Sunday, February 24, 2008

| Power Night with PG165

If you haven't heard of these guys then dude, open your ears and hear the screaming chorus of heavenly tones! PG165 rockin' in da' house!! Introducing..


A group of uni-mates formed a band in 2004 to compete in MMU's Battle Of The Bands. They were 1st runner-up and were awarded Best Vocalist, Best Drummer, and Best Original Song. Above all, they sang about the BIG J.C. and that, my dear friends, is cool. Check out their blogspot, myspace and their upcoming website (launching parallel with their EP).

rocking da house

Last night PG165 was a guest band for CCC's Saturday Night Special: Power Night. A special service targeted at youths around Melaka and beyond. Yes, beyond. Yo cyber-peeps who came down! Anyway, PG165 is;

corner-stone of every band: VJ on drums

tempo-keeper: ZX on bass

master-groovist: korean Deric on keys

funk-provider: already taken Justin on axe

solo-shredder: Jason on lead and vocals

The night started with some good ol' ice breaking session, complementary of Wayne and myself. Squirrels, Trees and Earth quake ALWAYS does the trick. Then PG165 took the stage and blasted-off with Salvation Is Here and Take It All. Short games followed.

justin and his volume-o stick-meter

Once the crowd is past warmed-up near teh-hot stage, the band kicked off with their own songs some which are available on their myspace. Then Justin came up again to give some love to the crowd and advised us all to not be emo.

all you need is love

After a time of sharing and ministering, they ended the whole event with another good dose of rocking praise songs. All in all, it was a great event. How do I know, you ask? Here's how,

the girls dig it

the (scandalous) couples dig it

young fans dig it

zx digs it

cyberians dig it

and they wanted more

So yea, it was fun. PG165 ftw!!

Nitez and outz!

Friday, February 22, 2008

| say hello to (insert sexy name)

According to the EMS tracker she should have arrived in Melaka already. Dad and I boldly took the risk and traveled all the way to Post Laju office to pick her up.

there she is!!

True enough, she has been waiting there for a good 12 hours it seems and they weren't planning on letting her go so easily too. After paying the slapped 10% tax and the additional RM45++ for posting it down to Melaka, she was released into my warm arms.

my new wife from Japan has arrived

It took less than a week for her to journey all the way from Ishibashi, Japan to here in Melaka, Malaysia. The journey costs her RM300 for the Electronic Mail Service shipment. I'm willing to pay.

guitar in cheap softcase wrapped in tons of bubble wraps

Like a new bridge on her wedding night, I lay her on the bed. Slowly, I unzip that which encased her very beautiful body.. and she shone like a new born baby.

CIJ Fender ST71-93TX

Ash body - Natural Finish

Old school big headstock
Maple neck oval type, 324 scale
Maple fretboard, 184R, 21F
41mm nut width

Schalle F-Key

Old school 70' reissue 3 screw neck plate

Texas Special (USA)
1 vol, 2 tone, 5-way switchblade
Diecast block bridge S5D current

I did not use any.. effects, just raw energy straight into the amp and after satisfying myself with her beautiful melodious voice that melts my heart and my hands, I realize that I'm officially, unbelievably broke.

Well, if ya ain't got money, you've got the blues~

Good nite peeps and thanks for all the prayer and support for my dad.

p.s. i've yet to name her. any suggestions? sexy, jazzy names ya? hehe~

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

| bsad.. be very sad..


Brothers and Sisters Appreciation Day aka BSAD is the annual celebration of fellowship between brothers and sisters in MMUcf where both brothers and sisters would do lovely, nice things to/for each other. Awww~~

the sister's boss - Merilyn

And on the brother's side, we have Fefe to run the show.

The sisters started it off with a sketch and song performances while we happily ate our hotdogs and mushroom soup. Mushroom soups rawks my boat by the way.

girls and boys; matters in shopping, food and movies

matters in soccer

the uncanny resemblance to the lulu twins

omg omg omg!! its esther siow from aCt!!

finalle song by the sisters

Then came the brothers turn to dish out corporal punishment.
Wayne: Corporal Punishment! be nice and stuff. I shall not talk about what the guys did. I'll leave it to the girls to post about it. Hehe~

Some of them even cried!!- For us!

(off-caps; cruise control for cool)

so near yet.. so far~

Back to commercials.

new working people models

im soooo gonna use that face

Well. Honestly, I didn't really felt keen to come but I'm glad I did. Actually it's more like I had to. heh~ Still, I wonder what in the world I was thinking to miss out something as cool as this. Hmmmm..

Good nite peeps~

p.s. God bless ya, sistah's! i truly appreciate ya'll~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

| mike's apartment


Deep within the unknowns of University Apartments aka BBU..



treasures (blings ya digg?)..


cute monsters..

scary monsters..

hot monsters..

Some Good Food®..

and the hidden eden

But when in search of adventure, beware of mike. He's always hungry.. he never forgives.. and he bites.. hard.

Teh endz!!1


Thursday, February 14, 2008

| the mighty red of abmob

First and foremost . . .

caramelle frappuccino avec de la creme

Wait.. That's not it. For real, firstttt and foremosttt...

Blessed Birthdays
Ai Ai, Sharon, Jan Sen, Abigail!!

         Dear Jess,
Through it all, keep you chin up and eyes to the sky.
See Him? He wishes ya a Blessed Birthday too
and He says He'll bring you through it all.
God bless~

. . . .

While giving out pliers fliers flyers on Monday afternoon, our exciting session of greeting targeted random people and giving them flyers with extreme precision inviting them to MMUcf had a brief interruption when a fire engine drove speeding down the road leading to main gate, sirens blazing and, yeap, you betcha, it turned into MMU.

hot firemen rushing to aid them burning ladies.. heh~

Guards stopped them.
Went around the roundabout
Drove out.

~the end~

Too much excitement for me to handle in one day. I'm getting old. >.<
But then today, I heard dad making a ruckus outside the house and when I got out of my room the living room was filled with thick smoke! It was difficult to breathe and my eyes became teary. That's what happens when smoke gets in your eyes.

hope the tarantulas don't die

If you don't get the origin of smoke gets in your eyes, it just means I'm too old and if you so happen to know the song, then you're just as old as I am. heh~

we finally took down them Christmas decos.. sad~

Well.. I had a super greasy dinner last night and lunch today therefore I'm now suffering from one crazy watery substance when doing number two. British. heh~

To my dear friend,
In all your choices in life, as long as you're not married, there's still time to make amends. heh~ I'll support ya through it. If you need me, I'll be here. hehe~

Good nite peeps~!

thanx aiiii~!!
ai ai ai ai~!!

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