Wednesday, July 29, 2009

| late for work?

You see kids; in the working world, one must be ever cunning in taking opportunities to get yourself out of Some Deadly Situations® (it's not really a registered trademark, i'm just using it because i can). One of the most perilous situation to be found in is when you come in late for work one day and your boss asks you to, "Explain yourself Andrew! You're TWO staraliasdollarpercent HOURS LATE!!".

And if you're a rather tech-savvy dude/dudette (nerd/nerdette) you've probably heard of this little handy killer app called Photoshop.

You see where I'm getting? Shoooop some pics to give a proof as to why you're late and you'll be guiltless (unless he does photoshooooping too and then yaskrewed)! Thankfully, has graciously given us fine examples of such shoooops in sequence from the moment you wake up.

Now. Behold the wonders of the winternet.

there was a bear in my bathroom!

ninjas stopped me!

bumblebee humped my car!

satnav was pointing me to silent hill (and pyramid head was chasing my sorry ass around)!

the beatles were crossing my street (and they took forever)!

i crashed into a google earth marker!

a thwomp blocked my path!

an agent trashed my car (and this isn't really happening because we're living in a virtual world and our bodies and sleeping in pods with these Epic Twelve Inch phallic thingies penetrating our skulls to connects us to the matrix of which they're using our bodies like batteries cause we blocked out their primary source of energy which was the sun and for that, yes, we're dumb)!

ultraman was fighting some monster (and caused a massive jam)!

and lastly..

i was gonna enter the company elevator and suddenly i was in a land of magical wonders and wonders charlie~, called narnia! helped me through tough times. Thank you crack.

So once again. Remember kids; the working world is a land filled with dangerous people. Stay sharp and prosper.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

| shiet

Remember how I've always mentioned that wikipedia is a great tool for learning (despite the truth that their facts are often times questionable) not to mention, a good source of plain-ol-fun. Just saw this little article on and in it a link to this little wiki... about stools or fondly known as *shiet.


Bristol Stool Chart

Bristol Stool Chart or The Bristol Shiet Scale is a medical aid designed to classify the form of human feces into seven categories. Sometimes referred to in the UK as the "Meyers Scale," it was developed by Heaton and Lewis at the University of Bristol and was first published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology in 1997. The form of the shiet depends on the time it spends in the colon.

The seven types of stool are:

        * Type 1: Separate hard lumps, like nuts (hard to pass)
        * Type 2: Sausage-shaped, but lumpy
        * Type 3: Like a sausage but with cracks on its surface
        * Type 4: Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft
        * Type 5: Soft blobs with clear cut edges (passed easily)
        * Type 6: Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool
        * Type 7: Entirely liquid

Types 1 and 2 indicate constipation, with 3 and 4 being the "ideal shiet" especially the latter, as they are the easiest to pass, and 5–7 being further tending towards diarrhea or urgency.


I lol'ed when I read the wiki. Come to think of it, this is a rather good post too since I talked about food in the previous post. It also reminds me of the last time I talked about shiets; it was during my previous attachment to Infineon, July 5th, 2006. heh~

*this blog is firmly against using vulgar languages like shit and has therefore changed the words shit to shiet

p.s. i made a compacted type 4 yesterday

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

| the two words of joy: garlic butter

Welcome to Portuguese Settlement

So yea, lots of things have changed at that little haven. I remember fooling people into riding their bikes all the way here to try out some Portuguese Wine which is actually just plain good ol' air sirap (rose syrup beverage). Heh~

what used to be rows of stores have now been turned into a parking lot

the shops are aligned to face the sea

dating spot 101

So yea. Quite a few changes. First concern was that the old dude who used to make this awesome sour mango drink thing was no where to be seen. It was later when one of the shop keeper/owner/worker/thing told me that the drink is still around but is now being run by his apprentices... and that he has opened a branch in Melaka Raya. righ~ In anycase..

we ate at this store

Which is being run by chinese people. Funny, I know. We came for Portuguese styled food and we're eating at the shop owned by chinese people.

