Sunday, April 29, 2007

| the 2nd last days of Ish-ieness

If anyone wondered (most probably you guys aren't bothered anyway), I haven't been blogging due to some complication that arose in my family. Distracted, I had to turn my attention to other pressing issues. Oh yea, I can't take anymore pictures with the 1.3 megapix Samsung phone anymore so say gud buai to good quality pics from this blog for now. *sad*

in the darkest of every heart, there's light

Our last bible study together as Ish-Ish CG took place in the sanctuary of City Community Church, we couldn't ask for a better place. heh~ Under the baton of our Great Leader, Jess-so-hot-guys-get-burn-when-touched, we dove into the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus : Poor Rich Dude. OOT'ed a few times but hey, it's all good.

edmund - the cool dude

So it may be a few days late to write about Ed's birthday. At least it ain't a week late right? Optimism is like, so good now. Sorry Ed for the late post. Please don't sue me till I get my new handphone, pweeeettie fleasss???

Su Be moved like a ninja when delivering this cake

Bible study was fun but our stomachs spoke louder than our mouths.
Well, mine did. heh~
Initial Destination; Calanthe - Rejected. Closes at 11pm
Secondary Destination; Char Siew Fan - Rejected. Char siews not ready.
Final Destination; Cosmo Noodle Bar - Accepted. No other choice liao.

is owned by an boutique store owner

From the outside, the store can be easily confused for some art gallery or anything along that line, not a restaurant. Striking pink is its definition. The interior is rather.. different from the usual stores but the girls, especially Su Be found them to annoying, thus, she wrote a bad review on their "Evaluate Us" form. heh~


the pretty and the i-don't-like-the-blinding-design

But can't really blame Su Be though, the place is quite the very striking so much so a stroke patient can suddenly have epilepsy just by waving your hand over his eyes while he stares at the wall. And no, she didn't really wrote a bad review, she's too nice for that. heh~

and they said pink was gay.. wait, it IS gay!

they gave a nice spooning session. heh~

she looks pweeettier without her specs

Before I go on posting about the food, just a slight note, almost every single thing on the menu is above RM5 and they sell mostly noodles, a bunch of them - a WHOLE bunch of them. If ya like noodles, then you're like, in the Tibetan mountains of noodles. Now bow down. hehe~ But if ya don't really like noodles, don't come in and save yourself the voice of screaming blood out of your lungs just from the prices. As for variety, there is diversity though the similarity is great. It's like listening to the same.. (wan tan and pork soup)

..different.. (fried udon mee with chicken)

..chorus (udon seafood with spicy soup)

Yea, definitely like that. My spicy soup Udon seafood taste exactly the same as Merilyn's tom yam. So yea, it's all the same stuff. In the end, despite the set backs that all money-hungry cafe's have, this place is not that bad larr. If you want a short change of environment, then go a head. If ya don't like noodles or how they price noodles freakin RM6/7/8/9, then save yourself the trouble larr kay~

With the post above, the following pictures are the beginning of my once again lousy picture quality.. pictures from the trusty Nokia 3650 that has served me for nearly 4 years. Taken on Saturday while waiting for my mom's interview for her application to work in Saudi Arabia to be over and another while on the way back.

Photoshop CS3 does wonders..

..else all you'd see is noise

Sorry guys for the extremely late post. It's another tiring week for me. I'll end this post with something for ya all to think about with a semi-emo undertone.

the hurtful past is a gateway to the happier future
without it you can never appreciate tomorrow's happiness
therefore cherish the hurtful past of your lives
and the people that made the tears flow from your eyes

*smiles* Good nite peeps~

Thursday, April 26, 2007

| photobucket hates seoul garden..

..either that or that site's really getting personal. and Suxmyx are a match made in jigoku and boy, do they make a really 'great' couple. *rant rant rant*

do they hate my cellphone or what?

