Sunday, October 31, 2004

cries of a daughter

Congratulations to SP's oldest sis, Wan Ping. Their newly born daughter arrived safely sometime between 12pm to 12am. *whisper* I've forgotten the time. But still, congrats~! May God continue to shower you with blessings abundantly and may His grace covers you throughout your days on earth.

Here's more dcTalk for you. =D


Hoping praying, I've been waiting
Everybody needs somebody to love
There's no question, straight from heaven
You're my angel, I'm so crazy for you

You're a Godsend
A blessing from above
You've been God-sent to me
You're the Godsend
I've been dreaming of
You're a Godsend

Holding your hand, touching your face
I will love you now and always I swear
I will never forget that first moment we met
When two worlds collided and I found my best friend

You're a Godsend
A blessing from above
You've been God-sent to me
You're the Godsend
I've been dreaming of
You're a Godsend

I was made for you
You were made for me
In this lonely world
We were meant to be in love

I will never forget that first moment we met
When two worlds they crashed in
And I found my best friend, yeah

You're a Godsend
A blessing from above
You've been God-sent to me
You're the Godsend
I've been dreaming of
You're a Godsend

p.s. it's the only love song fron dcTalk

Friday, October 29, 2004

project scope? what scope?!

Why is everyone pointing the finger at me? It's not like I'm lazy or anything.. Okay, so I'm *kinda* lazy. I admit that okay? But it's not I don't wanna do my projects, it's juz that I dunno what you want me to do. I think. You can't blame me! I'm innocent I tell ya! Okay.. So much that. *sigh*

I was watching Latte at 8. Jason was interviewing this guy who's in the tourism business. Particularly, his main attraction to tourist, are ghost. Can it get any lamer that THAT?! For crying out loud, what's that all about? I mean, so now everyone's into the Ju-On Party hype or what?! Being a veteran movie viewer, I conclude that horror movies these days - are not scary at all. Okay, so at first they would stick to the old 'unknown force' or 'ghost' or whatever. Then they tried to put some modern technology in it. Then you have movies like Fear Dot Com and The Phone. It gets worst each time. Now they try to make a horror movie from the miss-call hype among people and so the horror movie, One Miss Call was born. Dumb eh? The Korean Rinyu (literal meaning = repetition) became the American Ring O (which by the way doesn't make any sense). And you have originals like Ju-On and it's crappy sequel Ju-On 2, made to The Grudge. Sounds more like The Grinch to me. Hahahaha~ I wonder if Jim Carrey is the ghost. Hmmm..

Hold on a second - how did I stray so far from my title?! Oh well, might as well carry on.

Actually, ghost stories and even ghosts don't scare me. Nopeserie! In fact, I don't even believe in ghost but I do believe in the devil and his demons. They could try to deceive us by taking the form of a ghost but heck~! That too won't scare me. As long as I have God in my heart, I shall not fear the world! Amen~

*Ju-On? Nah.. can't back that up*

dc Talk - freakshow

Though I haven't hear dc Talk's song for such a long time, their song and lyrics have always been playing over and over in my head. Hope you're blessed by these.

dc Talk


Haunted by a jaded past
Never thought that love could last
Hope was but a castaway at sea
Skepticism took its took
Closed the windows to my soul
Was fighting just to keep my sanity

When out of the noise I could You breathing
You came along knowing just what I needed
Turned me around and Ya got me believin'
You would die for me

Now I'm fearless with nothing left to hide
All the doubts of yesterday love has driven them away
And now I'm fearless when I am by Your side
It's forever me and You in this covenant of truth
Ya know I'm fearless

Patiently You stripped away
The walls of pride that I had raised
You revealed the child inside of me
We will run and not grow old
Soar on wings as I've been told
Together we will fly the heavenlies

Cause out of the noise I could hear You breathing
You came along knowing just what I needed
Turned me around and Ya got me believin'
You would die for me

Now I'm fearless with nothing left to hide
All the doubts of yesterday love has driven them away
And now I'm fearless when I am by Your side
It's forever me and You in this covenant of truth
Ya know I'm fearless

Some of us leave the vine
Some of us fall in line
All of us have a friend in Jesus
Some of us love in fear
Some of us persevere
Knowing that you are near me
I am fearless

Words and music by Toby McKeehan/Michael Tait/Kevin Max/Mark Heimermann/George Cocchini

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Anything more to add?





Guess not!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

eyes of determination

I believe therefore I can
I believe therefore I sense
There is a fire burning
In my eyes I'm determined
To fight for what I believe in
To win my right to stand in
In the halls of fame
Where glory awaits me
The place I'm named
My knowledge percedes me
I welcome the warmth
That I ever so need
My spirit is calm
While my body bleeds
To reach what I desire
I choose this dreaded path
Now feel my fire
And face my wrath

~juz keep swimming walking~

I know a fish who once said, "Juz keep swimming, juz keep swimming.." and it goes on and on. But in my case, it would be "walking" instead of "swimming".


