Monday, July 31, 2006

| birthdays : a time of change

First and foremost;

big sith lord with a pet wayne

a big cake - really

It's a grand occasion you know, a person's 21 birthday. Especially when you're living in a place like Malaysia. I mean like, motorcycle license at 16? Driving license at 17? We're like what? 1 or 2 years slower than the rest of the world. But still, it's kinda like a blessing in disguise. With such law, we can take time to mature and learn, though slower, it's still affective.

dead cutie at Un Sam's(TM) place

Anyway, so Stef's birthday went pretty well. Vijay, being such a nice guy (and boy-frie *koff koff*), messaging everyone a couple of days earlier (or was it a week earlier?), inviting people to this huge party at Un Sam's(TM) place. Strictly no booze though - good call. Heh~ After an hour of waiting, the birthday gal finally came and to her shock and awe, more than 50 people came!! W00t! Food was plentiful but drinks weren't. Vijay asked for a favour so I drove all the way to Ayer Keroh's nearest 7/11 store to get some syrup, water and cool cubes (no, it's not a drug).

foood... foood.. curreeeey~

It was an impressive meal indeed. I had four rounds of nasi bryan-ni (yes, i said that for fhuuun), fried bee-hoon, curry, and curry, and curry, and sOmEbODy StOP Me!! ahaks~ The curry was either sooooo goood or I'm just really really hungry, because I couldn't stop eating the curry. Curry with this, curry with that, curry with cake.. Nah, not the last one. All in all, it was a good celebration. Though Stef and I had our past misunderstandings and all, it's all in the past and it's a blessing to wish her Blessed Birthday.

lionel flirting with.. *ahem*

Everyone was busy eating their food, watching Sleeping Beauty *rolls eyes*, and fellowshipping. I've always enjoyed this part about life, fellowshipping. It would've been a better experience but I was having this really, really bad headache since I woke up and it worsen by the moment. *sigh~* Still, it was nice place to be in, the CF is part of my life and part of my Christian family. Durians? Hmmmm..

"this is My daughter whom I'm well pleased.."

I've always felt in every occasion that prayer was the MAIN event. Yeap~ Those short little words, uttered out to a Being that lives beyond the constraints of our wildest imagination and yet real to us in every single way. Prayer. When Pastor Joanne prayed for Steffy (steffy sounds cute), in my heart and mind, such prayer is a really a turning point in ones life. 21st birthday? Graduating soon? Work? *ahem* Marriage? Above all, serving God? Yea, it's important alright. To me, a prayer for a person's 21st birthday is not a prayer for independence but a prayer of dependence to God.

the difference must be clear

Birthdays are also a symbol of change, a symbol of how much we're grown in the time that has past. Looks may differ, height may increase, beauty is shown, and our relationship with God - deeper. When we look at our old-self, we must ask ourselves what's the difference now and then? There must be a difference. The difference must be clear and evident. Change is important to a Christian's life. "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation". Stef, may your 21st birthday mark that change in your life. That's my prayer for you. Blessed birthday sis.

steven curtis chapman
the change

Well I got myself a T-shirt that says what I believe
I got letters on my bracelet to serve as my ID
I got the necklace and the key chain
And almost everything a good Christian needs, yeah
I got the little Bible magnets on my refrigerator door
And a welcome mat to bless you before you walk across my floor
I got a Jesus bumper sticker
And the outline of a fish stuck on my car
And even though this stuff's all well and good, yeah
I cannot help but ask myself

What about the change
What about the difference
What about the grace
What about forgiveness
What about a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change, yeah
I'm undergoing the change

Well I've got this way of thinking that comes so naturally
Where I believe the whole world is revolving around me
And I got this way of living that I have to die to every single day
Cause if God's Spirit lives inside of me, yeah
I'm gonna live life differently

I'm gonna have the change
I'm gonna have the difference
I'm gonna have the grace
I'm gonna have forgiveness
I'm gonna live a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change

Therefore if anyone is in Christ
He is a new creation

What about the change
What about the difference
What about the grace
What about forgiveness
I wanna live a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change

Saturday, July 29, 2006

| the legend of (dr) john zoidberg jones

"i'll send ye' down to Davy Jone's locker!"

