Monday, October 04, 2010

| and the peon said, "work work"

I haven't been updating my blog in awhile. Not many funny pics to post up as I've been grounded for the past 2 months with my weekdays taken up by work and my weekends taken up by.. well.. work. Transitioning into working life isn't hard for me. Getting used to the environment and the people fairly quickly and comfortably; only finding slight difficulty in getting my own personal time.

Lack of personal time is obvious; having little time to play games that are taking up space in my hdd like Transformers, DiRT2, Alpha Protocol, Mafia 2 and Civ5 as well as movies like Robin Hood, How To Train A Dragon, Grown Ups, and Last Airbender. I'm pretty sure I've missed out a few games and movies in the above list but owh well..

As I type all this down, I'm sitting in front of my dual monitors, eating raya cakes and cookies, sipping m.night shyamalan's pepsi (cause it has a sour twist). I'll be heading home at 9.30pm to cover my 4 other colleagues who have taken MC leaves.


it is ghey~

Working life is awesome possum (not sarcastic).

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