Monday, August 30, 2004

Nature's Call

The urge has been always there.. You know the feeling.. You know the calling..

"Wha- What's that bright light from a far?? It's calling me to it... It's.. It's.. It's so beautiful.."

Bright Light

"There it is... It calls... It calls... It.. It knows my name..."

Room door

Okay... That was a spontaneous and disgusting thought that just happened to pass by my head.. I bought that sticker from Tesco when I saw it and put it on my room door. Now that's what I call decoration. Nice touch eh? =P

NS Buddies are Back!

Me and Shu LinToday, I got to meet and hang out with my 2 dearest NS buddies, Ee Jin and Shu Lin! Gosh! I really miss them, especially Shu Lin. When I first new her at the beginning of the camp, she was the young, innocent, naive little girl. But as we spent time getting to know each other, by the end of the camp, she transformed into a sampat machine with extra thick face. And she blames it on me. According to her, I "changed" her. Hahahaha~ Glad I did. =D

Me Ee Jin Shu LinSo anyway, while I was hanging around in Kenny Rogers (Roasters), she sms'ed me and told me she was in MP already. I replied her sms and before I knew it, she was in KRR too. We exchanged shocked looks and she kept yapping about how different I looked. "Wa, somebody handsome already ohhhh~ Last time bald but now got hair already! Hehe!" What a comment. Embarrassed me only. =P Later, Ee Jin came to KRR too. Okay, here's the deal. Ee Jin is in the same uni as me, but because I'm a May intake and he's a June intake, we hardly see each other, which by the way is kinda sad. We have alot in common (except that he's a free thinker). Both of us has the passion for guitars and music. I shared to him about Christ before and some other philosophical mumbo jumbo crap. *ahem* So much about me being intelligent eh? The 3 of us chatted away while Shu Lin's friend (i've forgotten her name =P) became a lamppost. Wahahahaha! Later SP came too and we went off for lunch.

On the way to Sushi King, we stumbled upon Alan Bong and Hong Eugene (Daphne's bf. Daphne is also another NS buddy from Malacca and there's a long history between us which will remain a secret. Hehe..) So we stood infront of Sushi King and chatted away - again. I've never actually talked to Eugene before, but he seems to know and remember me. *sigh* And so, once again my reputation herald and precedes me. Wahahaha! Lots of laughter today. After a long chat, we went into Sushi King and had our lunch - my treat ofcourse. God really bless me by letting hang out with my NS buddies - my family.

Besides that, I had dinner with SP's family. We celebrated SP's mom's bday. *ahem* Happy Bday Aunty!! =D I prayed for long life for her and when I end my prayer, she gave a long sigh and told me she don't want to live too long. Burst into laughter. We ate at Pizza Hut. There were 5 of us and we ordered a 6 person meal. I end up eating most of it because they didn't had the stomach to push in all of the food. I ate so much that I had a bloated stomach that was visible. SP told me to "suck it in" which was really hard for me. Normally I wouldn't care but since it mattered to her, I tried my best to keep my body in "proportion". Hehe. Had a great time with SP again.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Prayer Request

My dad injured his back again today while playing bowling. So please do keep him in your prayers. It's actually very serious and though it's not that severe. He can't keep his body straight and his back is as crooked as an S. The last time he got it was much worse. He was in trauma because of the pain. Any spasm would cause the pain to come as this problem is dealing with his spine. He was diagnosed with Slip Disk around his back, Lumber 3 and 4. So this reoccurrence is actually very troubling. Once again I asked for your prayers for me dad. Thanx~ God bless.

When The Bowling Gets Tough

Like real...Bowling is an amazing sport if you ask me. One of the few games that I play, and also one of my favourite. Being a semi-active dude, I indulge myself in activities such as table tennis, pool, snooker, badminton, swimming, soccer, basketball, weight-lifting, *ahem* marathon walks and occasional jogs (in Mahkota Parade and surrounding area), pest killing (red ants on mango tree), soul-searching (lepak'ing), and ofcourse, bowling. In all of these sports, I really never did excell in any of them. I would always be 2nd best or last in worse cases. Like I said, I'm a semi-active guy. I spend as much time on the computer, talking about, and doing outdoor activities.

