Saturday, November 22, 2008

| piracy saved malaysia

Now before the local boys in blue come storming into my home with the pretext of ISA (not that you know where it is anyway), let me now reaffirm my anonymous internet rights (if there's such a thing). As the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees no. 7 says, "Ensure no Internet censorship", I shall now speak my mind freely, uncensored..



The Star recently printed a rather interesting article that the p2p community would find rather interesting.... heh~ The article featured my favourite torrent site, in the technology pullout of the paper, In.Tech and it talks about piracy.

"The Internet is an open and neutral platform where
users should be allowed to share content, knowledge
and anything else, anyway they want"
~ Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay

Here are my two cents; it is the existence of piracy that enabled and empowered Malaysia to be what it is today. Without them, our engineers, techies, designers, and business people would be missing a leg, hopping around like a headless chicken. Frankly speaking, not everyone can afford MsWord 2003 or Adobe Photoshop. Seriously. Without piracy our government wouldn't be where it is too.

            Therefore I salute thee, piracy. For such a name is but an irony to the revolution that you bring to the world. Breaking down the greedy, capitalistic, hoarding, illiberal, covetous companies and organizations who refuse to let even a single penny slip past their fingers, sitting behind their comfortable leather chairs, shielding themselves behind the laws of men.

Thank you The Pirate Bay and Xun Lei. Thank you for the bright future you've given cyberspace. It's because of entities like you, we can progress in this exciting digital age.


Much better.
Nite peeps~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

| blast you marginal utility

The short semester has begun to take its toll. Having all 8am classes from Monday till Thursday. With Monday's class starting from 8am-10am and 3pm-7pm while Tuesday's killer 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm then CF. Wednesday aCt practices. Thursday CGs. Friday church music practices. Saturday and Sunday, aCt practices. Naish~

The other day, Becca and I got lucky as we headed to Jia Jia at around 11am; the time when the char siew, sau rou, sau yak are all fresh and cracking. It was rawking my world so hard, I made an extremely huge mistake of ordering extra char siew - it killed off my marginal utility completely. Lesson learned; not all char siew fan versions can be eaten non-stop.

epicness found in jia jia (tsing tsing)

Dad came back from Bali and Christmas came early.

Real early.

i shall await the day
we open it and say
"by golly tis be wonderful day"

Nite peeps~

Friday, November 14, 2008

| the end of peace

For more than two long weeks, cyberspace had seen and enjoyed a momentary peace. Conspiring alongside a faulty a modem and the timely service disruption thanks to Suxmyx® it had succeeded in temporarily halting the inevitable; the long over-due post of wontdieone.blogspot.

Now, I present thee;

Sylvester Lee

On the 29 October, fellow brethren and life-companion, Stynie and I headed up to Klang in search of adventure and of course, Some Good Food®. Thankfully, our hosts Vain and Moonwalker, experts in the field of SSB (Sumptuous Selected Banquets), were kind enough to show us around.

It's like Klang all over again..

plastic bag swinger, Stynie


Anakin Moonwalker *cue music*

We departed at such a time that our arrival would bring about great timing and win for lunch. Our first stop was Wayne's favourite char siew fan stall, Port Klang Hainan Curry Rice.

Wayne vouches with his family honour

curry cooked with egg yoke

The taste was definitely slightly different from the regular char siew but being an expert in that field, I have to humbly say;

"Meh~ Melaka's Char Siew Fan pwntzftw kthxbai~"

After picking off pork fibers stuck between my teeth, we headed back to Wayne's crib and loitered in front of the t.v. till dinner time. pffft~ Men~

While traveling to Aeon Jusco, Justyn craved once more for Manhattan Fish Market and he got exactly what he wanted; Some Good Food®.

flame on!

the extremely salty french onion soup

We walked around after dinner but soon our hunger-pangs kept knocking on the door of our Some Good Food® Inhibitor. As valiantly as we fought... we lost. Ergo supper was in order.

wet and dry Klang Bak Kut Teh

kong pau styled bak kut teh

Sleeping on a full stomach rocks.

Next morning, I got to meet up with an old dear friend of mine who was featured several times on this blog for lunch. Our destination, Chilli's and boy do they have Some Awesome Lamb Chops®*.

* Some Awesome Lamb Chop® is a registered under Some Awesome Good Food®

Later that evening we went to Port Klang for some blind ikan bakar makan'ing and I had forgotten to take pics.

And that's the end of that.


We came home and had Some Good Rest®. The next day, we ended our le tour de fisting feasting at Aeon Jusco's BBQ Plaza. Think of it as Carry On/Seoul Garden style of eating minus the all-you-can-eat, plus the literal pork fat to oil the copper cooking'ish thingy.

you can quote me on the 'copper cooking'ish thingy' thingy

mix all in for the epic win (ftew!)

masterfully caresses the 'copper cooking'ish thingy' with real pork fat

behold the lamb, beef, bacons of my heart

behold the... meh~

Well... that's it for Klang I guess. As I've said, it was long over-due and next up was the another Christmas thingy: The Given Gift (aCt:TGG)'s Intensive Week practice and busy I was. So much for reality eh?

the many men of jou chean

Give God ur best guys and lets make this baby work!
Check out for updates on practice thingies.

Remember, TGBTG!

Nites, out~
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