Thursday, August 30, 2007

| sick dude

yarr harlo tharr~

Since last night, my systems have been raided by a deadly virus known as the Inluenza-chan virus. It's a deceiving little combo of cold, sore throat and incomprehensible wisdom - deadly indeed. JULIAN SPREAD IT TO MEEE!! I still have no clue as to how I contracted this menace but as all great men do, I endure it while trying to look cool. heh~ With that too, I'm absolutely in no capable state of using my brian to bolg, so jiz cee tehm pigturss.


coming soon... perhaps?

chi-mui and daughter

And since I'm sick and feeling down (not including craving for mushroom soup), me managed to look up in my secret stash of nonsensically intelligent motivational pictures to.. well, motivate me. bleh~

Well, don't worry about me folks. I believe that by the grace of God, I'll get well soon. Pray for me yar? *coughs blood*

heh~ Nite peeps~

p.s. harpy birthday to them birthday kidsss!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

| insert funny statement

I like the new gif I put on the top of this blog. It accurately depicts how almost everyone feels about those snail nights and of course, about a certain evil corporate company known as tmnut. 2nd most evil too to be exact. The most evil would definitely be Dr. Evil's headquarters in Seattle. Gonna watch Austin Powers during one of them free CG nights. heh~

before the final aCt begins

I'm bad with money and that itself is pretty obvious; ask my granddaughter - she keeps them coins. With that, I'm actually quite worried about getting the funds for aCt. In fact, I didn't accept this job too, Lucius kinda shove it down my throat and up my.. oh well, ya get the pic. I said, "I'd help ya with it, but I don't wanna take charge" and the next you know.. *sigh* Never mind.. *stares at Lucius*

after the final ending

Me like my new bible. Holding it gives me a strange sense of mixed emotions and understandings. The touch of new leather, the smell of freshly baked pages, the look of simpler designs; it nice, me like. But at the same time, I still would wanna use my old one.. so many memories rest in it and I'm a sentimental guy.

its been awhile eh?

Went out with my sister, Sandra after the meeting with pastor. It's been awhile since I last hang out with her. Was very glad to see she's fine as ever.. uh, I mean, she's doing fine as ever. Yea~ Oh yea, she got a brand new car too, a Silver Myvi. Told her to be careful of these days. We went to Jonker and then to a new cafe called Biz Lounge. Not bad of a place. Price is standard to that of any other cafes. No it's a shame they don't serve any cocktails. Well, it's good to see ya again dear. hahaha~

who needs a van when you can squeeze everything into an Atos?

Well, so far practices for tomorrow (or today's, depending on how you read this) CF meeting. Though many people would be coming in late, it wouldn't matter that much. This Tuesday, PnW Night - Prayer and Worship Night. Come and be blessed!

Nite peeps~ over and out.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

| 5 days of dog-eat-dog

First off, I would like to thank you all who took the trouble to come all the way to President's Square to show your support (and buy lunch). Despite the the forces that were working against my group, some of which need not be mentioned here for it has passed, we're finally done with it.

to which we bare our feet..

..and do the cha-cha

I find it exceptionally and ironically funny when I put, 'ur best friend' in those sms'es - I really do. In my eyes, I see humor in the making. Anyway, living for 5 days with a serious lack of sleep, it feels good to know I don't have to wake up so early the next morning. I was especially blessed when I was able to have a good dinner with mom after witnessing a beautiful sky.

there's always a silver lining..

..on every char siew - honey glazed

There were many friends of mine who came and bought our ice cream; showing their support by acknowledging the superiority of the greatness that is me.

Hahahaha~ I kid, I kid.

It was a great experience for me to once again, work in a line whereby I'll have to fully utilize my uber interpersonal skills to get them customers coming, which by the way, has been a long time since then. It was also fun to see everyone interacting with each other too.

muakz to tim~

the sweet girl and my beloved granddaughter

i repeat; no coupling in campus zone

surat khabar lama.. old news paper

i kid you not - jingles' hot

Working as group reminded me how hard it was to be a Christian at times when the fine-line between being nice and smacking a donkey's butt (not literal) to get them to work when the level of competence is so low, it summons that little dark side of me. Alas, at the end of the day, they're all still my friends. Nice working with ya'll~

ice ice baby - guess who came up with THAT name

In the end, as I've said, despite all odds, God was with me.
Thanks to You Dude~ Nite peeps!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

| marathon of weariness

Okay.. I've not have a decent sleep for a few days now. Actually, I haven't had a decent sleep since Saturday. Been pulling an all-day'er-with-little-sleep and will have to do so till Friday. To make matters worse, I have a mid-term paper on Saturday of which I'm struggling to find the time to study without feeling tired or drowsy and a hint of concentration.

