Sunday, October 29, 2006

| a quik one

I'm in Singapore now..

..with 200 pictures and still going..


..I think I'll only post 30 of them..


Thursday, October 26, 2006

| gone for another week of holiday

I think I mentioned earlier this month that this is gonna be one crazy holiday. Well, looks like I'm off for another week. Off to Stinkapore Singapore for a week. Gone on the 26th (today) and will be back, hopefully *koff*, on the 31st (not today!). So there you have it, one week of peace in the blogsphere. Hopefully I'm able to recharge myself and regain some of my creative mojo while I'm there. I'm in Disc 3 of FFVIII. Not bad playing it in 4 days.

So now to cover what happened in Melaka Camp, among other things. I bet most of the poeple who went to KK are just DYING to find out.. please?

No 1.

louis becomes a pokemon! *gasp~!*

Jinggles, Jiggles, Jing- whatever bestowed upon Louis such honorable title. Yeap, he's a group leader, MY group leader for this year's Melaka Camp. Not a bad job to I must say. Okay okay, before I begin stray off topic again. In total I think we have around 45 people who attended this year's Melaka Camp. Some 20 CFers were in KK while the rest were.. I dunno, MIA.

the bus is half empty! -.-"

Well, I don't have any pictures of Melaka Camp because I'm just too lazy because the camp was so adrenaline-pumpin (louder!) that I didn't have time to whip out my camera and take a shot, at anything! But in the essence of it all, the few 'old' people who were there are *beep* *beep* *beep* and *beep*. Oh yea, I think *beep* came too. I still treasure my life.

btw, jiggles belongs to the law now

Kudos to the Alphas and Betas who were running the camp under the advisory of ZX aka Sius, Leader Man and The Law. Games were great and fun, shoutouts to Elvi and Elys for their effort in planning. Angel and mortal was phuuuun~ My angel was the cutest, sweetest, most adorable little.. uh, thing that graced the earth. Food was good. The finalle was different and fun. Nobody died in camp and no one got pregnant.. not to my knowledge at least. heh~ But in all seriousness, spiritually, I believe many people were touched, recharged and ready to face another semester full of *beep* *beep* and *beep*.

important landmark to go to Joel's place

In other news, Joel and his family has already shifted to Melaka. So now they're officially *drumroll* ....... Melakans!! Welcome to the family, we're glad that you have come to share your lives with us, as we grow in love and.. *koff koff* So yea, on Saturday they needed help to shift their furniture and stuff from Muar to Melaka and when you need help, whocha gonna call? GHOST.BUS- I mean, C.F.ers!

"aiyoooo~ heavy leh!"

"go! go! im standing right here, go!"

So much for help eh? ahaks~

Just kidding. They all did a fine job so much so that Uncle and Aunty Lim belanja'ed them makan at Un Loi's Bakuteh/Beef. *salivate* Too bad I couldn't come. Despite my father's blessings to go, he was gonna be alone at home. Naturally, I couldn't let that happen as he's my priority. Oh well, at least my spot was taken by the Tiun sisters. Never work but get to eat, lucky gals! ahaks~

gonna miss not eating this for a week.. *sad*

Oh well, good bye Melaka for a week. 'Don't miss me too much ya? A little bit can already.' heh~ That was what Melody said to me before she left. See ya on the 31st with loads of pictures! Good nite peeps~

Monday, October 23, 2006

| slacker mode : on

Sorry for not updating these past few days. The holiday/slacker spirit's really getting into me. I blame it on FFVIII that I'm playing again. Yea~ Crummy-lovey-dovey-wannabe.

Actually, I wanted to write about my trip with GerX's loyah phrens but.. nah~ Lawyers are boring people. *ouch~*

a must-have for all lawyers, furry balls.. footballs

Hahahaha~ Just kidding, just kidding. No need to sue me over such matters. I'm just running a (very) innocent blog. They're actually, surprisingly nice people. Nerdy, but nice nonetheless. I guess I'm good at mixing with the various crowds that I run across. *kembang* As long as they can hold their cup, it's fine by me.

