Monday, December 29, 2008

| a day late

Christmas and all it's festivities are coming to an end. The short-lived enjoyment that were reflected in the eyes of the MMU'ians are like an awakening from a love sweet dream into a terrible nightmare of reality. Nonetheless, we had some good fun.

MMU Christian Society's Christmas partay~

Bette et la Belle

Church had Elvis singing them into Christmas morning while the Teo family had turkey for us. It was naish~ Licking, singing and fishing were great fun. Stynie~~

into the teo's house

picture courtesy of aiaibook

My Christmas night was spent eating some delish' BBQ chicken wing, lamb, pork, potato, epic cheese spaghetti, rat's tail noodles, lots of beers, a bottle of black label and half a bottle of swing. Can't wait for FYB (Final Year BBQ) comes along and another chance to get Wayne to do his final year thingy~ heh~

fan the flame

my epic bbq wings that blew myself away

Saw this thing in church today under the Tiun's bag. Thought it was funny for it to be there in church.

Last night's dinner, feeling the reel from the BBQ, I thought to myself, "Might as well do another family BBQ", and thus, it came to pass.

yes, using the mini-batt fan saves trees

this was sunday's dinner - drool nau~

Well. Assignment due dates and exams, here we go.

To all final year peeps reading this, save up RM 15-20 and we'll do one last epic BBQ kay? This is for ya, lulus~ hehe~

Nite peeps~

Monday, December 22, 2008

| teddy, the bear

There's just something about Teddy. Something refreshing.. something exotic.. something different that I just can't put my finger on. It's like crossing garlic with caviar and red wine.

from the lack of excitement of life with lot chean..

..comes Teddy, the bear

teddy driving.. rawr~

Teddy, being a bear is rather unique for its species as it has no paws, no distinguishable mouth nor jaw, no irises in its eyes nor any ear holes and above all; no stick nor hole. But according to lot chean, it's a 'he', not a 'she' and after giving some thought, I beg to differ. It'll b easier to give it a hole than a stick ergo, it's a 'she'.

see.. no stick nor hole

But if there's one thing that Teddy's good at, it's drumming. Teddy's paws are specially design to give that warm, round sounding drumming that's so often lacking in today's playing style... and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Teddy Drums® (TD®)

            In other news...

the Sunday of 21st Dec 2008 shall be known as Red Sunday

esther dear has a screw loose, hence the screwdriver

Nite peeps~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

| what happened after aCt?

                     This Christmas...

with just a cup of coffee...

you can...

buy this awesome 10th Anniversary tumbler for RM10...

and if you have the membership passport thingy, you can...

feel good about going greener with each hot to-go's...

                     On other news...

MP did a better deco than last year...

cf kids are just sooooooo adorable...

a little sauce code under here winrars...

seremban was fun...

And now...
           Some Good Food®

Loi's Bak Kut Teh

Pork Satay

drool nauuu~!!!

Assignments assignments assignments assignments assignments!!!

Nite peeps~

Friday, December 12, 2008

| 'twas another Christmas thingy

publicity - public + city = brilliant

After many many long days of planning, drafting, writing, designing, composing, practices, drilling, practices, props, practices, traveling, practices and back-breaking, the real night came and boy was it fun.

men shan't live on bread alone..

We persevered through many long, tough, sleepless nights all with the sole purpose of giving glory to God; the purpose of the existence of the coined TGBTG - To God Be The Glory.

thanks teddy for those comforting words...

As the night passed by as quickly as it came we, the directors can't help but wonder if we accomplished what we set out to hit. Whether the message was clear and if it'd penetrated the hearts of the crowd - if lives were touched and hearts broken.

and they moved..

..with much love

To my fellow musicians,
Thank you for giving God your best. Thank you for bearing with me all these times. It's my sincerest prayer and hope that all of you gain something from this musical and not see it as just 'an event' but rather remembering our existence as servants, as parts of the body that is this musical. I pray that all of you would as I, only use your gifts to give glory to Him who gave us these talents in the first place. I love you all, I truly do.

God bless

As the night drew darker and the flashes of the cameras fades, the casts and crew left the hall to celebrate, a small group of people remained because for us the work ain't over yet.

suspension killer

We packed all we could into our humble vehicles and transported them safely to YAC. But since it's worth packing, it's worth over-packing - much like a Top Gear challenge. heh~ Joash, you rock.

the box survived... so did the Christmas tree

All of you did a great job and I believe that God is pleased with all of you who serve Him faithfully.

Thank you for all your sacrifices. Nite peeps~

Thursday, December 04, 2008

| things you would say in the bedroom

TYWSINTB: Starcraft Edition

This is for all ye Starcraft fans out there~!
If ya don't know what's Starcraft... there, there..
What a childhood u must've had..

Neway, here goes nothing-

        1) Battlecruiser operational

        2) Teleport successful

        3) Raynor here

        4) Ahhh, that's the stuff

        5) You must harvest more Vespene gas

        6) You wanna peice of me boi?

