Wednesday, November 29, 2006

| good bye korean boii

Think of it.

waking up to the same morning

In just a few years, the comfortable university life that we know would be nonexistent and the whole bunch of us would be sucked into running that damned rat-race till our one last breath. All those dreams of serving full-time or bringing that band to the next level waver at the sight of reality in our doorsteps. Our faith shakes.

staring into that same monitor

Most of us don't really think of it - not that often anyway. We focus on our studies in hopes to excel in it and we serve God to the fullest, knowing or unknowing that we wouldn't have that chance again in the near future.

sitting in that same row

We wake up each day, thank God, count our blessings and put a smile on our faces as we walk off to campus. The thought of finding a suitable, respectable job versus serving God is tucked deep inside the libraries of our mind.

studying in that same hall

We talk, we laugh and we concentrate in the lectures. Scribbling down those important notes and crack our brain to solve the problems before our hands, but deep in our thoughts we wonder if we would actually use any of these knowledge in the future. What's its worth?

riding that same bike

We hang out with our friends. We chill at the coolest places. We fellowship in CF. We go for camps after camps. We reminisce racing on our bikes and cars. We remember all the good times and bad times. All our stupid mistakes.

singing that same song

In CF we find our family; in God, our solace. In worship, His presence. In prayer, His mercy. In reading, His Words. In workshops, His wisdom. In NOC, His grace. In camps, His lifestyle. In serving and reaching out, His love.

playing that same game

The word 'family' gave a deeper meaning to the us as CFers. We spend those precious getting to know and love each other and root ourselves deeper in God. Together we serve in mission trips and learned to work together as different parts of the body of Christ.

But think of it..

Everything changes in just a few years. I've talked to a few people about this and asked their opinions. What happens after we're done in university? Would we still be able to serve? Will be too caught up with our work? Will our faith waver without the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

what happens when we leave?

Deric's leaving the CF as Sam did in the past, and the real test shall begin for them. How will they adjust their lifestyles? How will they confront the wave of the rat-race? I guess the knowledge and experience we gained whilst in CF and in university are priceless now, that our faith won't waver and our roots will not be removed.

For we have these gifts in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We're pressed but not crushed. Perplexed, but not in despair. Persecuted but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed.

God bless, Deric. Will be always praying for you. Go fight the good fight and run on with the race. Go, go, korean boii!

Monday, November 27, 2006

| served united and chilled

Wow~ It's been a spiritually refreshing and unimaginably loud weekend for me. With UNITED from Hillsongs Australia on Friday night and Chiller Plant on Saturday night, my ears had little time to rest. Both were great and, uh.. loud? And you know happens when I have a good weekend? *drumroooool* Lots and lots of pictures!! World!

she called someone fat.. heh~

stoning at wee liem's crib

Initially I was to follow ZX's car up to KL but Stef called and asked if I could sit in her car instead as she doesn't want her car to consist only girls. In case of any emergency, she'll need a man to be there and I, *koff*, am that man. heh~

yea, his real name is Neo

Neo was kind enough to host us and let us bunk in his rented house (along with Joshua) for 2 nights. He even provided us with a tin of biscuits. God have mercy on those biscuits for their suffering ended swiftly. Staying at Neo's place was VJ, ZX, JT, JL, KB (korean boii), Ernest (ZX's housemate), Ed, and Andrew Liu Teck Ming. Acronyms are fun.

looks like JAKIM's work.. opps~ did i say JAKIM?

The night came quickly and everyone was excited as ever. We came at 7pm and the entrance was already full. By 7.20pm, the staircase was literally packed with sweaty, slimy, smelly bunch of people on fire for God. Note to self; always end things with a positive note, it'll get you out of trouble. Most of the CFers came and we sat up on the balcony which I feel was a wise choice, seeing how under us packed like sardine and very hot.


After a good wait, UNITED came on stage and rocked the place, playing the intro to the United We Stand album. Everyone was jumping and shouting praises to God above and we were taught by J.D. to dance like a cacat person, even Jason Teoh standing next to me was grinning away. I especially liked the moment when Joel, the worship leader for UNITED, said this that they didn't come to perform a show, and neither did we come to watch one; we're all here to give praise and glory to The Living God. The whole experience was truly AWESOMENESS~ I was greatly blessed and refreshed. I guess I really needed that touch from God - everyone does.

everyone needed a drink after screaming like that.. heh~

men are women are like cheese and bandwidth

Though the concert ended, everyone was still pumped from all the energy and grinning from teeth to teeth like a monkey staring at a banana. We met up at the BP petrol station next to the venue and chilled as we discus and talk about that awesome time of worship and how J.D. jumped over the bassist, etc, etc. Feeling very satisfyingly tired and hungry from the event a whole bunch of CFers from MMU and Cyber went to a nearby food court to get some chow. There was a dude sleeping with his head gracefully balance right above a bowl. Now that was cool too.