the federal hotel

good ol' night traffic

Unfortunately, I didn't really take many pictures while at KL because.. well, it's KL. Haven't you not have not seen KL not before?! Dude~ Most of the cliche' pictures that comes out from KL are either traffic at night, or the pictures of sky-scrapers, etc etc. *yawnz~*

cake was nice.. mmmm~ fresh cream

i'm a closet fan of margaritas.. shhhhh~

The nicer part about my stay in KL is the gadget-wonderland Lowyat Plaza and food. Leaning more towards food actually. ahaks~ While I was there, I managed to scout the price of that coveted XFX 7900GS I'm looking forward to get my hands on and update myself with the latest prices of various gadgets and hardware.

hmm.. landscape.. hills.. trees.. yes, landscape

Bukit Tinggi's filled with.. erm, landscape. Yea, nice landscape. Another bunch of cliche' pictures of hills and trees, etc etc. *yawnz~* Remind me to take you guys to Gunung Ledang when we're free ya? I'll show ya hills and trees (and waterfalls).

most of the peeps on this trip were jap-freaks

if you noticed, the above sentenced rhymes.. if you don't.. *sigh*

wanted to go for the spa but its *koff* RM300 per person

buffet's good

But honestly, Bukit Tinggi is more for families to visit - I doubt young people can enjoy chillin' up here. Everything here is double-expensive and when uni students are in the picture, it'z oll about the maney, maney, maney~ Luckily the apartment we're staying in is free. heh~

good stuff.. good stuff..

In my opinion, the best part about my stay at Bukit Tinggi is the buffet lunch I had before leaving on Saturday noon. The food rocks big time. Rack of lambs and sashimi, Sweet stuff dude~ Not to mention the previous night, I sinked me teeth into the biggest pizza I've ever seen - it's sliced up to 20 pieces! w00t~!

French Town entrance

Still, Bukit Tinggi has some cool places to check out like the French Town, the castles and their white/black swans, the rabbit barn/farm/meat-factory, and the Japanese Tea-House/Botanical Garden. I guess those attractions really sounds.. how to put it, old'ish? It'll be a great place to visit after having a wife and 3 kids larr.

note: does not promote having or making kids before marriage or before the age of 20. the writer of this blog will not be held responsible for any.. 'accidents' that might occur to readers. thank you.

Oh well, looks like I'll write about Melaka Camp on Tuesday or Wednesday. Till then, Happy Holidays peeps~

Friday, October 20, 2006

| another short one

It's been a really crazy holiday for me.

Last Thursday, right after the exams I went to KL with a bunch of GerX's friends. Get to know most of them and the Emina people. Later we went to Bukit Tinggi to chill and feel. It was quite okay I guess but I feel that Bukit Tinggi is a place where families should go to for the holidays, not a bunch of uni students. Makes me feel old. *sad*

Came back last Saturday night feeling exhausted but I know that the word 'rest' isn't gonna come easy, after all, Melaka Camp is the following Monday and I have a some house cleaning to do. So yea, Sunday, woke up late in the afternoon feeling extremely tired, cleaned up the house and the compound, did the laundry, packed my stuff, cooked meals for the homeless children in my taman.. okay, the last one was a joke. I wouldn't wanna kill anybody would I? heh~

Then finally the bunch of CFers (mostly Alphas and Betas) grouped together at EP chillin' and waitin' for the bus to arrive. The camp is 4 days long from Monday to Thursday. Upon reaching EP, I could see the CFers as lively as ever. Chilling, talking, *koff* coupling, poking fun at Joel and Rachel, the usual. ahaks~ The Alphas (and Betas) did a great job with the camp. Games were fun and sessions were a blessing. Though I was quite drained at the camp, I'm glad that I was able to serve and worship my God. Aside from the very shocking incident and lack of sleep, no tragedy befall on us. Thank God for that. I hope the CFers were blessed in the camp.

Well, this is just another short post I guess. I'll post up a more pictureful post when I get my hands on the Melaka Camp photos. Till then, hope all of you will maintain the Heart Of Worship. Later peeps~

Monday, October 16, 2006

| 7 days postless

Okay, I got back from KL/Bukit Tinggi last Saturday and I was just too darn tired to blog. So now it's Sunday midnight, and I'm still darn too tired to blog.

Will be going off for a MMUCF's Melaka Camp 2006 today. Will be back on Thursday so no posts till then. There will be peace in the blogsphere.. for now.