Davy Jones can be found in many myths around the world and especially among fishermen and sailors. His locker was even mentioned by SpongeBob SquarePants. Quick! Go find that episode! You know you want to.. ahaks~

a bad-ass pose

Heartless, he is "the sea" and roams freely throughout the vast unexplored world of the ocean. Master to the monster Kraken, an immortal, feared by many. Commander of the ghostly Flying Dutchman, he is half cephalopod, half crustacean and full of good ol' swashbuckling attitude.

But don't you think he shares a very close resemblance to...

ANOTHER, bad-ass pose

Doctor John Zoidberg (Jones), born on August the 5th, also known as Dr. Zoidberg or simply Zoidberg. Staff Doctor of the Planet Express Delivery Company, he is an alien from Decapod 10, or so they thought.. But in fact, he is.. the great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson of the legendary Davy Jones! *gasp~!*

"Good evening ladies and germs" - Dr. Zoidberg

Don't you think they have so much in common?! They're both famous, disliked, both have fetish of cutting people's limbs off with their claws, they have a suckers on their face and above all, they never seem to die (even if you take out their organs). Now the truth is out! Davy Jones and his, uh.. distant grandson John Zoidberg Jones! No wonder Futurama came to a halt. Luckily, Zoidberg quickly made a spin-off from Futurama. Some soft of surgery-cum-life series. Heh~

premiering soon.. so he hopes

Friday, July 28, 2006

| heart matters

warning : might offend (though it shouldn't)

Okays~ I had this talk with a certain cf'er (from here on will be known as Zoidberg), a couple of days back. We were talking about life in MMU and the changes in culture and environment that we face studying here.

words seems so sweet

Zoidberg's a mommy's boy and thus having lived under the protection and the watchful eyes of his parents living away from them seems rather difficult as he confessed. But then came along CF whose members are Christians, and we're supposed to be living, breathing, walking, miniature imitations of Christ. We accepted Zoidberg with our arms wide open.

Zoidberg told me though, as friendly as the people in CF are (or try to be), he never really felt at home and being so far from his family makes him emo at times. Bluntly, I asked why he didn't treat the CF as his family in MMU? His answer; they seem fake. I did not rebut his statement but instead, sought to figure out the reasons for his answer. He mentioned one guy's name: Ben Ho.

Ben Ho's a good guy. I'm saying that because he is (despite his harsh, sarcastic remarks at times). I got to know him though the Dahlia house 2 years ago and watched quietly as he served God with whatever that he had at his disposal. He'd carry out whatever Ps Joanne instructed him to do and he would go all out to help people who calls him.

but holds little meaning less
we hold it in our hearts

In case no one noticed, he doesn't come to CF anymore and his reasons are valid in my judgement. The strange thing is, no one really bothered to ask about him or call him up and say, "Hey~ Where are you larr? Why never come to CF or church or CG or whatever?". No one bothered to ask him his reasons for disagreeing because we feel we're holier-than-thou. He became a taboo, just like the others in that house and I'm guilty of that too.

we chant away but do we follow?

His story holds truth and I understood why Zoidberg couldn't treat the CF as his family - because he might get hurt by us. There are many others out there who shares his story but we seem to be TOO comfortable living our lives and sharing our CF people who agrees with us. The people in CF are only human and are bound by the flaws that comes along with being one. Still..

What about the change?
What about the difference?
What about grace?
What about forgiveness?
I want to live a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change
~ Steven Curtis Chapman

Thursday, July 27, 2006

| my wife's second man

I've always considered serving God in the music ministry one of the greatest blessings in my life and I'm very sure that all those who use their gifts for God will say the same thing too. To describe the feeling of it is difficult on its own, to summarize it - it's impossible.

3rd wife, dwx-10c

Honestly, I can't imagine how my life would be if God didn't give me the gift of music and the awesome privilege to serve Him. Life would be meaningless if I can't serve God. Talk about being an extremist but in the end, it's all true nonetheless.

1st wife, fx-330

If it wasn't for God's divine intervention I wouldn't have gotten my first wife, and without her, I doubt I could progress in my playing. I waited patiently for 3 years to get her and in those 3 years painstakingly playing with super-sharp strings cutting into my flesh I gain more than just 'skills', I gain a passion - a heart of worship. No pain no gain. Man~ It sure does pay to be masochist. ahaks~ But seriously though, it's through hardship that we can learn more. At least that's the way it is for my case.

his words for noc4

Joel (pronounced as Jol) is an interesting guy with an interesting character. He's the only guy who holds my wife longer than anyone else I know and I don't really mind it because he has proven himself able to take care of her from his heart and with his skill. Though there are new scratch and dent marks on her, I doubt Joel's responsible for it. He is indeed, my wife's second man and contrary to what many CF girls say though, I do believe that he'll make a great boy-friend and a faithful husband. Saham naik..

mine.. hehe~

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

| a special different story

Excuse the sorry grammar for a title.

