Friday, September 30, 2005

| what the world can never take?

Two papers down, two to go. Next up, OOP on a beautiful Saturday morning and the last on Thursday, also morning. It's a wonder how they placed all my papers in the morning. Hmmm.. A spy must've infiltrated our ranks and told them our greatest weakness - morning sickness. Dammit! *slams fist on innocent table* Should've known they would employ such sly tactics. It's a war zone out here.

soaring on the wings of selfish pride, i flew too high

Since all MMU students are fighting for their finals, majority of them bring the wrong weapons - no kidding about the weapon part. As for MMUCF'ers, our main support would be God I guess. It is He who holds the fort for us in our darkest of hour. Still, what weapons do we bring into those freezing cold halls? Books? Extra notes? That would be the most logical thing to bring. But I guess after all those finals and exams, when we're out there in the wild world, those books and extra notes would be of little help to us. The answer? The Sword Of The Spirit. Nite peeps~

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may it never leave your heart

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

| if it doesnt work out

Exams are near. The days are turning blue. Night comes a little earlier and morning sleeps a little late. The food is getting cold and my water is as murky as ever. People pick me up and pet my head, giving me the moment of security and feeling of being loved. But before you know it, they get bored of you and they throw you aside. So there I am, reluctantly being pushed and moved against my will. Hell, I don't even belong in this place. Should I retaliate, I would be punished. What a life I have. What a life that I don't deserve.

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"he's talking about me" - bearded dragon in blue

The kick-off has already begun. My moment of truth has arrived. Well, actually it'll arrive in more or less 7 hours time. Yea~ It's my first paper. WHAT AM I DOING BLOGGING?!! *sigh* Oh well, I guess I've done what little I could - the rest I'll leave it up to God. That's the safest thing I can do. Blessed are the shallow, depth they'll never find right? Still, if I was not so weak. If I was not so cold. If I was not so scared of being broken, growing old. I would be.. frail~

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even an artist requires protection

Though some of you guys have already started fighting the finals, I hope it's not too late for me to wish all of you, good luck and God bless. More of the God bless in my part. *smiles* I'm having mixed feelings over my final schedule. For one they really placed my subjects in order, my weakest subject is the first, and my best the last. Gee~ Thanks a lot. I just hope that I can pass this subject, that's my target for my 9am paper that's coming soon. If I don't pass..

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*pulls trigger*

Too bad for me, I'm WontdieonE. Ahaks~ Good night peeps!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

| august the 15 wasn't so long ago

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       Though I doubt you would be reading this, I'll still post it anyway. Just last month we celebrated your birthday, your 53rd birthday to be precise and to me, you haven't age a single bit. *smiles* Just to tell you my feelings for tonight.

but the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair

       Was looking at the picture we took on your 53rd birthday. I can't help but keep on smiling as I look at each single picture. All of them carried many thoughts and emotion. Each of them seemed to be alive. I do hope you had a blast in that short period of time. This post is for you..

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In your heart, I know that all you truely want is a God-fearing and loving family - a normal family. Just like those in family portraits.

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Unfortunately, we aren't normal and we aren't portraits. But still, I know you're satisfied with it as it is.

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Did you enjoyed your birthday dinner? I enjoyed it, everyone did. I hope you did too. We ate and ate and ate till we had a second stomach. I know I did.

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This pic looks kinda old school eh? But I know you would liked it. A simple photoshop filter and the picture shall endure eternity.

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I'm glad to be able to take that picture of you and dad. You guys look great - young and healthy. Looking 40, acting 30.

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But it wouldn't have happened without your little BIG son. The oldest sibling - my brother. He plotted it all. To him the credit be given.

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But as much as we tried, we aren't normal. At least I know I'm not.

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Still, we wouldn't be here without you. Sure dad played a part too but I guess the sperm isn't as important as the ovum, right?

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So give your older child a treat. Feed him right, teach him the Law of God, and guide him through his roughest of days.

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Thank you both too, bro and grace, for that cool jacket that made me look awesomely stunning. Now to fend off those chicks..

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All in all, we, the Younger Cool Liu Brother and the Older Then-Nerdy Liu Brother would like to wish you a Happy Birthday Mom.

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Especially me, your youngest child. Sure I did all the chores and made your life as easy as I could, I'm still trying to be an angel that you love. It's hard.. It really is. But you do know that I try and I'll always keep on trying till I get it right - I won't give up.