gotta be one of the nicer poridge i've eatnen

i know i'm bad but i just can't help myself

After a night's rest sleeping between VJ and ZX (it's scary i tell ya) we were up in noon to check out Foursquare Church, the venue for the Chiller Plant event. Oneted (pronounced 'one-ted' not 'o-ne-ted') and PG165 set up their equipments, did a quick sound-check and practiced their list of songs. That night itself the whole church was packed and well decorated for the 'chill' atmosphere. We're talking about small tables, candlelights and no chairs. I told Ed that the place almost looked like a crack joint. *koff* I guess I shouldn't write that in my blog. hmmm~ But in all seriousness, the setting was perfect.

earlier that day..

Unabashed went up the stage first and delivered 3 songs. More importantly, he revealed something of great wisdom - lead singers can't count. If you weren't there, you wouldn't catch it so lets move on. Oneted went up next with Neo singing a cover of Hinder's song, Lips Of An Angel and 2 of their own songs. After a that, there's this group of people who called themselves The Jungle People (no relation to The Flower People) came up and broke the ice with their really cool, crowd-participated, jungle rumbles with percussion instruments, bottles, sticks and container covers. Everyone had a blast making noise. It seems to be the only thing we human beings are good at anyway. ahaks~

jason singing

justin singing

deric singing.. so much for comments huh?

Finally, it was PG165's turn to take the stage. Loud positive rock music flooded the airwaves and the crowd was good at cheering too. On a side note, JT's pre-amp booster was blasting away my ear drums. If I'm not mistaken PG165 played a total of 7 of their own songs. Deric even played the guitar and sang a song he wrote and shared during last year's MMUCF Sharenight called 'You'. Other names for the song includes, Buttons, Who's Your Daddy, and other titles I can't mention in this PG-17 rated blog. I met an old friend whom I haven't seen in a far too long time too, good to see she's doing well.

eat my gottee

In the end, it was a fun event planned my Mel, the sweet Cyber CF gal who gave us directions and hosted us too. After packing up, everyone went to chill at the mamak stall, taking up more than 7 tables. By the way, Un Sam came for the event too. Unfortunately, he didn't eat anything at the mamak because a certain girl commented that he was fat. You know who you are! Feel the guilt!! MUAHAHAHAHA~

"she called me fat.. *sob* *sob*"

Sunday morning was back in Melaka and managed to meet and catch up with my bro before he went back up to KL to continue his Industrial Training. It's been indeed a fun weekend for me but alas, half of me wish I was in Melaka on Saturday as my dear friend, Shu Lin was down in Melaka that time and was leaving to KL on Sunday morning. So yea, totally missed her. Oh well~ I'll catch ya other time larr kay? hehe~ Nites peeps~

Thursday, November 23, 2006

| the katana.. or is it cantana?

Bless The City Cantata Team

Busy semester indeed. Nothing like a short semester nearing the end of the world year. The Bless the City (BC) event is just several weeks away and just recently, we have our first practice where the choir listened to the list of songs that were prepared by our bosses, Lucius and Mark. We as musicians however, face a bigger challenge of getting those 22 songs right. Yea, 22 songs babeh~

noticed the halo?

On Wednesday night the whole BC team came together as further details were shared including who's gonna be in the soprano (no, not the mafia), alto, tenor, and bass (together as SATB). Also, the songs were revealed to the choir and most of them, especially those who are gonna sing solo, were pleasantly surprised. Pleasant is the word. heh~

misguided bunch of peeps~

Reminiscing NOC practice days, the choir were given the individual SATB notes and were told by the slavedrivers to sing in harmony (the flogging helped a bunch). In their SATB groups, they were given their groups notes on the song, The First Noel. It was fun to hear them sing though there were a few who ran out of *koff* tune.

We the musicians didn't really do much that night. In fact, I think we did nothing at all, Jia Tsing came to the rescue when the CD player failed on Lucius - its death was quick and painful. Seong messed around giving some of the groups the beat and occasionally, gradually played faster and faster. Notty boii.. heh~ Can't wait to practice together with the NOCIV band once again.

