Saturday, September 29, 2007

| fever (it ish da ark-zam) - remix

rachel can't get married buuuut.. JOEL CAN!! Whoohooo~!

Was chilling with my dad the other day. Ya-noe, breakin' it down with ma' homie-yo~ *ahem* Anyway, so we were around Bukit Beruang area and lo-and-behold, we stumbled upon a beautiful lake with lots and lots of furry bunnies, ponies, unicorns and happy people!

Okay, I kinda made a mountain out of a molehill. Thank you Ms Word for the giving the synonymous word for 'exaggerate' - we're all learning everyday *cheerful smile that you see on kids TV program*. Back to the lake, so it was overlooking Melaka Mall and so I took the opportunity and shot a few pics.

gotta lurve the new lake

Wha? Who would wanna take pics of bunnies, ponies and unicorns anyway? Weird.

Anyway~ The exam fever has reached level critical amongst MMU students and even the CFers are affected by it. People infected have poured out so much on their studies that they are left with zero brain usage for normal lives. Communication with infected people seemed almost impossible. The Broca's area; a specific part of the brain that is involved in language processing, speech production, and comprehension seemed to be not functioning. Motor functions are also impaired, such as the subject below;

poor guy..

Kudos to whoever who took that pic (can't really remember but best bet being Joash). My dear Joash, good things comes to those who wait. *smiles*

Since it's the exam season, the greatest ally to any coffee-drinking students would be, well, coffee. As such, it's sure a great thing to my daily coffee throughout the whole day. Having a dad in such a business sure has its perks and it is one helluva perk. heh~

ahhh~ 4 shot cafe' latte with vanilla syrup - delish'

I shall end this post now and get back to photoshopping joash's pic over some hot babe studying.. yea~ But before I take my leave, here's a lil' something for you guys out there who enjoys the TV series House as much as my family and I do. Beware of the fever~

Heh~ Good nite peeps and study smart!

p.s. avoid attempts to play fast electric guitar solos with an acoustic guitar

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

| good bye cf hello exams

ya still can't get married but it's okay! >.<

It's the last CF for the semester. Girls were sobbing and hugging, while the guys bid their farewells justly with a firm handshake just like real men. Unfortunately this is MMUcf and in MMUcf, we do things differently! In MMUcf, the girls will be sobbish and huggish, while the guys will just shake hands. Yea.. different..

awww.. shooo niceee~

Mark shared today. He pulled-off quite an interesting activity to bring his message across. He did confessed later that the ending would be better if Joash managed to bring Zijian but.. if I were to choose, I'd rather not have Joash touch Zijian. What poor soul would be left at the hands of Joash.. Now keeping promise not to put Joash's pic on blog for another post so I'll just put this up instead;

awww.. shooo kiuuut~

You can stop smiling now, Wayne. It's good to have friends whom are studying law. Never know when you will need their help to settle some legal issues or when you wanna sue corporate companies like TMnut or the government. Yea~ In fact, it'll be even better if each of them would to specialize in different law-related stuff; one for family, another for suing, etc. Question: Is it possible to sue a company like TMnut for below specified bandwidth access to the internet?

Ephesians 4: 1-7

You can stop smiling now, Vain. Anyway, back to CF topic and stuff. Mark talked about reaching out to our friends whom are close to us. Made me think back about my good ol' high school friends and the guilt that I carry with me. Though it may or may not be true; due to how I screwed up my life in high school, my character and all, I sometimes feel that I will never be able to bring them to Christ. Even thinking of that makes me.. really sad. Though I didn't light any candles in CF.. I'll light a candle for them at home. I miss them.

madness? THIS IS ZUBAIDAAHH!! *kicks*

My current standings towards people whom are close to me; Alpha, Beta, Gamma - cannot have relationships. Delta, Epsilon, Extension - find one before it's too late. Hmmm~ Looks reasonable don'cha think? To them Delta++ students, get your relationships right now at here. Pictures of girls taken and photoshopped with permission.. I think. Access to addresses and contacts will have a small fee of RM50, depending on the stock market value of girls. Order now!

awww.. shooo- what in the world?!!1

Kk. The last pic was kinda awkward, and I'll take that as my cue to sleep now. Good nite peeps and have a great exam week.


