Tuesday, March 16, 2010

| Top 8 of CSI Miami meme

Here ye. Here ye. Here ye Top 8 CSI Miami meme's in no particular order (really, don't bother cracking your head, it's not worth it) to justify the lack of a proper update while I study for an upcoming midterm (wednesday 2pm lolkthxbai). Remember the PG-13 ratings on the blog so kids, if you wanna read this nice cute lil' bloggy, make sure your parents are there to guide you through all its vast cryptic meanings.

p.s. study study starcraft 2's coming out Q4 2010


Aarogon said...

ROFL~!! thanks for making my night~~

Hunk said...

I don't know what u r talking about but still i have joined you coz i love CSI Miami episodes.

Anonymous said...

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