I'm not that fond of bowling actually. It seems no matter how I throw the bowling ball, it would steer its way left or right and eventually enter the drain in a loud dramatic crash accompanied by applauds and laughter. But since after coming back from National Service, SP and I have been actively playing bowling. It is then that I try my best to improve myself so that I won't be the one clowning about while holding a bowling ball. I'm actually *secretly* preparing myself to play with my family as my dad is the super-strong-throw-with-loud-crash guy, my mom the trophy holder, and my bro the all-rounder, I know I have to buckle up my pants and start practicing.

Well, atleast now I can say that I'm better than before but... As Ben Parker would say, "With great powers come great responsibility." Hmmm... Words that echo in the heart of every hero. Hahahaha. Today, as I was playing bowling with SP, she got *abit* upset with me throwing good hits. So after that, I kinda lost my concentration and started throwing really lousy shots. *sigh* Oh well, I got use to that anyway. =D
Secret to bowling : Concentration


Family PotraitBut before we went MP today, we went to pick our son, Shaun Timothy up from his aunt's house. He got a pimple on his cheek! *eek!* How did THAT happened? But who cares? He's just too darn adorable for anyone to notice it. Hehe~ That's my boy!

Another good news; SP's not selected for the National Service programme! Good for you dear! Hmm... Speaking of NS... I really miss my NS days. There are nights when I would just sit in bed and look at all the photographs of my buddies. It brings back LOTS of memories, good and bad, the trying times and the laughing times I had with them. *sigh* I really miss them all - my NS family. One of my NS friend, Shu Lin from Johor, is coming to down to Malacca today but she doesn't know if she'll have time to go out with us or not. Hehe~ We'll only see how today. I did roughly shared to her about Christ and tried explain the pain and suffering that He went through for us while we were in camp. I've always prayed for her salvation and I believe one day, she'll come to know the Lord. Pray for her you guys out there! God bless!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Exam Recap: Unlocking The Trigo

It has been 4 days since my holiday started. Woohooo! Go firgure! Sadly, I haven't been "holiday'ing" yet. I haven't gone out much with SP or enjoy myself in anyway. I find it weird. Really. I mean, I have been wanting this holiday for soooo long. And now that I have it in my grasp, it feels all, jellyish and somewhat weird. Maybe cause I'm all frustrated with the stupid com. Why can't they just listen to commands and do as told? grrr... I feel like asking Allan for some tips on this issue of mine. All this redundant stress reminds me of the time I was studying for my 1st Trimester Finals.

Unlocking The TrigoTrigo was the killer in maths, my, well, 2nd favourite subject (moral is, mind you, the stupidest subject ever made). Anyway, so I had a hard time trying to crack the trigo. Yea, yea. I know I'm not that smart and all. I admit I'm actually quite dumb. Thank you. Maybe it isn't hard. Maybe I just can't see "The Big Picture" of it all. Cause in my mind, I know I can solve it but... I guess my brain runs on an old Pentium 144MHz with 32MB RAM and has no graphic card. Sad, sad, sad. *sobs*

Those were the words spoken from my mouth just last month. Indeed I was dumb. Indeed I was stupid. But now... I'm a GENIUS!!! Muahahaahaha!!


There IS a way to unlock the trigo but, my quest for it ends here - for now. Hehe.