I'm not racist.

I'm just particular.

Thankfully, however the food was rather good though the price is expensive as expected. We ordered the usual lineup of food:

kangkung sambal belacan

already eaten omelette

the must have squid fritters

RM15 Scallop in Garlic Butter Sauce
Hereby declared Some Awesome Good Food® (SAGF®)

There's like a huge ikan bakar siakap that we ordered but it came late and thus I forgotten to take a picture of it. It looked like how siakaps should look like; think - fish~ We paid around RM70 in total for the 5 dishes which is just nice for a family of four.

Now all I have to do is wait for someone to belanja (treat) me. heh~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

| launch the face meltz~

40 Days Fast & Prayer was, for the lack of a better expression, phuunn~ Will post about it later.. after I post about Portuguese Settlement.. which I will do after I return from my lil' escapade' with a lil' someone.. of whom I'm not allowed to mention as this blog protects the privacy and identity of individuals.. Yea~

p.s. wheeeeeeeeeee~

Friday, July 17, 2009

| Portuguese Settlement v2.3

So yea, it has been awhile since I last step foot unto that little haven for the culturally mixed community. As I told my dad, maybe it's because there's no more need to come here but being here definitely brings back some old, old memories. What kind of old memories? Well..

notice the red car behind this white one? hehe

Bleh~ Reminiscing is a funny thing. It makes you look back and feel all warm, yet reminds you of your past failures and things that you lack - and how much you've grown, how far you've come.

Personally, I do like my first post ever on this blog though. hehe~
Sorry for going off track, will really talk about Portuguese Settlement on my next post. ><

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

| Hadoken~!

Brother got my dad and I early birthday presents. Knowing how my family has a tendency to go a little crazy with outdoor gears and DIY stuffs, bro got ourselves some firesteel.

How to use it? You take the flat piece of striker and firmly press down the fire-starter. Chant some magic words and whoallah~! (i dunno how to spell whoallah~), sparks will fly.
How does it work? It's because the striker is made out of ferrocerium. Ferrocerium is a man-made metallic material that has the ability to give off a large number of hot sparks when scraped against a rough surface aka pyrophoricity, such as ridged steel.

While ferrocerium-and-steels function in a similar way to actual flint-and-steel in fire starting, ferrocerium actually takes on the role that steel played in traditional methods: When small shavings of it are removed quickly enough, the heat generated by friction is enough to ignite those shavings. The sparks generated are in fact tiny pieces of burning metal. In traditional flint-and-steel fire-starting systems, using actual flint, tiny shavings of the steel that are removed in the striking process, rather than the actual flint, are what burn. The origin of its easy sparking is cerium's low temperature pyrophoricity, its ignition temperature occurring between 150 and 180 degrees celsius.

Eagle-eyed readers would notice that I copied this whole thing from wiki. yay~


Bundled up some tinder or as in my case, shredded tissue paper, stroke the striker (see what i did there?). Sparks fly and we have ourselves some fire boys. Of course, it would be easier if we would've just done a real hadoken like so;

yes, wayne.. it's finished and awaiting some pendrivesss~

Street Fighter IV is out and as expected, is one helluva hit amongst die-hard, rabid fans who can recite to you the entire history of Street Fighter and how it's superior than King of Fighters, etc etc. Fans, be glad to know it IS similar to Super Street Fighter II but with additional features as well. Will not delve much into details, just go play it.

no shitty PS3 or XBOX360 logos can stand against my shoooping skillz

Nite peeps~!

Peon: Work Work~

Monday, July 13, 2009

| what happens next?

First off, our beloved Ps Joel from Philippines was explaining to me the difference between bible colleges and cemeteries seminaries.
"Technically speaking, there’s a big difference with a Bible College and a Seminary. Some people use the terms interchangeably but a seminary is the next step above a Bible college. A college offers Bachelors' Degrees, while a seminary is graduate level offering Master's degrees and often Doctorates ".