So I guess I'll juz post more crap now so that you guys can read. I can't really think of anything "interesting" to write except that I walked all the way from MMU to my house. Took me around 1 hour and 48 minutes to reach home - not counting the time I took to buy myself a Cadbury Crunchie bar when I stopped by a minimart near US Pizzas. *ahem* I needed the sugar. Hahahahahaha~

Huh? Why am I walking you asked?

Well for one, it's a proven fact that walking is a good exercise... and all that other crap. I'm not entirely sure of the distance from MMU to my house in Taman Merdeka, but as far as I'm concerned, my legs weren't the once that was aching when I was walking. It was my back - again. It seems that it juz keeps getting worse, but I guess I'll live with it. Like how I've been living all these times with all the problems with my body. But hey! If I could run so many kilometers in NS, I definitely can walk further. So now I guess I'll juz keep walking, juz keep walking, walking, walking, walking.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

CS is an OLD game...

Honestly, I can't really recall the last time I've ever actually played CS, except for yesterday's little skirmish. If my memory serves me right, it's been more than a year already since I've ever logged-in with the fearsome mercenary named =Xer0=. I know, I know - it's such a cool nick. I get that a lot. Bwahahahaha! I was one of the few CS champions of my time, and I don't need to use an AWP Sniper to score highest frag too.

Alas, my days of glory and fame are already long gone. I have long retired from being called in to the battlefield, where fresh blood is always awaiting a chance into the Halls Of Fame. Yesterday, I played with my bro's friend; Loreen, Stephanie, Jeff, and Sher Ren, along together with my friends; Aaron Wee, and Botak. I was actually surprised that I still had some skills left in me as I expected myself to be very rusty from not playing these whole time. It was really refreshing from me, but the feeling of scoring the highest frag/points, felt like taking candy from a kid. It was an easy win for me. But still, it shows that CS is an old game. And I really should retire from it. Heh~

Monday, October 25, 2004

My Youth, My Life

*an angel's eyes*

Sometimes when I look at Allan Teh, I truly admire his self-sacrificing nature. He slaves himself for the Youth that he loves so dearly. That unending fire that burns the passion in his heart for God and for the youth can be clearly seen by everyone in GY. And somehow, his efforts draw me and I try to learn as much as I can from him that I may one day, serve the youth in another level juz like him. From the moment I stepped into the Youth Hall, I knew for sure that I would wanna serve in this ministry till the day I'm too old to jump around. And juz like every senior leader in the youth, he'll soon be leaving us. Not only that, Un Ben and Aunty Agnes will be stepping down from being our Youth Director. Mixing that up with the "turmoil" that my church is currently facing, I wonder if I could catch that fire and be able to slave myself for the youth that I love so dearly. Truthfully, I could study in KL or somewhere else, but I stayed here for my youth/church. Ignoring the criticisms of my father towards the youth and me serving them, by the grace of God, I will not falter nor will I fall.

Truthfully, God has put a heavy burden in my heart for the youth. Whenever I hear the youth of today indulging in sins that poisons their soul, my heart cries out to them, and with all my might I wanna stretch out my arms and draw them back to God. Living this sinful world where deceptions and temptations are all around, it is easy to fall into the wrong path. May it be smoking, drinking, drugs, gangsterism and the worst of all to me; sex, many Christians are blindly walking astray from God.

In this very moment, I'm praying for a few of my Christian friends whom I feel, need God really bad. I'm also praying that I won't stray in my walk with God, so that should anyone fall, I would be able to catch him or her. I want my life to revolve around God and His youths. For He is my life and therefore, my youth, my life.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

why - most popular question

I guess everybody should know, from one experience or another, the question "why" asks a lot, but answers only few. My brother has been bugging my parents for approval of his proposition to move out of the house to a place nearby MMU. According to him, he wants to "experience" living alone and wants to learn to manage his money. In addition to that, he wants another extra RM100 a month, making it RM300 per month. I come from a mediocre family and that to us is a lot. Okay, I'll be honest; I feel that it's a dumb proposal in every sense of it (if there's any in the first place). Our home is actually very near to MMU. It takes less than 20 minutes for my bro to get to MMU from my house, 5 to 10 minutes for me on my bike *winks*. I guess I don't really care if he smokes and drink heavily and comes back late at night with his "I'm studying in the library till 12am" excuse. I'm waaaaay past that. And since it's none of my business, I shall stop rite there and won't go any further.

