Friday, March 30, 2007

| ambitioned missions

Once again I must say this; is there not one day where I can live my life without feeling this way? Shouldn't wisdom, rationale and understanding govern our thoughts before we put it into action? I guess its too late. The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, has come to a close. In its place we have entered a period of consequences.

old.. wrinkled.. ugly

Alas, it's Thursday; another day I look forward to deep down in my light swallowing soul. Snuffing out that black hole, I've learn not to be bothered, irritated and disappointed by the petty things that distract and distraught me - CG's gonna be fun regardless of what happened throughout the day.

young.. vibrant.. but still ugly

Went to Bukit Beruang's famous mamak aka Jiki. We had to turn down the unbelievably tempting Loi's Bak Kut Teh as we were tight on budget but we're saving up money to go there on the fortnight. When there is a will, there is a way, boys. Initial plan was to head back to Paddlepop's and watch some movies but I guess circumstances strayed us away from that plan and before you know it, Solo (pronounced as saw-lo') and Richard came after their mid-term/class.

digi's mascot invading jess private sphere
"I will follow juuuuu~"

As a wise men once said, "they were hungry, therefore they cook, and eat.. and stuff." Luncheon meat were fried, potatoes were boiled, eggs were scrambled and before you know it, we have food ladies and gentlemen, we have food.. *smiles*

chef saw-lo dowing 'iz thing

glad those aren't mine.. *whew~*

After today's CG, I've come to a realization as to how we, The Ish-Ish CG specialize very well in the art of making mashed-potatoes. Oh my gawd~ The butter.. is.. melting.. heaven. Two new innovations we made today was the recipe for, Milk Chocolate Mashed Potatoes (MCMP), and Long Live Longan Mashed Potatoes (LLLCP). Pretty interesting I must say.

can hear the sound of food crying to the you..

After a hearty meal and of course, a good, small, homely birthday celebration for Su Be, we sat down and chatted the night away. Among the many perverted and sedih-fyingly corrupted interesting topics we talked about *koff*, we talked about the ambitions we had. You know, the stuff we WANT to do, not forced to do. Here's a short summary of it.

marine corps (with mini-skirts tight leather boots)

pilot (with air-hot.. i mean hostess *koff* by his side)

farmer's wife (with Lassie by her side)

fishermen (with unlimited sushi and tokyo babes by his side)

astronaut (with enough space to keep her violin in her suit)

So what about me? What do I wanna be? I just wanna be alive and fulfilled.

In other news,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

| sit - wait - go

Gloria's getting more obedient each passing day and man, am I proud of her. Hahaha~ I guess she listens better these days after all the beating, whipping and torture the heart-to-heart training and tough love my family pours on her.

diggin' her new bone

there's something about dogs and the way they puppy-stare

So far, she understands "Sit", "Wait", "Go", "Come here" and the best of all; "Fetch the keys and start the engine". Isn't she an unbelievably smart girl? I'm gonna let her join them competitions after I teach her the MJ's Moonwalk. Gonna get Joash to help me on this - if 2 legs are tough enough, what about 4??

prize-winning stance

I've heard plenty of people living in Malacca (specifically Bukit Beruang complaining about the lack of variety of food in The Great State Of Malacca. Obviously, those who complain have yet to watch the educationalslashdocumentary Cultural Learnings of Malacca for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of The Rest Of The Freakin World.

the only store that was still open after 2pm

So yea, dad and I found this quiet little shop deep in the heart of the jungle that is my taman, Liberty Park. It looks a class above the rest of the mini-foodcourts and hawker stalls around so we decided to check it out.

Okay. We're just hungry so we didn't pay attention to the details till after the meal.

you know the fried rice is good when there's lots of pork in it

a lunch for two for less than RM10 (pork included)

First impressions of the stall was that they're a new business and they had their fingers crossed as we entered. We ordered two simple dish, yong chow fried rice with pork and stir fried pork chop with rice. Food was good, and though the fried rice was just a little tasteless, they manage to cover it up by throwing in lots of pork.

Bah~! Anything and everything with pork in it taste good - 'nuf said.

In other news, today yesterday was Su Be's birthday so..