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After all, I'm not your average normal child - I'm special in your eyes.

So I pray that you had the time of your life. Sorry for all the dumb things and thank you for all the great things. Especially you ovum. Good nite Mom.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

| stepping into high gear : rally

It's exam week. The tension is heavy in the air. Student are scramming all over, flooding ANY library they can find. Some would even crack open lecture halls or rooms just to get some solitude from the world to study for the most important exam of the semester. Ladies and gentlemen, men and woman, young and all, I proudly present to you: MMU Exam Week 2005 *cheers*. What in the world am I doing blogging and reading manga?! You're sucha freak Andrew! *sigh* Indeed I am, a freak. A freak of nature. A Jesus Freak. *dcTalk music resounds* Okay, okay. Enough with the corniness (warning: corniness IS a real word).

the song Jesus Freak resounded in song So Long My Friend

But seriously, everyone.. well, almost everyone I know are stepping into high gear, just like a rally car, studying very hard for their subjects as the finals draw nearer. To their minds, they're running out of time to study. I wonder if I feel the same way. Jess spoke on behalf of me today. More like she took the words right out of my mouth. She said, "Why is everyone thinking they're running out of time? I on the other hand can't wait for it to come so that I can just get it over with~". Heh~ Right out of my mouth. Nice one Jess.

you took my words away...

Oh well, at least I had fun today. Went out to dinner with GerX. Sounds the usual? Noooo.. Nooo Indiano, noooo.. *ahem* GerX brought along 2 very good friends, namely Hui Yin and Jess. Here's the twist, GerX's younger bro, we shall call him GerXbrO, in his Wira 1.5 SE took us out for dinner. Yay~ Something away from the norm. At first we thought of eating at Jusco, but somehow I think he took it too seriously when I jokingly said, "lets eat at town". Well, like they say in malay, ada rezeki jangan ditolak.

his bro's driving needs improvement

So there we were, 2 guys 3 girls (yes, Jess is a girl) in the heart of Malacca, looking for a decent food court that we can eat in, cruising in a brand new Wira 1.5 SE. Some people are just fortunate eh? But I'm satisfied with what I have. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! As we pass the Portugese ship, someone in the car (not me) exclaimed, "Hey~ Burger King open already or not?". "Yes~". Once again we side-track into MP in search for some good burgers. Burger King MP looks like the other Burger Kings in Malaysia - I think. The funny part about the whole dinner thingy was that they ran out of lettuce and veggie to put in the burger. Meaning we ate our burgers without lettuce and veggie. Think, just buns and meat. Yummy? I have no comments. Met my old buddy Yong aka Yong Tau Foo back from my old MHS days and Bandar Hilir days. Yea~ We're that old friends.

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seen this baby? Lancer Evo IX

On our way out, I decided to check out the Mitsubishi Car Showcase that was display. Too my utmost surprise, there it stood, a beautiful red angel called Lancer Evo IX. IX is 9, just in case you guys didn't know. Ahaks~ They rigged that beautiful car into a rally game. So you control the game from inside car while the huge screen is infront of you. How cool is that?! As a car enthusiast and a rally/drifting fan I wrote my name to play that rally simulation. While I wait my turn, I took the initiative to study the track. Not too tricky, very wide roads. Looks easy. Not to be cocky or anything, but those dudes really don't know how to drive in a rally. Their time ranges from 2.00 minutes and above and they crashed more than 4 times. Some of them played it more than once and still got that time. Sad eh?

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now see this!!

Since I trashed talk them so much, it was my turn to show what I'm made of. To my delight, the interior is quite similar to rally specs. A heavy MOMO steering and a up-down 6-speed gear transmission. Got in those Sparco seats and got myself ready. Down-side, no brakes. No brakes?! How do you survive a rally with no brakes? Not a big problem, just needed to keep my cool and lets see how this party goes. Started full speed and tried to get use to the handling of the car, I'm driving an Evo VIII after all - I got used to it. Easily beat the ghost car of the previous driver, slided through some tough corners, crashed once, cross the lap and times' up. My time; 1.55 minutes. The fastest dude was 1.42 minutes but he played more than 4 times to get that score. I knew I could beat him if I played it the second time but I guess time doesn't permit me to do so. Every fun day has to end I guess. Gotta love rallying. Nite peeps!

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im seating in a Evo IX!!

