Tuesday, May 30, 2006

| updates with no pictures (boring)

I'm sure everyone is bored of me ranting about how Streamyx suck big time bla bla bla, but.. you know.. it's just.. argghh!! I have only a week of holiday left before I'm off for my Industrial Training in Japan and I would really enjoy having my connection so that I can connect with the rest of the world. I've endured 2 days of connection-less state and I was gonna go cold turkey soon. It's 4.30 on a Tuesday morning that I get back my connection. I just hope it'll last long enough.

Anneeweii~ I was kidding about my Industrial Training in Japan thingie. As much as I would like to go there, I can't. My placement is here in Melaka, right where I can afford. Infineon accepted me and I'm gonna get paid RM350 per month. Yay~! So after 3 months of Industrial Training, remember to ask me to belanja makan ya? If you guys forget then sorry larr, I'll forget too.

Since it's already 4.40am and I'm super bored, I'm gonna display my wish-list just so that if you have soooo much money and have no clue where to spend it, here are things you can get for me. Hehe~

Listing from most wanted :
- DVD-ROM (burner would be a plus point)
- AGP 12x Graphics Card or
- A nice new digital camera (preferably 5 megapix with anti-shake)
- If can't afford the above, a nice camera phone with 2 megapix.

There, not too much right? Good nite morning peeps~

Saturday, May 27, 2006

| the month of (bes)

General Warning :

It's been a funny month, out of the ordinary, special. Call it what you may but in the end it's still weird. This month has got to be the busiest month in my entire uni life yet and it's the FIRST time I've ever failed a mid-term paper (i blame the dumbass/lazy/bitchy lecturer). It's been such a busy month, that I just realize that I've missed church and CF 3 times. I wonder if they had already forgotten me. *sad*

Anyway, since my last paper is today (27th) I thought I'd just show you guys some pictures that I took throughout the month of May.

This guy here is a course-mate of mine, after a nice barbeque party and a couple of drinks. And by couple of drinks I do mean a couple of drinks. hehe. I've never seen any guy react this badly to alcohol before and I tell ya, I've seen some shit before but this guy is a real one-in-a-kind.

This.. well.. uh.. is a burning trash can.. Don't ask

Found this shop while exploring for places to eat. It's near University Green, in the same row as Pustaka Sri Negeri (or whatever the name is). I tell you this, the food is good and the atmosphere is great. A humble, nameless shop lot that sells quite a number of things with reasonable prices, nicely decorated and has some cool paintings that would leave Einstein dumbfound.

Went back to that same shop the next day and ask if I could buy this painting from him. He said no. Awwww~

Caught a lizard in my Gujerat friend's house. Immobilized it and use Sheltox Aerosol to burn it ala fire breathing style.

The after effect

Had my dinner here yesterday. Being a Char Siew Fun Rice fan, I can definitely say that this shop sells the BEST Char Siew Fun Rice I've ever eaten. It's at Melaka Baru (the same area with the TM Office) and it opens at 6pm and closes by 8 or 9pm. That's how good the business is. My family came at 6.30pm and I had to queue up a line that crosses the store beside it but in the end, it's really really worth it. If you like Char Siew Fun Rice as much as I do, do yourself a favor and dine there.

Monday, May 22, 2006

| just a thought

Remember back when we were young, say, primary school? Remember entering that dreaded Standard 1 classroom? I don't. Seriously, I don't. But what I do remember is taking a simple Qamp;A stuff, what are your parent's name, how many siblings do you have, and the most thought provocative one; what do you want to be when you grow up. Yea~ I remember that one pretty well. 3 empty blanks ranked, 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice. Now that you mentioned it, it looks like some application of courses in some university. *ahem*

Anyway, like any young naive kid, filled with an awful lot of hope and petty dreams. I wrote: Soldier, Policemen, Doctor.