Not only that, it was Ng Zhen Xin, Yong Kok Phin, and Victor Kee's Birthday too, so..

one more time.. go!

nothing like coffee after some good photoshop

Monday, March 26, 2007

| food for fhought.. or something

didn't notice the sign while i was taking this pic.. heh~

My beloved bike finally succumb to the chilled touch of Hades. It's clutch gave way and I can't kick into gear - she was sent to the hospital. And to think that she would make it for another 100km before I'd service her. Oh well, guess we're all getting old.

a little.. just a little pimpin'

Recently went out with dad and bro to run some errands. Actually, there weren't any errands to run other than getting bro his new specs. His old one gave way and he dislikes wearing contacts VAIN VAIN VAIN for too long a period as it irritates his eyes. So we head down to Bachang's branch of Eye To Eye's optometrist to see what there is.. to see.

small, humble, nice

For some wildly unknown reason that only seems to affect my family, I sat there doing nothing, waiting for I-have-no-idea-who, while bro was indecisive. Hunger stroke us hard and before you could say "Great Teacher Onizuka!", we were out looking for a place to sate our maddening gluttonous appetite. We heard that there's good food around this corner and true enough, we found it. All the way from Mata Kuching, the famous Mata Kuching Curry House.

asam pari, curry chiken, good ol' pork and tofu

We ordered our food and ate like a madmen who's riding a monkey holding a whip shouting, "Nip-snip!!".. or something closely related to that. *koff* In the meantime, we got a little closer with the owner of the place.. well, the owner's girlfriend to be precise. heh~

everyone, meet Jill..

After an unbelievably satisfying meal (we ordered another plate of them roxxxor asam pari!), we attended to some unfinished business at Eye To Eye.

Wa-.. *sigh*

Eventually, bro chose them pimping specs that matched his personality perfectly precise. That's the 3 P's that you should look for when choosing new specs. Trust me and it won't go wrong.

now THAT's pimpin

In other news, I had the pleasure of feeding Gloria the remains of my fallen enemy whom I've sworn to kill. After a battle, I finally gave the killing blow to the 210kg cow whose remains now rest in my stomach and whose bones shall be the delight of my precious pet. For Sparta!! Gotta love them DVD rip of the movie 300.

yummy.. for the dog - not me

I gave myself a treat and grilled some good ol' lamb chops for my family to chew on. It was gooooooood.. If ever you had a choice between lamb or steak, unless the steak is like, really expensively good and tender, go for the lamb. No second thoughts. No regrets. Who says I can't cook huh?

lamb-bieeee~ lamb-bieeeeee~

i have no idea why this pic is in here

Here's too all the emo status I've been following for some time now.

The flowers may fall
But after winter,
Spring will surely come

Friday, March 23, 2007

| its da-mid term week

So far on my side I've, only sat for one paper on Wednesday. The next is this later this evening. Mixed feelings about this one again. Seems easy but yet, you'll never know what kinda question them sick demented lecturers might give eh?

kinda sets the mood before cf starts

Last Tuesday's CF, honestly, felt a little routine at the beginning. As I sat amongst familiar faces and chatted away. But then, it was I this time who is responsible to bring these people whom might have that same routine-feeling I had and bring to to worship God. I listened as closely as I can to that silent Spirit of God. Hopefully, I too, laid down my burdens at the door.

them is teh hebrew old testament!

them is teh greek new testament!! w00t~

This is the 3rd time I've felt, open and flipped through pages of a hebrew bible. Despite how I know nothing of its language nor understand the meaning behind those lines and dots, I know it is significant. Preacher laughs funny. People laugh at preacher's funny laugh. Tired..

the rain that emo'ed the world

When it rained the next day, many people's status were emo status. The rain sure knows how to bring those cries of the heart out, even if a little. Deep down. I was emo'ing too but I ain't gonna spill it here. Not when the world is reading this. Oh no! I can't! It's.. too embarrassing as I'm sucha macho, handsomely tough guy. heh~ Thankfully, I'm wontdieone.

them big pile of fries

Thursday came and it was time to push aside books and knowledge of the world and focus on the Word. If there are two highlights in my life during the weekdays, it would be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday is too full of classes and Wednesday just bores me out. Friday on the other hand, is full of mixed art of motion. The Aiyooooooooo CG leeched on our transportation to go to Ayer Keroh's Mc D. I felt so... used. heh~

he ain't meditating mann

But now, for some reason, I felt awful lot better now. heh~ Gotta get back into studying.

masking the face that hides the heart

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

| feeling the acoustic

Self-goal: To play this song smoothly (or at least acceptably) by August.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

| jamming with ryuk

Here's a few tips for guitarist on how to improve oneself through jamming with shockwaves of loud music blasting into your delicate eardrums without actually going to a crappy, smelly jamming studio or finding a band to play with ya. You do it at home.