Great? Yea right~

Monday, September 24, 2007

| finish the fight

Now to kick this post off - literally, good ol' fashion free-styl'ah~

guy: flooooweerr.. say flowweerr~
kid: ... orkid larr!
guy: orkid?! THIS IS FLOWAAAHH!! *kicks*

Recently, I've been going out quite a lot with a particularly person. Quiet, but known and revered by many as the Anime Queen of MMUcf. Check her credentials and you'll find her to be some top-ranking officer in Emina, MMU's anime club. So yea, I've been trying to bribe her for her animes treating her nicely because she's my CG member.. yea - nothing more than that, really~ *whistles~*

jap-speakin, anime-crunchin, andrew-fan : OKL

Another trivial note about her, check out her mp3 player and you can find rare oldies such as Doremon theme song, Dragonballz theme song ('z' on purpose), and many more! I think she has Spider Pig too..


Recently, there was a scheduled top-secret meeting at an undisclosed classified location near Bukit Beruang's University Green, Jason Leong's apartment. Contents of the meeting have yet to be declassified and the only a few key names who attended were mentioned by the vigilant. They were coded: LC-LC-JL-JL-JL-Andrew Ming Teck Liu. Information may be inaccurate but it's highly plausible that it may be a fake to lead the vigilant journalist off their tracks. More on that later.

apparent leader of the group: coded JL

It was not explicitly mentioned what was being discussed but it was stated to be of severe implications of a dire problem that if left unsolved will veer to consequences of catastrophic proportions, ie, 1986 Chernobyl, 200X Black Mesa, 2007 ZX's toilet, ???? division by zero, etc.

some were stoned

Handling, tackling the issues at hand with an open, critical thinking mind was prioritized with the utmost importance - second to hygiene and coffee.. that's unless the coffee is free and it comes from Starbucks. Have you Starred your Bucks yet? *koff*

some were optimistic

Snippets from chat-files (altered to be bias towards me.. heh~)

Shin Dee: apek liu..
Andrew Liu: stop calling me apek liu
Shin Dee: cannot
Andrew Liu: y?
Shin Dee: i know u're not
Shin Dee: but u're thinking like an apek
Andrew Liu: where gottt
Andrew Liu: tell me when i got think like apek???
Shin Dee: all the time...
Andrew Liu: example..
Shin Dee: how can got example when it's all the time?
Andrew Liu: im falsely accused
Shin Dee: nope, u're not
Shin Dee: u dunwan to admit nia
Andrew Liu: but u cant provide the example or evidence to show, much less prove that im apek
Andrew Liu: there under the falacies of ur statement, logically, im not apek
Andrew Liu: defining under the relative speculations of an individual cant be matched according to reality at hand
Shin Dee: ?????

some.. didn't make it *mourns*

Something was different about today's service. More like, something was back to normal. I know this despite feeling tired and exhausted, I'm filled, full, fat, etc. An anonymous pastor once told me that Christians shouldn't always be looking dull, un-energetic, and down. We have the Living Hope, so yea, think; JOY! JOY! JOY!

topic discussed? love.. baby~

Despite being unable to come up with all the solutions to all the problems, we knew what we should do - must do. We are humanity's only hope and so when asked, "Where are you going, Master Chiefs?",

"Sir, finishing this fight"




September 25, 2007


Ainnie-way (not related to Cosway or Amway), been telling people about a cute pic about Mario and Yoshi, Mario's gay pet dino. So here it is - enjoy peeps and good nite! hehe~

