Friday, November 30, 2007

| pork calls, beef balls and cue balls

girl on girl action - give 'em some room would ya?

With practice still underway, rough edges, plot-holes, and script being fine-tuned, aCt is pretty much going on well. XD!! Directors are getting more and more nervous by the day but, it was encouraging to see the people do better with live music from the Band. XD

spot the odd

Here are some facts that ya can chew on after reading the above paragraph, we're less than 20 days, 3 more weeks of practice which is the equivalent of less than 6 practices. Are we ready? XD
Go ahead, ya can start panicking now. FEEEEL OUR PAINNN!! XD

when watching elijah on lcd projected movies are fun

Was supposed to combine CG with Jou but alas she ditched me for sushi she did what was best for her CG and so did I. The best thing for any CG is definitely... some good ol' Bible study!! XD

But the next best thing has definitely gotta be foooood~

hui yin cameeeee!! XD XD

In another awesomely great news, Catalyst CG, for once, break the double-digit record for attendance with a whopping 10 peo-
ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD! *clap clap clap clap clap*

beef and pork

Since we had such a HUGE crowd, we HAD to split the TABLE and thus SIX people ate BEEF while the remaining for FOUR ate PORK. SIX plus FOUR equals TEN!! I must say though despite eating at Loi's Bak Kut Teh for as-long-as-I-can-remember, I didn't know they had pork too. Every time my family came here to grab Some Good Food®, we would eat beef. I gotta admit, their beef bak kut teh is way nicer than their pork. Huiyin! Ya dunno what ur missing gal! XD

gonna dig dig, down down, deep down in mah bowl

After sending KLyn back to do her other responsibilities and Huiyin who though was awesomely tired still came for mah CG, to rest, the remaining peeps headed down to shoot some balls - eight balls to be precise. Dun get technical with me, I've got wiki. XD

ana-chan using Mc Steamy

ain't he just shoooo kewwl~

Well, hope ya'll had fun. XD
Excessive use of XD is bad for any health.
Shall refrain from using it in future.
Nites peeps and God bless~ heh~

Monday, November 26, 2007

| exhausted

Too tired for long-winding words, so I'm gonna make this short, simple and quick.


more coffee

RM5 for something that used to be RM3.50

am I scary, kids?

people awaiting food

more people awaiting food

again, more people awaiting food

say.. "Ohhh my~ isn't this a pleasant sight?"

doing those eyes will get ya food

ai ai ai ai

there are more but i shall be merciful

shall use vj's pic for many times soon to come

happy burfday big boy!


Weak, tired, exhausted. Bumping shoulders. Good nite~

Friday, November 23, 2007

| blessed wedding ana-chan!

Was what I wanted to put on the cake, but oh well. heh~ But first, two pics of pure randomization.

i've kept everything anyone has ever given me

twinzies!! kawaii~

Twas ah larvlay Tuesday night. Teh SeaEff maeting wos gowaing awn smauffly and afther dee maeting wae haeded awff phor saupper ait Saravaenan. Teh saupper baeing an oobvious dasguise phor celebrating Aena-chan's burfday. Shae twas happae aindaid.

two years old!!

feeeeed meeee~

Wednesday was a super hectic busy day that included a bald, fur-less Golden Retriever that sleeps in a very inappropriate manner. My mom says so too. Nonetheless, Gloria is still Gloria and she's still as cute and adorable as evahhh~ A nice cup of originality four espresso shots, six pumps of vanilla, hot latte does the trick pretty well indeed.

my mom chuckles every time Gloria sleeps like this

if you can read the 2nd paragraph smoothly, you have my respect~

Comes Thursday, the day of great joy; the day of CG. Though Ana-chan's burfday was yesterday, I just couldn't idly sit by and let such a thing be not celebrated. Thus, we had our bible study at US Pizza. lasagne al forno's real good by the way.

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese~!!! >.<

the gurls~

After the bible study and food eating was over, out came the cake - a simple, beautiful Vanilla Pudding Cake Thingy, with the name Ana-chan enclosed with kawaii hearts (courtesy of K.Lyn) written on it. Good ol' tradition of taking out candles with mouth as in order. Along with a good deal of talking and cake munching.

baker: her name got dash one arr?

wontdieone: ya prefer ana-chan or anastasia chan

baker: ana-chan it is~

Unfortunately, as if it was a strange twist of destiny entwined with the ebb and flow of a typical Catalyst CG meeting, we couldn't finish the whole cake. All that's left was slightly less than a quarter of the cake. Naturally cake smashing came.. naturally.

nose print~

So we headed to Ana-chan's crib to execute make sure she arrives safely. Ana-chan's spider-sense went on overdrive and before we could even start the sentence, she quickly grab the cream and started flinging it around wildly like one of those women from Chicago's Cell Block Tango, screaming at us for no apparent reason.

well.. she had it coming.. heh~

Well, I guess normally I'd put this on top of the post but.. it seems more suitable here. hehe~ So..


and for ur birthday present;

karren baby~

I hope and pray you'll continue to grow well in the Lord. Live in His light all the days of your life Ana-chan and may He shine on the road in front of you.