Anyway, naturally dad and mom is kinda very disappointed with his "proposal". I was worried, especially with dad's high blood pressure going on and stuff. It made me wonder, already my parents and I hardly see brother since he's always out God knows where, and now that he wants to move out... *sigh* nuff said. Juz the other nite, I spent more than an hour talking to mom and dad to cut brother some slack. They understood me and took my reasoning, which was good. But then bro was still keen on moving out. Only God knows his true motive and I only pray that he doesn't stray IF he really moves out. It'll be one heckofva argument once my father lay down his terms and condition to brother, which to me was kinda strict. But I guess he has no choice anyway. So now I ask, why do I fear the worst? As I told SP, looks like I gotta pray harder.

*cool dude eating cendol in malim.. glasses not mine - yeah..*

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

being tired helps you sleep - makes sense?

Waking up for an 8am lecture is quite normal for a uni student. Sitting through hours of lectures does wonders to your on-going backache. Adding salt to the wound would be the lecture room's bench that looks like it's made out of wood but is actually solid cement, juz to make you darn uncomfortable. Having enduring more than 6 hours of lecture, you walk out of the hall. Gazed at my watch - 3pm. Work starts at 5pm but, whatdaheck! Might as well go early and come back earlier - or so I thought. Punched-in at 3.30pm and changed into my uniform. Tire myself out for another 6 hours and ate dinner which, by the way, was super spicy! KRR's new promotion: Spicy BBQ Sauce. Killer I tell ya~ Killer! Reach home in less than half an hour and was greeted with cheerful smiles and warm hugs. Ahhh~ Home sweet home~ Dad pushed me to watch Bourne Identity DVD with him and mom. I faked a smile and tried to look excited though I was already long asleep in my mind. One thing lead to next, and now here I am, typing this blog. I'm smiling now as I hear the raindrops trickle in the midst of the drizzle. An essential necessity for a good nite's sleep - rain... *snoreeeeee*

*and i wonder what i'm thinking about*

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

one down, two to go

Lecturer: Well, well, well.. Mr Anderson - we meet again.

Me: It ends tonight.. And uhh.. miss, it's Andrew larr..

So Computer Systems and Architecture wasn't as bad as I thought. I believe that with sheer determination (and some hard work), I could've scored big time. But since I didn't study much due to the ever-vigilantly distracting "Aaron Wee Factor", I felt lucky that the questions weren't so hard. Could've guessed my way through 40 questions without blinking an eye. Okay, so I did blink a lot, but that's not the case.

.:1 hour before event:.

So we juz came back to MMU after munching down our dinner; Aaron Wee, Irvin BS (big and slow), and me. The plan was for me to head back to the library and grab some much needed last minute revision. It didn't happen. Instead, Aaron and I were busy scaring passer-bys with our Baby laughter True Tune. In a broad daylight, it wouldn't be scary, but imagine, in the dark in the middle of the night, as you're walking, you suddenly hear a baby laughing from the bushes beside you. Now that's exactly what we did. Instead of bushes, we hid the phone inside an empty, half-open locker near the library. First few guys weren't affected (guys sux) but we weren't keen on giving up. Surely enough, our victims arrived. A bunch of malay girls who aren't wearing tudong. 3.. 2.. 1.. *creepy baby laughter* Girls screaming and jumping away from locker - Mission Accomplish. Bwahahahahaha~


It's here, the moment I've been waiting for - the first mid-term paper, Computer Systems and Architecture. I grabbed my High School CF pencil case and my trusty (and rusty) calculator. Papers were already set on the table. I held my hands together and did what every other Christian would do - I prayed. Amen. And I was off.. I felt like part of God's wisdom was borrowed to me to do this paper. Confidently, I answered the true/false questions and headed for the fill in the blanks and eventually the short answer. Check. Re-check. All set. Handed in the paper and walked off gracefully after one and a half hours. I thank God for being there with me in the papers mann.. Whew~

*the nite lights of mmu's library*

Monday, October 18, 2004

tumble down the hamster's hole

Let me paint a picture for you. Just so you know my feelings are down too. But how do I feel, when I feel like the world is like a reel? I dunno and I guess I'll never ever know. I'm like a baby thinking maybe do I really wanna come out. So as I fly through the sky I begin to wonder why my dreams are getting weirder and I'm getting dumber. Sad, yes it's sad but true, yes it's true. How in the world am I gonna get unglued? Where the answer lies is under a pile of lies, waiting to be organized through means of getting high. Doesn't make sense but it's for my own defense. I'm fighting with myself and it's like dropping of a shelf. Falling down and down and eventually fall on my crown. Breaking it to pieces as messy as a cat's whiskers. Flatten by my body fat I try take off my hat cause it's driving me mad. Why oh why do I cry like a fly whose wings are fried, struck by lightning that's so blinding that I went into hiding. Like a rock I get the hard knocks, fighting and fighting till I die trying while I'm finding my way surviving. Why all the ramble when I tumble down the rumble as I grumble? I do it to me as I see above the tree flying free a bird with wings turning to be Kenny Roger's chicken spree. Laugh as you may but soon you will say, "Hey, am I gay?". Scary as it seems the fear is to believe that truth would set you free. So why am I thinking that the world is somehow ending? I dunno... can't back that up... *sigh*