Don't miss me too much ya? As the Terminator says, "al be bak~"


Shu Lin. Don't forget to message me when you come down to Melaka ya? God bless~

Thursday, October 12, 2006

| the passport

After much procrastination-resisting and pestering from 'the one who shall not be named', last Tuesday, I finally decided to make my international passport. My previous international passport was like 10 years ago and that was the first and last time I ever went overseas. Quite the jakun eh? *sad*

a 300 bucks worth of receipt

So yea, on Tuesday I went to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Negeri Melaka along the Ayer Keroh highway, took a dashing picture of myself, fork out RM310 (picture included), got my receipt and went back home. I was instructed to come back the following day to pick up my ready-made passport. Came home feeling ever satisfied. Everything seemed okay until..

I realize I didn't take any picture of anything at all!
Determine to right my previous wrongs, I set my alarm to ring at 9am. Just to be safe, I set my handphone alarm to go off at 9.05am. And for my back up, I asked GerX to give me a wake-up call at 9.10am.

RIIII-*SLAM*-iiinng... *die*

I'm a slacker, I know. Oh well, at least I woke up not too late. heh~ Went back to JPN (or Japan - pick one) this time fully equipped with my handphone camera and with a vengeance, a big vengeance. Just you, me, and my gun. Sort of like Sylvester Stallone in The Terminator or Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun. Yea, something like that. Moving on..

here's a picture of JaPaN

After visiting this place the second time alone, I got the chance to really take my time and check out the architecture of this complex, admire its ingenious design and from the point of view of a layman such as myself, I should say that this whole place looks like a government building.. like duh~

a standard issue water-flowing-over-glass government thingie

I walked...

tailing an Immigration Department agent

Still walking...

inside the immigration department - no photographs allowed

After walking through what seemed like endless corridors of offices and pathways, I finally reached my true destination, the Immigration Department. The place was bustling with many dramatic sequences. There was this illegal immigrant who's running away from security, and then there was this mother who's on the verge of giving birth - very dramatic. After waiting for around 10 minutes in the chaos of office life, *DING Ding diNG DING* "Dua Kosong Enam Kosong, Kaunter Fifteen, see I speaking, are you diggin?". Okay, maybe it didn't say the last part but damn it would be cool if it did. ahaks~

10 years ago babeh~

face censored to protect innocent children

Finally.. The Rock.. has come back- sorry, got carried away again. Yea, I finally got my spanking new passport that can last me up to 5 years. Hopefully I'd graduated by then and the passport is still valid for me to go for my Final Year Mission Trip. The design of the passport has changed quite a lot in 10 years. Now the new passport has a smart chip similar to our identity cards. Cool huh? All that for 300 bucks.

can you hear angelic voices?

now you can.. hehe~

For some reason, I became disorientated when I reached home. Having remembered that I'm to receive a parcel on behalf of my friend who's not in Melaka, I found the Pos Laju paper asking me to go to post office to pick it up. Upon reaching the post office, it dawn upon me that the dude sending the parcel would take some time to finish his rounds and return to the post office, and that would take like, 3 to 4 hours. So yea, I wasted my time and petrol. sigh~

teh bst frd chkn in bkt brng

Luckily though, I decided to give GerX a surprise visit. I don't really go her place in the morning as I'm not a morning person at all. In fact, I'll be grumpy if someone would've disturbed my precious slumber. DIE!! DIE FOR AWAKENING ME!! *SLASH~* Back to the point. I accompanied her for some good lunch. See, aren't I the sweetest thing to walk upon the face of the earth?

Later that evening..

What's in the parcel?
What will Andrew do about that parcel?
When will this blardy post ever end?

Well, have fun reading. I'll be going to KL later in the afternoon (Thursday) and will be back either on Saturday or Sunday. Give those papers a final push ya? Gambateh peeps!! God bless and good nite~ WontdieonE

Monday, October 09, 2006

| hazy dayz

Melaka's API (Air Pollution Index) rose from 104 on Friday to 137 on Sunday. Now all the friendly folks of Melaka can enjoy great hazy views as if they were living way up on Genting Highland. Wow~ Way to go Indonesia!

WARNING: Due to irritant effects of fine dust particles on the nose,
throat, airways, skin and eyes people would at most experience sneezing,
running nose, eye irritation, dry throat and dry cough. Thank you.

Riding my bike through the thick 'misty' roads has never been a more enjoyable past-time till today. Where else in the world can one enjoy such great fine dust, blowing against your face while making their way deep into the pores of your skin, especially one's face. By the end of the ride, your face will be as smooth as if you've gone through a sand-blasting session. Bonus points to the bacterial infection freebie.


