Wednesday, July 30, 2008

| i want you to

and give yourself a


p.s. sorry if i was harsh. i just want what's best for everyone and i want to give God something that's of worth~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

| fulfilling promises

I just wanna say oh God, that after the many years that has passed since You made that promise to me and many years after I've made my promise to You, we're both still doing a good job at keeping them. Hehe~

Back then I doubted if it was Your whisper that was in my heart and I didn't understand much of it nor did I think of the possibilities. All I knew was what You said to me; what You were gonna use me for..

And in response I made a promise to You too. More than just a response, that promise, that pledge was my worship to You, my sacrifice. You honored it oh Lord, and I bless Your name.

You opened doors for me to reach places I never thought I was able to. To be able to shout to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west. To serve you and to learn the purpose of serving You.

To know Your heart and what it is You require of me. To know what it means to have the heart of worship. The sacrifices that is of worth to You. To know that all I have and all I can do; it comes from You. You gave it to me.

So once again oh Lord, as it's already been 7 years, I figured it's about time I build another alter to You and remember the promises You made to me and continue to hold fast mine to You.

      Oh Lord God Almighty, You who stands above all creation. You deserve all the praise and all worship. In this broken vessel, in this temple for Your dwelling place oh Lord, I hold fast Your promises o God and I remember mine to You.

      For this gift You have given me, never shall I use them for personal gain or glory but only for Yours. For all the chords I strike and all the notes I hit, it is my worship to You oh God and may it bless Your heart. Walking in the ways of Your judgments, I wait for You oh God. Your name and Your renown is my heart's desire.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

| wuuuuuuu-aii soww seereeuuss~?

Before I go all psycho..

glad to see ya once again, my dear friend

I hope you had fun while being in boring ol' Melaka. Thanks for coming down to see me and stuff. Really miss those good old days back then; things were much simpler than they are now. Take care my dear friend. Looking forward to see ya in the future.

So.. with that said and done, let me ask you now..

I stayed around Bear Hill from 10pm till 12am to catch the midnight show at 12.45am and watched The Dark Knight with a group of CF'ers and I must say, this has really really got to be the BEST movie to see for 2008. It is so good, it totally pwnts Transformers all hands-down. It's THAT good.

Christian Bale reprices his role as Badman Batman and does it very well too. That deep dark intimidating voice is always catchy. But what really caught the limelight and our attention was the late-Heath Ledger's role as the Joker.

This movie is great because of it's excellent plot twist, simple static-sound suspense music and of course, the action's great. The whole psychology of the show is also quite messed up. In a good way... or bad, depending on how you view it. It's quite disturbing to see the Joker laughing away despite being pounded in the face by Batman. Cracking laughter and quirky remarks while holding his blade to the victim's mouth asking, "Why so serious?".

This movie rawks. Best well-spent RM10 on a movie ever. Go watch eeett~

wuuuuuuuuuuuuai so serious?

Nite peeps.

Monday, July 14, 2008

| over a round cast-iron

Sitting around a table, eating from a modest cast-iron. The sound of meat sizzling, people laughing and chatting away. Cheerful smiles were flashing all over the room and sitting around a table, eating from a modest cast-iron, we the Liu family enjoyed our lovely meal as we say,


May your days be filled with fulfillment of the promises of God on your life and may we your family bring you joy. Thank you for all you've done for us and thank you for everything you're are going to do. Your sweat and blood will not flow in vain.

       Love you dad.


thanx for the wonderful time last night >.<

Featured band of the weekend~


Thursday, July 10, 2008

| men wont pay 23 bucks for char siew

Leave two guys to make dinner for themselves and the result would normally have something that goes along 'unhealthy' and 'helluvah tasty' whose origin normally comes from some dark corner of the freezer or fridge. I can vouch for that.

burn the bacon baby!! BURN THE BACCONNN!!!

was in freezer for a few months... i think

might not look like much.. but it's good

On other news; the prestigious title for Best Char Siew Fan that was previously held by Ho-G who serve Some Good Food® was toppled by the 1st runner up, the Melaka Baru Char Siew Fan Peeps after Ho-G made me pay RM23, yes, twenty-three precious bucks for Char Siew, Sau Row, 6 Water-dogs and Mei Chai for two people, which blew my mind away and effectively dethroned them from Best Char Siew Fan, so congrats, Melaka Baru Char Siew Fan Peeps!!

its still like soooOOOoooOOoo good~

On more recent news, MMUcf-born band, PG165 launched their official website and their first EP, on the 5th July 2008. Their CDs are selling like hotcakes for RM12 OMG OMG OMG I GOT THEIR AUTOGRAPGHS!! so grab them before they're out of stock. For more info, visit

PG165 - Let It All Out

It's so good, that unbelievably metro people like Lulus, and Vain bought them too!

moove - certified

Nite peeps~

Friday, July 04, 2008

| dan dan dan dan wuuu~

Oh, why hello there little fella. What are you doing, extra tasty cheddar cheese all wrapped up in lovely strips of streaky bacon? Aren't you a tease. Pan-fried-tease. Kill of the fried and you'll get Justyne's in-game WoW name, but that wouldn't be fun now would it?

A whole day of rain means a few missed lecturers and I feel sad. Bacon and cheese is my solace. YOU PEOPLE CAN'T JUDGE ME!! *hugs bacon tightly*

. . .

My precious~

Having very little additional nutritional value, it does little good to the brain. Chances are, it'll screw it up more than one can imagine and by the time you've realized it and desperately try to stop the onslaught on your frail mind, it's too late..



Andrew Liu: BUZZ!!!
NZX Great: aper
NZX Great: wah bodo sial ur avatar
NZX Great: wuuuuuuuuuuuuu
NZX Great: hahahahaha
Andrew Liu: put eett onnn

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

NZX Great: NHO!!!
Andrew Liu: wayne n justyne put ad
NZX Great: NO!!!!
NZX Great: RESIST!!!
NZX Great: NOOO!!!

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

Andrew Liu: XD
Andrew Liu: XDXDXD
NZX Great: NOOOO!!!
Andrew Liu: wuuuuu
Andrew Liu: WUUUU~
Andrew Liu: WUUUUUUUU~~!!!

NZX Great has declined your file transfer.

NZX Great: Nooo...wwuuuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuuuuuuu....NOOO!!!
Andrew Liu: take eeetttt
Andrew Liu: XDXD

You have sent 1 photo to NZX Great.

NZX Great: WUT HAVE I DONEEEEE?????? dan dan dan dan dan wuuuuuuu
NZX Great: assimilate into the McD franchise


Now.. For the final blow~

*drum roll~*


Owh noess~ It's be traps!!
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