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im a poor guy that likes expensive stuff - that's sad

Friday, September 23, 2005

| charlie and the choc... wait... this ain't about him!

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tv darkness - the cinematic experience

It's already midnight but that porridge that mom made earlier for dinner didn't quite hit my taste buds. Don't get me wrong, mom makes delicious porridge but on my part, I prefer the good ol' plain porridge and side dishes. Yea~ The good ol' fashion way. So, like a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon my stomach is still stalking for things to eat. Oooo~ Profound eh?

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i can sense my prey is near

Was looking around the kitchen to see if there's anything for me to munch on - nothing. I wonder how I can survive in a house without any snacks lying around. Sun flower seeds doesn't count as midnight snacks, thank you. I'm too lazy to boil water and cook some maggie mee. We're out of bread and I'm tired of licking peanut butter from a spoon (it's fun i tell ya!). I'm sucha sad person.

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Julie has a weird smile

Lo and behold, from a distant I saw a bright shining light. As I drew closer to it, I was bedazzled by its beauty. There it stood tall, in its red hard shell. Julie's Cheese Crackers. I opened it up, peeked inside and I promise you, the malay word masuk angin was written all over. But it's okay, I'm won't give up that easily. A simple 2 minute microwave sup it up from weak to bold and crunch.

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not to be confused for a confused pedophile

As I stared at the simple biscuit for over a minute, I got bored of it already. Thus, I decided to put my baking skills to the test. I think it's call baking. If it's not then I'm sorry. Ahaks~ The ingredient; Barne's Blue Gum Honey (not to be confused with a purple pedophile), made from the finest Australian bee hives and processed by very hard-working worker bees that are controlled by an evil world-dominating queen bee, and of course Condensed Milk Kept In Peanut Butter Container Who's Name Shall Be Known As Anonymous. Now you might be thinking, "What is this guy trying to make?!". I'm asking myself that exact same question - really.

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wu ming condensed susu

Pre-heat toaster. While waiting, pour honey over a set of biscuits. Set timer : 3 minutes. Tried to catch some lizard, it escaped. *ding* It's ready. *evil grin*. Sweet fumes rushed out of the toaster and something tells me I'm either the smartest person in my family the world or I'm just plain stupid. Took a bite and checked if I was still alive. *pause* Yea, I'm still alive. It was certainly quite surprisingly nice. No, I'm not being sarcastic. It really IS nice. Bleh~

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doesn't the sight of it tickle your taste buds?

Pre-heat toaster again. This time I dipped the biscuits in the condensed milk and put them on the tray and toasted it for 3 minutes. So the sight of the condensed milk bubbling up freaked me a little but to me, it doesn't matter how it looks like because I know how it will look like when it comes out. Ahaks~ Took it out and put them on a plate. Took a bite. The verdict.. Yea~ It's better than the honey ones. It's so good that bro and I ate the whole thing! Maybe we have a secret taste for sweet things.

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clean plate! clean plate!

Bro wasn't satisfied so he wanted to make his old concoction of milo and condensed milk to be eaten with the biscuits. I baked whatever that's left in the tin in the microwave for 2 minutes. While waiting we searched for the milo powder and to our horror, we couldn't find it. *gasp!* But the biscuits are already in the microwave! We can't just eat it like that! We needed something to go with it! Solution, since we don't have milo powder, why not use coffee powder? Ahhh~ Nescafe never fail to surprise me.

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Ooo.. Ahh.. Nescafe?

Bro made the solution while I took the biscuits out. Unfortunately, bro put too much water in the mixture making it water-down, very water-down. Not to mention that, some of the biscuits were burnt. I wonder why only some of the biscuits were burnt while the rest was perfect in a microwave. Weird. As I said, we didn't really care and continued to have our little supper. Dipped cheese biscuits in weird concoction as we chatted away. That's what I call supper.

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I have no idea how it got burnt

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twist lick dunk!

Good night peeps!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

| finally, the finals are comin

I wonder how many people can really say they're already ready for this big baby. I know I'm not - definitely not. I only fear one subject. Yea~ Just one, one and only one. It's my worst subject this semester and honestly, I'm hoping for a pass. That's how bad it is. I would complain and say that the lecturer suck, which she really does, but I guess it's partly my fault too.