midy termy

*a poor gal who suffered much from mid-term of mmu*

Ahh yes.. It's been what? 2 days? 3 days? How long, I don't know, but it feels good to be typing my blog again. Wahahaha~ The previous week was really a bad one for me. Me as in ME; spiritually, emotionally and study wise. I've been so drained from these 3 important elements in my life. I haven't been keeping up my walk with God. Even fell a few times, which is, in case you're one of those blurr sotong people, real bad. Emotionally... Well... What can I say about that huh? I'd probably get laughed at. It's weird how your heart plays with you. When something that keeps bugging you over and over again, you just feel like shouting out loud. And with that, somehow, I've failed in the "patience" part of a relationship. Hahahah~ I'm still looking for a way to apologize. Sad but true, I don't really apologize well. In study wise, this semester has really stretched me thin - REAL thin. A 3 to 4 months subject taught to a bunch of students in less than 2 months. Insanity is the only sane response.. I score fairly well for my CGPA with only 3.49, which is to me, a bit low. I'm pressured by my parents to score higher to get the scholarship that I need so much. Sux I tell ya.. It sux..


I know I have to get back in track with everything. Yesterday, church was amazing. Though in my family, only my dad and I went, I still had a great time there. The warmth of friends and sermons echoes in the walls of my mind. I knew the only friends that I could ever trust in my life, are my church friends - my brothers and sisters in Christ. The song Burn from Planet Shakers kept on playing in my heart. Awesome feeling.. I'm even smiling right now. Sampat rite? That's Andrew Liu to you. As for SP, I'm planning to make her a card with what little time I have. Monday, exam. Tuesday, work at 5pm. Wednesday, full house. Thursday, meeting with Ps Sam. Friday? My only chance.. On Saturday and Sunday, I'll be on my Youth's "mini-camp". In fact, I have to plan some team-building game with a moral value behind it. *sigh* I've told them over and over, I'm not good with games! But nooo... No one listens to Angry Andrew. Hahaha~ Oh well.. The feeling of having her staying mad at me is killin'! Real killer killin' thingie.. As for MMU studies? I'm trying to get my notes arranged (it's a little too late for that.. i know.. i know..) and get project finished. Freakin tiring!

Oh Dear Lord.. Let all glory and honor be unto You, Lord Jesus. In this time of my weakness, I need Your strength Lord. Your strength is perfect in my weakness. So fill me in and lift me up. Give me Your wisdom and knowledge and understanding to tackle the challenges I face. Together, I know You're walking with me. And for that, I thank You once again my Lord God. I pray all this in Your name O Lord, the One and Only, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

when it all looks the same

These days, almost anybody can play a musical instrument. It’s like saying in this generation, anyone could make a website or mess with html you know. It’s juz getting too common! Everyone knows how to play a guitar and everyone has a website in geocities. It makes playing musical instrument taste like a water down teh-O-ice limau. The only thing that separates every other musician or web designer, is how good they are at doing what they do. Look at Steven Curtis Chapman, Jason Teh and Jason Teoh. These guys are like, the best musician I know. But among all, Jason Teh is the guy I respect the most. He taught the guy who taught me guitar. So technically, he’s the sifu of my sifu and THAT makes him really good. He can fry the guitar like magie mee goreng and tell you that’s he better on the drums. Talk about style. I’ve seen this guy play guitar, drums and piano and I’m not exaggerating, he’s a legend. In all humble manner, a lot of people in my old high school say that I’m one of the best in high school and now I tell you that I’m only 1/10 of what Jason Teh is. Imagine that.. Sean is one lucky son to have a father with an extraordinary guitar skill and a mom with a superb voice. Think - future Malaysian Idol. Hmm.. Interesting..

*That's me with short hair. Looks weird*

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Messing with Macromedia

I’ve been looking through some of my pix. It’s not what you think, you know. Nothing vain or anything like that. *ahem* I’m getting the feeling that people are already bored with my old picture that’s at the sidebar. So, I’ve been messing around with the pix, trying to find the best new pix to be placed on the sidebar. Initially, I was telling myself how good I look in this image, in that scene and stuff but.. Juz as I was admiring myself, reality hit me like a sledgehammer crushing a defenseless kuaci - I look like crap!! No kidding! I mean, gosh.. I look like THAT?! That’s juz sad mann.. And I wonder why people are avoiding me in mmu.. *sigh* As my world spins in to a dark spiral, I could hear an evilll laughter mocking me, "Bwahahaaah!!" Talk about low self-esteem mann..

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

CITS stands for...?