I've learned something new (don't we all?). Much like school, our everyday life is fool full of new fun things to learn. As the saying goes; 'school is cool', or my personal favourite; 'don't be a fool, stay in school'... oh, whatever.

we're like a tin of cottage fries
we look nice and cheerful on the outside
but we're crushed and full of crumbs on the inside

Actually it's not really learning nor is it new. It's something I've realized for quite some time after writing that "misunderstood" post. Sure everyone has their own good and bad sides to their character and when I say bad, I don't mean bad like a sadist-psycho-killer bad ala The Saw, Scream or even Scary Movie bad. It's more of bad habits or bad traits of a character bad. Am I getting across or does it still sound like nonsense to you guys?

every emo person has a story..

In any case, God warned us in the bible asking us not to judge and He said that for a good reason indeed. Sure all of us have our bad traits that really, really annoy people and really, really give people the urge to put a sock up our mouths. For other's, their bad trait seems to be their overly stern and serious character while others are their harmless words that accidentally stab a heart or two. I speak for myself as well. One solution to overcome this problem is to start trying to listen to their story and see life through their eyes. After all, we're all special in the eyes of God, thus we should be special in each other's eyes too. Delete gay thoughts..

..and i'm learning to listen more..

Even the worst dude on the face of this earth has a story as to why he does the things he do, be it his life in the past or his present condition. A person with a seemingly sharp tongue has a story for having that tongue. Though it WILL cut us, we should try our best to understand that person, his past and his present. Don't be trigger happy just because he or she's emo and have said something rather distasteful. The word is TRY. Try to understand. Think, understand, and listen to his/her story and grow closer to that person. After all, we're all special and to change my world, I've gotta change me.

..because i wanna change my world

Monday, July 24, 2006

| ish.. ish.. what la ya'll

Wise words coming from one of the new CG leader of this trimester. Slacker and playful in appearance but warm and kind at heart. A lawyer that would fight for all things justice (i hope) and peace. Above all, a sweet child of mine God.

abby oh, abby..

We remember her as leukemia stricken Abigail who dance her way into the hearts of the people around her. God shined through her and people around her looked to her as a source of light. A loving sister to hardworking brother, a caring friend, and a quiet lover..

she lived her life to the fullest

Alas, just when hope for life shone from heaven, God called her to His side and everyone who depended on her light wandered aimlessly, lost in confusion and heart ache. In the end, they remembered Abby for what she lived for and the life that she lived to the fullest was just another chapter of life. The looked to each other and turned their eyes to God.

gasp! she's back!!

Thankfully, she's alive and well now. Resurrected from her the death of her old self, she's new in Christ - aren't we all? Living life as a quiet God-fearing law student, she's our CG leader. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Jessica - CG leader of Ish-Ish CG.

~The Ish-Ish CG~

Sunday, July 23, 2006

| need a holiday

I thought weekends were fun and to a certain extent, it is. After a whole week of tedious, boring work, it feels good to herald the coming of the weekend. Saturday just passed by, nothing's new.

[insert witty comment here]

Slept at around 2am on Friday only to wake up at 3pm - stoned as ever. That's more than 12 hours of sleep that I need to counter 5 days of lack of sleep. It felt good for awhile but just like sin, the moment lasts only for awhile. Such pleasure was never meant to last long. The scary part is that it is addictive. An idle mind is the devil's workshop to make some doom's day machine that could very well destory earth and life as we know it. Heh~

tied up with daily life? know what you feel buddy..

