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      Born, bred and still living in Malacca. Son to Thomas Liu, "Father Of The Year 2004 Award" and Annie Tan, "Hot Nurse Of The Year 2003 Award". Receiver of the "Konn Mann Of The Year 2002-2003 Award" and "WontdieonE Of The Year 2003-200X Award". Good brother to Aaron Liu. Owner of a wontdieone.blog. Aside from that, I'm actually a very quiet and shy guy who's still very innocent and have yet to know the world. People who know me would think of me to be a cute little infant who needs protection from the harsh world.

I do many things and many things in return, do me.

      Moved from Pei Tao Kindergarten to Bandar Hillir Primary School, Learnt the ways of life in Malacca High School. Already graduated from MMU. Now working in Infineon. Because I'm very shy, I have few friends back in high school, in my university and now at work. I tend to sit in a corner to avoid contact too. People treat me with cold, harsh look whenever I try to go near them, so I'm now quite anti-social.

It's a lion. You must get into the car.

      Being somewhat ugly contributes to the low self-esteem. My father sent me to a counselor once too. My best motto is, "Early to bed, early to rise". I eat my veggies everyday and fruits are part of my diet. I can't stand coffee so I drink fresh milk. Alcohol and liquor makes my stomach sick so I don't drink them. My friend(s)? and I only drink natural fruit juices.

Every other post is a repost.

      I'm still new to riding the motorbike and driving the car. In fact, I'm actually scared of the motorbike because it's fast and loud. I always ride and drive on the left-lane and hardly overtake because I'm afraid of getting an accident. I drive at the maximum speed of 70kmh because the law says so. Yellow lights are meant to be slowed down and zebra-crossings should stop.

Every other post is a repost.

      I'm a member of the English, Math, and Science Club in secondary school. I'm also the president of the Moral Club because I believe we all need morale in life. I obey the law as much as I can too. I have a cute cat and hamster for a pet. Snakes and other reptiles scares me. Rats and flying insects make me cry.

I am after all, just an innocent guy..

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