Nowadays I'm spending most of my lunch time in CITS lab with my course mates. I can't help but loving the idea of having free internet while I munch down my food while dodging on-looking security dudes. In to the shadows I go - like a stealth fighter jet over the streets of KL. Right... But most of the time, I would juz surf and not eat my lunch as I wait for my next lecture to start. Though you always see me criticizing the internet speed of CITS lab (0.05% of 100Mbps), it isn't really as bad as I thought now that I've spend so much time here. It actually has quite a decent connection speed.

On other news, my long-time-ago God sis, Janice Wee mailed me a few days ago asking for help on her blog. So, like any other good God bros would do, I helped her with her html coding. She's using blogdrive which looks more neat and tidy than blogger. But I guess blogger wins on the html template basis. You can do anything here! Whoohoo! My stomach's growling again... Gotta eat after this.

Note to self : Go to Ujong Pasir's pasar malam to buy some muruku.

cute cute eyes

I get scared every time I think of my future career. Being in an IT line isn't really the best choice in this time and season. I mean like, the variety of IT jobs seems to be lesser and lesser. The people's choice would always be either studying medicine or engineering. Thinking that we live in the IT era, going for IT would be the best choice. Or so I thought.. Actually, I'm still not sure. I've gone through the pages of the newspaper and have already talked to numerous people who are grads in this line - reliable people like Allan, Jason, Jackie, and my cuz, Jimmy. They express their diverse opinions, which actually makes lots of sense. The newspaper says that we need more C++ programmers. Others say that if I should take web designing, I better be the best or it'll be a total waste of time. The word "best" isn't really in my dictionary. Looking at my history, I was never really any good in anything at all. Seriously.. At this time, all I could do is juz submit to God and let Him lead me. I still have another year to choose my path.

And to think that I wanted to study music in School of Creative Arts, Singapore or even Hillsongs, Australia. My parents would always ask me to finish my "main" studies before pursuing other subjects. I agree with them anyway. After all, I have no grades what so ever. All my knowledge in guitar, piano, and drums were all self-taught. *sigh*

*Justin Lee's cute cute eyes*

Monday, October 11, 2004

when the bed calls out your name

You know, I have a theory. Well, maybe it's already a proven fact but I'm gonna say it anyway. What makes a person tired? Lack of sleep? Or is it inconsistent sleep hours? For the past week, I've only had less than 6 hours of sleep. At first it was quite tiring but I got used to it. Yesterday, I had more than 8 hours of sleep, but I feel like I could pass out any time. Initially, I thought I would give myself a treat by sleeping earlier a little. Instead, I woke up with this sick feeling that I'm gonna suffer in class today. And crappers did I suffer! My 10am lecture was such a burden to me mann. It was sooo difficult to even focus on what the lecturer was teaching. Though my hands were moving, my head was already asleep. Now I'm in the CITS lab again, typing my blog. And I keep yawning every 10 minutes! I wonder how am I gonna concentrate on the lecture as the bed calls out my name. Now I know how Garfield feels all the time. Hah!

it's not what you do.. it's who you do it with..

Though corny as it sounds, it's actually very much true. Last Friday, I was talking to my friends and we were chatting about what we're gonna do this weekend (he's a kl dude). So he was telling me all about his plans to bring his cute cute gf out for a date at some high-class restaurant in the night lights of KL. Since he was quite well to do, I guess he could afford it. And when he asked me about my plans, I told him I too am going to bring a girl out for dinner. He asked me if it was gonna be some fancy restaurant or maybe Windmill or Seafarers. Well, he was close as I did plan to have some seafood with her. I brought her to Bunga Raya (Celebration Flower) to eat See Ham (cockles). Yeap~ You heard me right. A shop in the backstreet during a busy Saturday night was selling its ever famous cockles. She didn't mind at all as she told me that she hasn't eaten See Ham for quite some time and that she was missing the grand taste of it. I guess it proves to show, that it actually really doesn't matter what you do. What's more important is who you do it with.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Aisaid Asahan

After months days of careful planning, it was time to visit grandma. The thrill and excitement of visiting ol' Ah Ma was running berserk through our minds. The original plan was for four of us to visit her on Saturday morning. Alas, plans don't always go the way they should. Dad had a dentist appointment and Bro... well... he had 'something' to do which is still unknown to me. But mom and I kept our spirits high. "We muz visit her today~! By hook or by crook or even by Captain Cook!". Grabbed the keys. Started the Iswara 1.5 automatic, and sped off to Asahan: Home of the Longing.

