Saturday, March 29, 2008

| 2000 HOW - 2008 Heart of Worship

Last Thursday, the Catalyst CG celebrated our very own, 24 year old, lover of all things cute and furry, fetal-positioned, mike-munching, bon jovi singing, giant with a heart of gold; Ng Zhen Xin's Burfday!

forgot to mention thumb-sucking

We had a short bible study about Easter and the passover. It was so short that it was, in fact, our shortest bible study EVER with a record time of SHORT. Yea~

black forest cake - RM29

Then we headed to US Pizza, the worst but most convenient place to celebrate burfdays and other stuffs like this in Bukit Beruang. Order a set meal for 8 which luckily is the same number of people we had; J.Sen, K.Lee, A.Chan, K.Lyn, ZX, Jo, and myself.. Mike eats the portion of 3 people so yea, just nice.

attempting to cut cake - RM32

We ate two mediocre pizzas that's definitely not worth the price but we paid anyway because we're voters and we have rights Christians. It was a pretty lively experience and stuff. Somehow or rather our burfday surprise for ZX didn't really work out. Wonder why... hmmm~

horribly maiming the cake - RM38

being forced to eat THAT - RM42

K.Lyn brought S.Dee's PSP along and everyone was so amazed and intrigued by the wonders of such a small but yet entertaining devices. One game that all of us played and was kept amused for a good period of time looked like a game for retards and we enjoyed playing it too. Everyone was laughing away happily like *imagine* ZX in fetal-position, petting a teddy bear smiling away *imagine* that. Fun. Scary, but fun.

holding a PSP - RM45

buying a psp - RM60

Despite all the fun we had and that (hopefully) ZX had, in the end, the one who really made ZX's day is none other than a special someone..

having her by one's side







Going for weekly committee meeting and prayer meeting, hearing all the funny stuff and nonsense about Louis..


I'm still not fully recovered from the flu and sore throat. The tongue ulcer is still there but it's getting better. Thankfully, there were good worshipers during practice and the practice went very much better than I honestly expected.

Good nite peeps~

p.s. remember the sons of Korah

Thursday, March 27, 2008

| enhancing the asam pedas taste

I've been having this nut-cracking irritant that has driven me nuts many times since last week. Every time I have the urge to eat something very delicious, I'm reminded of this thorn.. this.. cancer.. this.. ulcer, on my tongue.

hot curry chicken

Today, I cracked. I gave up on withholding my inner-cravings for saltish, oily and spicy food. So what about the ulcer? I'm a man. A MAN I TELL YA! And men won't let no stinking tongue-ulcer get in their way of their food.


Besides, mom's curry asam pedas fish is rawking. How could I ever say no to that?

tasty full-o-tau-you duck noodles

Not only that, during the one week mid-term break, I almost lost my middle toenail due to a mishap of feet and strong iron. They don't really mix well, feet and iron. Take my word on that. Till now, it's still black but the nail refuse to fall off or rot off and stuff. Feel like taking the pliers to pull 'em out.

break free?

Other than that, last Tuesday CF, I realize how long it has been since I last played in CF. Well.. it's not thaaaaat long but long to me nonetheless. In fact, I don't recall ever serving alongside J.Lee. My hands were a lil' rusty, just a lil' on the chord handling but not too bad thankfully.

epic cap of knowledge and wisdom

Lastly, earlier this evening (Wednesday), after a day or two of postponing cleaning up grandpa and grandma's grave due to the heavy rains, our family of four packed up all the equipment we need and headed down to Krubong to pay our respect to our beloved grandparents. Was reminiscing a little on those times I fed my grandfather ice cream. He likes 'em vanilla ice cream. *sigh*

flames out to heaven

Rather busy yet not that busy week. Right now I'm down with flu and sore throat. So yea, rather eventful week. Broken nail, tongue ulcer, flu and sore throat. Wonder whats next. >.<

Blessed Burfdays KP, ZX, and Su Be~!!

Nite peeps~

Sunday, March 23, 2008

| facepalm days

Yeap. You heard me. These days are facepalm days. No matter what you do, there's always something out there somewhere that'll make ya do the facepalm. Don't think so?

I bed to differ. In fact after this holiday, I now have a different perception towards..

1. kids

2. food

3. pets

4. speed

I managed to complete all my 4 assignments due the coming week and studied here and there for my upcoming mid-term too. How? My typing skill is over..

You type 11886 characters per minute
You have 1 correct words and
you have 11885 wrong words

9000 words

Can't wait to start blogging next week. Greeeeeeeait~

Nite peeps~

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

| epic agi +100

Taking a 5 minutes break from mid-term studying - and yes, I do study.. occasionally.. sometimes.. like the rate of an epic drop. heh~ Gonna try to get 100 on the next break.

