room juz to pass us the remote control for the air-conditioning after dad complained to them.


New Toy!!Later that night, we went to my uncle’s shop, SKL INTERNATIONAL (DIY) to mess around with his things. The shop proudly displays sets of original Leatherman Tools and other cool blades. My uncle also showed us a stun baton that has a produces a really grim, shocking sound when activated. According to him, it could knock a person out for 15 minutes. I wanted to try it on my bro but his skin was too thick. Hahahaha~ Juz kidding dude~ My bro’s fascination for blades and other long.. hard.. and *ahem* sharp thingies really got the best of him when I showed him a blade that looks like a samurai sword. Me? I was attracted to the (name, forgotten). I also got myself one of those high-powered LED headlights for a real, and I mean really cheap price. If Allan knew about it, he would cry I tell ya. Hahahahaha~

Ooo.. sharp

Went back to the condo that night fascinated with my new lil’ toy. Hehe~ But wat fascinated me more was the KL nightlights. Took a couple of nice shots with the digicam.


The next day Uncle Ng and family took us out for a really huge and heavy lunch. We had – Indian rice. Think – Indian mixed veggies, crab cooked with spices, fried baby squids, and fish head curry with a seriously HUGE fish head. See the pix and you’ll understand. Really..

Now that's huge!

After having a satisfying meal, we headed for Midvalley Megamall! Woohoo! I didn’t exactly take any pix of the place (don’t want ppl to think that i’m from some ulu place that doesn’t have a megamall). But I, *ahem* did take an interesting pix of an anonymous girl who was sitting down but her pants was so low, it revealed her butt.. Really.. Juz for the record, my parents were the one who showed me the girl and told me to take the pix in the first place, so I’m innocent ya~ Hehehe~

Wombat Hill

The wedding dinner was okay. They served Wombat Hill, Australia wine and another that’s not worth mentioning here. The Wombat Hill was rather nice around the tongue but the other French wine kinda sucked. All in all, it was like any other wedding dinner I’ve attended. The cuzzies sitting in the same table trying to compete with other tables for the loudest ‘Yam Seng’ are among other things we did. The piglet was tasty. Yum yum~

Piggy-backs no more

The next morning we woke up earlier to pack up. By 11am we’ve already checked-out and headed for home. Quite tired but hey, it’s all okay. Touched down in Malacca and the first thing my dad do was to checkout the pet shop in front of his parked car. We had char siu fun for lunch from our regular Un Po. I had my hair trimmed juz now (although there’s no real noticeable changes). So how did YOUR weekend go? Hehe~ God bless peeps!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Night Blues

Ever dreamt of something that seems so real that you juz can't tell the difference between the dream and reality. No - I'm not talking about the Matrix! It's a very old show so cut that out okay?


Seriously, I'm sure all of us has been through it before. You know.. You dream of something that seems so surreal, that you juz don't want to wake up from it. It may be flying freely in the air like a bird while dropping bombs on poor pedestrians, or it could be saving a damsel in distress from your evil brother whom you argued with right before you sleep. I dunno.. But hey, it's enjoyable right?

Some of us even have the ability to control our dreams, even if it means in a sub-conscious level where we wouldn't know what the hell are we doing. Powerful tool indeed to control one's dream. You could easily turn that pesky nightmare into a supercool-superhero dream where you kick the arse out of the butt-ugly martians monster or whatever.

Okay, so I'm talking gibberish. Muz be the effect of drinking too much coffee again. Andrew Liu's kryptonite - good coffee. It'll either kill me or... uh... kill me... *sigh*


Quoting an sms I received earlier,

"...we are juz a dream"

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.