I saw that after coming out my replacement class last night. Didn't know they'd discriminate my cellphone, specifically my Nokia 3650. So much for the end of the apartheid or them KKKs. My cellphone's already over obsolete and yet, they're degrading it by putting up such posters. *sad* The end is near I tell ya.

couldn't find Deric anywhere

After all the hype from people around me, I guess it's about time I head down to Mahkota Parade and check out Seoul Garden for real. I haven't been to MP for like, I dunno. Kinda lost count of them days. The good news, is that it shows that I have a life. heh~

Normal = RM20+ | Student = RM16+ | Student ID = No regrets

The pricing after deducting student discount is roughly similar to that of Carry On or Malim's Steamboat. There were 5 of us and the bill amounted to a whopping RM107.20. I spoke with a vengeance in my heart and I said, "This.. better be good".

its.. not that big actually..

If ya look at the pic, the bowl in the center there, is a joke. It's as small as your ice kacang bowl or smaller in fact and believe it or not, that's your SOUP bowl. Go ahead. Laugh. Another thing to note, unlike Carry On or the Malim's Steamboat, ya don't have to add margarine as the pan is already oiled. What kind off oil? I have no idea.

3 corners; food, appetizers, and desserts

If compared based on variety, Malim's Steamboat comes up first, while Carry On's the runner up and Seoul Garden, last. But, if compared to quality of the food, I have to admit it, Seoul Garden's marination is far superior than the likes of Carry On and Malim's Steamboat.

go for the beef!!

Basically, we took every form of meat available. They have a wide selection of different marinated chicken, 2 different marination of beef, fish and squid. They serve rice too but hey, I didn't pay RM20 for rice. I want them meat - beef especially!!

C&C 4 : Korea Strikes Back

Squids taste rather awkward and very rubbery.. for a squid (squids are tasteless). I kinda like them fishes (I like all fishes) both Garlic and Black Pepper but unfortunately for me, my friends weren't sharing the love ya know? Some of the chickens were a little too salty for my delicate taste buds and do yourself a favor, don't take the Coffee Chicken - it taste like crap (coming from a coffee lover). And though there are only two choices (Bulgogi and Black Pepepr), them both, as do all beefs do, tastes great. I bet they would taste fantastic if cooked with butter.

non-stick, super-heating pan

Another thing I've forgotten to mention. The meat cooks extremely fast compared to Carry On and Malim's Steamboat. Maybe it's because Seoul Garden don't really mind wasting all those precious fuel for the amount that we paid. So just spread your meat, wait for a minute or so and the meat is done.

sugar water - literally

The appetizers bar is not worth mentioning for it isn't even a bar so I'll just skip on to dessert. Aside from the regular carbonated drinks, they serve orange, mango and blackcurrant juices too. Far end of the bar you have an ABC making bar with modern ice crusher and a variety of goodies to add into your ABC, not forgetting the super extremely watered-down syrups. Think of the dessert bar as your good ol' 4 star hotel buffet dinner's dessert bar. Yea~ The saving grace of the dessert bar though, is the ice cream. They serve much better ice cream than Malim's Steamboat and I'm just CRAZY for COOKIES AND CREAM ice cream!!

im in meat-heaven

In the end of it all, I must say, Seoul Garden's not that bad after all. It lives up to the hype (though the price's gonna kill ya). Gotta lurve meat and ice cream.

Monday, April 23, 2007

| cocktail of thoughts

I think I know why this blog is not popular enough - it's because I'm not vain enough I tell ya. After checking out Jess' phone and seeing how she too takes awesomely many pictures of herself I figured, "what the heck, jess = normal, thus taking vain pictures = normal".

adam and eve weren't chinese
if they were
they'd eat the snake instead of the apple.. heh~

It feels good to start a post with crap eh?

Wait. Was that a question or a statement? Hmmm..