Today is CF's last meeting for the semester. After this, there will be many lonely Tuesdays. So, to fill up the missing meter for the CF, we're gonna have Praise and Worship night! Yup~ It's the night solely dedicated to, well, praise and worship God. Cool huh? It's a tradition larr. I'll be playing as part of the main worship team. Ivy's worship leading tonight and I do hope she'll do fine. Just gotta give her a little more confidence and she'll do great.

Because CF is sooo cool, it doesn't end there. After the main band steps down from the stage.. wait, there is no stage. Ahaks~ What will follow is a song presentations by the CF'ers who wish to bless other CF'ers with those divine tunes. It's a moment where we can truely give God back what He "gave" us. Therefore, I'm practicing with my band to play the first song that I've ever learn on a guitar (from my bro). I remember it so clearly, like it was the raindrops from yesterday. I was 12 years old, my bro held my hand and thought me how to press those strings that sunk into my flesh. With it's simple Em, D, G chords, God pulled me into His grace and gave me this talent. Since then, I've always love this song. It's a long song for my savior.

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jars of clay
love song for a savior

In open fields of wild flowers
She breathes the air and flies away
She thanks her Jesus for
The daisies and the roses
In no simple language
Someday she'll understand
The meaning of it all

He's more than laughter or the stars in the heavens
As close as a heartbeat or a song on our lips
Someday she'll trust Him and learn how to see Him
Someday He'll call her and she will come running
Fall in His arms and her tears will fall down
And she'll pray

I want to fall in love with You
I wan to fall in love with You

Sitting silent wearing Sunday best
Sermon echoes through the wall
A great salvation through it
Calls to the people
Who stares into nowhere
Can't feel the chains on their soul

He's more than laughter or the stars in the heavens
As close as a heartbeat or a song on our lips
Someday we'll trust Him we'll learn how to see Him
Someday He'll call us and we will come running
Fall in His arms and the tears will fall down
And we'll pray

I want to fall in love with You
I wan to fall in love with You

Seems too easy to call You Savior
Not close enough to call You God
So as I sit and think of
Words I can mention
To show my devotion

I want to fall in love with You
I wan to fall in love with You

Monday, September 19, 2005

| die liao : the result of a sicker sicking

Throat getting batter a.d. Lass nite praktiss wass killin. Kannot sing butt had two force miself. Though it hurtt mi throat allot, it was funn. I'm happi wif it. Wat's batter, toomolo or kan konsidered twoday a.d, sumwan cummin bak. Mi mor happi~ Ahaks~

Sunday, September 18, 2005

sicker : the person who is sick

Sikness gettin worss. Sore throat cumming bak liao. Jialat~ Shudden hev eeten taat flied chikken. Now beecum veli veli bat. Why like taat? Why like taat??

Saturday, September 17, 2005

sicking : the process of falling sick

Thaa dey sumwan go bak hom, I fal sik. Vely sik. Sooo sik taat my throat oso beecum sore. *sigh*

Friday, September 16, 2005

twenty two years ago

Humans are a strange bunch of people no? It's amazing how we're able to multiply to this extend. Sure God did command Adam to *ahem* "GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY!", but I'm getting rather nauseating thinking about the humping hippy people around the world. Okay, that was rather crude. Ahaks~ Sorry, sorry~ But you know what? I have a theory; when God gave the multiply command thingy to Adam, I bet the rabbits overheard it and thought it was for them too. Ahaks~

just keep swimming.. *smiles*

There's a saying that goes, the human's will never cease. Often times that phrase gets too realistic in everyone's life. We aren't satisfied with what we have and we can't comprehend the fact that someone has something better than us. The grass is always greener over the fence. But in a world that has more grey than green, it's hard to draw the line for the fence. We yearn, we crave, we desire - we're pathetic. Ahaks~

expect nothing and you will not be disappointed

Was in CG earlier. Had quite a fun time too, we went to Umbai Ikan Bakar, which translates as Umbai's Burning Fish for dinner. I can only say one thing about ikan bakar sessions, BRING OUT THOSE SOTONG FRITTERS!! Nothing says ikan bakar like the word sotong fritters. Of course it wouldn't be called ikan bakar without burnt/charred/blistered fish. We bought a small cake for Shih Wen's belated birthday too. See, we really are a caring Care Group. Glas1, GodlyLightsAS1.

blog ad: Care Group - the group that cares

Okay, got a little off-track awhile ago. So, I was in CG earlier when this thought suddenly came to me, I have nothing I want and everything I need. As catchy as it sounds, that's just the way things are sometimes. God knows our desire and He unquestionably knows our needs, but for me, I guess God has given me nothing I want and everything I need. How cool is that? He gave me ..

