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On that fateful Saturday, a bunch of people traveled to Klang for a special someone's special someone's wedding. Met up with the rest in Klang's biggest Jusco, Aeon Jusco; the only mall worth going in Klang it seems. Lunch was dealt with in some place called Vietnam Kitchen. Initially I had some doubts regarding the quality of their food but after a good wholesome meal, I hereby declare it SAGF® (Some Awesome Good Food®) worthy.

some seafood noodles thingy!

some curry chicken thingy!

some pork chop thingy!

some tomato beef thingy!

Well, the presentation looks pretty and all but I know you guys are doubting the SGF®-worthiness of it but wait, the SGF® honour is kept specially for this one dish.

Epic Fried prawns with super tasty fried thingies!
Hereby declared, Some Good Food®

Que random pics:

only she can buy a shirt with her name on it

shopping in Klang, so did i... (ashamed)

Early on scandals were emerging with this two particular different set of twins.

a lovely (though quick) sweet moment caught on w810i

Moments later...


Later that evening we headed to our special someone's crib for SFF (Some Free Food®) buffet-style! Courtesy of the special someone's special someone~

thanks special someone's special someone!

our special someone's special someone's special someone gave esther-dear a lil' green poo-dle!

The following morning...


Went around PJ as our beloved host needed to run some errands. The peeps ate some ice. I didn't. I wus siq. :(

some famous hk ice, purported tagged SGF® by Ju

Later that evening we went for our special someone's special someone's wedding.

special someone's special someone and her special someone

our special someone had a vision of how his future wedding would be like... and dreads it.. hehe~

Went to McD's after that as it seems going to McD's after an event is a unspoken ritual amongst CF'ers. Must be the fries... and ice cream- can't leave out the ice cream though that darn flurry is now a shorty. Grrr...


the convoy of CF'ers

the b.u.tea.pool

After a wonderful sleep, we woke up, headed to Sunway Pyramid for more fun fun action! (and of course more SGF®). Owh yea, I did ice skating again after not skating for like... 4 to 5 years with... another person. I mastered the art of falling on my palms than my butt. hehe~

Sunway all over-... nah.. only once

you know it's SGF® when the world chili-cheese is in it

Went home a healthy, happy man. Owh yea..

thanks mr. beloved host!

Now back to the two most healthy things I've missed in Melaka.

Sbucks black coffee

SGF® char siew

Nite peeps~ Stay healthy and lay off the cash!

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