Sometimes I say things that
I wish I could take back
The most crucial thing I lack
Is a thing called tact

Bet many people would feel the same way sometimes. But for me, personally, it's so hard to discern when everyone's laughing, smiling, despite the pierced heart that's hurting so badly. If there were words that I could take back, what would they be I wonder..

Always Say A Prayer

So there are many things lined up this year and many things to look forward to but I do wonder sometimes if we can really make another NOC. Laughing.. smilling..

looking for amps - amps that would sound reasonably good for both acoustic and electric - need to train peeps to play the axe - such a waste of pairing two acoustic guitarist when both keep playing the rhythm - though IF pastor do get the amp i'd still buy the d.i. out box for future events - plan to buy another axe so that other people can use my old one in church - plans.. plans.. plans.. are so hard to set into motion

cause if i dare open my mouth
it'll just be to bite my tongue

Many things need to be corrected. I need to listen to Your voice. Because the power of Your words can repair all that I've destroyed.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

| words

A very wise dude once said, "the tongue is like a double edged sword". Words like those never seemed so true as it is to many people who are oblivious to the power they hold within their mouths. It can be used to build or to destroy. So yea. Stop being serious would ya? This is a light-hearted post. heh~ But before that,

crawling-with-an-egg-in-her-mouth gal - Kay Lyn

If you haven't check out the picture gallery at CLC, you should. Most of it are pictures of IF Camp two years back and as expected, most of them are quite embarrassing. None of mine though. Whew~ And as if things weren't weird enough that day, while walking into campus, I saw..

Two lovely girls, sitting under the freakin hot sun, next to the huge, smelly sewage drain. When asked, apparently they were waiting for... nothing. Yea~ That's what they told me. Brings new perspective on girls doesn't it?


CG was fun, as always. Once again, the awesomely-great Ish Ish CG joined forces with UH~ (Ultimate Him) CG as we only had two members who were present, Merilyn and I. Yea, so Joash's CG pretty much spoil the fun else it would just be hot Merilyn and I on a date, somewhere.. out there.. and stuff. Kay, Brian doesn't read blogs. hehe~ Anyway, during our bible study at Joash's crib, a few words of wisdom were shared amongst us. I only took down too because I was busy laughing at the rest. So here you go.

i'll be rich, thus popular, thus handsome


Hey! you know Jesus?
Well, He knows you
it's time you know Him too

Now that's what I call wisdom.

After CG ended, which was pretty late (sesated a lot) our combined CG along with a few drifters and hitchhikers headed for Calanthe Coffee House only to find out that it's closing. Closing! At 11pm? That's like, such an early time to close. But, our stomachs were hungry and we were bored. That was enough of a motivation for us to head to the next best place, Friends Cafe.

yoda says sweet be vanilla frappe

Had a weird moment along the way. Most probably due to the repercussion of crap that happened the past few days ago but I guess I was able to swallow it all. I'm slacking in that these days, letting my emotions be seen by others. *sigh* Oh well~ That'll be the last, I assure you.

yes, i love my coffee with some good ol' Bailey's Irish Cream

Spent the whole time chatting, eating me fries, and tasting other people's food. Ana-chan did good ordering some funkily spicy food; some sort of spicy pepper spaghetti with white sauce.. or something along those lines. Justyne, whom I expected to teman me, drank some banana chocolate frappe or something like that. Lonely. heh~

crazy times, these days are

Here's some wontdieone.blogspot trivia. In my blog's encoding has a sitemeter that counts how many people visit my site and some other information such as from where they found my link, or where they're heading to from my blog. In other words, the referring URL and visit exit page. Among the many, here are some of the few that I recorded down recently;

"the wager of sin is death""band"
when did Vincent Van Goth die?
"jason leong" subang
malaysian band-indecisive

All time favourite, searching
How many poeple die each year from talking on the phone and driving

something to greet you at the door

Words are so important that sometimes..
people do not realize what they're saying..
that the words loses its value.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

| success!

tak berkaitan with post

Yeap~ Nobody knew about the Theater Performance we had earlier today, in turn, nobody came, ergo, no worries about being embarrass - I'm a real shy guy you know... really. But, if there's anybody who would really feel the embarrassment would be the unbelievably sporting guy wearing miniskirt for his character.

