Thursday, January 31, 2008

| for this semester

I have no classes on Monday and Tuesday. Beat that peeps~! Hahahaha~ So much win in such a small post.

some good ol school starbucks deco

not so old school drink

There are two school of thoughts towards this new semester. On one hand you have the 'im so loving the new semesters' group and on the other you have the 'is there more to this life?'. Judging from the status' of the people on YM, I'm guess they're more of the latter. But seriously, is there really more to it than this rat-race? Come to CF and find out.

we: happy burfday pastor!!
pastor: don't laugh at my age ya~

First CF of the trimester was good. Pastor Tan came and gave a nice message about us being either Faithful/Faithfool Servant. Catchy eh? It was Hui Lee's first few times worship leading too and she was nervous but she did well in the end. Always room for improvements though. :)

they're so innocently cute eh?

Had a music team leader meeting on Sunday, two meetings on Monday, CF on Tuesday and aCt post-mortem earlier this(wednesday) evening. Not bad for the start of the semester. Went home and ate my lamb chop.

its nice

Show me something interesting would ya?
For I would really love to take of this mask.
Good nite peeps~

Monday, January 28, 2008

| cured klangitis - now semesteritis infects

Well, the holidays are over. Suxmyx has been trying to add to my ever growing rotten infectious disease called keyboard-to-head-kanser with it's new tag-line; "Welcome to Washington DC'ed like million times". Gotta hand it to their publicity board. Register now, regret later. heh~ What an annoyance eh?

the bright sun of the beautiful sunday

This Sunday service worship was bad. I shan't elaborate further for I've promised myself that I shall never be in that ever situation again..


The message was good though. Uncle Bro Fook Meng did a great dive into the Word and gave us a different perspective of some things about Jesus. Also, this Sunday Service has got to be the most interactive one ever. Even Fook Meng said so himself. hehe~ Wonder who's that auntie..

one of the twin wearing hot-pants

Had a (hopefully) fruitful Music Leaders meeting after a great dinner sponsored by our boss. Yea~ Rocking all the way from Ipoh, Land Of The Chiqs. Gonna implement some changes in the music thingy of CCC. With a combination of four services on Saturday and Sunday, it's gonna be either very interesting or very tiring for musicians and all those involved. Lets see what happens.

tiun's new hairstyle - nice

Went to Lionel's house to celebrate 3 special people's birthday, Amy, James and Boy. Fellowship was fun. Bunch of CF'ers came and got to watch 5 guys throwing themselves into the pool, soaking their wallets and causing their new, expensive hand phones to short-circuit. Smooth. Real smooth.


It's my sincerest desire to see all 3 of you to draw nearer to the Lord and serve Him faithfully as you progress in age and grow in wisdom. Especially you Boy, never forget the heart of worship - and you'll definitely grow in your skills and passion.

sweet facial boy.. heh~

It's been a looooong day. Good nite peeps~

Friday, January 18, 2008

| it's lupus and left-over klangitis

Some random-ies from Kelang, a place that sounds both as if it's ringing a bell and as racist. No, I'm not a racist. heh~

BGR - haven't use this term in awhile

in Vain's car

Jess is out of her operation. She's handling the post-surgery like the strong woman that she is. Hopefully after a few weeks of recuperation and physiotherapy she'll be back on foot. Watching a fellow CFer, a friend to suffer like this is heart aching. Keep her in prayer ya peeps?

Abby... uh, Jess!!

eating some mean pie

umur adik sebaya dengan dia

Gotta miss MMU sometimes eh? Look out for the new semester in CF.
It's gonna be fun.

