Thursday, June 28, 2007

| transformers!!

No, I have not watch it yet. Initially I was hoping to catch it this Saturday but now, with the added tasks, I guess not. More on that later.

Tuesday CF was fun, fun, and double fun! Though I wasn't not directly participating in it, it was fun to watch ya'll suffer laughing away cheerfully. Me was supposed to be planning for it but due to some dumb lecturer, my class was changed to 7-10pm. Yea it's dumb, I know.

is that the transfiguration of- oh wait, it's just them

But alas, my precious, very giler precious granddaughter whose heart is as pure as ivory helped take over the planning and I must admit it, she did a great job, way better than I imagined. For that, she got her Lays, Cheddar Cheese potato chips as a reward. heh~

thanx deb~ *muakz~*

Anyway, as I earlier said, now I can't catch Transformers on Saturday because pastor gave the guys extra work that night and thus, no free time to watch that awesome show. Oh well, service comes first - that's one of my principles. Worship Team Outreach (WTO) KL is gonna be fun indeed.

Nite peeps~

profound... *stares*

p.s. somebody please invite me watch transformers~~ *sob* *sob*

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

| darth ma-lak

There's a new craze amongst the sadistic, sadomasochistic very nice CF'ers. Actually, it's not new. The proper word should be, 'rediscovered'. So yea, there's a rediscovered craze and its name is ma-lak, translated as 'numbingly spicy'. Well.. it's not a craze actually. It's just a passing motion thingie, just like the Beatles, the Godfather, table tennis and Jon Bon Jovi. But it's sure fun to watch!

they didn't suffer as badly as justin tho..

Maybe the world isn't as small as I once thought it was.. or maybe I'm just narrow minded. But seriously, I thought that EVERYONE in The Great City Of Malacca would've at least eaten at Wilson's Chicken Rice at least once. Guess there's something new everyday after all *stares over the horizon*.

one bird of goodness and a whole lotta deep-fried intestines

there's always something to say about these two

My baby is finally here. Touched down in Malacca Sentral at 9.45pm, I held it in my arms and learned that she's a baby with one serious weight issues. Thanks to VJ, her trip from KL to Malacca is a smooth one. He gets two free Starbucks for his efforts. *applause*

i christen her, Bravo.. Johnny Bravo

Yea right. She's too cool for sucha name. To call her Johnny Bravo would be degrading her hybrid coolness and hotness. Taking into account her, slick body with a large number of buttons and knobs, I finally found the perfect name for her.

thus, i christen her, Jr.. Andrew Jr

Now tremble in fear before her array of sounds from all BOSS pedals and COSM Amps!! Bow before her stainless steel mighty toughness and- give me RM10 to cover the cost to bring her into my world. *sob* *sob* There goes 1k of my life savings.

read name

Despite the down pour, I went to find dad earlier this evening. He called me over to check out the new phone that after a gazilion of thought that I'm planning to buy for my birthday. Yeap, I've finally settled on the phone that I want and the pattern seem all to Andrew-ish alright. From N73ME to N70 to W810i. If you don't see the pattern, then here, let me show you in another light. RM1700 to RM 1000 to RM840. Yea, that's my pattern.

nothing like a good hot latte'
in a cold rainy day
and it rhymes

Was planning to post a spoof I made out of Optimus Prime but I guess I'll hold it off till this Friday. hehe~

Nite peeps~

p.s. Happy Birthday bro~

Saturday, June 23, 2007

| priority punker

*looks at title*

Nothing really makes sense these days eh?

