Tuesday, September 29, 2009

| day 3 with no coffee

I may be a lil late...

On second thought, it's never too late..

To Arthur~!

thanx dude for making something that taste better than beer

Last Sunday, something was brewing in the air.. something sinister- something... planned but since that's later on in the night we've gotta worry about dinner since dinner is practically my only real meal of the day on certain lonely days. So Mr Koo Cheng, Ms Est-Her-Dear, Ms I Ai Eye Aye and well, I, met up for Some Good Dinner®. Since we're all working people Since I had forgotten that Syl is not working yet, I tasked Ai to find us a place with Some Good Noms® and so... she took us to...

WA-ZENNN~!! *flings arms in the air, cause we just don't care*

Wa Zen, a Japanese restaurant located in Melaka Raya at.. well, Melaka. This establishment offers the usual suspects of sushis and sashimis, sobas and udons, chicken, pork, and beefs, and whole hosts of other typical Japanese dishes one may expect from a Japanese establishment where Japanese themselves dine in. We came in around 8.30pm++, the place was cozy with the very comforting warm Japanese ambience.

soba pork noodles with super tasty soup, rated SGF®

mackerel (i think) with awesomely crisp skinz, rated SAGF®

salmon and some buttery fish-thingy sashimis, rated SAGF®

dragon maki aka prawn roll, rated SAGF®

"it's so biggg"

"there is a hole, i must fill it"

We also ordered some Japanese tofu. It was incredibly soft and topped with soy paste and spring onions, simply superb. Overall, the food was just simply amazing. Both taste and portion is an easy win over the current favourite Sakura House. But what about the all-important price-to-worth ratio? The ratio that governs almost all my expenditure that is incomprehensible by the likes of Vain. Well, the total bill came about to around RM130 which would make it cost around RM30 per person. I've just found a new favourite Jap restaurant to frequent.

thanx ai for the intro and sum pics~!

Since we still had some time left, Syl and I decided to drop by Rachel's place to ask for food. No seriously, we literally went to her house in the middle of the night around 10pm++ to ask for food. The best part she obliged and was gonna cook us some Korean noodles or something. It was then that Ai and Est popped up to surprise her. While the day still counts, Blessed Burfday to ya Rachel.

happy three friends

Who says accountants can't carry each other?

No one actually.

I just made that up.


After guiding some lost souls to the secret location of Jo-L's crib. We celebrated Est-Her-Dear's burfday so..

happy burfday est-her-dear!!!

Nah, I kid. She's just the cake-carrying slave. She'll dance and wash your feet for a good price too. Never really tried it yet though....

Anyway, we snuck quietly into the house with the help of Jo-L's older brother, Jo-N. Waved a friedly "hi" to the parents who were watching TV and in mind ran the possibility that he's half-naked in his room. Shook the image off with a quick shudder. Not wanting to traumatize (or excite) the gurls, I kept that thought to myself.

Kicked down his room door.

Started singing 'em birthday songs- in tune!! XDF

Blessed Burfday Jo-L~!

Presents were given and fist-bumps and hugs were exchanged. Here's mine to ya dude~

sum long legs

Pretty fun Sunday. Something I wish I can experience more often. Working can really drag ya down throughout the week and it's always refreshing to enjoy the company of Some Good Friends®.

compulsary group shot
*pic thanks to Ai XD

Well. That's all for now. Back to work. heh~

Friday, September 25, 2009

| in this sleepy lil town

good girl.. good girl~

NOT THE NECK! NOT THE NE-ahdsgghhhjff *blood spewing*

It was a pretty relaxing two weeks I guess. The raya mood just loves to kick everyone where it they're most vulnerable and pleasurable. Vunerable because it's easy to feel lazy. Pleasurable because it's... I see what you did there... pleasing.