Gotta love Ps Joel. Would love to be his student one day. hehe~


Well.. It's been almost 3 weeks since Final Year Mission Trip '09: Philippines. The 20 of us (including Ps TKC®) are back in Malaysia safe and sound and a lil' sick'ish here and there. No worries, no one was infected with the AH1N1 virus or as I like to call it, Ahini.

Most of us have completed our studies and are now either have a job or are jobless. A few exceptions; the special few of us are still studying. We're slow and dumb.

In any case, we came back to Malaysia exhausted from the journeying but yet filled, brimming with knowledge and experience. Ps TKC® said to me in the bus on the way down to Melaka (yea, i'm sitting next to her), "Now to return back to normal life and face the reality (of life)".

As much as we would love for this feeling, this energy to continue and last, life around us as we know it would tend to suck it all up and out of us and we would be no different from how we were before. Much like how we're energized in youth camps and later back to school, returning to the rascals that we are. But.. I guess for that to happen, it would only mean our initial focus and expectancy was wrong and/or the effort on our ptart wasn't enough. One-hit-wonders are dumb. This a journey, not a lottery ticket. Char Siew rocks.


Celebrated brother's birthday on one of the weekends at Sibaraku. No, we didn't eat at the teppanyaki. Instead, we ate at the sushi restaurant next to it. Same shop, different food.

dad and mom

mom's teppanyaki beef

the desserts, peanut ice cream, something & something

I'm a firm believer and practitioner of good value-to-price ratio. The food was good but the price wasn't worth it. There's a missing picture of a sashimi boat with 9 slices of assorted sashimies and it costs more then RM30++. Atmosphere was good but that's just about all there is to it.

Since returning, I've been serving for two weeks in a row already and I predict many more weeks to come too but that's not A Bad Thing®. To serve the Lord gives me much joy after all. Good to see that the church is still in one piece. No explosions nor disasters happened.

TKC®'s Tuggy

thank you for the wonderful time last sunday...

the planning continues..

Initially, my internship for Industrial Training programme was to start on the 1st of June but as I've decided to go for the FYMT'09, God opened doors for me to push my training date 3 weeks later and thus, I started my training on the 24th June which would mean that mine will end 3 weeks late too, on the 24th October. I'm currently doing my internship at Infineon (hopefully, God be willing, can get a job here in the future too). My department acronym would be IFMY IT OS DOA CS which stands for Infineon Malaysia Information Technology Operational Services Desktop Office & Automation Client Services. heh~

my desk..

So yea, my department is technically first level support but is actually level 1.5 or so. We fix things the helpdesk people can't fix. As for me, I'm currently under Back Office & Projects, meaning coding, etc. Fun stuff, really. Working at Infineon is rather normal I guess..

the usual police

the usual imprisonment

the usual POW gatherings

I kid about the above. The pics were taken on 3rd July, Friday. There was a bomb threat. The police came and everyone evacuated the buildings and waited at the car park for a good solid hour. Imagine, a solid hour of baking under the sun. Crisp~!

starbucks is back~ yay~!!

Yesterday (Saturday, June 11th), my family went to another Japanese restaurant to celebrate dad's burfday which is on June 13th. So yea,

Blessed Burfday Dad~!!

We went to one of my favourite high value-to-price, namely Sakura House. It's a house-cum-Japanese restaurant run by a Chinese - nice~

dad and mom.. again~

baby octopus

soft-shelled crabbie

pregnant, bone-friendly fish


The above sashimi costs RM30.. and it rocks. Hereby rated Some Good Food® due to its awesome taste and value-to-price ratio.

That's all I have for now. In this walk.. this journey of life that is ever straight and narrow, may God give us peace and grace anew all the day through.

Nite peeps~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.