HE IS TEH HOT!! somebody smack me

But I had a rather pleasant experience during the performance though. I love all the pieces that I'm involved in.. well, except for one but no point venturing further in that. I especially liked the one with boob touching involved. heh~ Just kidding. I mean, I'm not trying to say I'm gay nor am I trying to say I enjoyed it or anything like that two. ARGHH~ You get the pic. Okay - I shall stop here.

this picture serves as a distraction

Today.. is a very special day..
For today.. is.. my long-lost/sesated sis's birthday..
i haven't seen ya in ages gal and i miss ya~

now you can finally get married without parental consent

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

| .i.failed.again.

But before I get all emo and stuff, let me show you some pics of the Lulu twins getting all.. *koff* friendly with Jason Leong.

stalking.. whispering..

running soft fingers through his hair

I don't really know what to make of it but hey, it's amusing to me. haha~

Now for the emo part.

Yea, I've failed once again. But despite my failures, there is just one mosquito around that irritates me, sucking my blood, mocking me. The funny thing is that these two are different factors; one is sadness and disappointment at myself, while the other's just asking me, begging me to get angry at the person. It's like that mosquito, after sucking my blood, is luring me to come and kill as it flies through several walls of fire. So to kill that very irritating mosquito, I'll have to pay the price of getting burned - and that, my dear friends, suck big time.

some nights, i just need it

What went wrong? If only I knew, I could have definitely prevented it but despite my excuses, only what thing remains certain; I have failed. Maybe it's other's fault or mistakes that caused this but I can't say, for the only person to take the blame is me, and me alone. Oh well, I guess it still proves to show that despite how much I try to do something good, I am only human and there are some things that I do that somehow, will have an opposite effect.

some nights, i just need that 100% real coconut juice

Lets talk about the CF. I have a sudden urge to talk about it though it's totally unrelated to what I've said so far. From the many people whose opinions are worth mentioning due to the position that they are in, they all have the same view; the CF is different from last time and different in a bad way. It seems that the CF is drifting dangerously close to becoming exclusive and self-centered. Well, maybe the CF IS already exclusive and self-centered but who am I, just one man to judge?

let it all out

The irony is that these opinions come from people who are still very active in CF and some whom do not come to CF anymore. I feel that it's time for us to review ourselves as individuals including and especially myself, for the CF is not an organization, it is a body, part of the body of Christ and many people are slowly drifting away from it.

Seriously, what have we become?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

| have you ever noticed?

That my posts are always chronologically a day before? In short, I write about Wednesday on Thursday and people read it as if it's on Thursday when it really happened on Wednesday.

Vista is eeeevil~


It makes no sense - I know.

Anyways, CG was da phaaaan~ After waiting for such a long time, the Ish-Ish CG finally went to eat that famous, humble bak kut teh shopped called Loi's Bat Kut Teh. That shop has been there for ages I tell ya, since I was a kid in fact. Normally I would be there eating with my family but this time, I had the rare pleasure of eating with my CG;

*salute* *stomp!*

the size of the bowl, relative to Soly's head

Inside that huge pot of goodness lies the remains of what used to be a living breathing cow that was slaughtered so that we may enjoy eating its muscle, fat and organs; meat mashed into balls of sweet giving, ranging from its tendons to its stomach and many.. many, many more. Note to self; being descriptive is good. I guess the gals may find it hard to comprehend my appetite for meat but rest assured, it is not as lame as Hannibal Rising.

an empty pot and a happy soly

Can you hear it?
The Silence Of The Cows..

