Saturday, December 30, 2006

| lastest CG for 2006

I lied about the previous post.

Exhausted is the best word to describe what I feel right now. Oh well~

Wow! It's like, so near the end of 2006 and I can't seem to get it in my head. Heck, if no one mention it to me I would've just live past it without realizing 2006 is gone and 2007 is here. Too many negative things to write but I'll hold it back. This IS a happy blog after all. Can't put too many unhappy entries and things in here.

govenator was at Friends' Cafe

Yea, so last Thursday was the last-est CG for the year 2006, just like how last Tuesday was the last-est CF for 2006 and this Sunday is the last-est church service for 2006 and on the 31st of December would be the last-est time I'd fart for 2006 - the exciting list goes on. heh~

past to present pictures huh?

Yea, about CG. The Ish-Ish CG combined with the Ai Ai's CG and we went to Apple Burger, located nearby Calvary Life Assembly Church. I had their Asam Pari. Gotta love things that'll make you shit badly. Later we went to Friends' Cafe to chill out and fellowship. Unfortunately, their drinks that day kinda sucked. I ordered some latte with Irish Cream but it took them near 30 minutes to tell me they're out of it. Ordered Irish Coffee instead which wasn't as nice as I hoped it to be.

she went to Thailand and came back a new man

VJ and Stef came later. They're out of Margaritas too. *sigh* We had heavily-taxed beers and played a few rounds of bluff and donkey (card games, nothing kinky). Stef brought her Game Of Life along too. I won with an accumulated wealth of nearly 2 million smack-a-roons a daughter (i've been busy) and adopted 2 girls too. Oh this gentle heart of mine. Despite the short-comings, Friends' Cafe is still one of the best place to chill. I promised to take someone there. heh~

got milk?

Earlier yesterday, I managed to hang out with an old, dear friend of mine at Pahlawan Mall. Johor girl who is in Melaka for her semester break and she's leaving to Kuching today. Won't be seeing her for another 5 months or so but alas, we had a good time catching up on stuff and talking nonsense. She change little and that's a good thing. Thanks dad for the coffee. Go Starbucks Pahlawan Mall and grab yours too! Nite peeps~

java frappe and vanilla latte

Friday, December 29, 2006

| exam break

Gonna take a break from blogging till finals are over~

Then, if that LAN party really works out, I'll update on it. Heh~ Till then, here's a picture I photoshop'ed before the flood struck my house.

Talk about irony.. God bless in ya exams~

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

| how well did we tata? part 2

It was a great choice for Saturday to be the resting day with no practices. Though the cantata was at the door, I believe the CF'ers needed a break to do some shopping, take the kids out to the park, sort out their lives.. you know, the usual. heh~ Me? I followed my dad and bro go jalan-jalan to do what they wanted to do - just obliviously tagging along.

a quick mc oreo flurry does wonders

I guess many already know, that particular Saturday was a special day to somebody. Vijay's getting married!! It's Vijay's birthday!! He's finally 21 years-old and now holds the key to his virginity.. Mann, that was jaded. Jokes aside. He can now be taken seriously as a man- I mean he can taken seriously before too but now he can be taken more seriously.. yea, something like that.

almost the entire CF people came!

the wise goes straight for the mutton

That Saturday night, VJ invited the entire CF to his birthday party. Those who were doing their industrial training were sent special invitations too. Though I came late, the food was still plentiful and I waste little time and dove straight into the goodness of fat-curried-mutton. GerX noted that the whole scene looks more like a kenduri for some newly wed or something like that *koff*. The whole row of houses came alive that night.

im the victim.. *sad*

Blessed Birthday VJ. May your path in life be clear and God-directed and may He shine on you always; now and forever. Continue to bring joy to those around you and may you and Stef treat your slave better. heh~

oh, what a beautiful morning.. *sigh*

Sunday came fast and something rather funny happened to me. I slept the previous night around 3am+ and for some weird reason, as I was setting my alarm clock to wake up for chinese service, I kept thinking that the van will arrive at EP at 7am. Thus, I set my alarm clock to ring at 6am. I awoke, washed up and sped there reaching EP at 7am sharp only to find an empty and very, very quiet SFC. Called Jason Leong up. He sounded groggy. "The van will be at EP at 7.45am" he said.


At church, Jason told us to play our best as our practice last Friday midnight was rather unenergetic, and he doesn't blame us either. It felt rather funny when he asked me to crank up my rock mode. I'm not used to having Jason tell me to pump my volume up. heh~ It was a good Sunday service. Played a few good carols and had a good worship too. Soon, church was over and work set in. Picked up the Clavi from CCC, brought it to Pahlawan Mall, set up and waited for our slot to begin.

sorry, didn't take any pics of the cantata
i was busy playing my instrument.. heh~

Aiai, Elvi and Elys posted good pictures of the Cantata, do check it out ya?

PG165 did a great opening with Mercy Me songs. The music was loud and great but perhaps too loud for the older people there. You should've seen the look on my mom's face - priceless. A few the Wing's Graduation Ceremony for special kids and donation to the needy it was time for MMUCF to come up the stage to throw their best and bless the city.

-insert great pictures of CFers singing, dancing and playing-

The narrator spoke his best, the conductor electrified his best, the choir sang their most in-tune'est and the band played their loudest.. and best. Alas, for the band we did a few mistakes here and there, hitting the wrong note and chord. Juju did a really, awesomely funny mix-up but was covered up very well, I guess we played pretty tight together as a band. It was great to serve with you guys once again.

Deric makes a short come-back! w00t korean hunk!!

PG165 came up after us and played another few numbers. It was really great, their volume were better balanced and their songs were greeted well by the crowd. It was pretty cool and majorly funny to see Justin rap. Couldn't understand half of what he was rapping other than '..prince of peace!' in the last line. ahaks~ Their showmanship's getting better gig after gig. Jason jumped off the chair, kicked the amps and smashed his guitar! and did the cha-cha. He-wanna-do-a-da-cha-cha.

the lius/liews!! too bad billy wasn't around

pastor releasing the news

It wasn't over yet for us. Pastor Joanne said she wanted to see everyone. As everyone assembled she told us that we're gonna go to Hotel Puri at Jonker Walk to do some good ol' caroling. We took plentiful of pictures, packed our equipments and got ready to move our butts to Hotel Puri, Jonker Walk. Aloha Pei greeted us and thanked us for coming to bless the visitors and people in the hotel. The SATBs sounded better here than while we were practicing as I could clearly hear all their parts. I guess no matter how good a sound system is, nothing beats the acoustic sound of vocal chords vibrating in the voice box.

blessing the Calanthe Art Cafe peeps

sing sing sing sing noel~

Later we walked to Calanthe and sang there too. It was really great to see people coming from the top floor window, clapping and sing along to the familiar tunes. The SATBs were quite funny as they slowly sang in a lower key and by the end of the song, the tune they were singing was lower then the original starting key. Lucius also lead them to sing a few of the songs pretty fast too. Speed carols mann! hehe~

good bye Pahlawan Mall.. for now

In the end of it all, I guess we did our best to bless this wonderful city of Melaka. Hopefully with what little we did, we touched someone's heart out there and may he/she come to know the Lord. Truly the reason for Christmas is Christ Jesus our King. In all we sing, in all the instruments we play, may we always serve Him. Great job peeps. God bless~

p.s. really wish you were there my dear friend.
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