You'll need to have 3 things ready;

Number 1. The instrument (of mass-destraction)

a good, clear loud sound system

a host of mp3s of your favourite songs

Close the windows, lock the doors, pump up the volume and get ready to rock! Oh yea, do yourself a favour and wear ear protection just in case you over do it with the volume - it rings often these days. heh~ But on the serious note, that's normally how I practice at home. It's easier and quicker to learn when you're playing with the original music coming out loud and clear from them good speakers that won't accidentally play the wrong note or chord. If it does, it's part of the song smarty.

ana-chan, becca and sepet posing with ryuk and L

The Games Anime Comics Circle (GACC) event that swept the nation and the world.. actually, it's just MMU but hey! It's still a big event okay?! GACC is always a welcoming sight to see in the trimesters of MMU life. A much needed break out of the ordinary and let loose your inhibitors and go nuts dressing yourself up as manga characters. I guess I can't safely say that the Cosplay event is the highlight of the, uh.. event.

becca-ninja, some-naruto-character-ninja, and sepet-ninja

Normal-ordinary people become instant celebrity when they cosplay as famous characters. Some of them are, well, obscenely, unbelievably, can-die-if-see-too-long-ly, bad and of course, there are those that really outshine all else even acting in their character when not posing for the camera. Even Kay Lyn came dressed in her kimono looking cute as ever. Well, can't wait for next trimester's GACC, thats.. IF they have it. Rumours run fast, don't they?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

| the final birthday

You know, throughout my known (or unknown) existence, I've never been to so many birthday parties in a row before. The greater shocker is that all these birthdays are to celebrate ONE person's birthday. But, to celebrate that many birthdays, it has to be for something unique - a special someone. On Friday night the CFers road-tripped all the way up to Seremban to celebrate GerX's 21st birthday, making this her 3rd birthday party.

GerX and her family, grandpa, uncle, aunty, etc

2 of her closest friends

She complained about my previous post and how it sounds as if I'm unwilling. Guess I do have a sense of humor after all. hahaha~ She bought a new dress/shirt/thingie specially for this occasion so this is the dress/shirt/thingie's maiden.. uh, wearing of dress.


some band cover pic

After the dinner party, karaoke sessions, and yam sengs, the lot crashed at GerX's house for an episode of MTV's Cribs. I guess that huge @$$ TV is the biggest attraction.. and also not forgetting the huge caches of mangas and comic, ana-chan-size soft toys, ancient relics of piano, harps, SM chains and other goodies. As Borat would put it, "Naughty, naughty~".

that's either euphoria or pure terror

It was all good. No spanking nor whipping. No worries. heh~

Well, I just hope you had fun GerX. Blessed Birthday (for the 4th time). hehe~ May you grow more mature, physically, mentally and spiritually yea? Sorry for not living up to everyone's expectations, especially yours.. Have a great 21st year.

on a random-interesting note:
i met john lenon today

Friday, March 16, 2007

| full food birthdays

GerX's 21st birthday is finally over. For the past two days, I've been forced willingly and happily accompanying her for her birthday celebration with her friends. Stuffing myself silly with food seemed to be the only fun part about it though. Shhhh... Don't say it out too loudly. heh~

celebrating with her law frens at carry on

You know, I've been eating at Carry On every single year, for any special occasion. If you're celebrating somebody's birthday, anniversary, or even funeral, there's no better place to have it than at Carry On. For less than RM20, you can eat all you want from a wide selection of food from veges, to fish'ies, and to meat'ies. Her friends brought butter along too. Yuuuuuuum~

chocolate chip ice cream cake!!

Later that night we went back to GerX's house to further celebrate, downing a few bottles of beer while waiting to count down to her birthday. Drank, count, cheers and good night.

oh what a beautiful I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! morning

Since I will be joining GerX's CG to celebrate her birthday (again) on Thursday, that very morning I was forced absolutely, willingly woke up very early to go for their special 7am bible study. Yaaaaeiii... *snore*. Just kidding. It wasn't that bad at all. Had dim sum for breakfast. More food.

no worries about global warming - He won't flood us again

Went back home and jammed with the music and the amp blasting out loud like nobody's business. I have very understanding neighbours. heh~ Went to EP at 7pm and along the way, I saw this dull-but-it's-still-there rainbow. So niceeeee~ Went to makan with the Newbie CG to celebrate GerX's birthday (again). But hey, I ain't complaining as long as there's foooooooood~


im too lazy.. name all the food

Once again, like the previous day, we headed back to GerX's place to further chill our already cool bodies. Played a few rounds of mafia when Esther and Jia Tsing left early to create a diversion that would lead to a surprise...


No, they didn't say ger-x. Anyway..

small bottles = sad

It's a choc cheese cake!! WOW!! Aweirdcombobutcool!! Once the cake it out, so was the beer. Four bottles of Heineken and one Carlsberg. Wanted to go for a Guiness Stout but nobody wanna teman me. *sad* In the end, it was all fun. Jia Tsing surprise me with his drinking style. Didn't expect him to drink more than Joel. Now I know what to do next time during special occasions. hehe~

caught ya!

Well. I'm glad you had fun Ger. Blessed Birthday.

p.s. tomorrow going up to seremban to celebrate her birthday.. again~
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