Good nite and God bless peeps~

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

| morning till night

I've been on a stretch from Friday to Sunday and it's been going on for a few weeks already, but I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Friday, woke up at 10am, meeting at 12pm, prayer at 1pm, practice in the evening till midnight, and reached home at 1am.
Saturday, woke up at 8am, practice from 9am till midnight, 1am touched home ground.
Sunday, woke up at 6.30am, bus to Seremban at 8am, birthday party at 1pm, left to Malacca at 3pm, reached YAC at 4.30pm and practiced till midnight 1am.

ol' faithful wife no.3

My father was off-work on Friday and Saturday. He wanted to spend some time with me but unfortunately, with only 1 month left, sacrifice was necessary. The funny thing was also despite not having any early morning classes on Monday, I had to wake up at 7am as Louis wanted to practice for Tuesday's CF meeting. So here's to you Louis (thanks Deb-dear for asking me to take that pic).

louis and pink-fetish

Speaking of which has nothing to do with speaking of, on Sunday I headed up to Seremban to celebrate a good friend's birthday. Took an 8am buss to Terminal1 in Seremban, ate some Dunkin' Donuts, shopped for some cute soft-toys for birthday girl and lepaked (which seems to be a serious offence in Wiki) till birthday picked Bus Riding Partner (BRP) and I up to her nice, warm house.


if only we can afford this as part of the door gifts

Birthday girl went up stairs and after awhile, slowly walked down the staircase beautiful, looking like the princess that she is (awesome flattery right here!). With that, I shall say this;


The awesomeness of the ice-cream cake is unworldly kick-chicken! I mean, I can't recall if I ever had ice-cream cake before but this is delish'. Rich kids have it easy.

pure white going side nuts

hmm.. come to think of it, she looks better with long hair

the bunch of girls

I was the only guy there throughout the party but /b/lackup arrived and soon, there were only 2 guys at the party. A great guy-to-girl ratio. heh~ Well, it was a great, small party Huiyin. I had a fun time. We definitely should find time to hangout after aCt. hehe~

a shout-out to mah' BRP!!

once again Blessed Birthday, gal~

It's been a loooooooooooong day. A few, actually.
So long, farewell, I hate to say good bye.
So I shall just say, good nite (peeps~)

Friday, November 16, 2007

| grace anew, all the day through

Legs are feeling funny now. Guess that's what jogging does to ya huh? I only managed 4 laps around MMU's track - which is bad. Compared to my NS days, with good old and dear friends, we could go way way further but now, it seems I have seriously slacked.. a lot.

Had dinner with dad last night. We were scouring our taman in search for Some Good Food® Near Liu (sounds like "near you", catch it? .. never mind), which are hard to come by these days. Ate at a normal Chinese-fried restaurant with a cafe'ish atmosphere deeper in my taman who could most probably attract more customer if it weren't for horrible Manglish in their spelling like, Spegeti - bravo.


On our way out, I saw this signboard whose cursive T's looked like cursive J's and in turn, their cursive J's look-a-like spelled out a similar name..

go figure dudes~

Since last week's CG was all about the Bacon & Cheese, this week for our lepak-session we decided that we'd jog out all them bacon fats. The outcome of my jog is as seen on the first paragraph. *koff* My friend, Shu Lin would be disappointed in me.. or just maybe. hehe~

say; "ella ella ella eh eh eh"

HL (no reference to High-Low milk or Half-Life games), all suited up in her ex-high school's sports wear, gave us the low-down on warm-ups. I figured we'd pay more attention to doing warm-ups better if it were conducted by a girl;

Adam: So Jamie, what do you think?
Jamie: Myth confirmed!

cHEEeessSEEeeMAAann~ (from a movie called Old School)

After a good jog and prayer, we headed down to get some chow at Slow Uncle aka Hainanese Uncle aka Mario (Luigi is somewhere behind). There are some good stuff over there but unfortunately, my favourite Kong Pau Zhu Rou was not as good as I hoped it to be. Oh well, ya can't win 'em all. Gonna write an original song about Kong Pau Zhu Rou one day. It's gonna start like this;

Kong Pau Zhu Rou, it's our hero
Gonna take mah' thinness down to zero

It's my powers magnified
And it's growing my waist from side to side

"You'll pay for this Kong Pau Zhu Rou!"

We're the obesekidsaddictedtoplayingwow24hoursnonstop
You can be one too
Cause saving our char siew is the thing to do!

Good, healthy lifestyle is not the way
Hear what Kong Pau Zhu Rou has to say!

"The Power is Yours!"

*sobs* sucha beautiful song..

The pic's for ya Jan Sen. I would like to request to everyone that ya'll help me out in finding Jan Sen a nice English name. My mind seems to be blanked at names recently and Victoria just... doesn't seem to fit Jan Sen. Hmmmm...

Good nite and God bless peeps!!

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