Tze Seong

That's all for now. Good nite peeps~

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

| megapixels

Today's CF topic gave me the tingles, just like Jingles. Okay, not like Jingles but it still tingles. When I hear the word megapixels, I think of photographs, images, memories.. things that I hold dear, near of far.

memories may fade but an image will remain

Our CF activity wasn't something new. I believe that we've done this activity before be it in the previous CF, some camp or back at your own church's youth fellowship; write names of people you want to see come to know the Lord and pray for them. It isn't something new but neither will it ever get old.

the size may vary but the taste is still the same

The names I've written were the same names I wrote before, a year ago, 2 years ago, maybe 3, I can't recall. But I do know that I want to see them saved. I don't want to see them fall into an eternity of darkness and suffering. Though during CF the atmosphere was pretty light, it is a reality than there are many people who are gonna end up in hell if we do nothing and remain in our comfort zone. I dread to see my dear friend suffer and I know I'll do my best when the opportunity arises, I wish to see Salvation near. The seeds are planted, now it's just watering.

if only you could read my heart

I pray one day their names will be written in the Book of Life. My dear friend, I wish you would come to know and accept this Friend of mine who loves you more than anyone could, more than I could. His name is Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

In other news...

(Anna is the girl on the right, not left larr)

Finally, you're 19 years old!! Can get married and have plenty of kids liao! Hope you're blessed and may you be always be fruitful ya? Hugz n Muakz~

Monday, November 20, 2006

| november rains

Rain sucks away my energy and creativity..
Like I had any in the first place! ahaks~


It's a joke,

so laugh okay?

Unlike most weekends, I spent most of my time at home doing all the usual stuff like housekeeping, catching lizards, shooting cats with my slingshot, etc etc. Was trying to record my guitar on the computer, worked quite well but my soundcard couldn't process the mike signals well thus making my voice very soft. *sad* Oh well, at least I have a great guitar that even sounds awesome in the computer.

A funny thing happened to me last Saturday.

All alone at home, I seek something to munch on for lunch. I turned to the two slices of homemade bread (yes, we bake our own bread) mom left me and figured that it'll be nice to have a cup of hot coffee and warm toasts with melting peanut-butter. So I did just that; place a slice of bread in the toaster, turn the timer, and went back to my room to check on my lecture's progress. Alas, I was too caught up with my work when the timer when *BING!*.


The bread in the toaster was literally on fire. Fire as in REAL fire. I was like Nero as he fiddled while Rome burned during the era of the Burning Crusade. Yea that's right. You heard it. It's the Burning Crusade. heh~ Anyway, all was not lost. I had a Plan B.

gotta have back-up

rain.. rain.. rain.. rain..

rained super heavy today

Bread wasn't enough for me though. Felt hungry soon after and thus fixed my eyes of the glorious Maggie Mee, or was it Cintan Mee? Bah~ They'rall the same. Piping-hot duck flavoured noodles in a big bowl then drop a raw egg on top, stir, smile, take pictures, and eat. Truthfully, the only reason I would actually eat unhealthy noodles at home is because of that super delish' commercial prawn sambal. I can eat plenty of those though the after-effects aren't so desirable and pleasant, ala The Burning Butt.

master and servant.. CALL ME SENSEI!

Then came Sunday; the sabbath day, the holy day. Dad was kind enough to fetch me to church as my bike's front tyre is still out-flat despite my attempts to persuade it otherwise, "Aiya, don't so small gas larr~". Small gas, catch it? Guess not.


Brother Fook Meng was sharing about being a servant of the people. How we Christians are meant to be the servants of the people around us, just as how Christ came to serve and save us. Reminds me of how I was brought up with my parents constantly reminding me, "Andrew, to be the first, you must be the last and a servant to all". Yea~ A servant to all. A servant to the Servant King. That's my purpose.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

| breathe

You know sometimes I struggle so hard just to breathe..

Gasping for air in this crowded world that demands much..

Exhausted from hearing the same words, the usual wounds..

You know I struggle so hard to breathe.. that I forgot how to..

I guess I should start learning again..

learning to breathe

Friday, November 17, 2006

| have a nice day

Sick for the past 3 days::.
not so bad

Friends didn't turn up for meeting on time::.
still not so bad

Discrete Structure tutorial::.
a little better cause it's fun

Ish-Ish CG bible study::.
better, get to eat dodol

Helping people to do miscellaneous task::.
even better, it's my weird personal thing

Walking to motorbike::.
ok ok only, no moon to look at, only stars

Getting major pissed off::.
hmmm.. still not so bad

Riding back home with a FLAT FRONT TYRE at 80+kmh::.

there are some things money can't buy,
but for everything else, there's dodol~

How was your day?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

| 3 layer <=> 1 drink

I'm currently taking two subjects for this short semester, namely Technical Communications and Discrete Structure. Technical Communications is basically, well.. complicated talking. It's one of those things where The Architect from The Matrix would excel in. Why say 'therefore' when you can say 'ergo', etc etc. Discrete Structure is where the real fun (and challenge) lies. And yes, I know The Matrix is like, REALLY old and stuff. bleh~