It's either I've been super slacking or I've been really busy which result in me not blogging consistently. Pick one, anyone. The latter, the best.

thieves find it hard but it-a piece o' cake

I've done some minor modding on my wife. Floyd rose guitar are a tricky little thing and is one heckuva hassle to restring or tune. Since I don't really use the tremolo THAT often, might as well just lock up the whole floating bridge. After checking various people applying the same technique, I saw up some plywood and slot them in like a butter to the knife.. I think.

gotta love getting ya hands dirty

In doing so I have just locked the bridge so that it won't stretch or slack thus turning it into a normal bridge, increase the sustain due to the resonance in the wood, either that, or I've just messed up my guitar really, REALLY badly.

serving over self

Some of you may have already heard of my almost-came-to-pass plan for this coming Wednesday. One fine day, bro was being extra (suspiciously) nice to me and invited me to watch the PREMIERE of Transformers in KL, IMAX. IMAX!! Without much thought I immediately said yes (it's the premiere! what can I say?) only to find out (or to remember) that I have other obligations on that night; I have practice for WTO KL.

So the thought of me having a short, one-day holiday up to KL to celebrate my bro's 22nd birthday and at the same time, catch the premiere of an anticipated block buster, was flushed down the drain. In my mind, I picture myself going there, taking a bunch of pictures of me in IMAX and posting it up that night itself saying, "HA! I watched the premiere, baby!!"... *sigh* Debbie's laughing at me again.

*ahem*... "HA! I watched the premiere, baby!!"

If you weren't there to enjoy it, there's always something called photoshop or as I called it, advanced daydreaming.


Nite peeps~

Friday, June 22, 2007

| frankenstiening my wife

May God have mercy on her soul.

Actually, she has none.

But to keep her pleasant in my eyes and more importantly, my ears, I have little choice but to block and lock her little, irritating, Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.

But such procedures are dangerous and it shall take quite some time. Therefore, I can do no further tonight and continue my experiments.. tomorrow..

Good night~

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

| a father's food

I'll keep this short and simple. It's been awhile since I last posted about food so here goes nothing! At the ding-dong of the clock, we wished dad Happy Father's Day, crack open a fresh, ice-cold can of beer and cheers to the occasion. So what's next? Rather than taking dad to the usual places like Loi's Bak Kut Teh and Carry On Steamboat, we decided to go for the extra mile. We went to Macap Umbai Ikan Bakar. Hear the heavenly cry of real good seafood.

left=dad - right=mom

chilly lalas

fresh smoked siakap

black pepper crab

anticipated sotong fritters

brother does the camera-shoot-self thingie

a family that eats together grows fat together

It was a very good, hearty meal and most importantly, dad was a happy man. Sure it was expensive but for my dad's happiness, I'd gladly pay for it. Just like my heavenly Dad's happiness, I'd gladly pay that price. Hopefully, one day, I might just bring some people here to eat. Umbai = the real ikan bakar.

say own493

If you read this post before CF starts, then good for you! If you read it after, then sorry larr. Here's a sneak preview of what's to come this Tuesday's CF, the first CF of the trimester.

alfe - artistic looking facial expression

Sorry, wrong pic. Here's to the new trimester. God bless people and good night!
wontdieone, signing out~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

| a father's day

Difficult? Challenging? Hard? I guess none of these words could describe the past few weeks of my life. But one thing I know for sure, things have change.

people with genuine simultaneously weird faces

I can't truthfully say that everything was good and happy, joyful with laughters and all; there were days when I wished I had taken a different path. Wishful thinking. I was made embarrassed, forced my heart to turn stone cold, put on that distasteful mask that I so hate to wear and was drained to the bottom of my soul.

powder from hell

CRY BABY! CRY!! okay, that was mean. sry~~

For a man like, knowing my own character and personality to have a brilliance of confidence in my strength and abilities, have now been stripped down bared and drained dry. The shell has been removed and all that lies exposed the core.

stick another board, stick a board next to ya
stick another board and sing this song

But yet I somehow managed to stand on my feet, lift my head up and continue pushing onwards. I knew this was not my strength. This feeling of nostalgia reminded me of a time when I lived my life not on my own strength and somewhere along my path, I've forgotten the source of my strength and began to rely on my own strength more.

work work ~ grunt

Yea, now I remember how much I had when I had nothing, how strong I was when I was weak. Love in the shadows. I remembered the source of my strength. I'm not wearing my mask. I smile from my heart. Despite the events that life has thrown into my face a few days ago, my Father has given me the strength I needed to not fall.

girls make good sticky stuff

I'm glad, I truly am, to have such a wonderful Father whom above all, never let me go. The real father's day, belongs to Him. Happy Father's Day and thanks Dad, for being my strength.