Oh yea, congrats to the new father, James Tan and his wife Mae with the arrival for Baby Jesse. God bless you all!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Three Guys, A Girl, and uh... A Dude

Yesterday, Dad was off. Plan-4-de-day, clean up the whole house and go out. Simple huh? I wish it was. It was 10.05am and I was still in my ever lovely and beautiful dreams when suddenly;

*hand phone ringing loudly*

My dreams break apart matrix style. I drag my body and my head to pick up the bloody call. Only to be told that MMU has somehow lost my application form and they need me to make a new one if not, I can't take my results. "What in the secret toilet bowl of my brother do you mean?!!" I had to take a few deep breaths while the clerk explained the situation to me again. Actually I was quite upset but the clerk keep apologizing, asking me not to get angry. Hearing such things satisfied my evil self and so, I forgave her. Muahahahahahaa!! *sigh* Looks like I'll have to go to MMU and to settle it.

Got out of my bed. Greeted dad. Drank coffee. Took a bath and got dressed. Dad told me that bro took my bike out cause he condemned his car. Wasn't a big problem, so I took my dad's car instead.. Okay, so I went to the admin office. Went through the whole procedure again. The clerk told me that she needed my medical check-up form to be filled again. Not a prob. Went to Un Beng's clinic in town. Paid him a nice visit and chatted with him for awhile.

Just as I turn to leave, dad called me saying that he's on the way to the clinic with Un Phillip too. Another lunch date. Hehe... It seems the two brothers kidnapped their sister's little daughter,(beep). Actually, I thought we were going to eat somewhere with air-cond that's nice and good. Instead, we ate next to the clinic. I didn't complain as I wanted to eat something hot that day. So, I ordered some Curry Mee and the curry, is super H-O-T!! Really enjoyed myself. *ahem* Gluttony is a sin. =D Dad was fooling around with (beep), trying to "teach" her how to use the chopstick. Instead, he ended up clowning around, as usual. Hehe~ That's my dad. =D

Besides the food, though my little cuzzie is abit spoiled and pesky, I kinda enjoyed messing around with (beep). She's what my father, brother and I would call; "ASTRO's Product". When a kid watches too much ASTRO, they'll talk and act a certain way. Much like how (beep) acts.. Seriously.. After that we went to Tesco to shop around. I got myself a CD pouch that could carry 80 CDs, cool~, and I also a Vodka Mudshake: Ice Coffee, even more cool~!. Anything that has to do with coffee intrigues me mann.. I haven't tried it out yet though. I want to share it with my dad and bro. =D

Thursday, August 26, 2004

From The Confidential Files of... GY!!

I bet alot of people would like to know what goes on in a GY meeting. Luckily for those who aren't in The Team, I, *Andrew Liu, bring you secret snap-shots of what goes on in a regular team meeting.

This pictures were taken on the 16th of August 2004, partly the main reason why I'm able to bring you these pictures.

The Team

The meeting was held at GY Team Secret Committee, Samuel Koh's house (with consent and knowledge of parents). Present Team Members were (from oldest to youngest); Agnes Wong (director), Jason Teh & Elizabeth Heng/Teh, Allan Teh, Andrew Liu, Samuel Koh, Neo Ann Na, Grace Lai, Ramona (trainee), Magdalene (trainee), and Sean Teh (the baby). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of the meeting in progress. The best I could get was, by the stroke of luck, pictures after the meeting. Some of these shots are never-seen-before. Parental advisory recommended.

p.s. The picture of Sean is for you Vera! He misses you!
*all names have been altered for protection

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

2nd Day of Holiday

Okay, so today I didn't do ANYTHING productive at all. I literally slept throughout the whole day! I admit, it felt good and stuff as I haven't really slept at all. But it felt really... wierd? I'm not used to sleeping in the afternoons or sleeping for a long time. So though I slept a long time, I feel really wierd after that, like I've wasted my whole day sleeping, (which by the way - IS NOT GOOD!) On normal days, the last thing I would wanna do is sleep throughout the afternoon. If I'm gonna spend my 4 weeks of holiday like this, I'm gonna die at the end of it I think.

