Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Here at, we provide you (men) with only the best of the best of advices. After all, wontdieone.blogspot is written by men, for men.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

| im coming for you.. my black nectar

Well folks, this whole stretch of week marks a very important chapter of my life. On the 24th of October, Saturday, after having lived through the hell of abstaining from coffee for a month I shall gladly remove my non-coffee vow and bathe myself in a tub of beautiful black nectar. I shall let every drop of it caress my body as I fall into..

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..and Deb-Dear's cheese cake between my cracks. That's how good it was.

Now that I've got that off my chest (and cracks) here's to last week.

the sun cannot compare

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I arise from my slumber at a teeth-gnashing 7am (on a Saturday!!) as As-The-Deer and I were to have some quality time together playing paintball but alas, by the time I reach her house, it started to drizzle and her colleauge who hosted the game pulled a Leeroy Jenkins and thus the game was killed-off.

Yes folks. I woke up at 7am in the morning (with no coffee!) for nothing.

To salvage the rest of the morning, we rang up trusty Boss (though no longer my boss), for a quick road-trip up to Seremban, home of the nine-headless-chicken.. home of As-The-Deer. As usual, the soul goal of the pole is food and if we're lucky, Some Good Food® or better.

As-The-Deer from henceforth shall be known as STD, (aS-The-Deer gettit?) as typing out As-The-Deer complete with caps and '-' is a pain for a guy who's at work right now.

Our first stop, STD took Boss and I to eat some Seremban wan tan mee which is not exactly like wan tan mee but more of a cross between wan tan mee and ko lo mee with thick gravy and extra dishes that comes with it.

it was okay~

Next up, as the Boss has never been to Aion Jusco (Seremban2 or Klang ftm), STD was kinda enough to give him some love and brought him to Seremban2's Jusco for the first time ever! First time ever! First time ever! First time ever! While we're there, rather then eating something like Manhattan Fish Market or something of the same quality, Boss wanted to eat... *sigh* some Hong Kong cafe food.

velkum tu hong kong keffeh fud!

boss dring form tree strohs

std pose with me (ein short hairz)

RM3 fur bread with kaya and butter!

peanut butter toast!

cheezeh fish rice!

cheese outside fried wantanz

As within my calculated predictions, hong kong cafe food remains over-priced and under-quality. To make matter's worse, their magazines are non-halal!

i kid you naught

After that we returned to Melaka as there was no SGF&Reg;s at Seremban other then Beef Noodles and hakka mee. Around the same time, Boss got emo. So STD and I went out with him for dinner because nobody likes being emo.. emo.. emo.. emo. We initially wanted to head down to Old Newton but along the way we spotted an un-suspecting small food court and decided to give that one a try instead. Results were astounding; we ordered 5 dishes.

laksa is so so (ranked 2/5 of the Laksa Scale)
while the char kuew tiow was average

roast pork and bbq pork was ok ok

pork satay was good (anything that's pork is good)

hokkien mee is SGF® (fat mee & pork fatz ftw)

While I was drunk and was not being myself, I took STD out for dinner at... wa zen. I was full.

wa zen gives towels to wipe.. things

RM14.50 for a delicious mackerel bento set

RM15 salmon sashimi

The fun weekend ended and it was back to work for all three of us and with that, The Adventures Of Boss, STD and I concluded.

work: it's in the game

On Saturday, with the return of my Ess-Oh, my family decided to take all 6 (six) of us; dad, mom, bro, bro-Ess-Oh, my-Ess-Oh and I out for Some Cheap Good Food® at Sakura House. This presented a good opportunity for me to gauge the price-to-worth (P2W) ratio of Sakura House to Wa Zen.

Ess-Oh, Bro and Dad

It was a tough battle. Sakura House is dirt cheap though the portion of the bento is puny. Therefore for the bento section, Wa Zen wins in P2W ratio. Another thing that sadly annoyed me was the portion of the baby octopus has been reduced to precisely 3-4 baby octopus per-serving. *pouts*

soooo littleeee

Wa Zen's sashimis are RM15 per serving with precisely 4 slices of whatever you want. This brings me to my next point. The only true redeeming quality about Sakura House is the fact that their sashimis are dirt cheap with only RM10 for 4-5 slices of pure heaven. PURE HEAVEN!! In this aspect Sakura House wins the Sashimi Challenge in the P2W ratio.

pure heaven!!

Therefore to say which is better, Wa Zen or Sakura House, is rather difficult as both of them have their strong points as well as their weak points. In an ideal world, I would tapau a whole lotta sashimis and baby octopus from Sakura House and bring them to Wa Zen to eat my delicious bentos.

You choice.

For now I shall just stick to Boss' new york cheese cake funky oreo banana cake.

i told you the flour was too much :P

work work work

Saturday, October 10, 2009

| the ugly truthful paradoxes


i bring to you


Stay healthy kids and have a great (safe) weekend~

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

| day 11 of no cofee T^T

Which is worse? Ignorance or apathy?

It's a trick question, btw~

So yea, kudos to those who've finally finish their four months of Industrial Training. I'm sure you're all currently either enjoying the freedom of doing and buying whatever you want from the measly allowance (if ya aren't paid, i'm equally sorry for you). Of the 5 of us trainees in my department, the other MMU guy, my friend and ex-classmate from my diploma years said good bye while I'm stuck looking on as he does the regal wave in slowmo.. dang~

good for you, buddy

On other news, I've discovered three things that may or may not be worthy to be placed at Owh~ and I have also vowed never to pay for a meal at Pizza Hut. See, it doesn't even deserve a wiki link- and that my friends, is bad.

that's a regular?? THIS IS AN OUTRAGEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!11!one!1

Okay, so I was out shopping at Tesco looking for some marmite or bovril". Now if anyone reading this does not know the existence of bovril or marmite, I have 2 (two) things to say to you; 1)you have no childhood. 2)you have no childhood. 3)i pity your poor soul. Anyway, I was looking high and low for that elusive lil' treasure and finally, a nice lil' lady directed me to it.

there.. not that hard to find now was it?

In Nat Geo's own advertisement catchphrase; think again.

does anyone care to explain?

Thankfully, things went on pretty smoothly after that. I had a lovely day with my Ess-Oh replacement, Mr Khoo Cheng. We made lots of creamy stuff together. I wonder if that's the current euphemism replacing Deb-dear's 'making cheese cakes'.

strutting his thongs tongs

creamy, delicious and amateur homemade

Posted this pic up on my facebook yesterday.

title: dim sum girls? take 3: now me likey~

Tagged Mr Khoo Cheng to the right umbrella. The following comments ensued.

       Khoo Cheng: why am i here? (Mon at 11:44pm)
       Wontdieone: thought u'd like being in between elys and esther :P (Mon at 11:45pm)
       Khoo Cheng: nice! (Mon at 11:45pm)
       Wontdieone: fixed* (Yesterday at 12:21am)

witness the power of technology..

And speaking of the power of technology. Here's another mind-blowing one for you before I end this post.

Nitez peeps~! Work work!
p.s. names changed to protect the innocent
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