spam the fylers and stickers.. it helps

As of now, my group, the Ice Ice Baby (or Babies to be grammatically correct), is still hanging on the gallows. We need to raise a good RM100 nett profit per day till Friday if we're gonna gain any actually profit. Our break even is RM500. Toughie..

silver and gold i have none, but in the name of Jesus Christ..

So yea, RM500 in five days. It's already passed day two and we haven't even reach a good stable RM200 nett profit yet. Gonna need a whole lotta extra help cash-wise. Honestly, I'm so tired right now, that I'm battling to stay awake and blog. Seriously.

lick meee~

I really must say a huge "Thank You" to all ye peeps who visited and supported my stall. It's thanks to you that we've been able to bring up some cash at all. Especially the CF'ers. Thanks for supporting and I do hope you'll continue to support us till this whole nonsense is over.

Now I gotta get back into saving the world.
Say it along guys!!

traveled to far eh dude?

Good nite peeps! (visit LOT75!!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

| 10 years of blessings

The freshly-graduated dudes and dudettes from MMUcf are thrown into the working world, they'd think they would finally be able to give a good ol' sigh and mutter words like, "Man, I'm old.." but just as they opened their lips, CF 10th Anniversary strikes - hard.

and we thought he was old.. *chuckles* good times..

The first ever CF 10th Anniversary would make people like Samuel Yau, Jason Leong, and Edmund whom we would recognize as super-seniors, look like super juniors and in turn, makes people like me... babies.

cfMMU dancing the to the wicked licks of Toby Mac

pastor kickin' it off

To those oblivious and indifferent; it's just another "anniversary".
To the sentimental and those whom prayed; it's a prayer that has come to pass.

o-ne-ted rawking with smooth tunes (and cool hats)

The human mind drifts often and is constantly being distracted, bombarded by the senses that though we might be in the midst of something great, we might just sleep by it and not even know it passed by. We gotta learn to concentrate and just as we're part of the body of Christ, we are all, One.

we all may have different characters of style..

..but we are of one substance

Personally, I do not really know nearly half of the people in that hall that day but one thing I do know for sure, is that I felt as if I've known them all my life, as if I'm connected to them - I'm part of their lives.

the people grins, wants, sees and flies

the p g 1 6 5

But truly, it was difficult and maybe even nearly impossible for us to be where we are now without the help of these saints, sent by God to watch over us, to guide us and to help us in every way possible. These people serve many and ask for little in return. They're the servants and we are their mission.

God bless His servants

Also, we won't be where we are now, in a comfortable hall that we could use to fellowship, to encourage each other, to sing our praises to God, to fall on our knees and worship Him, if it weren't for the students who started it all, the first batch of CF'ers, the 1997 guys and gals, the pioneers.

thanks for starting a movement that will never cease

It's my what? 3rd- 4th year in MMU and though I've yet to graduate and get thrown into the race of the working world, in my heart, I can see the importance of this 10th Anniversary for the CF. Because as for me, I'm gonna do my part in ensuring that this CF will grow, more than just physically in numbers but also spiritually.

to God be the glory~ yea!

I guess going for the Youth Pastor School and then this CF 10th Anniversary event really stirred something in my spirit. I just pray that God will keep me in a straight line and continue to give me the strength and wisdom I need to keep on pushing and serving Him. Serving God has never been this great of a blessing.

Thanks for reading. If you're in a CF, cherish it and the time spent there, for God can and will work wonders if you would keep your eyes on Him and serve Him faithfully. Nite peeps~

Blessed 10th Anniversary and thanks Dad

p.s. my cyber-preneurship group is selling ice-cream and drinks at President Square, in front of the main entrance, my shop's called Ice Ice Baby - I break it old school style. Got a lot of competition this time around so do come and support ya? arigato gazaimasu and YATTAAAA!!
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