Friday, September 21, 2007

| as deep as the sky

Another crazy week for me - well, almost all my weeks are crazy anyways so I guess that don't really matter. Looking forward for a time off actually. A time off with good friends in a relaxing weekend holiday. Sagil waterfall anybody? It's close to free. heh~

faked my own graduation

Though short, it was a very refreshing time at my grandma's place at Asahan last Sunday. We gave her our family portrait that she may remember us and look forward for us to come again. Me love my grandma a lot. She strong woman.

like a distant chain of memories

Sometimes I wonder if being too understanding is okay. I guess it is as long as we are accepting of people's flaws and we try to make each other better persons. To care, to encourage and to show the love of Christ as how it should be. Need more compassion people! More compassion! hahaha~ Sorry.

the sun's over ya all

nothing will change till you want it too - till someone wants it to.

Hmmmm~ For an amateur photographer, me feels my skills are getting better. Using mah trusty W810i. Me like phone a lot!! It does things mah that old phone can't do just as how Debbie can bend in places where.. okay, I shall stop right there. heh~ Time for some lepak sessions!!

(dd ~ kk ~ mm) - acronyms are the in thing now

cream sauce is da bomb! if my guitarist behave, i will bring em here


*koff* its hard to be a man

Listening to Lifehouse songs now. Can't help but find there music style a lil' similar to Jars of Clay. Hook on First Time now despite how tak kena the lyrics of the song means to me right now - I just like the music. Okay, maybe some of the lyrics too, all except the love, love, love part. I've got no love.. sad~

deb dear likes them a lot *winks*

mah babies!

I have been doing some thinking and now, I'm having doubts of buying the new axe. I only have less than 2 years left in this university and when I graduate, I'll be too busy working my butts off over a bad pay:work ratio, getting caught in the rat race that I so despise, trying to get by in life.. or is there something I'm not seeing, something I'm missing?

tan soo inn dowain hais thaing

Of all that he spoke that night, I guess the one that caught my attention the most was when he said that we should learn to balance the songs in praise and worship - of how we should balance singing of our response to God and at the same time praising God's character. Instantaneously, my mind was flooded with familiar songs that had both inside and how they'd fit so perfectly in..

debbie dear and dd!

I shall keep the other pic i took of them in my private collection *winks*. hahaha~ A note to self and well, to any other people who read this. Infasha is getting way over-priced. I mean RM4 for a nasi goreng pattaya? It's outrageous!! IT'S OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAND!! *sigh* Where's justice these days eh? I'd rather go to Saravanan any day; quick service, good food. There - good enough reasons.

somebody's stalking this blog.. seriously

it's so comforting to work while everybody else's sleepig

Pulled an all-night'er to finish up my project over at my friend's place on Wednesday. The last time I did something like this was during my FYP in diploma except this time, I didn't get to eat any early morning dim sum because SOMEBODY was sleeping. As I worked through the night, the sound of my friends chatting and laughing fell silent and I knew, I was all alone..

last CG for Catalyst!!

I haven't slept for more than 24 hours. Mom was advising me not to go for CG tonight. I guess she doesn't know how seriously I take my duty. I had to go. KK was bring DD and HY was bringing her roommate Jochebed. Before leaving the house, I took a cold shower, drank a cup load of coffee and pumped myself as much energy as I could. It was the last CG for the semester and I want everybody to have as much fun as possible. I hope they did. hehe~ I love my CG members.

Monday, September 17, 2007

| home

It's been far too long. There's much that I've kept walled-up in my heart, in my soul.

I went home. It was refreshing though the time spent there was short.

So I'm gonna bother flooding this post with words.

Instead.. I'm gonna flood it with pictures!! hahahhha~


comparison = malacca river

roasting feet

on my way home

foot hills of gunung ledang

lifehouse room

my grandma - strongest lady in asahan

favourite pass-time activity

haunted school toilet area

other haunted locations

on the pond

'the ring' moment

kid fell on his face a minute later

entrance to house from school


ladies and gentlemen, welcome to asahan

we'll be back, ah ma~

It was refreshing and it was good to see my grandma again.
Thanks God. Nites peeps~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.