Fortunately, after having my regular double shot cup of cold coffee, I kept myself busy with the usual good ol' weekend house cleaning. Swept and mopped the house with disinfectant. Floor's a little extra cleaner today, I feel happy. But such sacrifice of house chores comes with a price, I came down with flu, real nasty one too. In my mind I was thinking, it's the weekend, why does it feel like every other regular day? Why am I still so tired? Why am I still so bored? And I remembered that I once said that I really, really, really need a holiday.

honesty - these picture's are recycled from previous posts

Well a holiday will be real good, but what I really need is just one day all by myself. No one to interact with, absolute solitude. Just me and my God. Yea~ I just need one care-free day, alone with my God. That's what I need.. *sigh*

Friday, July 21, 2006

| she's gone on friday and sunday

I like the sound of my guitar.
I miss having my guitars at home.
I feel hurt when dad scolds me for lending my guitar.
I'm blessed when my guitar is used to serve God.
I'm even more blessed when I serve God with my guitar.
I'm speechless when new scratch and dent marks appear.
I used to play my guitar till I fall asleep.
I spend my life's saving on her.
My guitar has no name but it's a definitely a she.
I'm blessed to have this gift from God.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

| better than life (and coffee)

Have you ever experience one of those days when you wake up, feelings grumpy, looking stoned (dark rings and eye bags sold separately)? You look at your unbelievably pack schedule and picture the boring day you'll inevitably face and make a long sigh. You scratch your head as you shake of that dust that you collected throughout your 5 hours of sleep and drag yourself to the bathroom. The shower seems extra colder today and the coffee is tasteless and bland. In a deep breath you mutter, "What a sucky day" and let go another sigh. You look into the mirror as you get dressed up, seamlessly gazing into a reflection of a total opposite. As you step outside your house and look to the sky, "Just another day.." you said to yourself. You walk away.

suger level - low

I face that almost everyday and it sucks - big time. I hate it when I get that stoner feeling while working. Normally it would take cup of coffee or two to kick me out of it a bit but this time.. today, it's different. For the past few weeks I've been trying to get back something I've lost for quite a long time; something that I really treasure. I've been picking up the pieces and today, I've just picked up another and that piece gave me more energy than I had before. If you thought I'm super active before this, now, it's x2! Hehe~ I feel more alive then yesterday, or the day before, and the day before yesterday's yesterday.. and stuff.

still searching those pieces..

My life, so far can be placed in 3 chapters, The Fire, The Fall, and now The Redemption. Sounds like some LOTR trilogy eh? ahaks~ So far, The Redemption has been a very, very, very difficult chapter, full of pain and suffe.. Anyway, the reason I'm happy is because I've found another piece of my old self before my dark times, before The Fall. I've found a piece from The Fire and that piece is call Prayer and this piece works well with another piece I've found after The Fall, it's called Joy. Yeap, that's right, I've strength today because when I woke up stoned and tired this morning, I prayed for strength and joy and that's EXACTLY what I got. Mann~ I love being a Christian, loving The Lord. Well, I'll be praying that all of you will find your Joy today. All in all, my journey is to recollect The Fire that I once had. God bless!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

| stayin alive, stayin alive, ah..ah..ah..ah..

looks like an ordinary drawer

Industrial Training; there's a lot to say about it. The purpose and its foundation is to equipment and prepare undergrads for the working life in the "real world". It is an essential tool to expose the inexperienced. Those who undergo Industrial Training uses this opportunity to gain and acquire as much knowledge and experience as their minds can handle, all the more to prepare for the coming challenges that lie await like a tiger in the bush or the kutu in your hair that sucks your blood and spawn offsprings that will continue their cycle of life which, by the way is no different than us human beings. Heh~

what's that hidden under that dirty production-line jumpsuit?

Truthfully, I'm grateful that Industrial Training is NOT like the real working life. Sure I did gain some knowledge and experience while working among all these uncles and aunties and yea, I am expose to the basis of working in the real world. But this is getting real boring. Unlike those other lucky guys like Deric (from Deric My Best Friend) who have plentiful of juicy projects to finish up, I on the other hand am going bonkers staring at nothing, surfing the same sites and the killer of them all; surfin Friendsters looking at all those cute gal's picture like some poor pathetic loser. Hey! Wipe that smirk of your face. :P

gasp! there's a box of cereal bars hidden!