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

when piracy reaches a new level

Ever since I got my new graphic card back (read previous post), I've been itching to get my hands on some new games. Thus when my dad, bro, grace and I so happened to have our lunch at the awesome char siew fun stall next to Stygix (sux), I took the opportunity to drop by the pirated DVD/CD stall next door to grab some great games. Since most of the games that I'm looking forward too aren't out yet, I settled for Battlefield 2. If I'm not mistaken, I bought it last Tuesday but didn't had time to play till yesterday. It shows what a busy person I am. It's tough being famous. Ahaks~

Image hosted by

looks just like the real thing huh?

I would talk about how great it is to be alive and kicking on the X last Tuesday but I guess it will defeat the purpose of it. Instead this whole post will be talking about the new DVD game that I bought. Yea~ Right now, most non-gamers, chicks, soccer-hunks, etc would close this window but I know you know that I know that you know that this is a post worth reading. Yea right~ Nothing says it like the chinese word beh pai seh.

Image hosted by

it DOES look like the real thing!

Right.. Back to the pirated Battlefield 2 DVD I bought. I was taken aback slightly at the price. After all, the guy did charge me 15 bucks. That's 5 bucks more than your usual DVD game! Who pay for such a price you ask? I stand humble before you then. Ahaks~ So I'm actually quite impressed at the level of.. I hate to say this word, piracy rawks!!, that's in the market now. I mean, just look at that superb cover. How many pirated DVD games you buy that looks as good as that? It looks too original to be called piracy. Seriously. I'm impressed. Gotta hand it to them pirates. They must've played Sid Meiers's Pirates a lot. Ahaks~

Image hosted by

it IS the real thing!!

Real neat and catchy stuff inside that little cover. Even the DVD is coloured and the word Battlefield Platinum Edition is in gold! The coolest part about the whole cover is the tiny little warning that reads;

HEALTH WARNING: For your health, rest for 15 minutes for each hour of play. Avoid playing when tired or suffering from lack of sleep. Always play in a brightly it room, and stay from the television screen as possible. Some people experience epileptic seizures when viewing flashing lights or patterns. These persons may experience seizures while watching TV pictures or playing video games. Even players who have never had any seizures may nonetheless have undetected epileptic conditions. Consult your doctor before playing video games of you have an epileptic condition or immediately should you experience any of the following symptoms during play : dizziness, altered vision, muscle teiching, other involuntary movements, loss of awareness of your surroundings, metal confusion, and/or convulsions. Please read the instruction manual for :PC DVD Games Console before playing to ensure correct usage.

Image hosted by

except for the little thing at the bottom
nice try dudes~

Okay, so the whole warning is filled with grammatical errors and horrible spellings, my personal favourite: teiching for twitching, it shows that those pirate DVD/CD sellers ARE concerned for our health. Sure they're poorly written by some Ah Beng who appeared in Russel Peter's jokes. To me, it's the heart that counts. So thank you Ah Beng for worrying about my health as I play your pirated DVD game, namely Battlefield 2. You are a role model for many Malaysians. That extra 5 bucks I paid was really worth it. Ahaks~ Nites peeps!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

someone really loves me

To all my fans faithful readers of the gobblog's blog, I'm glad to announce that I'm still alive and kicking. More of the kicking part. Ahaks~ As many of you would already know, I met an accident, a very dangerous accident. One that could've cost my life and the life of others. Here's the story as far as I could remember it...

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when we're all happy

          One night as I drove through a kampung road at the speed of around 70-80kmh. Before entering a corner, speeding car from opposite direction appeared and entered my lane. Immediate avoidance of appending disaster, steered left followed by hard right to enter the corner. Car over-steered. I counter-steered. Road to small to safely slide through. Back left of vehicle hit a pole. Car ricochets and spun 180. Wheels must've collided with the side of road. Car flipped, over-turn, turn turtle, 2 to 3 times. Landed on the top of the car. Still alive. Crawl out of window.

Image hosted by

im revived? cool~

Looking at the condition of the car at the accident site, many couldn't believe that I crawled out of that wreck without a single scratch - but I did. Now that's a true miracle. God's grace and mercy kept me alive through that whole event. He saved me - literally. So me posting now can only happened because of the grace of God. Yea~ All glory be to Him.

