Monday, March 30, 2009

| klang all over again.. again

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On that fateful Saturday, a bunch of people traveled to Klang for a special someone's special someone's wedding. Met up with the rest in Klang's biggest Jusco, Aeon Jusco; the only mall worth going in Klang it seems. Lunch was dealt with in some place called Vietnam Kitchen. Initially I had some doubts regarding the quality of their food but after a good wholesome meal, I hereby declare it SAGF® (Some Awesome Good Food®) worthy.

some seafood noodles thingy!

some curry chicken thingy!

some pork chop thingy!

some tomato beef thingy!

Well, the presentation looks pretty and all but I know you guys are doubting the SGF®-worthiness of it but wait, the SGF® honour is kept specially for this one dish.

Epic Fried prawns with super tasty fried thingies!
Hereby declared, Some Good Food®

Que random pics:

only she can buy a shirt with her name on it

shopping in Klang, so did i... (ashamed)

Early on scandals were emerging with this two particular different set of twins.

a lovely (though quick) sweet moment caught on w810i

Moments later...


Later that evening we headed to our special someone's crib for SFF (Some Free Food®) buffet-style! Courtesy of the special someone's special someone~

thanks special someone's special someone!

our special someone's special someone's special someone gave esther-dear a lil' green poo-dle!

The following morning...


Went around PJ as our beloved host needed to run some errands. The peeps ate some ice. I didn't. I wus siq. :(

some famous hk ice, purported tagged SGF® by Ju

Later that evening we went for our special someone's special someone's wedding.

special someone's special someone and her special someone

our special someone had a vision of how his future wedding would be like... and dreads it.. hehe~

Went to McD's after that as it seems going to McD's after an event is a unspoken ritual amongst CF'ers. Must be the fries... and ice cream- can't leave out the ice cream though that darn flurry is now a shorty. Grrr...


the convoy of CF'ers

the b.u.tea.pool

After a wonderful sleep, we woke up, headed to Sunway Pyramid for more fun fun action! (and of course more SGF®). Owh yea, I did ice skating again after not skating for like... 4 to 5 years with... another person. I mastered the art of falling on my palms than my butt. hehe~

Sunway all over-... nah.. only once

you know it's SGF® when the world chili-cheese is in it

Went home a healthy, happy man. Owh yea..

thanks mr. beloved host!

Now back to the two most healthy things I've missed in Melaka.

Sbucks black coffee

SGF® char siew

Nite peeps~ Stay healthy and lay off the cash!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

| countdown to: IT'S KLANG ALL OVER AGAIN!


salmon cheek: super tender worthy of SGF®
eat it while it's still in promotion


Saturday, March 14, 2009

| russian roulette isn't the same without a gun

Suxmyx/Screamyx/Swallowmix's been reaaaally testing the patience of the people of Malaysia (and her foreign investors) with the unbelievably slow, time-out connections. Even the usual 'good ips' aren't working meaning, it's a nationwide pandemic of bad management and corruption. (i see what you did there)

Midterms' are around the corner and unfortunately for me, I've once again failed at organizing my train of thoughts. Such moments make me weak and more often then so, think unneeded things that won't lead to anything fruitful. Fortunately...

..and what an angel she was.

Neway, last night on PG165's Let It All Out was rolling. It be kewl to hear a friends' song on the radio. Would definitely so luuuuuurve to see VJ doing a Thai Surprise. heh~

Also it seems All-American Reject's rendition of Britney's Womanizer was on air. Pretty old stuff but entertaining nonetheless. I'm betting they ripped it off youtube or yahoo. This may sounds weird coming from me... but I've been digging Lady Gaga's acoustic version of Pokerface.

Before ya either stone me or mock me (pick one), let me first say that Lady Gaga can sing to save her life. She can do so while dancing and therefore would not get embarrassed when her BF takes the mic away from her during a live performance only for the singing to carry on without her moving her lips. So yea, my point being Lady Gaga can sing and not do all those crappy electro-dance music that seems to be spamming the airwaves more these days.

Don't believe me? Check it out yourselves~


And for the acoustic version.. the nicer one IMAO

Pooookerface *wink*

And for some inyourfacebritney, here's All-American Rejects with WomanDriver Womanizer.