There are only a few things that keeps me sane and my brain in place. Without them, my brain would most probably jump out of my skull and run back home only to be found in a dumpster or in some hot babe's room, just like my underpants the other day... *koff*


Yea, so things that keep me sane. Hmmmm~ The common sedatives are blogging random crap that nobody likes to read, taking vain pics of myself that no one (shall ever) see, talking to my imaginary orang utan cubicle mate, lepaking at the pantry ever few hours or so, sleeping in the toilet (it's no shame - be a man), reading other people's blog that's NEVER updated (except Renee's, thank you soooo much!!), and the most potent of them all, drinking lots and lots of thick coffee. One shot of that small-cup coffee can knock out an elephant or even Zhen Xin. ahaks~

how to un-stone NZX

Just in case you're wondering, the cereal bar comes in 3 flavours, cinnamon, oats 'n' honey, and peanut butter. So far I've only eaten cinnamon and oats 'n' honey. Oats 'n' honey, well, taste like oats 'n' honey but a tad little too sweet for my taste buds - they're sensitive little buggers. The cinnamon however was something different to say the least. Not everyone has a tongue for cinnamon and neither do I. Gonna try peanut butter later today. hehe~

butt-to-sai = the irony of a cool name

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

| between apples and oranges

I was planning on writing some mind-challenging, deep-thought stuff about serving God and all, but I guess this blog (and the people reading it) has enough of my *koff* deep stuff crap and the emoness of it all. I ain't a member of the Emo Club - Lionel wouldn't let me in. *e-moooaan*

deep thought stuffs...

Last night after music practice, I went out makan with Tim-So-Cute, MyGayPartner, Lulu Twins, and last but not least, the thorn rose among the [insert vain words] thorns, Shih Wen. Our destination; MITC. Though that place is known to suck really badly but for some unknown extraterrestrial reason, dumb people (namely us) still actually go there to have our dinner. Heh~ Dumb were we indeed. Dumb and dumberer~

yeap, that guy's gay.
you see, i have something called a Gay-Dar.
~ Bender, Futurama

We came in 2 cars. Tim-So-Cute and I arrived earlier, thus we ordered our drinks and chatted whilst waiting for MyGayPartner who was ferrying the Lulu Twins and Shih Wen. So-Cute was telling me stories of his good ol' player days. He was into football (that's soccer to you yankees). Yea, and he was saying how some of the games he played had really beautiful balls with great, round features. He had games in Redang, KL, Melaka, etc. He told me some of the most memorable games were at Redang. According to him, the balls there were really sexy and hot with their black and white patches beautifully stitched in perfection. Heck, he gave that game a 9.5 out of 10! That's a lot! Even I've never rated a game 9 and above before. All my football games ended in misery on both sides. *sad* Thankfully, MyGayPartner came in the nick of time before I could reminisce and build up any hint of emo'ing.. uh, emotion. ahaks~

drinks from good ol' Family Heritage

We ordered out food and drinks. Not surprisingly, MyGayPartner and I ordered the same food *smiles lovingly*. We ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung aka Village People Styled Fried Rice (note: no connection whatsoever with, WHYYY-AMM-SEE-EHHH!!). We ate and were married merry. Cracked up weird jokes about kissing your ex'es bf/gf, which was kinda funny and gross at the same time. Lucius had a shocking blow though.. ahaks~ Tim-So-Cute on the other hand was trying to convince us that he's a one-man-lady.. or is it the other way around? Anyway, yea, he told us that he was truthfully faithful to his partner and MyGayPartner confirmed that she is quite pretty and cute though that statement has nothing to do with Tim-So-Cute being faithful - I just put that in for fhuuun~

picture courtesy of

When our food arrived, MyGayPartner and I were rather suspicious of those pieces of fried chicken that was in our Nasi Goreng Kampung - I smelled a scam. A typical Village People Styled Fried Rice is rice fried with herbs and spices together with fried anchovies. Personally, the fried rice sucked. The fried anchovies weren't crunchy and were difficult to chew, not to mention swallow! The egg that came with it was as good as any other regular fried egg. The (suspicious) pieces of fried chicken helped a little though, most of it were a little fresh and were still crunchy. I luuurvee chicken skin. *ahem*

deep fried chicken skin = awesomeness

The bill came. For all 6 of us eating low-quality, moderate food, the bill totalled up to a whopping RM45++!! Initially, everyone was oblivious to the insideous scam those blardy illegal immigrants at Zubaidah were plotting. When MyGayPartner and took a peek at the price of our Nasi Goreng Kampung, it was RM11.40!! That means that one plate was RM5.70!!! Freakin RM5.70!! The menu showed that the fried rice was supposed to be RM3.00. When I asked, they asked if there were pieces of fried chicken in it. I said yes, but I did not order for it. I said sternly I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung, NOT Nasi Goreng Kampung with fried chicken. As a customer, the menu did not specify the contents of the dish therefore I had no clue if the fried chicken was part of the RM3.00 fried rice or not. You came waltzing to our table, serving us fried rice with a satisfactory level of -40 and you want me to pay RM5.70 for it? You're crazy~

do you feel lucky.. punk?