Upon arrival, like an Elite Commando, I carefully hid the car behind some bushes, hoping that Ah Ma wouldn't spot us. Like a thief in the dark, we crept through the back door. "So Kuan!" my aunt shouted. No! I've been spotted! In a flash, I threw a flash bang. Having made a couple of back flips and rolls, I took cover behind the shadows. Wait.. There's no shadow. It's a damn hot day and the sun must've fried me brains! Like John Forbes Nash from the movie "A Beautiful Mind", I too have been suffering from schizophrenia. Or at least I think I am.. Haha~

I love my grandma. There's not a single doubt about it. Her smile could chase away the rain and welcome the sun. My 1st aunt made mom and I some lunch. It was a simple meal as she didn't know we were coming or she would cook her signature fried chicken and fried sambal. MMmmmmmm... Gave grandma her favourite pulut that we bought from our "park's" Friday night market. Later, the calvary arrived. Un George, Aunt Irene, Aunt Jenny and my cuzzies came to back us up. Ah Ma was delighted to see so many faces visiting her. Though she was putting on her ever serious look, I could see a smile appearing from the side of her mouth.

*picture blurred to protect the innocent*

Spent the whole time chatting with Geowayne and playing lots of basketball too. My throwing still sux as always. Juz kidding~ Hahahaha~ Basketball is the no. 1 sport in Asahan and all of cuzzies are pros.. in our mind. Though the sun was scorching the ground our seasoned feet could withstand the burning heat from the ground. What a great day. Hehe~

Friday, October 08, 2004

and i wonder why digi is so expensive...

Great Scott! I have only 1 ringgit of credits left! Why?! Digi was (supposed) to be the best line there is! I mean after all, I did use my celebrity status to support them and this is how they repay me? This is an outrage! Call my lawyers. I want a lawsuit now!


Maybe I shouldn't draw too much attention to myself, being a superstar and all. A Ha! I'll switch to Maxis! Yesss... That's the best way.


I have an incredibly nice number from Digi. Should I choose to change, I might not get a number that's juz as cool as this. Difficult indeed. Maybe I could persuade Digi to implement Maxis' "no charge under 3 seconds" thingie~ Or easier, why don't I juz buy over Digi? That way I could call for free and still keep my number! Bwahahahaha! Evil plan. Evil plan.

And I wonder why my mom gave me 4 cups of coffee in a row...

Thursday, October 07, 2004

class starts at 4pm

It's Dr. Evil... I didn't spend nine years in Evil Medical School to be called Mr. Evil - Dr. Evil

It's Raining (men? noooooo...)

Woohoo! Nothing beats having to wake up when it's raining bush and osama out there and not having enough sleep in the same time. *sigh* Crappers~ And thought lack of sleep was bad, what's worse is that I didn't get my daily dose of caffeine. I went off in an empty tank! NOOOoooooooooo... But luckily, I wasn't late for my tutorial and quiz. All thanx to my bro. *smooch* Luv ya dude~

That was kinda gayish but it's okay.

So here I am once again in MMU's CITS lab, reminiscing those sunny days when the weather was as hot as hell. Maybe even hotter! But alas, some rain is always good for the soul. My soul in particular.

"You are the shelter from the rain
and the rain to wash me away" - jars of clay

away from the sun

what time was it again?

Blurrr Always

This is what happens when you get blurr, the scenario: tomorrow, your lecture starts at 10am. What time do you set your alarm? 10am of course! Well.. That's what I did. Pretty dumb huh? Luckily for me, my clock and watches are all set 10 minutes faster, thus making me 10 minutes faster than everyone else. That means I could beat The Flash and Quick Silver in their very own game! Wow!

Studious.. Right..

I washed my face, combed my messy hair and grabbed a cup of good cold coffee. Ahhh~ Refreshing as always. Put on my cargo pants and t-shirt. *ahem* Yes, I didn't had time to bathe okay?! So sue me! *shrugs* Half asleep, I sped off to MMU for my lecture. My mom couldn't believe it when I told her I reached MMU in 5 minutes. As I always like to say to other cars and vehicles, "Muahahaha! Bow to the will of The Traffic!" - cause I won't. Hahahahaha~ Got a real long lecture for that. So there I was, all dazed and woozy with my mind still floating somewhere in dreamland, snipping off teletubbies from a distant. *bang!* 3 down, 2 more to go.. Die! Spawn of the devil!! Same goes to you, Barney Da Dumb Dinosaur (hey~! it rhymes). Unable to concentrate, I focused on my newly bought Gibsons Masterbuilt Premium Acoustic Strings. Within minutes, I was back on track. The power of guitar strings.. Imagine what they could do to you~ *gasp!*

Masterbuilt.. Cool name

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lift Up Your Eyes


I see heaven before me
Angels dancing around me
Here I stand in awe of Your beauty
Captured by Your holiness

Lift up your eyes all of heaven's in worship
Angels rejoice and the clouds will be filled
With the wonder of Your name
With the wonder of Your name
The train of His robes fills the temple with glory
Heavenly host bows before Him in worship crying
Holy holy holy
Is the Lord God Almighty

Holy holy holy
Is the Lord God Almighty

.:Planet Shakers:.

when all you need is 5 hours of sleep

It's funny how studious a lazy guy like me can be if the time calls for it. Having so many study priorities messed up, it's a nice surprise even to me. Contemplating between which projects is more important than the other is something rare for me.

