Sunday, October 28, 2007

| hey ana-chan

Holiday's a drag when you've told yourself you'll not drink too much - not like last time, at least. It's even much more a drag when your friends keep calling you out to drink and you know you can't go cause together, we'll all definitely drink 'too much'. heh~

Ahhh.. Good times

Finished Neverwinter Nights 2 : Mask Of The Betrayer in just a couple of days. So much for epic levels and characters. In other news, the holiday's drag got me thinking and that made me slightly depressed for reasons I myself have yet to discover despite being a rather logic-minded guy.

So here's to another short break from blogging; a completely original song with a completely original tune that's not on the radio.

really plain white t's with char kuey teow stains
hey ana-chan

Hey Ana-chan
What's it like at your lil' city?
I'm a hundred miles away
But girl, your photo looks so funny
Yes you do
The next pic in line's no match to you
I swear it's true

Hey Ana-chan
I'm writing to you from a distance
So please BUZZ! me cause I'm lonely
And I'm bored with Delilah's story
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it's my disguise
It's time to hide

Oh it's such a controversy
Oh I wonder what they'll think
Oh it's sucha controversy
Oh I wonder what they'll think
Wonder what they'll think

Hey Ana-chan
I know exams are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
If you study smart enough it'll be much harder
Yes it will
MMU sucks our money when we fail
It is ideal

Hey Ana-chan
If I keep on writing this song
Everyone will start to wonder
If there's something going on
With you and I
I can see the stars right in your eyes
I'd never I lie

Oh it's such a controversy
Oh I wonder what they'll think
Oh it's sucha controversy
Oh I wonder what they'll think

A hundred miles seems pretty far
And when we talk we have 'leh's and 'lar's
You'll laugh at all the hidden jokes I make
Our friends would all just stare at us
And they will all be left clueless
Cause their minds and ours a really not the same
Ana-chan I can promise you
That by the time the joke gets through
Their world will never ever be the same
And we're to blame

Hey Ana-chan
You be good and come for CGs
Two more years and you'll be done with
MMU and I'll be extending like VJ too
It's such a pity but it's true
But I hope I won't have to
Hey Ana-chan this song is cool
I'll sing to you

Oh it's such a controversy
Oh I wonder what they'll think
Oh it's sucha controversy
Oh I wonder what they'll think
Wonder what they'll think

Hey Ana-chan
This song is such a controversy
People think that it's from Plain White T's
I tell them they're crazy
It's Malaysianized
Piracy starts from the 'other' side
When they say torrent's bad they lie
Hey Ana-chan you look cute tonight
I think we might..

Oh yea, I've also decided that I won't be getting the guitar that I've been waiting for oh-so-long a time for reasons that I won't disclose here but just for publicity sake, here my quote;
"I'm not willing to spend all my savings on a guitar
that I won't be actively using"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

| ...anties

Right after I posted the previous post, I crashed into bed, woke up for some early morning dim-sum breakfast and headed off to Genting Highlands for a very very rare Liu's Family Holiday and thus, despite how tired I was, it should not be missed.

the evil ronald mcdonald at genting sempah

The weather on the way up to Genting Highland was on bad side; thick, cloudy, semi-puking state. First World was packed to the brim due to the peak-season and the fact that it's raining out there.

greaaaat view eh?

Gave my family a near-thorough tour of what Genting has to offer. After all, it seems as if I've been coming to this place often for the past 4 years and each time I come, it brings along different people and I return with different experience and memories. This time however, is the first time with my beloved family.

momma and myself

dad, bro, mom

eating at kfc

le' tour de genting

chillin' with a few buckets

some fresh air

gotta love the jacket

you know your mom is cool when she can fly

how far we've come

On the way down from Genting, just when we reached the foothill, a car overtook us and flagged at our tyre. We pulled over at a rest area and wa~lah, we have a flat bottom-left tyre. Being pretty calm about it, we had our lunch and tried to fix on our spare tyre. We managed to loosen 2 of the 4 bolts and we were stuck when one of the bolts were worn off. Fortunately, Ronda came to save the day and they had a fancy long pipe the used as leverage to force open the stubborn bolt and before we know it, we were on our way home.

my parents may be old but they sure look young


stop touching my hieny.. heh~

The holiday didn't really ended yet. That night we had dinner at Calanthe', cendol with unlimited malacca sugar for dessert and a nice chill at Geographer Cafe. To my surprise, my dad knows the artist who plays at Geographer every night aka Mr Burns. It seems they were childhood friends. To increase the festivities, that day was Mr Burns' birthday and for once, we sang for him instead of him for us.

Happy Burfday dude~

The following day started rather slowly. Went out with dad and mom to have lunch and to do some shopping - nothing much to shout about. But I gotta say, dinner was simply awesome. My mom may be good with Chinese cuisines but dad's definitely great with them westerns and on the menu; Lamb chops and garlic bread.

droool people! droooooool~

i like garlic because it makes my heart stronger.. *smile*

Well, I guess the holiday with my family ends here. Now for a little solace. Nice rain..

Good nite peeps~

p.s. going to genting again reminds me of you

Saturday, October 20, 2007

| why so tight p...