p.s. beer's good after eating meat

Thursday, April 12, 2007

| i came, i saw, i pwn3d sushi king

Well, not really pwn3d *teruk teruk larr.. Cash wise I'm only a below-moderate university student who gets by in life riding his motorbike while working part-time as a crash-test dummy - who happens to be a real living person. Tough job I tell ya, especially when the vehicles ramming me so happens to be a truck - that sucks.

they even sliced my favourite unagi paper thin

Bearing that in mind, I wish I had the money to h4x0r Sushi King's butt for selling 3rd grade sushi made from ingredients that's not fresh and pricing them as if Sushi King's some real or authentic sushi restaurant. Give me a break, they're just fast-food and nothing more. But hey, RM2 for every plate on the kaiten belt is extremely tempting for one such as myself who's stuck in Melaka longer than he dared remember.

thick.. but could've been fresher

I've always been a fan of the sushi world - despite being a noob at it and knowing fully I can NEVER afford to taste real authentic sushi *depress*. I think the ONLY time I've ever tasted really good, fresh, juicy raw salmon was during my holiday trip to Singapore in a Japanese restaurant called Sakae Sushi (can be pronounced either sa-ke-e or just sakai) with GerX and her family. I bet those who don't eat raw fish would have a change of taste after sliding in that fresh salmon and letting it melt in your mouth like butter - without the fats, of course. Man.. that was da' bomb.

now THAT's fresh

Alas, my hopes of piling up the many sushi plates into a multi-color tower of pride called uh, Tower Of Andrew's Pride came crumbling down as I stopped after the number 23 plates or so. So here's the rough rundown on what I ate, salmon (a must), unagi (freshwater eel), scallops, cheap-crab meat (GerX's fault), fish roe, and prawns. I teased GerX when she took the RM2 plate during an all-plates-is-RM2 promotion. Kinda funny.

The Tower Of Andrew's Pride - translates a lot doesn't it?

Well, oh well. My next target, after suggestions from Suet Yin shall be Kampachi Restaurant at Equatorial Hotel. RM80+ for a Japanese food buffet. Pricey but I sure damn hope it'll be worth it. A poor guy like can't afford to spoil myself. heh~ Good nite peeps~

*teruk teruk : bad bad (literal translation)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

| i ate the easter bunny

I know it's a little late, but I guess I'm just following my schedule. After all, there's not a day too late to talk about the my Savior.

death defeated - a new dawn

I'm sure we've heard all about the good that Friday brings and the triumph of Easter on Sunday. The Man who took the weight of the world on His shoulders; He who did it for us took our sins and sacrificed Himself that we may live. Victory came as He rose on Easter Sunday, thus fulfilling everything He said - the chains were broken and the veils were torn down.

first abby.. now.. MICHELLE!! NNOOOooooo..~

CCC had a short skit presentation of Easter and the meaning of it. In the story, it portrayed two families; a widowed father, ZX and his precious daughter, Michelle, and the don't-appreciate-life Wayne and his naggy with, Elys (am i seeing the future?). ZX works as a railway track controller while Wayne is the train operator - both of them doesn't know each other.

no waaaay.. nah nah why don't you get a job~

One day, ZX took his only precious daughter Michelle to his work place at the track-switching point when disaster struck, Michelle's leg got stuck in one of the tracks and there's an oncoming train fast approaching, Wayne's driving it. ZX wanted to switch the tracks but Wayne told him that the other track is damaged and it would cost the lives of everyone on board the train.

Choosing between the life of his only daughter and the rest of the passengers - Michelle died. The train pummeled her at a break-neck speed, crushing her entire body and splattering her blood all over the train. In just a few seconds, there was nothing left of his daughter. Wayne tried to grasp how, the switch operator, could've given up his only daughter to save the passengers on board the train who were oblivious to his sacrifice. He had a new perspective in life.

Christ died for us out of love
yet many know not of His sacrifice
God gave His only Son up
to save and to open our eyes

May you all find meaning in life. Happy Easter.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.