Image hosted by

looks sleek huh? now to over-clock..

Just when you think there's nothing good gonna happen the next few weeks, I receive a good news. The car isn't a total lost (which is good, okay). I'm getting back my graphic card. The kick is that they can't give me my old one back, so they upgraded my card to a GeForce AGP6200 128MB, which is not too shabby for it's class. Sweet huh? The ATI 9800pro will be back end of this week too. Sure my family's gonna suffer for awhile, but somehow I feel that everything is gonna be alright. I've learnt to put my whole trust in God. Now that's what I call REAL insurance.

i will be still, know You are God

CF today was cool. I managed to play the X through praise and worship. I especially love the worship session. Julian really chose the perfect song for the theme of the night. It's fun to play with him and for God, ofcourse. Can't wait for tomorrow's practice for next Tuesday's Praise and Worship Night. I love to play for God. It's the only reason for me hold the guitar after all. If all goes well, I plan to present a piece from Jars Of Clay's first album. It's an old song but the spirit of worship and adoration is clear - Love Song For A Savior. It's gonna be fun, so watch out for next Tuesday guys!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

sleeping at 4am - awaking at 7... pm

I haven't been blogging for, *drum roll* 3 days! 3 days of cyber-peace and serenity without my html codes contaminating this place. *cheers* Anyone missed me? Nah~ I bet most people don't even read my blog. *sad*

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old people love to watch the clouds - i do

So what's been happening in 3 days? What happened in Andrew's life? Before I start just let me tell you the life of WontdieonE, never dies. lame... Actually, I wanted to blog last Thursday night but then I made a promise to GerX that I wouldn't blog that night. Being the man I am, I kept my promise and went to sleep early - very early.

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he aint that heavy - *cough!*

Woke up on a fine Friday morning only to find out that I'm late for my Database quiz. The quiz was set to start at 8.30am and here I am standing in my undies looking at the clock that shows 8.50am. To save time, I rushed to campus - without taking my shower. *gasp!* Hey~ Some people like my body odour okay? I just have to look for that person. Ahaks~ Having complete my quiz in time and finishing my programming lab, I went home and gave myself a good scrub. Not bathing in the morning feels weird for me. After all, I'm a very hygienic person. Ahaks~

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this is your Flight Captain speaking,

Went out for lunch with dad and took GerX's com for repairing. She complained about it restarting and stuff so I took it to my friends' house in Dahlia for some self-servicing. The bad thing about fixing your com at your friends' house is that you can never concentrate at the task at hand. We fooled around and cracked a lot wicked, nasty, dirty jokes that I can't disclose at this PG-rated site. Sorry guys. This stuff ain't for kids. Ahaks~

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old school rockers - why won't they just die

Later we went to Jonker Walk for some, well, walking. Brought GerX along and introduced her to my friend too. Personally, Jonker was kinda boring to me. Having gone there more times than I can say "supercalifragilisticexplialilocious" that place is quite a bore. Not to diss Jonker and all, honestly, I feel that most Malaccan would be bored going there. We didn't even buy anything from there. All we did was walk. Just keep walking, just keep walking, just keep walking, walking, walking. *falls down & die*

Intermission : Crap, I killed a mosquito and it dropped in my keyboard.

All of us didn't have our dinner yet, so while walking you can hear some serious stomach-grumbling sound thundering in the car. Quite hard to cover it up too. So for dinner we went to Limbongan - the place with the best fried rice ever. Nothing unusual happened here. Eat, talk, talk, eat, talk, talk, talk, eat, eat, talk, eat, talk.. You get the idea. GerX wasn't really comfortable around my friends. Actually, she isn't comfortable around unfamiliar surroundings. So some of my friends were cautious about their talk and behaviour. After all, there's a sexy lady in the car. Ahaks~

Image hosted by

arrested for love?

Reached home at 4.30am that night and I was too tired to blog. Since it was a Friday, I took the opportunity to sleep for as long as I could. I have this theory that use, "the less you sleep, the more you live" or "the more you sleep, the less you live". Makes any sense? Well it does to me. So having 3 to 4 hours of sleep for the whole week means longer recharge time. I woke up at 7.30 - pm. That's like 15 hours worth of sleep there. The downside of having that much sleep was that I woke up sick. I was down with flu. I was told that we were gonna have a barbeque for dinner. Even better. So bro brought Grace and Richard while dad told me to invite GerX too. Naturally, being the gentleman I am, fetched GerX from EP to my house. We ate and had fun. It was a good day, though I woke up nearing the end of it. How was yours?