Ooo.. lookie there

Holiday updates are slow as ever. heh~
Good nite peeps~

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

| its not lupus, its klangitis

Last Friday, a group of four MMUcf students went up to Klang to catch the rare klangitis (inflammation of the klang valley). As we all know that inflammations, no matter what type and at where, is a bad thing but this is different because, we're gonna k-lang at Wayne Vain's house.

rich kid

Vain was kind enough to let us k-lang his house for 4 days and 3 nights - imagine the fun we could have. We touched down late Friday night and was greeted very warmly- very warmly by Vain's family especially his mom who seemed to almost have the same wavelength as me. Interesting. Anyway, we slept soon after only to be awaken prematurely by the morning sun that seems to coincidentally cut through the windows and shown brightly on the girls face and in turn, the girls woke us, the men up.

klangitis bak kut teh puts onion on rice.. heaven~~

Vain took us to his local famed-favourite Klang Bak Kut Teh which is hereby deemed as Some Good Food® on this blog. It was around that time when Becca said two words - "Todd & Sweeney" and the rest was history. Be sure to catch it on the new semester CF meeting!

left is Todd, right is Sweeney

After a hearty brunch, we decided to give our beloved poor Abby a surprise visit at University Hospital, the hospital she was warded in for her medical predicament. It was sad but yet a relief to see her. Sad that she's bound to the bed, immobilized, bored and in pain. Relief that God's protection and covering is over her and that things could've turned out for the worse if it weren't for His hands. God has a plan for her.

the cast

Elaine was already there when we arrived, later that day she went
for her checkup and she too was hospitalized for observation

we miss ya Jess!

We then headed off to Sunway Lagoon and I wasn't prepared to risk testing to see if my phone was waterproof though I believe some conspirators out there would be glad if my camera would stop working for good . . . I'm watching ya'll! *stares*

Any-r-u-wokayh Anyways, Sunway Lagoon was fun - playing with water is always fun. It's a great joy to see chicks and babes families and friends laughing and splashing about in the water with a cheerful glee. heh~ Too bad though Sunway doesn't have many waterpark attractions so yea, a 'lil sad.

expensive maggie mee babee

We were all drained and exhausted from Sunway Lagoon so much so we didn't even bothered to walk around Sunway Pyramid only to stop by Ichiban Ramen noodles to grab some early dinner at Vain's favourite spot in Sunway Lagoon. Vain sure loves his kim chi.

into the night

huiyin to another dimesion

Vain drove us to Southeast Asia's largest Jusco store, the AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre in Bandar Bukit Tinggi. From outside it looks really really big but when ya enter through the main entrance you'll immediately notice that the architecture is almost exactly the same the the Jusco in Seremban2. No kidding.

the big jusco

peeking over the 4th floor

city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire - story of the year

We didn't do much in the new Jusco, walked around a little here and there. Used our super-powered-awesomely-full-of-win coupon to get some good ol' coffee. Feeling tired and lemah-fied, we headed home soon after.

smell the fullness of win

su be op en je we le ry

Vain's awesomely cute GF

The next morning after attending Vain's church at Klang Baptist Church, we headed home in anticipation of another round of Some Good Food®. Vain's mom was prepping up some awesome Shepherd's Pie that's full-of-todd-n-sweeney. The best part was that we got to help out in the process-thingy.. yea~

mash 'em tatoes

watching it turn golden brown

It taste so good, we knew we had to tapau a serving to Jess so that she can escape the horrors of hospital food. Her sister noted that this is the first time she actually finish her food while in the hospital. Thanx Vain's mom has got it going on and will be praying for your speedy recovery Jess - have faith gal.

drool people! DROOL!!

Later that evening, we went back to the super big Jusco-thingy to eat some fish at the Manhattan Fish Market with Vain's family. Gotta say, despite the pricey-ness of the dishes there, it's worth it - really worth it. The portions are big and the food taste awesomely great. I like fish anyway. So here's another recommendation of Some Good Food®. Gotta love the blow-torch stunt.

so full of sweeney and todd!!

manhattan fish market ftw!

While in the new Jusco I found out that the Windmill that we have in Malacca and in Klang is at a WHOLE different level. The Windmill here in Klang puts Malacca Windmills to shame. They should just bury themselves along with the sloppy, wasteful governor of Malacca who used up our precious millions of ringgit to build some crappy fountain, waterfall and an seriously pathetic 'eye'. bleh~

wonder where that came from....