Manage to secure myself a day off last Friday, board a broad bus at 8.30 in the icantbelieveiwokeupsoearlyonanoffdaykthxbai morning, planted my butt and crack nicely to avoid the sores of a 5 hour journey to a land far far away. To keep the location secret (terrorist, they're rampant these days), lets just call the place *Kuantan.

that's sum loooooong bbq

There isn't much to say about *Kuantan other then it's similar to the other sleeping town I know of; vacant streets and sleepy people. Nothing much has changed too, other then the new East Coast Mall which is a copy pasta of *Melaka's Dataran Pahlawan, without McDs and a cineplex. Seraiusly~ So rather then boring ya'll out with cliche' pictures of sceneries etc, I'll just post cliche' pictures of food instead.

*kuantan laksa (copy pasta of penang laksa without prawn paste),
rated 3/5 of the Laksa Scale~

asparagus with pork strips, rated 'meh~'

fish in spicy sauce, rated SGF®

king prawns in creamy spicy sauce, rated SAGF®

kong pow sharks meat,
rated i-doubt-its-real-sharks-meat-for-it-costs-a-mere-rm10

*kuantan bak kut teh, rated 3/5 of the BKT Scale

fried grouper with special thigh mango thai sauce,
rated SGF®

honey chicken, rated SAGF®

butter prawns, rated SAGF®

Well, that's all I have for food. Kinda forgotten to take pictures of the other food stuffs but I guess they're not that important for the SGF® title. What else did I do in *Kuantan... Other then monkeying around and going to see 'em beetches beaches and parks. I pretty much stayed indoors, watching astro and spending time with mah Ess-Oh. Starbucks at East Cost Mall sucks charisma and friendliness.

munkey lurvs flurry

what would i do without ____

Went to one of the parks and I saw this,

that's a lotta stuffs for a park

*looks left*

. . . . . . . empty

*looks right*

woman. . . . . . . and empty

Mah Ess-Oh assured me that the stuffs are there and that the park is so wide, the stuffs becomes small. See the logic there? *does the Kanye West thingy*

Well.. at least 'em beaches are nice.

succumbed to cliche' scenery

Boarded the bus at 2.30pm, planted my butt and crack nicely to avoid the sores of a 5 hour journey to a land called home. Parents were meh~ overjoyed to see me and as predicted to Ess-Oh and her mum, I had this for dinner that night.

Some Awesome Char Kuey Tiow®

black burnt satay

All in all, I'm just grateful that it was a pretty decent, relaxing trip. A nice short holiday before I continue my struggle till the 24th October and so on and so forth. We chose the life we're living.

thanks mah dear

Me. Outz (or more like, back to work)

*not real location name

Friday, September 18, 2009

| one more of record

p.s. vacation mode = on

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

| what goes around comes around.. and bites

Not much into talking about celebrities and things pertaining or related to celebrities. Reason being most of the topics discussed can be easily thrown into failblog.org. But this is one is rather special.


2(two) reasons.

Reason 1(one). My Ess-Oh suggested it to me and contrary to popular belief, she gives awesome youtube video suggestions. The last video she threw at me through ym promised Taylor Swift clothes being ripped in two and she gets wet.. as in reaaal wet*.

Reason 2(two). After reading reason one, I believe my point has already been made.

Looking for that video on youtube is hard due to the ammount of other nonsense people add into it. Fortunately, this was the best vid I've found that has little crap in it about the poster's thoughts.

That and with the sad passing of Patrick Swayze who is immortalized in his work in Dirty Dancing and everyone's (personal) favourite Ghost, I figured I'd post this up (courtesy of comixed.com).

And obviously, no such post is ever complete without another throw at some sparkling vampires. Say 'sparkling' in the ghey'est way possible. Do it. Do it now.

*wontdieone.blogspot does not support any illicit images, graphic in nature
p.s. remember, this blog is PG friendly

Thursday, September 10, 2009

| my new baby of my wife and i

The hall way was busy as ever but all I could hear is the silence that filled the air. The sound of the clock ticking boomed into my ear as I waited anxiously. I found myself pacing to and fro in front of door way, unable to sit still, unable to rest. A great flood of emotions rushed through me like a Korean soap drama with a never ending plot and unabashed love between siblings who are unaware that they're siblings. Owh, what a rush.