I am the Architect. I created the matrix.
I've been waiting for you. You have many questions,
and although the process has altered your consciousness,
you remain irrevocably human. Ergo, some of my answers
you will understand, and some of them you will not.
Concordantly, while your first question may be the most
pertinent, you may or may not realize it is also irrelevant..
~ The Architect of The Two Towers


Yea, about the Discrete Structure thingie. Though I've studied it before, it'll always remain as one of my favourite logically-challenging subjects. But I'm not here to talk about any study related stuff. Also, I'm out of topic to talk about too. Ergo, we can concordantly conclude that inexorably, my brain is fundamentally flawed by its own creativity, leading to the inevitability of me corroding the structure of the blogsphere sedulously with a harmony of calculated wastage of invaluable bandwidth.

The above can be summarized as follow,
'don't ping my cheese with your bandwidth'.

Another rather uninteresting thing that happened to me recently. I was out for lunch with my dad and he suggested that we go to a star-in-the-making coffee shop at the back of our taman. The reason? They have The 3 Layered Tea (sold only in major coffee shops).

apa kata mawi? WORLD!

I know that drink has around for a pretty long time but hey, like I always say, I jakun mah~ Anyway, dad and I ordered 2 cups of that special 3 layered thingie and to our surprise, it came with exactly 3 layers! World! Took pictures of it, stir and drink. The verdict: gooooood. From what my taste buds told me, it's a mixture of tea, milk and coffee. Also note the not to over taste of pandan in it. Good stuff I tell ya.

dad pointed out that it looks like Starbuck's Caramel Machiatto

to me, it's the same (but cheaper!)

Oh yea, CF was fun. Good nite peeps~

Monday, November 13, 2006

| another long glutton week

Upon starting a new semester, I expected myself to be rather busy with studies and other miscellaneous activities but for the past few days, my entire day is packed and I have little time for myself to check my mail, chat with friends or even blog. But it ain't all that bad. Though busy, I had quite the fun as most of my activities include a lot of gastronomical adventures that's nearing the border of gluttony. Yeap~ Food's good and it's one of the few ways to men's heart. At least I'm honest. heh~

forgot to take pics of the steaks.. heh~

Last Friday night my dad grilled us some succulent steak (3 pieces per person), with potato chips with garlic powder and salt, potato wedges with sour-cream powder, and carrot sticks with thousand island sauce. It's great to have a dad who can cook really good food, especially western food. I believe people who have eaten my dad's cooking would say so too.

forgot to take more pictures.. heh~

The following night I was at Seremban's Allson Kelana Jaya Club for a seafood buffet. They serve some really good seafood. Among the dishes I had was some salad with virgin olive, spicy ikan bakar, fish with Teriyaki sauce, cheese-cream fish, potato gratin, grilled fish, lamb chop, and raw oyster with a dash of lemon. We had a bunch of assorted sweet-stuffs for dessert but my favourite was the chocolate-chip ice cream that I topped with more rice chocolate and crushed nuts. Ahhhhh~ Gotta love eating. I ate so much that my stomach literally bloated.

i will worship You for who You are

Upon arriving home on Sunday afternoon, I hurried to music practice as I was already late. Luckily Joel's a nice patient dude. Renee was supposed to song lead but alas, she was busy with some personal stuff. Ergo she asked Lucius to cover for her but then it seems he too, was busy with some matters and asked Joel to song lead instead. Joel's a nice guy and Rachel's a lucky gal. ahaks~

and i will be still, know You are God

The following incidents were nothing really special. Practice, practice, practice. Went shopping at Jaya Jusco, set up GerX's bed frame from IKEA. 7.30pm went to EP to pick up some dudes to go to Samuel Yau's farewell party. Just when I had settled down, I volunteered to fetch the Paddlepoppers. I'm such a nice guy eh? After munching down some really good grub, I noticed the CF'ers were separated into a few groups, namely..

peeps who chill at the out-side compound,
grilling those yummy chicken wings

peeps who keep on playing with their high-tech handphones while playing some irritating techno music.. ah beng! hehe~

peeps who were playing the uber-cool board game called The Game Of Life marshaled by The Evil Sith Mama

Though it was his farewell party, Sam did most of the jobs from preparing the food to cooking them, doing his best to ensure that our stomachs were filled and smiles were plastered on our faces. Even at his last few hours he spent them serving us. Thanks Sam.

behold the wheel-of-fortune-of-life

makan lah burger Sam's! memang sedap!

Alas, we had a bunch of fun and will definitely miss good ol' Uncle Sam. Hopefully he will continue to visit us occasionally and bring back some grand tales of the wild world of adulthood. Thanks for shepherding us for such a long time. God bless ya Sam.

Looks like I have another long day ahead of me. Well, good nite peeps~
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.