All-American Hotdogs and Schlongs

Nite peeps~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

| black ultraman exists

Some words of wisdom for ya'll;

war doesn't determine who is right, only who's left

the only good chicken is in its skin

If you're ever looking for something that serves food of TGIF/Chilli's quality but cheaper the price? Look no further; Rock & Roll Grill your answer. They serve Some Good Food® in reasonable portions near equivalent to Chilli's but yet at a cheaper price which IMAO, rocks. Went there recently and ordered NZ Sirloin Steak (medium rare = yum yum) while Sue May ordered NZ Lamb Chops. Both at RM28 and they come with...

a healthy portion of salad with fresh onion (a + for me) and garlic bread

They gave us the whole bottle of thousand island dressing for our abusive pleasure too. Main course arrives..

medium rare NZ steak

medium well NZ lamb chops

Steak was good- reeeaaaaall good. Either that or as I've been telling Sue May, I've been craving for Some Good Steak? for quite some time already. Main course comes with baked bbq beans, veges and good homemade mashed potatoes. Mash potatoes were really nice and creamy +1. And just for the hell of it, we ordered some desert too and it came in the form of..

fried ice cream

Why? Because we can.

Btw, go to's campur chart, sign up yourself and vote for PG165's single, Let It All Out for a +1 today!!

Here's another +2 for you if you've gone to's campur chart and voted for PG165's single, Let It All Out!

Nites and outz~

Thursday, March 05, 2009

| oh romeo, where art thou been?

Sorry for the lack of update peeps. The fact that I've been busy doesn't do justice to all ye who wastes precious bandwidth reading this blog. The facter fact that tmnut's suxmyx/screamyx makes things worse when I can't even upload pics unto photobucket or do my uncredibly Xunlei action; ya know, the thing I usually do.

For that, I'm sorry. So don't ping my cheese with your bandwidth, go burn tmnut.

Let's recap all the days that were MIA.

[insert laughable joke]

Lectures are fine, lecturers are boring. It baffles me how some of them can even qualify to lecture but after putting much thought into it, it's somewhat understandable given how easily it was to get a Masters Degree, etc,etc in the past.

house-warming gifts are the sweetest of things

Been spending most of my nights going for suppers, playing either monopoly (just to make sure j.lee suffers) or recently, mahjong. Beaches and the new highway-shortcut are loads of cool.

homemade burgers: looks gross, tastes woah

Owh yea, before that.



Two weeks ago's CG was fun. Went to Calanthe and (cue jealous gurl's screams and whines) Joel fed Elys. Lucky gurl. Even I don't get that sorta treatment.


Saturday came and the first two guinea pig CGs were Elys' CG & Ana-chan's CG. The trip to Segamat proved to be a rather straightforward one; the road was, at least. We combined our forces and split ourselves up into two groups; one for the gurl's home and one for the boy's home. I was in the boy's home and we weren't prepared at all for what was about to come.


The first barrier, the communication barrier was the most obvious when they asked if we could communicate in mandarin as they couldn't speak english. The second barrier, the age barrier was the really kicker. We rightfully assumed that they boy's home were more of a boy's kids home thingy based on the picture from their church's anniversary-picture-cum-book thingy (lots of it). Ergo, our plans for a simple happy-fun-fun time was severely disrupted when it was obvious that giving teens aged 14-16 sweets as prizes for winning games wasn't tickling their fancy (or any parts of their... nevermind, kthxbai). The other group had it easy. More on that later.

Thor Thean doing the D.Cook thingy

Last last Tuesday was BSAD; Brothers & Sisters Appreciation Day. The qwerky named event was founded by our seniors of past years where we would simply show each other we love ya through many means ranging from bashing, sabo'ing, feeding, leeching, dancing, sketches, singing, mime'ing, and many more. The point is that it was both fun and loving; not something over complicated which is, sadly, rather common these days. Good bye CF, heallow a church.

i know ya love me esther-dear

frower shoooos

The following Saturday, the next two groups of CGs the Bi-Esther's CGs (both E.Siow and E.Lee) were up next to Segamat. This time however, due to the MMU Olympics, many members couldn't make it for the trip and so with the small group, I decided to only visit one home; the Gurl's home.

speed equals distance over time

This time, we were more prepared. Overcoming the earlier two barriers and even much more easier handling the kids than teens.


I must say, I was thoroughly blessed by these kids in the homes. They live with such simplicity and honestly in their eyes. They cry and get angry when they're jealous, they say 'thank you' with the utmost sincerity, and above all, they are cute as ever.

some kids did this. hulk?

Honestly, I'm looking forward to visiting this kids again and teaching them guitar as I had promised them the week before. Observing them helps me show them the love of Christ that somehow seems so much easier to be poured out on them than others around me.

Well. Today's the 5th of March, the promised date that the bloody circuit problem from tmnut would be fixed though I ain't putting much hope on them. So much for diversity and democracy.


Nite peeps~
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