Monday, March 08, 2010

| i-Quit

It was like every other fine day where fine things happen finely and often so immaculately. So as with every other fine day I recalled a defining moment in time when I was scandaling talking to J.Chean.. hold that thought for a moment.

Both Jo-l and J.Chean often complain of being confused when I call out Jo or Jou. Little do they know that there is an acoustic difference when I call out for either Jo-l or J.Chean. When I call for J.Chean, I would say "Jou" (pronounced; Geer-oh w/ silent 'r') while I would call Jo-l, "Jo" (pronounced: Jo).

So yea, was talking to J.Chean the other day and she was telling me how drinking hot black coffee with butter (she's my kinda girl) is simply delectable and palatable. Being a coffee enthusiast I figured I should try it out on the rather fine day and so the beginning of the end, begins.

don't ask.. i know~

gently melting butter in small bowl of hot water

pot of fine hot black coffee

the pouring

What happens next is rather difficult to explain. I guess I should just let the picture speak for itself.


I guess you simply just can't show too graphic imagery on the internet before google steps in censors it.

p.s. i-Quit this whole butter coffee thing

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Aarogon said...

babe... butter coffee... one of the greatest sins today, especially to the physical body. hahaha...

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