Wednesday, February 28, 2007

| joash.. poor joash..

Joash? Who in the world is Joash?


the ever-busy people of them inter-faith.. dudes..

MMU's Interfaith Talk was on again last Monday night. The topic this time; 'Why I Choose My Religion'. Once again, for some unknown reason (to me), the working committee is comprise mostly of MMUcf - the underdog of MMU. After all, Multimedia University does not allow the running of any sort of religious society in campus. But hey, there's a mosque in there so no biggie eh? heh~

teh twims

While fooling around with my undie on my head helping out with the folding of them pamphlets and stuff, I saw Mark completely filling up the rating form even before the forum started. He said this, "You've seen'em once, you've seen them all." Wonder what that means.

Christian speaker Ms I'Telelestai Thomas

Nah, actually her name's Ms I'Ching Thomas. She married an ang moh; as Koh Wei said, one less nice chinese girl taken by a foreigner. hehe~

Meister Of Ceremony.. scoring out of 1 to 5 -> 6 - kok wei

Anyway, back to the Interfaith Talk. The first up was the Buddhist speaker was Ms Something Something, a graduate of an English monastery college. Cool eh? Though she spoke in good english, her presentation was rather blur and not-that-good. Next up was the Christian speaker. She was strong in her presentation and did just as well as last time she spoke. The Muslim speaker was also equally as good in his showmanship. But it sounded more like a marketing campaign than answering, 'Why Did I Choose My Religion'. The Hindu speaker, however, though it may not be a nice thing to say, is dull and boring. Seriously monotonous and boring, unfortunately.

like married only... swt

It's fun to watch how all the people who's couple is in the Interfaith Talk committee waited for their other-half to finish doing all their work. It's even funnier when one is dressed up so nicely and the other selekeh as always.

a family that eats together, stays together.. heh~

Tuesday's CF was good too. Though I had to miss the praise and worship due to my class from 8 to 9pm, I came in time to see our guest speaker, Ps Joshua shared is message. This is not the first time he came and even special, this time he brought his goatee along. Looks funny on him though. heh~

"i'm gonna get ya one day.." - joash

I've always wondered why Joash doesn't let me take any of his pictures. Guess he just can't let go of his beautiful, hot and sexy past. heh~

Monday, February 26, 2007

| back my blogging holiday

It's been nearly 10 days of nirvana on By nirvana, I mean nothingness which, ironically, is what this blog is about in the first place; nothing. heh~

Gloria in the fullness of her.. glory

So yea, *koff* *spits phlegm*, prepare yourself for the usual after-holiday crap special as I bombard you various non-related picture and talk about 'oh-how-lovely-my-holiday-was-*butterflies*' ya da, ya da, etc, etc - you know, the usual fix.

my sepet (but kiut!!) niece

The Chinese New Year tradition of my family goes like this. Eve; reunion dinner, 1st day; father's side, 2nd day; mother's side, 3rd day and beyond are for friends and other people. In the previous years, to me, 3rd day and beyond meant going to random chinese houses and collect those much wanted ang paus from those poor, unsuspecting recently married couples. A great tip is to go in flocks of friends - like locust. heh~

a lil drink with a few good friends

mah jong - go figure

Reunion dinner was held at my father's side older sister, aka the eldest aunt. It's customary for us to bring our butts to her house and eats some real good hakka shit food! After eating my aunt's food, you know it's good when everyone around you keep pilling up on those bowls of rice. Gotta especially love that super-spicy soup, aunt's specialty - made with love and heat. Came home and had some good mah jong with the family.

i'll never get bored staring into the peace that is asahan

Went to my mom's hometown aka my kampung in Asahan which is very near to the famed and legendary Gunung Ledang. If there's any REAL good place to find peace and quiet to study or ponder, nothing beats my grandma's place. It was pleasant sight to see all my cousins and also uncles and aunties. Nothing beats saying 'pai seh, pai seh' when accepting those ang paus. hehe~

the evy-yer-muz-do-wann walk

if you noticed; the roads leads to an endless nowhere

Oh yea, we brought Gloria along too and she was an instant hit to all my cuzzies as we're all doggie lurvahs. It's a good thing that we brought her too. She was all excited seeing this very VERY open new environment where she can just run and run and run - fall, then run and run again. Of course, she did shit and pissed all around the compound but, hey! bro's there to clean up her mess. Isn't he such a nice guy? heh~

she took away my spotlight

remember her? the single cuzzie.. heh~

Came home at night feeling ever tired, exhausted and super satisfied. Once a year, I get to return to my sanctuary and let go of all my sadness, grief, hatred and anger - things that you don't (almost never) see from me. hahahaha~ The next few days I've been very unproductive. Haven't gone around to collect them ang paus. Sleeping very late and waking up even later. But I've spent a lot of time playing with Gloria who seems to be in the stage where puppies throw tantrums and bite a lot. hmmm~

mom only lets her in the house when its a hot day

wake up




somebody say, YEE SAAAANG!