Malay Stall-XLuckily, I eventually got up and installed all the latest Macromedia 2004 programs and started messing around with them. Okay, so now I'm no rocket scientist. I realize, those programmes I installed didn't come with FAQ or reference guide! I was totally lost! Connected the net, downloaded those manuals, and started my journey into Macromedia programmes. Hehehe~

Later, my parents and me ate at some malay food-stall. Ordered my usual Teh-O Ice Limau and Nasi Goreng Kampung combo. My parents throw in some satay too. Ate till I'm bloated up. Gonna need to exercise this holiday. I can't afford to grow fat! Nooooooooooo!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Isaac's Bday, GY Style

It started off as a normal birthday party; people smiling, laughing, fellowshipping with one another, drinking their Soya Bean. Isaac cut his cake. Everyone sang along. It atmosphere was great~

But, the peace was not meant to last. A great war was about to erupt and it's cause?

What the? dush!!

It was a massacre, a bloodbath. The massive carnage...

Allan is soaked wet to the underwear!

War does not determine who is right...
Only who is left...
And what Aunty Agnes, our GY director has to say about it?


Well, Blessed Birthday Isaac!

Monday, August 23, 2004

When The Durians Take Control

Agent X. This mission will require you to once again, stick your head out for your country and for the honor of your family. Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to go to Parade of Crowns, codenamed; "MP", and retrieve the Exo-protective Suit, codenamed; "gift". This transmition will automatically self-destruct in 5 seconds... Uh... Make that 3. Good luck. *boom!*

Right... That was lame...

Alright, so I voluntered to buy the "gift" for Isaac's bday party tonight. My father gave me enough information and detail to specifically buy a certain nature of shirt. And so, I did. I bought a sub-hawaiian shirt, or that's what I think it is. I have a really bad sense of fashion. Yea, I know it's sad.

After buying everything and stuff, Rebekah wanted to buy something to eat. Mc Ds was our first choice. So we "tapao" from Mc D and went over to our favourite Durian Ice Koci stall opposite KFC. The Ice Durian is something that all Malaysians should enjoy, if not, get outta this country dude! Some people say that Tan Kim Hock serves better Ice Durian but to me, they are all the same, good-ol Ice Durian. Talk about getting distracted eh?

So I got the shirt and passed it to my dad. Later, I went to Senyum to finish off what I didn't earlier (getting AVP2) but, *sigh* I failed... But hey, atleast I got You Got Served DVD and Macromedia Guideline 2004: Complete Macromedia Software. Cool!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Tunes That Last Forever

Tunes...Listen now, carefully,
That tune that is being played,
What is that melody?
Why is there so much to say?
It is so soothing,
It is so moving,
My heart is pleased,
At the sound of this,
What is this that I long?
My soul yearns for more,
Could it be the Father's song?
Sounds more like the ocean's roar,
So much power in each note,
So much emotion on each string,
Enough to drive away the cold,
And bring me so much peace,
It lets me know,
I'm free...


5 Birthdays!! (excluding mine)

Mine's not inLast night was one of those once-in-a-green-moon event - My mom's side family, celebrated 5 birthdays in a row, all of them in August; my 14 years old cuz, 2 aunties, 1 uncle, and 1 mom - my mom. Hahaha! It was fun I tell ya. Got to meet all my cuzzies, even my KL cuz, whom I thought wasn't coming because of his exams. So, it was one big happy family gathering. Geowayne, my cuz whom I haven't seen for a very long time (though he's in Malacca), also came - late. Hahaha. But atleast he turned up.


Okay, so everyone was eating and yapping about happily. Then suddenly, Uncle James on the karaoke and at first, all the old dudes sang *ahem* including my mom. She has a good voice and I'm dang proud of her. After their moods die down, it was the nephew and nieces turn. Muahahahaha!! We dominated the karaoke. Everyone was laughing at each other's singing. My cuz, Su Pheen was the funniest. Maybe it's because of the picture I took, but she's sooo funny. I especially liked the song Tears In Heaven. *ahem* All my uncles and aunties complimented me saying I had the talent. *applaud!*


Su PheenOkay, so we had a great time (without alcohol, which is cool). Had lots too eat too. Some of them were asking me, "where's SP?" I told them she was busy with her studies and came up with hundreds of possible answers. God really blessed us all with such gatherings.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Music Practice?!