So last night, around 10.30pm, I received a phone call from Aaron (again) asking me to go over to our classmate's place at BBU (Bukit Beruang Utama) apartments to finish the last part of our first project. Note the word 'first'. Put down the phone. Grab my boxers and was off to Aaron's crib. From there, he drove us to BBU where we worked from scratch. Well, honestly most of the time Aaron and I were telling them about our High School pranks and other juicy stories.

After a few hours we were done. All that's left was for me to go home, type it in the computer and print it out. By the time I reached home, it was already 1.40am. Upon completion, it was already 2.10am and I dragged my feet to my room and crash - Big time.

So what? It's only 5 hours of sleep. Mann... How much I've suffered this morning.

Study buddy

Monday, October 04, 2004

body aches - irritating

Last Saturday, the Family went to Malacca Club to sweat it out again. Believe it or not, I found it to be the best remedy against mucus abundant flu. But this time, we played slightly differently. Okay, so I'm not the best in every sport. I juz play as far as I learn and it satisfy me enough. But on that day, for some reason, bro and I played unusually aggressive. We traded smash after smash. Instead of playing it tricky with over-the-net drop balls, we replaced it with sheer brute force. And it's because of that, now my body aches like crazy. Every step I take or every movement I make, there's an irritating ache somewhere. The pain is not the problem as I could withstand it easily. It's the irritation I get that I can't stand. And when I said my whole body, I really mean my whole body. From neck downwards (my lil' bro is fine.. thanks for your concern). After trashing all around, it was time to make a move. My shirt as usual, was drenched in sweet smelling sweat. Though the ache was irritating, the awesome feeling of adrenaline coursing through my veins every time I do my "Death Stare" and smashed the hell out of the shuttlecock was worth it. It's better than any drug and the best part is that it's legal. Hehe~

Death Stare

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Full Metal Panic (no.. it's not a band)

If there's one thing anyone would like about this anime, It's gotta be the awesome humor. Now take that, and mixed it with lots of military action and loads of mechs. What do you have? Ladies and gents, I present to you - Full Metal Panic.

Black Technology. A forbidden knowledge born into a select few, thereby made capable of producing exotic weaponry that could drastically alter the balance of power on Earth. To halt the proliferation of this terrifying power, a secret military organization armed with the latest cutting-edge technology—MITHRIL, stands as the guardians of peace in a chaotic era still dominated by the hostilities of the ongoing Cold War.

With the unexpected arrival of mysterious transfer student Sousuke Sagara to Jindai High School, honor student Kaname Chidori's tranquil existence is about to be turned upside down. Unbeknownst to Chidori, the naive, military-minded Sagara is actually an operative with Mithril assigned to protect her, and the potent secrets she unknowingly carries, from those who wish to exploit her knowledge for military gain. With neither teachers, classmates nor sculptures being safe from Sousuke’s vigilant defense of Kaname Chidori, will this strong-willed beauty even survive Sousuke’s "protection" long enough to actually need the help of this strange young man when trouble finally does arrive? Watch the show~ Hahahahaha~ So with that, you can expect loads of fun and laughter from this anime. Luckily for me, I had juz finish the whole anime from episode 1 to 24. Awesome! Hehe~

Full Metal Panic

for you, Vera

As your requested, here are some pix from church today. Sorry I couldn't get any pix of your mom or bro. Can't find them larr~ Anyway, as I approach each of them asking them if I could take their pix, I told them it's for you. They started asking me all kinds of question about you. Hahaha~ See, the GY misses you too! God bless girl!

The Valley Song

You have led me to the sadness
I have carried this pain
On a back bruised, nearly broken
I'm crying out to You

I will sing of Your mercy
That leads me through valleys of sorrow
To rivers of joy

When death like a gypsy
Comes to steal what I love
I will still look to the heavens
I will still seek your face

But I fear you aren't listening
Because there are no words
Just the stillness and the hunger
For a faith that assures

I will sing of Your mercy
That leads me through valleys of sorrow
To rivers of joy

Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia

While we wait for rescue
With our eyes tightly shut
Face to the ground using our hands
To cover the fatal cut

Though the pain is an ocean
Tossing us around, around, around
You have calmed greater waters
Higher mountains have come down

~jars of clay~

shattered dreams

Broken I fall to the floor,
Like a shattered glass I scream in pain,
All my hopes thrown out the door,
And all my efforts seemed in vain,

Why? I questioned,
But there is no answer,
They rather not mention,
So I burst out in anger,

All my dreams that seemed so real,
Are blown away by the strong winds,
I reach out my hand to touch, to feel,
But it passes through my darkest of sins,

I begged forgiveness of my sins,
I was returned with blessings it seemed,
But as I turn around my eyes swelled with tears,
For now I was standing on my shattered dreams...