A nurse.. a particularly hot nurse, whom I'm pretty sure is rather poor due to the lack of covering on her body, came out into the waiting room. "Sir", she addressed me. I waited for her follow-up response. I waited again. "Uh... yea?", I finally replied. "Congratulations, you're a proud father".

Camera zoomed and focused as a gentle stream of tears flowed down my cheeks.. no, it's the other cheek; the one on my face. "Thank you", I said slightly sobbing as I handed her a wad of cash. "Go get yourself some new clothes for Christmas". Generosity was me.

I pused the swinging door open with both hands, a gust of wind (of unknown origin) blew my hair and cape (also of unknown origin) in slow-mo fashion. My wife laid on the bed, smiling from ear to ear. "I'm so proud of you", I told her with tears flowing down my cheeks, the other cheek; the one on my face. The doctor turned to me, carrying in his arms new life and new destiny. "Congratulations" he said to me as he moved his arms forward gesturing me to hold the new life in my arms.

*cue When Love Takes You In by Steven Curtis Chapman*

I held him in my arms and the first thing I noticed about him was that...

* *

* * * *

* * * * * *

* * * *

* *

he's black

beautifully black, if i may add

For unknown reasons I'm thinking of VJ now...

i miss VJ... :(

Some awesome specs of them Line 6 Pod X3 Live:

In and Outs
1/4-inch Instrument Input (w/ Normal/Pad switch)
~ XLR Microphone Input (w/ Trim Adjust)
~ USB 2.0 for computer recording
~ S/PDIF Stereo Digital Audio output
~ Stereo 1/4-inch Line outputs (with Amp/Line Pad switch)
~ Stereo XLR Balanced Line outputs
~ 1/4-inch stereo effect loop
~ Variax Digital Connector
~ 1/4-inch Expression Pedal input
~ Midi In & Out/Thru
~ 1/4-inch stereo headphones out
~ Pedal 2 input for optional second Expression Pedal Controller
~ 1/8-inch Stereo (CD/MP3) Jam Along input

Amp, Cab, & Effects Models

~ Massive model set for guitar, bass & vocals
~ 78 guitar amp models
~ 24 guitar cab models
~ 98 stompbox and studio effects
~ 28 bass amp models
~ 22 bass cab models
~ 6 vocal preamp models
~ A.I.R.™ II cab/mic modeling with 4 mic options each
~ POD Farm plug-in, a free download, provides all models in Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VST® compatible formats

~Expansive Backlit LCD display
~ 8 Chrome “Amp Control” Knobs: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, Tone, Volume, Master Volume
~ Metal Tap Tempo/Tuner footswitch
~ 5 metal stompbox On/Off footswitches: Amp, Stomp, Mod, Delay, Comp/Boost
~ Built-in heavy-duty Wah/Volume/Expression pedal
~ Dedicated Bank Up/Down & A/B/C/D metal footswitches for preset selection
~ Dedicated “Dual Tone” control metal footswitch
~ 5 Context-Sensitive Parameter Edit knobs
~ Dedicated Input/Output configuration buttons
~ Ground Lift switch

Additional Features
Rugged, stage-ready design with premium metal footswitches
~ Send guitar through two complete Amp/Effect signal chains simultaneously
~ Independent Tone Processing for 1/4-inch and XLR inputs
~ 2 chrome handlebars
~ USB 2.0 Multi-Channel digital computer recording (Stereo Wet/Dry Per Input)
~ Studio-quality 24-bit A/D and D/A Converters and 32-bit floating point processing
~ Up to 9 Simultaneous Effects Per Signal Chain, with Pre & Post amp routing
~ Tap Tempo control for time-based effects
~ Precision Chromatic Tuner, with Audio Mute & Bypass options
~ USB 2.0 Cable included
~ External Power Adapter included
~ MIDI lets you automate every move

The best part about my new baby boy is that he has these little thingies~

owh mai.. is that some USB?