My family knows this real good sea food restaurant at the back of my taman. The owner who's the chef, is a rather close family friend has he often invites us over for a drink and makan. But after a few days of 'cant-come-busy-sorry' from our part, we decided it was time we pay them a little due visit. We ordered our usual food and was happily eating away when suddenly his wife came with four bowls of soup but this ain't any ordinary soup, this is the famed Monk Jumps Over The Wall soup. Boiled for 3 days to bring out the ultimate taste and boy does it taste good. In fact, it taste soooo good that I've completely forgotten to take pictures of it, thus it's only for me to enjoy, visually and taste-budly. heh~

The following days was...

Friday practice

Thong Sui House after practice

Saturday lunch

Just my opinion ya? It may differ with people but I felt that the ABC I paid at the Thong Sui House was over-charged at a crazy RM2.50. In fact, I don't like ABC and I have no clue as to why I ordered it in the first place. Crazy right?

when one wakes up too early..

I did it again. Yes, I did. Once I again, I woke up 7am and went to church at 7.40am thinking that Chinese Service at CCC starts at 8am. This is the second time I've done such a thing and boy it drains the life out of me. As if me having not enough sleep was bad enough. Luckily though, I had my bro and GerX to teman me throughout this.. "ordeal". heh~ We went to check out the chicks the nearby catholic church for awhile too.

check out them eyes - thanks bro

Though I was seriously exhausted to unexplainable limits, I had a great time worshiping God today. Once again, Louis did a great job leading the people in to presence of God. Another plus point is that the specially invited pastor, Ps Leroy who preached was able to deliver the sermon is a exciting and funny manner that caught all our attention. CHING! He made a great point about evangelism too that is true to the core. After practice our music boss, Jason Leong wanted to meet up and discuss stuff with us.

in godfather voice; "you do as i say.. ching?!"

After such a great Sunday service I feel all excited and energetic to face a week of study and mid-term!!

Yea right~

Oh well, it's good to be blogging again. I wonder if anybody missed my blog during the holiday. heh~ I assure you posting will continue in the usual routine.

Well, before I go, I present you the newest couple in MMUCF.

shooooo shiieee~

Nites peeps~

Saturday, February 17, 2007

| its gonna be one weird holiday

Holidays are drawing near and I'm yet to recover from the fallouts. Attention to the 's' in fallouts; more than one. heh~ Was reading Superman's powers and abilities on wikipedia and after a moment of ponder, I gave thanks to God for my Super-Happiness power....

gloria - survivor of the fall-out boys

Okay that was lame, I know. At least I tried right? heh~

new lecturer wei.. no, that's his name. really

Just wanna wish you all a great Chinese New Year. Do remember to save up your ang pau's for the rainy days and forget not to treat your friends when you get back. Remember kids; sharing is caring. Awwww~ Nites and gong heii fatt choy!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

| valentine in chernobyl

Having a headache now, but that's nothing. Had one heck of a rough day. PTPTN crap in the morning that lasted till the afternoon. Had to rush to my old high school in town and back before they close the booth else I wouldn't have enough cash to pay for this semester (or the previous semester for that matter). So yea, rough day. But it didn't end there.. no, there was much more to add.

But before this post gets all negative again. Here's to Jessica Wong aka Abby~


Bunch of people tried to give Jess a lil' B-day surprise with us waiting outside and Elaine giving the super vague signal of screaming "YERRR!! COCKROACH!! HELP!!", hoping that Jess would bite the bait and we'll all go "SURPRISE!! HAPPY BURFDAY LALALA~". Yea, it went something like that.

ice-cream cake! never had one of those in my life before..