Anyway, huiyin left for home on Sunday afternoon so she didn't get to enjoy them good food. The next morning we had to wake up unbelievably early at 7am as Vain had to fetch his mum to work so that he can use the van to bring us to the bus station. Almost missed my bus too but Vain managed to chase it down as it reached the toll; flagged down the bus and boarded it. hehe~

All in all, it was an awesomely fun weekend at Vain's crib. Much full of todds and sweeneys through it all. Vain's a good host and a great brother. Thanx dude - you rock~

Here's one for ya dude~

omg! it's klangitis~

Friday, January 11, 2008

| deck the hols

I'll be heading off for my holiday later this evening (Friday), and I'm pretty sure I'll have a good time. hehe~

Wasn't feeling to well for the past 2 days. Had mild fever and sore throat. Now it has subsided substantially but it won't stop me from having fun.

I'll be back on Sunday so I shall wish ya'll a great blessed holiday!

click the image for a 800x591 resolution

Nite peeps~

p.s. pics used courtesy of Sully's expensive SLR

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

| the game plan

another reason to say it sux

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the MMUcf committee commenced our planning for the next semester and boy will it be another fun sem.

owh lookie there

After church service was over we walked down a little further to Chicken Delight, Ps Joanne prime choice for semi-fast-food fun and a great place to bring new people you've just got acquainted to. The plus point; it's cheaper than your regular fast-food restaurant. The minus point; it's only like RM2 cheaper than your regular fast-food and the portion is so little, it's sad.

just doing 'the walk'

We ran through postmortem of the previous semester, talked about what we're gonna do next semester and planned the sessions for CF meetings. Discuss about several current issues, scary proposal for crazy future plans, and aside from that, T. Emmanuel's Angelina and A. Mckee's Drifting could be heard often, veggies talking through the TV and lots of laughter. Oh yea, chocolates were nice too.

seeking direction

digging deep

the prez

dinner flown 'roti terbang'

lovely sisters

deb-dear doing some freaky things

We completed all our planning and discussion at around 4am midnight. The next day, we celebrated the twins' birthday. Consider it a pre-birthday celebration thingy. As much as we truly love to do some cake smashing we couldn't for two good reasons;
1. Secret Recipe's cake are too expensive to do cake smashing.
2. Pastor would kill us if we dirtied her precious carpet.

So here ya go dudes.


One of the first amongst us who reached 22 years old. Way to go dudes, you guys are old - real old. hehe~ Here's my birthday present to you.








guess which is the real Lucius/Louis

I'm glad both of you like it. hahahah~
Good nite peeps~

Saturday, January 05, 2008

| hear calms duh holleedayze

ana-chan-shooo-kiut fan club promo, RM*

'Mixed grill feelings' would best describe the finals for this trimester. For others who took just one subject, ONE subject, they have no pressure what so ever, while others who have to sit for three paper and myself, four in an awesomely short semester, one would either feel glad or sad but one thing remains the same, we would want it to just quickly come and go.

how it felt during exam week

arranged to look messy and important

The New Year for 2008 passed by just as quick in fact. Lucius A certain someone was supposed to do something but alas, he's just too nice and too shy of a guy. It's ok dude, ya have plenty of time. *winks*

thanx deb-dear

louis face camouflages with the shirt.. oh wow~

To make things worse, I had 4 papers to sit; 31st, 2nd (of the year 2008) and two papers on the 4th. To make things worse, my capo has worn out and I couldn't play Andy Mckee's Rylynn without the frets buzzing on the capo.

thanx Julian for the new capo~ muakzies.. from her ofcourse~

And to really make things even worser, I tore the skin under my nail of my left hand aka 'the guitar hand' due to.. accidentally guitar thingy. Thus, I was unable to play the guitar properly for 3 to 5 days!! So much for the new year.

it hurts like crap when touched

Fortunately, following mom's and many other people's advice, I gave my poor lil finger 3 days of rest and now, the night of my final paper, my freedom time, I can learn as of 4.03am, can play Tommy Emmanuel's Angelina to my hearts content. Gotta love that awesome guitarist. Enjoy.

Tommy Emmanuel

It's only less than an hour but my pinky's starting to grow blister from the excessive plucking. heh~

Blessed New Year 2008 and have a great holiday!
God bless and good nite peeps~

wontdieone~ out
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