You type 468 characters per minute
You have 89 correct words and
you have 1 wrong words

89 words

| the old new passion from past

Back in the year 2000, 8 years ago when I was 13-14 years old there was this little thing that was happening over the US, I first got a CD called Passion: Road to One Day and as I was reading up on it, this One Day event, I was moved, inspired and hungry.

Then came Passion: One Day Live where thousands of people; university and school students, young and old came to a large open field in Memphis, Texas. Despite the rain and bad weather, One Day Live was a call for repentance, prayer and a renewing of faith and passion. As I read the article about it, I wished and prayed that God would make such a movement in Malaysia too. Long have I forgotten about those prayers but now recently remembered and renewed passion.

I would like to share this with whoever who reads this blog.

May you be blessed as I was and still am.

The Wonderful Cross

Jesus, Lover of my soul (It's All About You)

Make A Joyful Noise (I Will Not Be Silent)

Nitez and God bless peeps~~

Monday, March 10, 2008

| non-confession of non-addiction

There's this particular shop that only opens during dinner time that is located along the road going towards my house from anywhere except Malim and Cheng. Yea~

surprise new contender beats old dudes

I've eaten here many times in the past but never seemed to consider its char siew to be an A grade porky-goodness. Previously in my personal title for Best Char Siew Fan goes to Melaka Baru and the runner-up for the seat would definitely be the one in town that opens near mid-night. 2nd runner-up would go to Bear Hills and so on.

new contender for the seat!

Guess the complacent runner-up thought that its position is secured and built itself a stronghold to keep enemies out only to realize too late that it has trapped itself within its own walls.

Two words.
Deep metaphor.

Now I definitely have to say that this Ho-G restaurant thingy deserves a seal of Some Good Food® and though is currently seating on the runner-up seat, if it continue to put on that awesome food service and taste, I won't be surprise if it beats the Melaka Baru char siew fan who currently holds the throne. But for now I'm still going for the best and the winner of Best Char Siew Fan place.

double portion of fatty char siew

Char siew fan for dinner, two nights in a row.

. . . . . . . . .



Friday, March 07, 2008

| we burnt fish

Three see-gees
(close to bee-gees)

Two drivers each.

One semi-last-minute planning.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Destination: Burnt Fish

genting ftw~?

The day started of rather slow-paced. Rolling clouds and cold breeze greeted the students in campus. The large mist over the Bear Hill demanded the attention of people passing by to admire its beauty and say things like, "Lol~ Looks like Genting man~"

was so hungry that i didn't take many pics - sorreh~

Later in the evening, As-The-Dear's CG, JT's CG and *koff* me CG went to makan Some Good Food® at Burnt Fish, not at the usual Umbai but this time, at Alai. Not so big difference in name but an slight distinct difference in taste. Our CG reached the earliest despite leaving the latest (20 mins later), and the funny part was that somehow, we went to a different burnt fish than the other 2 CGs.

I lol when the idea popped up.

Nite peeps~

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

| it is... ALIVE?

I know, I know. I haven't updated in like, a week plus and yea, I know that's rare of me. I'm sorry guys..


I have a good reason!! >.<

Wow ate my life time!! Look at *points finger at Stef, Julian, Wayne, Koh Pin, Sylvester, Tim and Styne*! I.. I.. like hold 22nd of February a special place in my heart. heh~

haven't eaten this for more than a week too!

My new wife (who's yet to be named), debuted last Sunday in church and I must say having a single-coil for a bridge pick-up takes time getting used to. It's like, every stroke I make or every string a pluck could be easily heard vibrating with the twang of Tex-Mex single-coils through the amp.. and I like it. The best part is that-

it matches with Ai Ai's bass and the church drums!

Gotta love it.

Went to David's house on Sunday night for a BBQ party that they held. David and Lian Chui has been a great blessing to us just like Joshua in the past and we figured that we would show our appreciation by turning up for the BBQ party and eat their well-spent food. It was nice - real nice. One of the better BBQ parties I've been to. It was truly a great time of fellowship.

rekindling the childhood experiences

I honestly have to say that I'm really slacking and I mean reaaaaally slacking these days BUT it ends tonight. From now on, no more slacking (till I reach lvl 70 and get a few epics). I promise! Pulling up my pants and jacket because..

And as an apology to you guys who are bored and in need of a good blog-reading material, I'll teach ya a secret skill of cat folding. Yeap, you heard me. Cat folding.

Nites peeps~

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