Saturday, May 31, 2008

| stopping the train

It's been a non-stop week for me and it seems that only right now, my true holiday has started.. for the moment. That is till tomorrow comes and I have to go for music practice and from coming Monday till Thursday, Jo-l and I will have to take care of 30 ang moh kids from 8.30am till 9.00pm and the next day itself my family will be leaving to Kota Kinabalu for another holiday and when I come back the following Tuesday, I'd have to pick up my responsibility and run the night stuffies during orientation week for the new Alphas and by the time the week has ended, I'd realize once again that I didn't have a holiday after all. yay~

posing for the pin-up

It started last Friday where the new CF committee of 08/09 had their planning for the entire trimester all the way up till Sunday. Sunday afternoon, the group of us went to catch Narnia IV: A New Hope Prince Caspian (pronounced: Cast-pee-yon). By the way, Cold Storage rocks my socks. Lurv cheese~

barbie goes to Thailand and came back a new man

The next day was IF Camp and it stretched from Monday till Thursday. I'm glad I came for this year's IF Camp and personally, it is better than last year's for one reason, there's more fellowship between Cyber and Melaka campuses compared to last year. Or at least that's what I've observed.

no Sin City on tv this time around

long socks is looooooooooooooong

inspiration to use on kids

cape crusader by night

maraca cruncher by day



nothing like soaking wet

could this be bahau?

tri-kiss activate!

That's all from IF Camp. Coming back that night and doing an official Epic Twelve Inches guild raid on the Black Temple and getting two T6 armor and a Shard of Azzinoth made me very happy beside other things.

Raiding time. Nite guys and have a blessed holiday~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

| images that blew your mind

Having little inspiration during this exam period but enough of a free time to post, I shall now attempt recap those photoshop gems that blew your minds (and on some occasion gave ya'll sleepless nights too) and those that didn't. All pictures are relatively PG friendly.


Good luck.

mark choo is the cable guy

forrest gump

im no superman

re-live the memory of joash's first experience

am i tree?

still considered PG friendly


ideal indeed

goodbye earth

super sepet i

super sepet ii

super sepet iii

yo zx whatca doin ma- oh.. *awkward silence* sorry to bother ya~

vain's milk

louis be king

and you wonder why they're so cool

harry potter does nude (still PG friendly)

first invasion of the lulus

... omg...

lick me her

he be neo

if im you're doctor, you'll be fine

second invasion of the lulus

stayin alive

still stayin alive

mona elysia

And for the most disturbing one of all (look away if you just ate)~~~~~~


. .

. . .

. .


wayne+justin fusion went wrong!!

Good nite peeps~ Last paper on Saturday. Pray for me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

| studying the creed

Despite knowing full-well that I really need to study for this coming Saturday's databse-related paper; after a quick trip to the local super market's game shop, fork out RM10 for one single DVD game and the rest.. is history.

I got myself a spanking game which offers loads of fun and coolness to my ever so boring life during study week. It's called..

The Assassin's Creed:
 * Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.
 * Hide in plain sight.
 * Do not compromise the brotherhood.

the leap of faith

Overall so far, pretty good game play.
Ya just gotta love how fluid and natural Altair's movements are, running, scaling buildings, jumping off roof-tops, assassinating his targets; it feels like you're watching a movie or something close to it. Game requirements aren't high too. I'm playing it very much beautiful and fine with my XFX 7900GS.


I totally recommend this game to all ya'll PC gamers out there. Yes Vain, especially you. heh~

Me really gotta start focusing on me studies. Nite ya'll~

p.s. suxmyx reaaaaallly testing my patience the past few nights

Saturday, May 17, 2008

| science saves the day

Remember how we used to learn about our solar system back in school? I shall now prove to the scientific community of astrology and astronomy that, there's water on Mars! Well, not only Mars but Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto too!

Stand back, and get reaaaaady for science!!

*stretches fingers*

water on Venus!

water on Mars!

water on Saturn!

water on Pluto!

Due to the PG friendly nature of this blog, I can't show the proof that there's water on Uranus. Why? Go figure~

To close this one up, here's another laughter for ya'll to take a break from hardcore studying.

comic courtesy of Perry's Bible Fellowship
(not an actual bible fellowship)

Nite peeps~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

| pork, meet cheese- cheese meet..

Everyone's been busy studying throughout this exam week and since I haven't updated in awhile, I decided to throw in a few lines of good ol' wontdieone goodness - a goodness for all age and sizes.

Recently, my diet seems to consist of the ever-crucial element known to mankind as pork be it grilled, roasted, stirred fry with saute'd garlic or the epitome of greatness: cheese.

*cue heavenly music*

Dad bought bacon from the supermart and decided to make for myself a variation of the Catalyst CG's last makan at my place bacon and cheese. Rawr~

white gold

melt'em cheese!! melt'em cheese!!!

Seeing how any nutritionist would flip and get the judge to sentence me to life in prison for eating just purely bacon and cheese, I cracked an egg and fry it with the bacon oil. It be goooood. Burnt the bread with the remaining oil and spread some more butter over it. Thinking of it just makes me... hawt~


That night itself, bro got home from work with SSSS around 7.20pm to pick me up for dinner. We headed to Ho G and had... yeap, you guessed it!

The 2008 Best Char Siew Fan Award Winner

Taking a good look of my diet today, I can say with confidence that I've minus off a few hours of my life already.. but man, ain't it all worth it? heh~

*love ya, dad!*

Back to books! Outz~

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