Thursday, November 25, 2010

| teenage dream

Remember how we had it all planned out; how we'd want or at least anticipate our life to be like? Finish secondary school life, graduate from a college or university, start working and be financially independent. Buy all the goodies that we want, when we want them and enjoy the remnants of our youth.

Well.. I bet most of us have a rather clear picture of how the working life would be like but I guess it doesn't really sink in till the 3rd month (much like how the 3rd month is a milestone of a relationship). Now coming into the end of my fourth month, I felt the need to take a quick look at how far I've come, so far.

Haven't been updating my blog much due to the lack of interesting happenings in my life. Repetition is the daily what's what and the working in shift does help somewhat in dealing with it. On the flip side, working in shift + weekends does eat up much of your social life.

I guess what I'm trying to say in this post is a all but a simple thanks.

Thanks to all of you whom, though I now can hardly meet up with, you are all close and very much alive in my heart.

All of my brothers and sisters, friends and family. Thank you.

Especially you Rebecca Leong Sue May. Thanks for being part of my life. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

| how to make poop~

*pans facing the camera*


Today I'm going to show you all an easy and simple way to make meringue cookies poop cookies or poopies as I like them call them.

          *insert warm smile*

Firstly, segregate 3 egg whites and beat them like your own child. Make sure not to let any of the yolk or oil get into the egg whites or they will not thicken; they hate fatty stuff.

Once it is frothy and white, add 1/3 tea spoon of cream of tartar, 150g of granulated sugar. You can decrease the amount of sugar if it is too sweet for you but generally, 50g to an egg will give your kids' ADHD a run for its money. Once it is thickened and doubled in volume like this:

soft poopie

Add a table spoon of vanilla essence and any other flavourings of your choice. Poopies taste better when it is well flavoured. Other suggested flavours include "That's What She Said", "I'm A Lancer Owner And I'm Sad", "Wayne's Prettier Side Gives Warmth", and everyone's all-time-favorite; "Choco, I Miss You Dancing".

Once beaten to a consistency that is stiff, pull out the whisker and spray the mixture unto your baking tray. This goes well with the flavour, "That's What She Said".

warm poopie

Bake in an oven at 100C for about 2-3 hours and leave it in the oven to dry out. Drying it out is important so as to not let the poop be limp; leave it over night in a dry location if you have to. At the end of it, you will have;

little ball of poop

That's all for today folks.

Tune in next time to learn how to make milkshakes.

p.s. she keeps coming back to look at it....its beautiful

Saturday, October 16, 2010

| i miss you dude

you're doing it right

p.s. when ya'll coming down la?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

| and the peon said, "work work" - part 2

Wait, was there ever a part one? I'm sorry, I'm just stoned from sleeping awake all night long.

Also, since I've watched finish Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (it was ok ok), I figured I'd introduce the anonymous world out there to my work place and work space.

welcome to teh Service Desk

I'm a systems engineer in the Service Desk section of End-user Services under Operational Support of IT in Infineon.


We are a global support team taking in calls and cases from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Itz serius bisnezz~

werk space

Each agent has their own PC running on Windows 7 OS with 3GB (soon to be 4GB) of RAM. Oh, and not to mention the two monitors for our viewing pleasure. After all, more monitors = better efficiency. Heh~

mah desk with a red boner

Styne gave me that bone. I don't chew on it though.

I kinda like my desk; it's clean and comfy and everything is where it's supposed to be. Also, my desk is where all the magic happens. Yes, magic happens on our desks. When I'm bored, I'll eat my colleagues' extra kuih raya and imagine wondrous adventures with gummy bears.

gummy bears wrestling

So yea.

That's my new working place.

Hi Wayne.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

| /inspiration pl0x

Went to a certain Indian restaurant whose name shall be kept confidential to avoid any form of potential lawsuit against this poor blogger, read their menu while awaiting food and was inspired.

spot inspiration nauu~

While awaiting inspiration. Lets talk about something else.






      Scratch that.

so(re) it is

Back to work(?).

p.s. still contemplating on whether to go up to KL this weekend due to some certain.. issues
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