Keep thyself in thy peak of health less thou shalt fall sicketh in thy exameth. By waryful and drinketh plentiful of water to keep thyself hydrated. Have thy meals in constant timeth and skippeth not thy meals. Partaketh thy fruits and plants and boost thy vitamine C. Partaketh more orange.


Oh yea, cut down on making dumb lame jokes and talking to much too, *koff*. To those who are sick, pray that you guy's will regain your health in the shortest of time. To those suffering from ulcers; I hear ya buddy, I hear ya. Makes you wonder what in the world Indonesia's firemen are doing huh?

nowonder.... world!

p.s. picture courtesy of and yea, those guys are yankees *koff*

Saturday, October 07, 2006

| wikying - the new hype

I may not be studying. I may not be facing my exams. I may not be working right now but dammit, I'm still gaining knowledge through Discovery, Animal Planet, and National Geography channels! Yeap~ I'm a Natgeo guy, and chicks dig it deep. Write that down guys. ahaks~

So yea, I do quite a lot of studying, some trivial, some really serious stuff. Other than watching those good ol' tv shows, I gain more knowledge from wikying. Yeap, you heard me. Wikying, which derived from the words wiki and 'ing, is the new slang I made up for surfing wikipedia about a certain subject. Recently I've been wikying a lot cool and interesting stuff. I'm a sucker for angels (since i believe myself to be one, hehe~), and I read up about the folklores of angels and the various names and hierarchy of angels. Pretty cool stuff.

After watching Natgeo's Martial Arts Week on Tuesday, Ninjas caught my attention. Ergo I wikied about ninja and read through a whole stuff about their history, purpose, common myths, bla bla bla. Which then lead me to read on how they disguise themselves as normal townspeople or monks. From there I read through their various arsenal from the popular shuko or handclaws, to the greatly exaggeration of kunais, and finally to their famed martial arts ninjutsu.

Funny how things keep linking up to the next interesting stuff and so on, so forth. While still reading the article about ninjas, under 'specialized weapons and tactics', I came across one rather painfully funny link, quoting wikipedia; "..a technique might include simply dropping underneath a punch and striking the groin".

They have a link about low blow! Ouch!

What's even MORE interesting was what I found under the *ahem* 'striking the groin' link was this, (from wikipedia);

Certain groin attacks are prohibited in the Bible.
Deuteronomy 25:11-12 states:
If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.

Now that's something I didn't know and I remember reading pass the book of Deuteronomy a couple of times. Guess I missed that part. heh~

So yea, sometimes I spend a couple of hours digging through wikipedia about things that I'm curious in such as 'the answer to life, the universe, and everything'. Try typing that into a google search. Other things that I recommend gamers to read is the The Stormtrooper Effect. Had lots of laughs with that one.

wikipe-smith! double-kawaii~

Well, good nites peeps. Don't let Smith take you away.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

| a tribute to study

I miss studying. *sigh~*

i wonder who did that.. hmmm~

How I miss those days of sitting in the lecture room, and listening attentively to the lecturer who's spouting all those wonderful words of wisdom. *chuckles* Those were the good ol' days. Thinking about brings so.. many wonderful, just wonderful experience and memories. I picture a foggy image of guys and girls, laughing away the day, with happy smiles on their faces and not to forget, the great joy of meeting new friends. *sigh* Those were great days weren't they?

a picture of encouragement.. heh~

Then there were those moments when the word 'test' and 'exam' came and shatter that wonderful image of studying. The image goes up in flame as students with their legs chained are forced to drag around tons and tons of textbooks to and fro the library, hoping to scrap what little of knowledge that's left worth scrapping. In the midst of fire and amber, the lecturers with their whips continue to force the students to do their bidding and their evilll desires. They laugh menacingly, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! THE PAPERS I'VE SET, ARE THE HARDEST, TOUGHEST, MOST DIFFICULT I'VE EVER SET!! THEY SHALL ALL SUFFER!! *pyro flames burst* MUAHAHAHA- *koff koff* -HAHAHA!!".

see! i DO study~

Okay, looks like I'll have to ease up on th caps. Oh well, looks like I won't have to face those evil lecturers any time soon and man, am I enjoying it. ahaks~ I know, I know, it's really fun to make fun of those whose sitting for their exams and stuff knowing really well that one day, I'll be sitting in that same fiery place once more but... while I'm still NOT facing any exams, I think I'll use this opportunity to give you all- yes you, all my blessings and saliva. Yummy~

when it's all over- go eat some oh chien

I miss studying? Hahahahahahahaa~ Good one.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

| post with no direction

As many of you know, I'm in my holidays now. While the rest of the MMU students are very busy fighting the Finals war, whereas I on the other hand am too free.. and too bored. Yes, I'm bored. Especially at night, I am bored. I guess I could always go out with my buddies and lepak at the mamak stall till dawn but the past few days I'm.. uh, "busy".

i used to learn fan-dancing... not!