Image hosted by

high-profile assassin, GerX

ps: im still sick and the flu just got worse.. *sigh*

Thursday, September 08, 2005

the skeletons are buried - are you worried?

Just as I was going back today, I was reminded once again of our secrets that we keep well hidden within the walls of our heart. Not those nice, positive, up-lifting secrets. Not those. In fact, is there such a thing as a "good" secret? Maybe, I don't know. Still, there was once upon a time of our lives where we had done something utterly stupid, something that's clear-cut wrong, something that we can never tell anyone. Yea~ I'm talking about those secrets.

what if i stumble? what if i fall?

Sure we repent. Sure we change our ways. We get back on our two feet and walk the walk like we should. But the effects and consequences of our stupid decisions and actions back then still echo throughout the rest of our lives don't they? They do, to me. I'm often reminded of them and the guilt comes back, the shame comes back. What's worse is the people who knew me back when I was in sin, remind me of the sins I've committed. That sucks. Nothing sucks more than condemnation, unworthiness and guiltiness sinking into the soul.

do they see the fear in my eyes?
are they so revealing?
this time i cannot disguise,
all the doubt im feeling

I guess it serves as a reminder and even more, hopefully let it be a testimony and a teaching to the rest. That's the only postitive thing that can ever come out of such a thing. After all, the skeletons are buried, aren't they?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

when the 56kb line fails

Just when I thought not having streamyx is the worst thing that an MMU student have to live with, I was given another blow to the capital of Thailand - my 56kb line failed. Now that just sucks mann. At first it sucked to have a slow connection but now, it sucks even more NOT to have a connection at all. I tried all night to connect to the net but to no avail. *sad*

Spend the rest of my lonesome night sniping Mechs with PPCs and Gauss Cannon. Come to think of it, I got so carried away that I slept at 4.30am, and my class is at 8am. Yay~ So now I'm in my zombie mode. Think of it as a Super Saiyan but lamer.. Ya.. Lamer. What I would do just to get some decent sleep and have a great lunch. Speaking of lunch, yesterday I didn't eat breakfast or lunch at all. *sigh*

Last night's CF was kinda fun. The whole theme was cool and so was the idea, unfortunately, not many people can reproduce the talents of the show Who's Line Is It Anyway. Still, they put in the effort and as horny corny as it looks, it was quite cool. My personaly favourites was Jess doing Golem from LOTR and Kok Wei wrapping himself around Mark's crotch. *gasp!* I bet Mark was happy. Ahaks~

Had quite some fun during supper to. Loads of wicket humour in there. Ahaks~ Sorry ya if I accidentally corrupt anybody. Think of it as knowledge larr. It maybe useful in the future. Hahahaha~ Yeah right!

Well, I dunno when will be the next time I can get connected to the net. In case you're wondering where I'm typing this post, I'm not at CITS lab. Yup~ The lab that everyone uses but nobody knows. Doesn't make any sense. bleh~ That's it for now. Don't get to strus during the finals ya? Cauz~!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

finals making people strus?

I wonder if my blog makeover is getting better or worse. For one, there's a huge contrast from dark grey to complete white. I'm so used to looking at my blog in dark colours that I'm slightly blinded when I made it white. Hehe~ I guess it goes with my resolve of turning over a new leaf. Yeah, that crap.

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Just when I think life is treating me bad and stuff, I'm reminded that there's always that special someone out there supporting me through everything. You know who you are, thank you. Mann, Joey sure thought me a lot. *winks* Yeah~ The sun will always shine after the rain.. well, most of the time atleast. Ahaks~

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caught her red-handedly taking a pic of my pride

Finals are coming. Yea, it's the same dreaded finals that all almost all MMU students hate. Tell you guys something cool. Just as I was walking to grab some supper, check this out, creativity came to me! Creativity! Now how often do you hear that coming out of my mouth? Ahaks~ I can't help dissin' myself. So, about the creativity thingy. I was thinking about how our finals are coming and stuff and how everyone is pulling up their pants, underwear, etc, prepping for the big event. We can hear them saying stress here, stress there, frus here, frus there. So, to make things easier I came up with the word - strus. Stress and frustration roll into one. Impressive huh?

stress + frus = strus?
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