Twas tiring, tedious, troublesome but thought-provokingly fun, taco-bell'ishly new, and a terrifically good camp. I'm talking about Malacca Camp '07, Kuantan, themed B.I.B.L.E., acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Gotta love the creative mind of them juniors.

I ai Ai Ai


girls and their bantal busuk

awwww.. shoo shuweet~

4-5 hours of fun and laughter!! ... *snores*

The camp was only 3 days and 2 nights and with only 1 session, most of the time was spent on chillin' and having fun - it's a holiday after all. With the beautiful, private beach all for ourselves CFers didn't hold back on messing it up. Volleyball, beach exploration, and mindlessly digging random holes. The first night was summed up with a delicious BBQ dinner and night devotion.

crabby clamp my thumb.. :(

mark entering the dragon's.. nevermind

read : mindlessly digging random holes

chickeeeen wiiiings!

The good thing about camping on a beach on the easy coast (keepin' it real, yo) is that if you giler semangat to wake up at 6.30am you'll get to see the beautiful spectacle that is the sunrise. It's been awhile since I last I get to see such a wonderful sight. The sun and the moon.. makes me all sentimental. heh~

You make all things new

say hello to my littl- ITS HUGEE!!

chillin' on the morning light


On the 2nd night I had to wake up at 5am to do some good ol' security graveyard shift till 6.30am along with Amy Low Ai Mie. By the break of dawn, I was already slightly stoning and tired but couldn't resist waiting for the my friend, the sun to awake from its slumber. The last day was pretty short; presentation from the Alphas, conclusion to the theme and the revelation of the Angel/Mortal game - some were.. extremely happy couples. But in the end, David for FES won the game. heh~

the shadow proves the sunshine

angel mortal - again, contrast

big burly man - small cutey gift

Jo-L, Jou-C, Ana-Chan, L.L.LingLi

Final Year peeps.. HAH! OLD!!

Malacca Camp '07 committee - you guys make me soooo proud!

Truthfully, despite how pressured the committees for the camp were, they did a very good job. I'm truly impressed with your work. I'm shoooo proud of ya! heh~ So, I guess that's it for Malacca Camp. Gotta wake up at 8am tomorrow (or today, depending on how you read this), going to Genting Highlands with family.

Good bye Mlk Camp '07

More Malacca Camp stuffs over at Elys', Ai Ai's, and Sully's bloggies! Do check them out.

Gotta crash peeps~ 8am.. *sigh*
God bless and blessed holiday!

Monday, October 15, 2007

| finally - holiday (?)

After the horrendous exam week..

After the week of non-existent feeling of freedom..


On this very day..



The ticket to freedom and fun..

Is in your hands..




So yea, I'm leaving to camp tomorrow (or today, date thingie again) and I won't be back till Thursday.. or Friday, depending on my mood and the hospitality of my host. hehe~ Before I go though, here's a little advert for a little someone important to me.

Name: Jacy Cheah Su Pheen
Age: Like fine-wine
Location: Not to far from your hearts
Sex: yes, please Female.. the last time I checked
Character: Simple, caring, bully-able, does things she will regret to her hair
Personal Notes: Very good and fresh. Single the whole life. Saham is teh high!
Score: 9.999/10

In stores now! Get yours today!

Hehe~ Luv ya gal!

See you peeps out there on Thursday, or Friday. Only on wontdieone.blogspot!
Nites and God bless!

Friday, October 12, 2007

| burning them fire

Was pruning the mango tree outside the house. Too many branches overloaded with leaves that bear no fruit. Rather than let those branches suck up precious sunlight and nutrients, I'd rather the good stuff go to the good branches. Call me bias but even Jesus used that as an analogy. So with most of the branches collected in to two big bags, the remainder had no where else to go. Dad suggested burning. Me smiled.

solid fuel brings much fun

The thing about these Hexamine solid fuel tablets is that, it's a little more dangerous than it looks. When it catches fire, it will lit up with a feint blueish fire that's VERY hot. So yea, dangerous. Passed a box to Elysia for her to use in Malacca Camp. Now wondering if I should handle it instead.. wouldn't want anybody to get hurt ya noe.

suffice to say, even the wet branches burnt crisp

So that's that. Now for the more relevant stuffs that I'd normally write about.

richard looks either offended or constipated.. hehe~

workshops aint workshops without music and games

Had committee planning the whole day yesterday. Well, the actual planning didn't span the whole day but our other activities did. We planned for next semester, undergo an eye-opening workshop by David from FES, and we cleaned up YAC and got her ready for the next semester. The things the committee does for the comfort of the CF members. Appreciate it! heh~

Since we finish cleaning up rather late, the option to go back to grab a shower would only be reserved for the rich and picky. Rich because I can't bring myself to ride home, shower and ride all the way back to Bear Hill. End up chillin' at the Happy Guys' house and grabbed a quick nice cold shower. Had a good dinner - 2 plates of Char Kuey Teow and Some Good® Popiah.

Main event of the day for me would be devotion with Ps Joanne. There's always something extra to learn when doing devotions with her and in a group. Plus, it's more fun anyway. Spirit-filled, passion-burning, and anointed-hands.

Lets enjoy our holidays whilst expecting a great semester ahead of us. Tiring as it will definitely be, know that in all that we do, we do it for His glory.

God bless and good nite peeps~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.