With these guys I can connect it to my computer and update my drives, download amp models, etc and since Line 6 has a huge community, there's plentiful to download and put into my patch. But of all the patches that are available online, online one interest me, only one catches my breath.

Lincoln Brewster ftw~!

The even better part about the above video is the fact that he generously uploads the patches that he pain-stakingly took hours and days to perfect for our tonal pleasure. I download them and place em in my Pod and I jizzed~ For more info, check out his website.

Today Is The Day

Let The Praises Ring

jamming session

Thanks Lincoln Brewster. You really made my day.

so beautifully and wonderfully paired

p.s. it sounds way better then the hillsong's patch

Monday, September 07, 2009

| just a little crazy

The last 3 weeks was, for a lack of a better expression, nuts. Not just any nut - no, not macadamia nuts too. What does macadamia nuts have anything to do with my point? Other than the word 'nut' in it to express 'unsound', it's pretty irrelevant actually.

how many years has it been, ai?

est deer (estimate deer)

These pics are kinda long overdue so if it is a little old for your taste, I sincerely apologize. Here's a cookie. If you don't mind it then please continue reading the post. Here's another delicious, mouth-watering, macadamia virtual cookie.

the WLs *twitches eye at wayne*

the guitar wielders

For the past 3, three, tiga (not to be confused with a tiger, native to eastern and southern Asia), the CS team of Infineon (trainees dragged along included) have been working overtime (with no OT pay) for this little thing called the asset audit. As the name suggest, we audit the asset, asset audits us, vice versa. No mastercard.

It is dreadfully tiring.

*Krazathan, our scripter and dear colleague left

One of the Mondays (the one with CF's Melaka Camp), three brave souls whose names starts with the letter 'J' from CCC made our way to the sleeping town of Seremban with the intentions of a better sound in mind. Me, having a good 2 years of wonderful experience in Seremban took them to eat some Seremban beef noodles (hakka mee wasn't appetizing enough for them). Along the way we discovered a few unusual things.

blow-up chicken (no wiki-link provided. PG-friendly, remember?)

twisted tuning heads

hidden messages on shoes

sudden urge to group up and take a random family photo

silhouettes of TOW

And the strangest of them all was how a whole plate of marmite crabs went from this

how can anyone not know what bovril is

to this


Among other interesting things that happened in the crazy 3 weeks were

new cubicle and new lappie, a HP EliteBook 8530p

picture with Miss Bunny Swan

Last Thursday has got to be one of the more interesting CG I've had in a while, all thanks to visitation from an old friend, darth ma-lak

don't drop it! it'll melt right through the table and floor

Watching juniors suffer eating the ma-lak has always entertain me. But as entertaining as it was, I've always held up to one my principles whereby if I wanna do it to others, I must be willing to be done. With that in mind, we seniors took a dose of the deadly ma-lak too.

tough little angel, she amazes more and more each CG

It was just as hot as I recalled, deadly hot too I might add but somehow, more bearable compared to the last time when I first ate it. I believe Syl felt the same too. Perhaps it's due to the hardening of our tongues (not scientifically possible).

Later in the weekend a whole group of CF'ers went to eat some Japanese buffet at Sibaraku. Didn't know about it though. My family and I went to Elder Wong Fook Meng's house for some simple and nice barbeque for the young working adults; Italian noodles with lots of cheese and fried bee hun, wings and lamb chops,fried potato thingies, garlic butter prawns and chilli squids.

the flames of the night

I found myself enjoying their company as they discuss highly intelligent things such as wine and women, power and politics, business and economy, faith and fraility. Joining in their conversations made me realize one thing.

I'm getting old.

And that makes little ol' me sad. T^T

Blessed Soon-To-Be Birthday W.FM~!

Owh yea~ I found an out of place sticker behind an interesting object..


That's all for this post I guess. Gotta get back to work.

*name withheld to protect identity
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.