Saturday, October 02, 2004

a beautiful mind..

I find the moon intriguing. Well, not juz the moon actually. Believe it or not, I'm one of those guys who are absolutely dumbfound at the sight of a beautiful scenery, may it be the sun rising and setting, the roaring waves in the afternoon, or the bright moon in the still night. Call me crazy for all I care, I could sit down (or stand) and admire the picturesque scene of it all for a long time.

The last time I ever had the chance to really catch the sun rising was at Genting Highlands last year. I could remember it like it was juz 5 minutes ago (though memory was never my 'thing'). It was around 7.30 in the morning and I had a very very long chat with my daughter, Carroanne. I actually planned to sleep but after looking at the time, I knew I had to catch the sun and so, I did. Juz as I was coming out from the elevator, I bumped into SP who was taking a walk that time and I brought along her to my "secret place".

It's actually a place where one could really catch the whole scenery of the sun rising. We walked slightly down the hill, took a few turns here and there. Eventually, we reached the spot. I sat down on the grass and looked on. The whole experience is still very alive in my mind. Imagine the clouds being under your feet, the sun emerging slowly from under the clouds on the right, and the mountains on your left slowly cast a shadow on the carpet of clouds. One word to describe it - awesome. The whole week I spent there was truly a memory that I will never forget no matter what. So what I can't remember anything before Standard 6? I'll juz have to make a new one right? Ahhh... The memories..

And juz on Thursday, the night sky was so clear and when I say clear, I mean clear. Not a single trace of clouds anywhere. The full moon (though kinda small) was so bright; it lighted up the sky, so much so that I could see every star. Unbelievable.. And everytime I see the moon, I wish that someone was next to me so that we could enjoy it all, together~

the moon

Friday, October 01, 2004

Chrno Crusade.. So sad!!

Working on a project could be really frustrating. Especially when you're associates aren't really helping out a lot, running in and out of the room look for this and that. So to ease my troubled mind, I needed to take a break for a while.

It was aroun 10.30pm and I was doing my project in my friend's apartment. Apparently, this guy (like every other guy in MMU except me) is filthy rich and his small little room is powered with one heckofva machine filled with lots of cool stuffs that he downloads from his Streamyx (damn you tmnet!!). Anyway, I came to know that he has the whole collection of the Chrno Crusade anime and since it was my 'break', I decided to follow the story where I left off.

Chrno Crusade revolves around the life of Rosette Christopher, a teenage nun who is a professional exorcist from the Magdala Monastery, and her best friend Chrno - a demon. The story takes place in the year 1920 in the United States of America. Paid to exterminate demons, Chrno and Sister Rosette are part of the Magdala Monastery's militia. They travel between various places to prevent demons from taking possession and haunting various things that come from outside the U.S.A.

Their journey is mainly about Rosette's missing brother, Joshua who was taken by a demon known as Aion. What's more interesting is the relationship between these 3 characters, Rosette, Chrno, and Joshua. I can only explain briefly. You guys have to watch the show to understand the whole story yourself. Chrno, demon who has turn to the good side after he killed more than a million of his own 'kind' in Pandemonium (hell). Aion broke Chrno's horns off his head, thus leaving him powerless (their horns are their source of power). And with out power, he's as good as dead. Aion, is one mastermind who really needs help I tell ya. Knowing that Joshua is an Apostle (God's chosen people with great abilities), he seduces Joshua and gave him Chrno's horns. The only way for Chrno to use his powers is by making a 'Contract' with a human, the user's life-line or soul in exchange for Chrno's powers. To rescue Joshua, Rosette makes a Contract with Chrno and the symbol of their Contract, the Clock Of Life. Everytime Rosette unlocks the clock, Chrno gets his powers and Rosette's life shortens. What a sacrifice...

With that, they embark on a journey to search for Joshua alongside with other comrades. I muz say, the ending was soooooooo sad.(spoiler warning) After defeating Aion, Rosette and Chrno retreats to a place of solitude to spend whats left of her life with Chrno. Nearing the end, falls into Chrno's arms and cries shouting, "I don't want to die!!". Chrno couldn't say anything but only embrace her in his arms. Chrno could've live on, but he didn't want to live without Rosette, the person he loves. The scene ends focused on the Clock Of Life. As it stops ticking we see Rosette's head is on Chrno's shoulder. Eyes closed, they smile... the end

Sooo sad!!! Why all good animes have to end this way?!! It's not fair!! Kenshin, Chrno and Rosette, Vash. They all leave behind a sad memory! *sniff*

Enough of crap. I got to study now. Byez! hehe~
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