*sneak preview*

I'm not alone.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

| orientation for everyone

Orientation. Once again, the few who stayed back and those who came back are.. well, back.. to help.. I guess. I have no idea what I'm saying but I hope it is something cool.


praise : this pic look nice.. granddaughter and grandfather

So far, from Monday to Wednesday we've seen some interesting new Alphas. As usual, some of them were shy and some were.. nah, all of'em were shy bunch. Brought together by various circumstances played out as events of motion that the order of the ebb and flow of time dictates.

statement : people with simultaneous weird faces

Okay. Watching Next gave me that. I love shows that deals with theories of physics especially when it deals with the concept of time dilation, pre-destined paradoxes, etc. This show seems to be, so far, quite flawless in its concept. Sweet.

japanese folklore: debbie's tea stem floating upright = good luck

So yea. Was supposed to talk about Orientation Week so lets see.. Hmmm~ So far the Alphas are giving a good first impression larr and on our side, I hope them Alphas won't get any severely massive culture shock from our nonsense. Seriously.

japanese folklore: lucius's tea stem reverse of debbie's = ??

Today some of the CF'ers can't be at YAC to help out in the evening as we had to go for the Celebration Of Hope training thingie. Mostly CG Leaders and a few church committee members went for the training so expect something interesting happening nearing the end of this year - expect HOPE.

scandal pic : marianne and lucius?! *gasp*

So after giving out flyers from 5.30pm to nearing 6pm. We quickly grab our dinner and headed straight of Calvary Life Assembly. Celebration Of Hope is a movement initiated by Billy Graham, an evangelist and a faithful servant of God, to bring evangelism to homes of Christians.

reference : my HOPE, we ain't no pastors

I ain't no flannel mouth so to get into the whole kit and caboodle will be a heap of words. So I guess ya'll will just havta wait for the whole grand fandango because this stuff is fine as cream gravy. How else to hold a candle to what God has set for us than be in apple pie order for the game and not beat the devil around the stump or pass the buck to someone else. Now that's the Simon pure. Let us all be someone to ride the river with what God has planned for the Badlands Malaysia, ya hear?

we ain't coppering our bets

Okay, where that came, boys, I'm at sea but ya'll can get a twig by checking out this bully site and ya'll might just have a hog-killin' time.

so ya'll build a loop around ya bible, ya hear?

Hehe~ That's rich. Good nite peeps and look forward for a great year of harvest.

Monday, June 11, 2007

| perserving innocence activate

It's just one of those days when I see why God has placed me to be a Malaccan.

your life is seen through your reflection

The perks, and the works. The sacrifices and the laughters. Yea. Just one of those days. But the day for me is once again filled with mixed emotion. Kinda made me question the characteristics of a human mind; why we do the things we do, our motivation - our reason for doing good and bad.

this generation lacks innocence

Call me bias. Call me a hypocrite. Call it discrimination.

But I've always felt that as Christians, there are certain things that we just DON'T do. God has made it in such a way that I've seen, heard and experience plenty in this life, through my ups and my downs. I've seen the most righteous of people and the lowest scum and I've came to see through their perspective of life. I've done my share of good and bad too but through it all, I haven't fail to uphold to my principles in life.

and they know not the consequences

I guess I need not mention the things that we, as Christians shouldn't do - it all boils down to your own individual principles and conviction. But forget not that living life as Christians is tough as we are 'expected' to do the good and persecuted when we fall. But I do believe that we can maintain that standard that God has set for us. We pursue it though we are not righteous.

serving : all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags

It has and most probably, always will be my burden, my concern to watch for, to look out and to protect what little innocence that is left in my generation. Some of the people closest to me has already lost theirs and it truly breaks my heart. So I pray that God will have mercy on us and may His grace never stop flowing. For if His grace stops, we are all doomed.

