Saturday, March 14, 2009

| russian roulette isn't the same without a gun

Suxmyx/Screamyx/Swallowmix's been reaaaally testing the patience of the people of Malaysia (and her foreign investors) with the unbelievably slow, time-out connections. Even the usual 'good ips' aren't working meaning, it's a nationwide pandemic of bad management and corruption. (i see what you did there)

Midterms' are around the corner and unfortunately for me, I've once again failed at organizing my train of thoughts. Such moments make me weak and more often then so, think unneeded things that won't lead to anything fruitful. Fortunately...

..and what an angel she was.

Neway, last night on PG165's Let It All Out was rolling. It be kewl to hear a friends' song on the radio. Would definitely so luuuuuurve to see VJ doing a Thai Surprise. heh~

Also it seems All-American Reject's rendition of Britney's Womanizer was on air. Pretty old stuff but entertaining nonetheless. I'm betting they ripped it off youtube or yahoo. This may sounds weird coming from me... but I've been digging Lady Gaga's acoustic version of Pokerface.

Before ya either stone me or mock me (pick one), let me first say that Lady Gaga can sing to save her life. She can do so while dancing and therefore would not get embarrassed when her BF takes the mic away from her during a live performance only for the singing to carry on without her moving her lips. So yea, my point being Lady Gaga can sing and not do all those crappy electro-dance music that seems to be spamming the airwaves more these days.

Don't believe me? Check it out yourselves~


And for the acoustic version.. the nicer one IMAO

Pooookerface *wink*

And for some inyourfacebritney, here's All-American Rejects with WomanDriver Womanizer.

All-American Hotdogs and Schlongs

Nite peeps~

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