The peeps got for her an ice-cream cake which by the way is ice-cream sandwiched between layers of cake. Another 'duh?' moment. heh~ The cake was nice We asked Jess to give a dramatic speech etc, thanking people close to her, especially her parents for making her 21 years and 9 months ago. Don't let your mind wander there ya?

jess licking pikachu's butt.. *PIKA!*

Hope you had fun despite the sudden thingie and all. Unfortunately for Lucius and Jingles, they missed the fhuuuun~ Well, I hope I'll have a quiet 21st B-day celebration like Jess. Don't really like the hype of B-days. Honestly.

money pockets.. that's what it's called

Now for a few darker choice of words. This year's Valentine sucked, just like 2 years ago and 6 years ago. Why? Because of the people whom seem to share the common properties of not practicing good ol' 'think before you talk' mantra which, in the long run will inevitably lead to disastrous scenarios and situations that can never be restored. No worries though. I'm good at keeping that freaking-pissed feeling walled up in my heart so it won't explode on all ye innocent peeps. hahaha~ Hope you guys had a better Valentine than me, especially the new kiut couples on the block.

Good nite peeps. wontdieone, signing off~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

| the ghost of the past me

I doubt it's gonna be a great Valentine's Day for me, unfortunately.

No. This has nothing to do with GerX. It's about me. Yea.. me.

The day was going so smoothly till the night class came and man did it kill my mood for today, tomorrow, and the next couple of days if things don't go well.

I'm not gonna talk about what killed my mood. No point in doing that. Just that the past few days wasn't that great for me. In fact, last week I had a streak of surprisingly good days.. till the weekend came. Then the next day just got worse.

I'm happy guy. I think that's pretty obvious. To be precise, I'm at the border-line of happy and nuts. But I wasn't always like that.. You see, I used to be a bad person. A really bad person. So much so if you'd see me in the past, you wouldn't recognize me. Yea, that bad.

And what transpired the past few days seems to be making my old self creep back. The emotion known as anger has never wandered into my heart for a couple of years already - seriously. But recently, it's poison is sipping in again.

I'm fear it.. that anger. *sigh* so frustrating..

the path of my past is only a few steps away..

I pity GerX..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

| away from the nuke : part 1 + 1

Currently listening to: Relient K, Between You and Me (dctalk cover)

works well in kl

Elaine's Hawaiian burfday ended a little late past midnight around 2 (or 3) am and after exchanging tearful good byes and farewells, the rest of us who are staying over went to check out the apartment we're gonna stay in. After dropping off most of the luggage we, as how we are back in Melaka, went to grab some supper. As if the food at the party wasn't fattening enough for us. heh~ Grab a quick bite and some drinks and crashed in the crib.

great view from the balcony of the apartment, renting for RM200+

stoning the tv

Elaine (more like Lavenda) took us to makan breakfast/lunch or brunch. Brunch doesn't sound cool enough. Lets call it breakfunch. Yea~ We had breakfunch at some nearby coffee shop that sold good ol' mee and pork rice. We had some cute entertainment as their resident doggie family warmly greeted us with kiut yawn. Half of us ordered pork rice while the others order noodles and the likes. Some of those who ordered the noodles had a fun time in the toilet though. heh~

in that exact moment, for a second, i pitied Gloria

nippie snippie

elaine chowing for the camera

justin stoning

taste so-so.. can't beat Melaka's pork rice

After a long drive to KL, we followed PG165 as they went to meet up with Deric to practice at some jamming studio in KL. Watching them jam made me reminisce my younger days when I used to pay RM20 just to jam in those studios too. It was one heck of a waste of precious money back then but coming to think of it, it was a good experience for me. Made me understood the level of playing with other people.

introducing, PG165..

bon-jovi on bass

travis on drums

tremonti on lead

stick-man on electric

storm on keys

The dudes that followed them were so tired, they stoned while watching PG165 jam. Kinda funny watching them (myself included), especially Vain playing air-drums to the songs. After packing up, we chill at Mc D for a moment as it was a very, super duper hot day. The walk to the nearest Mc D was quite a distance. To make things worst, their service was the worst I've EVER seen in my life for a Mc D branch. No kidding.

barely even friends..

..then somebody bends..


Hmmm.. Since it's a rather good post so far, so I'll just skip the part where we got lost for nearly more than an hour in KL with an almost empty tank. Yea~ Lets skip that. So ya, later that night it was time for the Indie-Licious gig at Jam Asia Cafe. First dude that performed was the guy that reviews guitars for Star a dude. Up next was la-la and finally, PG165 took the stage. They warmed the crowd with Oh! Gravity and Vertigo followed by 3 of their own songs.

practice at Jam Asia

a semi-group photo that looks like a CD cover

rocking the stage

Their performance was (honestly) better than when at the jamming studio la, but I guess that's to be expected. We stayed till Project Ei8ht played and our stomachs got the better of us. Bunch of hungry CFers, lost in KL chillin' at some mamak, eating some good food, catching up with old friends. Went home and stayed home. Tired~

p.s. it seems everyone's getting hitched these days.. :S
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