Allan TehAhh.. One of the things I'll never get bored of - music practice. Worship leader; the great... ALLAN TEH!! *AHHH!!! ALLAN!! WE LOVE YOU!!!* Side-note; the back-ups behind him are Grace (half of her) and Paul Goh (Guy Sebastian's cuz... Really). Back to Allan, I've always enjoyed playing for him. A dude with years of worship leading experience and to all the girls, he's cute *and single too* He's so cute that the girls in my church calls him "Chocolate Chipmunk". Brother of the legendary Jason Teh, and the motherly Sharlene Teh, comes the leader, Allan Teh. 3 of the most influential people in the GY.

Justin LeeNext up, we have Justin Lee, younger brother of Rachel Lee, a great drummer and a cool bassist, he plays as good as he pose. Wahahahaa! Just recently, he played the drums for Jason Teoh (my si-fu) for MMU's Battle Of The Bands and got 2nd place, cool! They played Switchfoot's Meant To Live, even more cool! Super skinny guy and has a great cheerful attitude. Typical high school guy.

Me... *sob*
Last up for the musicians, me. Nothing much to say about me lorr... Not many people like me as it seems.. *sob* *sob* So sad... *sob* I feel so alone.

Friday, August 20, 2004

AVP: Whoever Wins, We Lose *go aliens!*

Okay, I gotta admit; I'm a sucker for these kinda things. So I've played AVP2:Primal Hunt before in cyber cafe's and stuff and by golly, it's soooo cool!! I would pick the Alien race cause I feel that they're the best! (humans sux!!) Ok, so they have massive firepower and that exoskeleton thingie and the Predators have great hunting weapons and lots of homing weapons but, I prefer melee attacks anyway. Get down to business with the Alien's claws, poisonous tail, and head-biter. Cool... *drools* Okay, back to AVP in whole, set in the future of Predators and the past of Alien movies, the directors made a good plot with the whole thing.

Today's Mission:
  • Lunch date with bro and, *ahem* Loreen
  • Get glasses back from dad
  • Buy AVP2:Primal Hunt at Senyum
  • Tune the X for tomorrow
  • Study for maths finals on Monday *sigh*

Broken Glasses

Broke me new spec. *sigh* Now I wonder how am I gonna sit for my exam tomorrow. Sigh...


Maybe we've been living with our eyes half open,
Maybe we're bent and broken,

I need the Light to shine my path~


Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Law-Law Exam

I went to bed last night knowing that I would have to wake up earlier than usual today and sure enough, I did - happily. It was a good sleep, really, after staying up till 3am to do some small changes in my blog template. I used Evrsoft to mess with the html. Quite a cool programme if you ask me. Lots of cool scripts and stuff.

SPAnyway, so I slept like a baby when suddenly I was awaken by a call from SP; she needed transport to go back to school. So I, naturally being a good bf (right...), quickly got up around 9am (hey! 9am is early for me ok?!), drank some ever-refreshing coffee, and sped off to MSDC. When I got there, SP told me, "Hey! I pass my exam!". Two possible reactions from me;
2)Waa... So good! Congrats!

Guess which one I picked. =D

Either way, I'm very happy for her. Truthfully. Actually, I'm always happy for her anyhow and anyway. Oh yea, her parents are back from Sg. =D

Got me thinking; the Malaysian all-important-law-law-exam is actually, well, kinda easy. Any Toms, Harry, Dick can pass this exam (no offence to those who failed). It is actually because of this easy exams that we have so many dangerous, hazardous, treacherous, precarious, perilous, dare-devil drivers our ever-safe Malaccan road.