They tried to insist MyGayPartner and I to pay but I held my ground. Come to think of it, they were really brave to insist. If I was still myself old self from the past, a fist would be what they'll get. But that was the past, now I'm different and I use words to fight my battles. In the end, MyGayPartner and I paid RM3.00 but the story doesn't end here. After checking the bill again, they miss-charged us for an orange juice and a hot milo that we did not order. This time, the worker admitted fault and MyGayPartner got a little more cash refunded. In the end, though my temper did build up a little, I managed to hold my old self down - I'm happy for that (stupid immigrants *grumble..*). See, all is well! ahaks~

The lesson for today, kids
1 ) If you are not confident in arguing and you received an extra dish that you did not ordered, return it
2 ) If you ARE confident, go kick some ass! Hahaha~~

WontdieonE, signing off. Up! Up! And awaaaaaayy... *splat*

Monday, July 17, 2006

| i wish i was more like Him

I'm weak, I have failed.

I wish I could mend the holes in people's heart,
the sorrow in their smiles.

I wish I could sew back the strings of friendship,
the art of forgiveness and the symphony of empathy.

I wish I could give comfort to the restless,
a shoulder for the weeping.

I wish I could sit beside them and listen to their soul.
In my ears, I hear them cry,
"See the art in me.. See the art in me..".

Lord, be my strength that I may be the strength to others. Let me be a mirror to reflect Your light that it may reveal their silhouette and cast away their shadows. I'm unworthy, I'm broken. Use this broken vessel Lord, use me.


| wedding blues

This a repost of an old post that I felt was an interesting post that was posted by many others because this post is a very the fhunny post . So please do take your time and enjoy this post. If you're as free as I am, write similar post. Heh~

Top 15 Biblical Ways to Get A Wife

* Find an attractive prisoner of war, bring her home, shave her head, trim her nails, and give her new clothes. Then she's yours.
-- Deuterononmy (Deuteronomy 21:11-13)

* Find a prostitute and marry her. (not advisable, unless God called)
-- Hosea (Hosea 1:1-3)

* Find a man with seven daughters, and impress him by watering his flock.
-- Moses (Exodus 2:16-21)

* Purchase a piece of property, and get a woman as part of the deal. Note : terms and conditions apply.
-- Boaz (Ruth 4:5-10)

* Go to a party and hide. When the women come out to dance, grab one and carry her off to be your wife.
-- Benjaminites (Judges 21:19-25)

* Have God create a wife for you while you sleep. Note: this will cost you a rib.
-- Adam (Genesis 2:19-24)

* Agree to work seven years in exchange for a woman's hand in marriage. Get tricked into marrying the wrong woman. Then work another seven years for the woman you wanted to marry in the first place. That's right dudes~ Fourteen years of sweat and toil for a woman.
-- Jacob (Genesis 29:15-30)

* Even if no one is out there, just wander around a bit and you'll definitely find someone. (It's all relative of course.)
-- Cain (Genesis 4:16-17)

* Become the emperor of a huge nation and hold a beauty contest.
-- Xerxes or Ahasuerus (Esther 2:3-4)

* When you see someone you like, go home and tell your parents, "I have seen a ...woman; now get her for me." If your parents question your decision, simply say, "Get her for me. She's the one for me."
-- Samson (Judges 14:1-3)

* Kill any husband and take HIS wife. (Prepare to lose four sons though).
-- David (2 Samuel 11)

* Wait for your brother to die. Take his widow. (It's not just a good idea, it's the law babeh~).
-- Onan and Boaz (Deuteronomy or Leviticus, example in Ruth)

* Don't be so picky. Make up for quality with quantity.
-- Solomon (1 Kings 11:1-3)

* A wife? wish!!!
-- Paul (1 Corinthians 7:32-35)

Cheerios dudes and best of luck getting married! Un Sam!!!