Think about it.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

| lai lai lai! it's cf orientation week!!

Yes, it's the calm before the storm.

A nice storm for that matter.

But actually, no storms are nice so I guess we can't call it a storm..

Anyway, Saturday and Sunday = Alpha Registration days!!
A special group of elite flyer-giver/thrower/force-it-down-your-throat specialist from, *clears throat* The Great Wondrous City Of Malacca (and several imported people) will be out on the prowl, targeting our flyer-related on unsuspecting parents who will most probably be giler worried about sending their kids to university, therefore accompanying them right to the front gate with a tearful, "Take care ya.. *sob sob* AND COME BACK FOR DINNER!!".

Beautiful.. just beautiful.

We're coming for ya, Alphas.. Muahahahahaa~

Just kidding. We love ya all.

pro-tip: enjoy your holiday while you still can~

Thursday, June 07, 2007

| well rested and work readied

The four days of holiday proved to be better than I initially expected. In fact, it seemed better than the previous ones. It's either I've been sniffing excessive bread dough or my brain's running on the positive-attitude switch. I'm putting my bets on the latter.

hope not and you won't be disappointed

Gloria is extra happy during the holidays because she gets to spend more time with us. To be precise, it's because we get to spend more time with her. Picture a typical farmland, Lassie standing tall over the hill as the sun casts the morning shadow. She sprints, chasing the stick you just threw and brings it back, jumping unto you as the both of you roll down the hill on the green, green grass of home..

..but in reality, it'll hurt if you'd roll down here

Went to KL with GerX, GerXlilBro, and Joachim, our tour guide. For a junior, he's a pretty fun guy to hang out with and to poke fun at. He showed us the local chill out cafe for minors where he used to hangout during his high school life. We went to Wan/1 Utama, and IKEA. Got to know him better throughout the two days and his affinity for minors and we had fun. Yea~ Fun.

im no pedo

GerXlilBro took us to.. well, karaoke as GerX said she has never been to one before. Sang plentiful of songs, displayed our amazing ability to embarrass oneself, and poke fun at oldies. No karaoke session is complete without a good dose of Michael Learns To Rock Even Though They've Been Around Since 1988.

paint my love.. you should paint my love..
it's a picture of a thousand Andrews~

We loiter around Wan/1 U as GerX was busy shopping for things that I have no interest in whatsoever as I have zit for fashion sense. Anyway, initially GerX and I wanted to have dinner at Sakae Sushi restaurant at The Curve but according to Jo, there's a really good sushi buffet restaurant in Wan/1 U for RM50 per-person. Sushi? Buffet? RM50 only?! What followed was pretty obvious.

say hello to my little shogun ~ scarface

First impressions were good. They open for dinner at 6.30pm and we headed there right on the dot but there were many people in the restaurant already. From the entrance, the place looks like a 5 star hotel buffet that specializes in Japanese food. With a very, VERY wide variety of Japanese food to stuff yourselves with. Naturally I went nuts and swallowed the whole place up along with the people in it was happy.

pinch me because i must be sleeping

My first round consists of sushis and sashimis. As I took a picture of the plate, a waiter came over and said that I'm not allowed to take pictures of the food. Was kinda shocked and annoyed at first but I complied - I am, after all, synonymous to the word 'gentleman'. But I spared not the food that was laid before me. That pic was only the first round and I had plenty of rounds so much so I felt super-stuffed.

In the perspective of food and eating, I was NEVER as happy I was that night. I was so happy that going to IKEA later that night and Low Yat the next morning to buy a HDD cooler and 1GB DDR2 RAM meant nothing to me. In fact, I'm so happy thinking of it right now that I decided to sell pictures of the CF Committees 07/08 sleeping. Here's a freebie.

look at his face and think sushi

I told myself that I MUST bring people who shares my foodsion (food+passion) for sushi to Shogun one day and together, we shall bask in all that is good and true. Long live Japanese superiority. heh~

In other news

Not many know but it is coming soon..

war.. war never changes..

Ready to pump full-speed ahead~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.