        7) Shields up, weapons online

        8) Power overwhelming

        9) Jacked up and good to go

        10) Spawn more overlords

        11) Make use of me

        12) Carrier has arrived

        13) Nuclear launch detected

        14) You must construct additional Pylons

        15) I can't build there, there's something in they way..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now for the rest of you non-Starcraft readers who are already bored of this, here's some sensitivity stuffs. I present ya the band, Red (thanks to Felicia for introducing her fav band), and Anberlin (thanks to wayne and justyn for the hugs in klang uh... stuff).


I'm here again
A thousand miles away from you
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own
I've lost so much along the way

      Then I'll see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole

I've come undone
But you make sense of who I am
Like puzzle pieces in your eye

      Then I'll see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole

I tried so hard! So hard!
I tried so hard!

      Then I'll see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole
So you can make me whole

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


One last glance from a taxi cab
Images scar my mind
For weeks've felt like years
Since your full attention was all mine
The night was young and so were we
Talked about life, God, death, and your family
Didn't want any promises,
Just my undivided honesty, and you said

Oh oh, things are gonna change now for the better
Oh oh, things are gonna change, oh, they're gonna change

I am the patron saint of lost causes
A fraction of who I once believed (change)
only a matter of time
Opinions I would try and rewrite
If life had background music playing your song
I've got to be honest, I tried to escape you
But the orchestra plays on, and they sang

Oh oh, things are gonna change now for the better
Oh oh, things are gonna change

      Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you
Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
Dismantle me down (repair)
You dismantle me
You dismantle me

Give me time to prove
Prove I want the rest of yours (prelude)
Call this a prelude to a lifetime of you
It's not that I hang on every word
I hang myself on what you repeat
It's not that I keep hanging on
I'm never letting go

      Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you
Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
Dismantle me down (repair)
You dismantle me
You dismantle me

Save me from myself
Save me from myself
Help me save me from myself
Save me from myself

Oh oh, things are gonna change now for the better
Oh oh, things are gonna change

      Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you
Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
Dismantle me down (repair)
You dismantle me
You dismantle me

Those are good songs. Nite peeps~

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

| another Christmas thingy under a low line yo

colourfully racist shoes

It's been another crazy past few weeks with what little rest days taken up by everything but anything of what I really need. Been living on an unbelievably tight schedule with assignments and mid-terms biting my arse. Not to mention doing the work of a director, making fair, right and wise decisions, paying bills that aren't my own, and of course, dealing with people.

Nonetheless, it's been fun.

poor poor tired people

In the midst of craziness we managed to celebrate Ana-chan's 21st burfday. It's truly a wonder why she's still single.. come on guys, ya'll blind or wut? >.<

the gathering

the surprise

the gift

the happy ana-chan

another Christmas thingy: The Given Gift (aCt:TGG) is just 7 exciting days away. To miss it would be a great loss indeed to one's self. Sure, we sell DVDs of it for an insanely cheap price, but nothing beats watching it live so do make an effort to come.

director - she directs

Fortunately, the past few weeks I've been stuffing myself with Some Good Food®. Most of which would some how or rather have something to do with the ever so lovable pork. Been eating pork almost every single day so much so I can almost literally feel my cholesterol level sky-rocketing. But hey, for the sake of attaining that Some Good Food® what's a few years of life being taken away anyway? heh~

good food from Wok & Pan

some really good food from Jia Jia

awesome char siew fan from Melaka Baru

pork satay be epic

Cholesterol.. naish~ Can't wait for the hols to come. I must and definitely will stuff myself silly (even more if i already haven't). If possible, I'd wanna find my good ol' dear friend in KL. Till then, pushing on till the end.

getting in touch with estrogen

Sorry for the delay post. hehe~
Nite peeps~

p.s. i kissed ai and it felt good


Saturday, November 22, 2008

| piracy saved malaysia

Now before the local boys in blue come storming into my home with the pretext of ISA (not that you know where it is anyway), let me now reaffirm my anonymous internet rights (if there's such a thing). As the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees no. 7 says, "Ensure no Internet censorship", I shall now speak my mind freely, uncensored..



The Star recently printed a rather interesting article that the p2p community would find rather interesting.... heh~ The article featured my favourite torrent site, in the technology pullout of the paper, In.Tech and it talks about piracy.

"The Internet is an open and neutral platform where
users should be allowed to share content, knowledge
and anything else, anyway they want"
~ Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay

Here are my two cents; it is the existence of piracy that enabled and empowered Malaysia to be what it is today. Without them, our engineers, techies, designers, and business people would be missing a leg, hopping around like a headless chicken. Frankly speaking, not everyone can afford MsWord 2003 or Adobe Photoshop. Seriously. Without piracy our government wouldn't be where it is too.

            Therefore I salute thee, piracy. For such a name is but an irony to the revolution that you bring to the world. Breaking down the greedy, capitalistic, hoarding, illiberal, covetous companies and organizations who refuse to let even a single penny slip past their fingers, sitting behind their comfortable leather chairs, shielding themselves behind the laws of men.

Thank you The Pirate Bay and Xun Lei. Thank you for the bright future you've given cyberspace. It's because of entities like you, we can progress in this exciting digital age.


Much better.
Nite peeps~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.