Sorry, I couldn't help laughing at that. After all, I'm a very safe, secure, anodyne, cautious, prudent driver and rider. *smiles...*

This is a picture of my motorcycle sticker. Aaron Wee and my other buds gave it to me in recognition of my.. Uh.. Something larr..
My Transporter

Rescue Me

Planet Shakers - My King

Rescue Me

When all alone the world is such a different place
Sometimes it's hard to keep the smile upon my face
It seems like I tried so hard but still I let you down
It taken so long but now there's one thing that I've found

When everything starts crashing down
When all I know falls to the ground
When darkness comes and I can't see
You're always there to rescue me

Just when I think that I have got it figured out
You open my eyes and let me see that there's no doubt
That You've got it all within the power of Your Hand
It seems like the more I know the less I understand

When everything starts crashing down
When all I know falls to the ground
When darkness comes and I can't see
You're always there to rescue me
When all my strength has turn to fear
When I wonder if You're near
When I dunno how to break free
You're always there to rescue me

I wonder if I'll make it through this darkest night
I need to know Your strength in me gonna win this fight
I'm reaching out won't You take my hand show me to the light
I know You're by my side

It seems like I tried so hard but still I let you down
It taken so long but now there's one thing that I've found

When everything starts crashing down
When all I know falls to the ground
When darkness comes and I can't see
You're always there to rescue me
When all my strength has turn to fear
When I wonder if You're near
When I dunno how to break free
You're always there to rescue me

When Prices of Gas Go Up

It's sad mann... Gas is SO exspensive these days. Pumping a full tank could empty half of your wallet. When half of your wallet is empty, you can be sure that people will have a short fuse right? Hahahaa~ But it's all cool.

When the price of gas go up? What you get? Small gas lorrr~ Muahahahaha!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


When the darkness comes...
When life is boring and dull...
When your daily routine is only tv...
When your head is empty...
When your brain is missing...
When you feel dumb...
When all you think about is nothing...
When you see flying musical notes...
When the world looks flat...

Drink Roibo!! Feeling good!!

all advertisements are charged accordingly


Knowing what is wrong
I stood still and calm
I face my foe readily
With my hands grasp tightly
Ready to give a deadly blow
Ready to attack this deadly foe
Cautiously circling this enemy
I analyze I examine
Knowing he can't be beaten
Through ordinary means
I look to the heavens
And I prayed to Him
I hold my heart
And my bible
I put on my armour
And whisper a prayer
As it reaches to heaven
I could see it clear
My God is there
And I have nothing to fear - WontdieonE

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Happy Bday Un Wong!!

1st of all. I just wanna say, Happy Birthday Un Wong!!
Un Wong

Malim FoodcourtToday, my family had dinner with Un Wong's family (without Renee along). We ate at Malim Foodcourt, which is one of my family's reggie place to eat. This time, I had fried-rice and oyster-egg. Not bad. Not bad. Talked a lot about church and stuff. Un Wong told us about his mission work and stuff. He's currently using his football background as a ministry to reach out to the youth. Cool~

Reneee Erin Wong
Oh yea, this is Renee. I knew her since the 1st day she came my church. Now she's currently studying in Lim Kok Wing University. Don't be fooled by her cute-cute-pretty-look. Really.

That's a Biggie!

Any dude with E.D. shouldn't have that problem after taking this baby. Wahahahahaha!!

Uhh... Just for the record; my brother is fine. Heh~

The Beef Stall With A Cool Dude

GAH!!It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, bright sunny day, perfect for my mom's birthday. "Let's have lunch at Sinho Garden." my dad said and so, we went. Drove in my mom's Kancil automatic (with not enough air in the tyre). Bro drived while I was the navigator; telling the best route to take and the short-cuts to get there. Everything was fine until my bro exclaimed, "Hey, got dead cockroach in your air-cond larr," Wha-? Where?! I knew I had see this and sure enough, it was there, stuck between the holes was a dead brown-reddish creature of evil. The cause of death; unknown. But heck~ Who cares? I just wanna take a pix of it and get on with lunch.