Man, oh man. Was it gullible or what? Soldier? You're lucky if you even get to be a Ranger. They'll throw most chinese to do desk jobs with super low pay. Policemen in my mind was a man who stood up and preserved justice.. if you flash the correct greens. ahaks~ And lastly, doctor. At 7 years of age, everyone wants to be a doctor but nobody knew how much many one must fork out to get into that line. Nobody knew one had to spend a minimum of 7 years studying. Nobody knew things could get real bloody and the government is a rip off.


Life's full of uncertainties. It sucks to be an IT student.

Friday, May 19, 2006

| lalala - fixed

Yay~ It is fixed. See, FIXED. Muahahahahaa~

Unfortunately, the connection seems to really suck, and I mean really.. suck. Initially I thought it was just me and my lil' house having this problem. Ya' know, the old, "Life-hates-me-so-much-it-took-my-connection-away" thing. But after much meditation (and studying), I hear cries of other innocent victims of these bad-connections. Remember Suxmyx®? While some haplessly whither to the ground, powerless, others took up the fight and started talking about suing tmnet and stuff.. *ahem* So basically, connection sucks and so does life. Wait, life rawks mann. I mean life is like, really really good. It's the honey on the grilled chicken. It's the zero-fat chocolate. It's.. it's good. Yea~

At least I did somehow manage to fix my blog. It runs pretty well on Firefox in 1024x768 resolution and I'm happy.. for now. Hehe~ Nite peeps~

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

| stupid html!

Someone! Anyone! Please, help me fix this blog. I've tried and tried and I've finally given up. For your efforts, I'll show you all one of my most prized pictures.

It's worth it isn't it? So please, I need your help. Yes, YOU!
Arigato~ Hait!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

| Am I Tree?

So FYP's done. Big deal (i so love to say that now). Still, the problem's not over yet. I'm in some very hot spicy chicken soup as englishmen would put it. Why? Two reasons.

1) I haven't started studying for my exam yet.
2) I haven't found a job for my Industrial Training.

Yeap, you heard me right. I MUST find a job now! If I don't.. *shiver* I dread thinking of it. If only those employers knew me personally. I'm such a sweet, nice, hardworking, fun-loving, hardworking, cool, hardworking dude. Who wouldn't wanna hire me eh? ahaks~ Unfortunately for us all, life is tough. Yeap~ As tough as eating banana split ice-cream through your nose. So to who ever is reading this, please, please, please pray for me to find a good job ya? Getting accepted is a difficult task. But as a wise person once reminded me, "Difficult? Difficult is cakewalk for you. This is, Mission Impossible~".

Good nite peeps~

Saturday, May 13, 2006

| who wants to be amber chia?

Or was it supposed to be, "Who wants to be with Amber Chia?". I keep getting both of them mixed up. I heard Joash has the hots for Amber Chia, just like how Aaron has the fire for Jennifer Aniston. So lets fix our poor Joash up. He's cute, smart and single - and he likes fiery Amber. So much so, he underwent the same *ahem* procedures as Aaron did and now he's in the cover of a freakin magazine! Heh~ I bet Mark is jealous.



beauty goddes at its best

Thursday, May 11, 2006

| fyp - over !! exam - not over |

It's been more than a week since I lasted updated. Well, guess those last minute FYP thingie, and procrastinating has taken its toll. Thank God though, my FYP is finally over. Not a lot of complains, no system bugs but there are things that we could've added in the system and database. Still, nothing wrong with it. 2 weeks of programming and I manage to complete a perfectly-bug free system. ahaks~

So to all my readers out there who are, uh.. well, still reading my blog (i hope), here's a little treat. I call it Brother, Make-Over.



p.s. i wanted to use lucius' pic but couldn't find a suitable one.
you're lucky lucius. hehe~

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

| FYP dead-line draws near
switching to ninjistics mode!


1)Excuse me, haven't you never seen me before?

2)From across the room I thought your body was punching,
but now I can see - it's kickin'

3)Your father must've been a 8 foot Serpent of Koshi,
cause I can see myself in your 483 eyes

4)I'm really sorry about chopping off your boyfriend's arm. Need a hug?
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.