So yea, with a boring life comes less entertaining post - like this one. hehe~ Hope you guys will read this post as a new-gen method of feeling drousy and sleepy. Don't use drugs, read Hahaha~ That sounds pathetic eh? Oh well, I guess I'll now have to talk about something. Hmmm~ What is interesting enough to talk about on my blog?

thanx to my sis and huiyin!!

Lets talk about... ermm... A nice traditional chinese fan!! WOW!!

... *pauses* Nah~ Lets talk about... my birthday present that Sandra and Huiyin gave me on my.. uh, birthday!! WOW!!

... *pauses* Nah~ It's a nice shirt but not a good topic..

Rider Maut 2002-200*

After much consideration (heh~), I think I'll write about my bike. Yea, my great buddy. I've been riding it since my high school days and together, we've been through a lot - A LOT. The second day I got it, I crashed it as I was going to my friend's house to fetch him on the way to tuition. hahaha~ So one can guess the destiny this bike holds for me.

that's my normal speed.. really~

Before the bike that you see me riding today, I used to ride an old Yamaha Super 88. It's a very old 100cc bike but, with a rider like me, I can pull it higher than that. Having the motorbike marked my 'rebellious' days. It's actually quite cliche' though, having a bike symbolizes freedom to a teen such as myself. With that bike, I've been through many accidents and pull of many stunts so much so as to earn the title I have today, WontdieonE. The bike became a legend of its own, The 88. The new bike that I'm riding today is The 88's successor and it too has been through a lot with me. But I guess all those are just war-stories that only bring back good memories to me.

when moving at high speed, this is how my rims look like

Here's some trivia about my bike and I that people may or may not know.
- I ride on an average speed of 100kmh
- The last time I checked, I had gone through 17 major accidents (not including those minor ones)
- I used to race across the streets of Melaka Raya after school hours when the traffic is thick
- My current bike's name is, The German Bike (long story)
- My bike's top speed is the stock 125kmh when riding solo
- I hate Mat Rempits and used to challenge them on a daily basis
- I have a personal grudge against scooters
- All my accidents happened when I'm riding in a relaxed mood below 70kmh and all the cars that hit me were driven by women.. WOMEN! *tsk tsk tsk*

Sunday, October 01, 2006

| a thousand words

Yanoe, I have no intention of talking about my past but sometimes I feel that people aren't really ready to know about it. Sorry, I meant I feel that people are NEVER ready to know about my past. And I meant it in a non-emo, jokingly notty way. heh~

was initially got write about fried chicken.. really~

Seriously~ As I was looking through my picture collection (132 folders, 7054 handphone pictures), it struck me that I could get jailed for displaying some of the images. ahaks~ But they're all funny pictures nonetheless. One of the mild-traumatizing ones were the cat-in-the-tyre pictures that some of my CG members have seen before. I have never shown anyone the pig's head- Wait, did I just say pig's head? I meant uh..uh..uh.. *sigh* nevermind, forget what I said. heh~

friends and forgiveness are tied together

But personally, I'll never grow tired of going through them. Aside from some of the *koff* grotesque pictures, others are filled with family, friends, friends, and more viewful events. I dunno about you guys out there and your memories with your friends, like yours, mine is filled with wonderful pictures of my life. You know how all of us have pictures of us posing along with our friends at various locations in various positions and each has a story behind it. If you're smiling after reading that, then you'll know how I feel.

sweet ride

Ahhh~ It's late at night and I'm getting all sentimental. Well, I am a very sentimental guy after all, or at least I feel that I am. A picture is made out of thousands of words. And if put to individual preferences, it would be made out of millions, billions, gajillions of words. My favourite group pic by far is our trip to Gunung Ledang together as KonnManns. I still smile every time I look at those pictures. heh~ Can't wait for our next holiday.

Gunung Ledang, February 2006
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.