Sinho Garden, Bkt BaruThough it was quite packed, we reached Sinho Garden and parked the car with ease (it comes naturally). Looked around for a good table and seat under the fan, with a nice veiw. A dude came and took our drinks order and we didn't have to wait long for our them to come. As usual, I was clueless as to what I wanted to eat. So, I waited for the rest of my family to order before making my choice. I initially spotted a sign that says, "Fried Prawn Mee" but experience told me that it would suck. Eventually I ordered the reggie Char Kuey Teow cause my father ordered one for himself too.

John LaiOur main purpose of eating at Sinho is the Beef Noodles. The guy who's running that shop is a friend of mine and the son of my father's friend; John Lai, ex- St David *ahem*. Handsome eh? Okok~ Stop drooling now! He's a super friendly guy though he looks timid. His father owns a Marine Fish Shop at Klebang, and that's how my dad met his dad and thats how we met. He's also a Christian and a drummer.

Over all, the food there hasn't fail us, YET. My family is very particular of what we eat and we always have comments on the food. That's what you get for having a dad who works in the F&B line. Sinho is located at Bukit Baru, next to the pasar borong there. The laksa is also cool so check it out. God bless~

The 1986

Ronald Reagan is president of the US

The US officially observes Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday for the first time

The space shuttle Challenger explodes moments after lift off, killing 6 astronauts and a teacher

A major nuclear disaster occurs at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union

Japanese video game maker Nintendo introduces its games to America

US warplanes bomb Libyan headquarters in retaliation for terrorist attacks

The Soviet Union launches the Mir space station

IBM unveils the PC Convertible, the first laptop computer

Charlotte Church, The Olsen twins, and Lindsay Lohan are born

New York Mets win the World Series

Chicago Bears win Superbowl XX

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Top Gun is the top grossing film

"That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne & Friends spends the most time at the top of the US charts

ALF, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Pee-wee's Playhouse premiere

A guy, who was nicknamed WondieonE by his friends for having gone through 4 near-death accidents (3 car-hits-motorcycle and 1 bus-hits-motorcycle), 12 “normal” accidents, and gracefully avoided 18 accidents, was born.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Exam Fever Of MMU


"GAH!! I'm up! I'm up!" Stares at clock - 7.50am
Falls back to sleep..


Not Nescafe'"Huh~? Crap, 8.15am~ English starts at 9..." *yawn* Looks around puzzled. *sigh* "I'm gonna be late."

Walks to the fridge and grabs a good cold morning coffee. Aahhhh~ Black coffee~ Always refreshing~ Okay, time to get my day going!

Took my bath. Drank more coffee. Locked the doors and off to MMU. Ladies and gents, I welcome you to, MMU's Exam Week!! *cheers!*

Okay~ So English was kinda tricky. Hmmm... The lecturer must be some foxy chick with a fetish for younger guys.. Either that or I'm just talking nonsense. I'm betting on nonsense. Anyway, CSA was tough - really. I didn't expect so many database related questions! I was cought off guard! Luckily, I did quite well for my programming - or so I thought~ *shivers*

So much for day one eh? I have another 2 weeks more of this. *sigh* I know I don't look worried but the truth is, I'm damn edgy right now. Focus On The Family: No Apologies

Speaking of edgy, SP and Phoebe's parents are in going to be in Sg for quite some time. *ahem* Remember SP and Phoebe, No Apologies!

But the day ain't over yet - Dad came home bringing more... *ahem* ingredients for the cocktails. Cool~
The funny part is that he's doing a great job at hiding it away from mom's eyes. Hahahaha~


No time to post~ Gotta study! *smirks*

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Mom's Bday~!