| yummy~

I slept late last night and I'm paying the price once again. A short nap in the toilet helped a little bit though. I think I'm slowly mastering the art of Sleeping Toilet. Heh~ Oh yea, there's a hole in my credit now but it's all cool. Hahaha~

Tell me you don't see something wrong with this picture. Who in the world would put food products next to sanitary pads? It's so wrong! I'm no business student but I do know that that's a bad marketing strategy - if there is any of this sort. When a shopper window shops, the idea is to put similar products in the same aisle so that when a customer looks at the product beside it, both products relate and it stays in their minds.

feels good

taste good

These guys on the other hand, seem to want to connect Munchy's choc wafers with Whisper. So the next time you much on Munchy's, think the comfort of Whisper. Nice marketing!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

| kingdom come

It has been 10 years since the of our time retired to a 'normal' life and it all started when the greatest of them all, the one whom they call 'Man Of Steel', flew away from a memory that was soon forgotten. Now the world has a new generation of superhumans and to call them heroes will vary subjectively. These young meta-humans are reckless and have either no clue as to the meaning of justice and peace. Though they proudly proclaim aloud that they have eliminated the super-villians of yesteryears, innocents die in their hands; in their name of 'justice'. Only one man has the power to right these wrongs. One man who's not of this world. A man from Krypton. The greatest hero - the Man of Steel.

Heh~ So much for an introduction to a comic book. In light of the movie Superman Returns, if you thought the movie gave the viewers a view of Supes' inner self and his emotions, wait till you read Kingdom Come. Lots of emo undertones, perfection in many ways. There's no good-guys-always-saves-the-day in this comic. The writer is very talented in portraying a realistic view of superheroes, their struggle, and their conflict of their code of justice. Very, very, very highly recommended. I thought Marvel vs DC was cool. This comic is fully water-coloured. Beautiful art work, seriously. Above all, I like these type of stories that deal with morality and balance of dos and don'ts. 112MB on torrent, winRar files. Get it! If you don't have torrents, give me your pendrive - I'd gladly pass the files to you.

I rate this comic : 9/10
Wontdieone, over-and-out~!

| the harvest

For those who've never been to my house before (how could you not?!), there's this really big, useless mango tree right in front of the gate. I know, I know. I shouldn't call it useless or else it wouldn't bear me any fruit and stuff but I assure you, this tree is quite the useless. While ALL the other mango trees in my taman are bearing much fruit, my family (especially my mom) has to endure watching their owners happily harvesting their precious fruits while my mom salivates.. Okay, so the idea of my mom salivating is not a good image in my mind. So... gross... You guys are sick!

not wearing undies makes me feel cold

But as God made the trees to bear fruit, this tree of mine did it's job (after numerous death threats of course). It may be dense with useless leafs, sucking all the energy of the sun in hopes to be like Superman - minus the underpants but finally, all those energy has finally been put to good use. All those cute little mangos are finally ripe for the harvest. More so however, it's a good time to see if all those years of giving it my piss has enhance its flavour. Heh~ Mango anyone?

darn branch

Harvesting though was no simple task, even though I'm using my trusty Y3K Mango-and-other-Fruits Harvester. As I've mention earlier, this tree of mine is really, really dense with leafs and branches, thus harvesting the fruit of its loins a little tricky. I wonder if the phrase 'fruit of its loins' can be used in this situation. In fact, what are loins? Hmmm~

sucker for the setting sun

Since my path to delicious mango was blocked by the tree's defensive branches, a new route must be made to the heavenly piss-marinated fruits. The solution? Climb up the blardy roof and boy, did I climb like monkey going up a ladder. I must say, I'm really a sucker for the sun and the view of the setting sun from the top of my house is great. In fact, I go up here more often than my parents know. At night, everything is so serene and peaceful up here. You can see all those vehicles zooming on the highway but you can't hear anything other than the sound of crickets and cicadas. Ahh~

well, well, isn't he happy?

Anyway, dad was really happy. I don't think he knew about the piss part though. I'll just let him have the first bite. Hehe~ Nah, I'm kidding, it was his idea to pour the piss part. There was once a period of time when the 3 males of the house had to chip in a little and contribute our precious piss (called urine to scientific community) for the betterment of our little tree. Lucky tree. Our urine is like fine wine to it. MMmmmmM~ Sodium and chloride - yummy~ So the next time you drink fine wine etc, remember the mango tree and piss. Heh~

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