Weee~!! Today we celebrated my mom's bday at The Seafarer Restaurant; a fancy baba nyonya restaurant. Owned by my father's friend, Mike Thein. Un Mike own's Explorer Boats, one of the leading Fibre Boats manufacturer in Malaysia. He's super rich and has a very nice personality. Oh yea, he has other branches overseas too. *drool*

We had a splendid time eating out butts out. The pranakan food was awesome! Sambal fish, curry prawns, ginger chicken... Woah~ Okay, as we were eating away, this kid suddenly appeared and started claiming that he knows my bro from somewhere but my bro has no clue who the kid is. We tried to chase him away but to no avail. So he was there bugging us throughout the whole time until my mom suddenly 'siong' him and said sternly, "Boy. Go away. Now." 3 magical words and the boy suddenly dissapeared. Bro and I couldn't stop laughing. But we really pitied the boy. I mean, he's only Strd 3 but he has to suffer from the trauma of encountering my mom. Muahahahaha!!

If you see this boy, RUN!

This time, my father brought along a 1541 Santiago. It was abit dry but nevertheless, we always enjoy our wine. As my dad would say, wine not? We drank our wine, ate our Black Forest ice cream, and enjoyed the country music. Tomorrow, I have my finals going on. *sigh* Pray for me people! Now, time to sleep~ Heh

Babu is Back

Divesh M. Shah, also known to his friends as, Babu. One of the cool dudes from High School's class of '86. He's currently studying at TAR college, Selangor. *sigh* I miss the good ol' days when all of us would laugh happily in class and study hard for our exams, enjoying every bit of the lesson..

Yea right!!

Hahahaha! Actually you could hardly find us in class being all goody goody. We trashed High School with our pranks and antics and made sure that our legend will always remain.

BabuOkay~ Back to Babu. On Saturday evening, Aaron called me up and told me Babu is back! Hopped on my bike and went to Aaron's crib. From there, when to pick up the rest of the ol' school and car pool all the way to town. The reason? A bottle of Vodka Absolut. Babu got his hands on this bottle for RM50 which is, actually, I dunno.. Cheap? So we met up, went to Ujong Pasir's jetti, sat down, open up the vodka and 7up and some kuaci, and reminisce about the old times and how we miss these 'get-togethers'. Talked about where were we now and what are we currently studying, talked about love, life, and the ol' school days. Drank and yap about till past midnight.

Vodka Absolut

PUREWhen we finished the bottle, we wanted to go PURE but it seems it's too pack. The next best thing; Peppermint cafe'. Open 4 jugs and played some pool. Been a long time since we ever went clubbing. Was fun~ Haha. So most of us were too drunk to drive, so I drove Aaron and Deva back to Malim, seizing the opportunity to test Aaron's car and I tell you, Aaron's car was super powerful. 100x better than Phoebe's Iswara. Hahahahaha. Tested his gear, pick-up, skid ability and maximum speed and ofcourse, made them really hold on to their seats. =P Came back at 4.30am. Feeling dead tired and exhausted, I dropped straight to bed~ But in the end, it was fun to hang out with my old friends.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Holiday's Over Kid

*kicks!* "Oh.. Ok.. I'm up.. I'm up.."

That's how I felt when I woke up today. Still getting the after effects from the fever and migraine.

"You look like crap!" I stared into the mirror, and indeed, I did looked like crap. Woke up late, hanged up some laundry. *moan* Back still slightly aching. Well atleast I'm gonna enjoy today. Hehe~

My sonWent to SP's house again. Cracked up some jokes and talked to her mom. It seems her mom's having some business problem. Oh well, prayer seems to work for me, it'll sure work for her. Hehe.

Ok, so we went out as usual but today, I brought my son along *ahem*; the ever cute Shawn. I could stare at him for hours and fall asleep like a baby I tell ya. Wahahahahaa! Isn't he cute?

At night, Phoebe belanja'ed/treated me dinner at Bird Paradise. While driving there she asked me this odd question,

"ND, do you know where's Bird?"

I told her;
"I know where's mine." Everyone in the car started laughing. Okay, so it was kinda crude but I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry... Thanx girl for the treat. It was kinda fun and stuff. Hehe. End the day eating some ice at the famous Amote'. Service was supper slooooooooow I tell ya. We were quite fed up and wanted to eat at MORE instead. Well, we had the patience. Haha.

The pic ain't clear as it was taken with my handphone,

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