Thursday, November 20, 2008

| blast you marginal utility

The short semester has begun to take its toll. Having all 8am classes from Monday till Thursday. With Monday's class starting from 8am-10am and 3pm-7pm while Tuesday's killer 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm then CF. Wednesday aCt practices. Thursday CGs. Friday church music practices. Saturday and Sunday, aCt practices. Naish~

The other day, Becca and I got lucky as we headed to Jia Jia at around 11am; the time when the char siew, sau rou, sau yak are all fresh and cracking. It was rawking my world so hard, I made an extremely huge mistake of ordering extra char siew - it killed off my marginal utility completely. Lesson learned; not all char siew fan versions can be eaten non-stop.

epicness found in jia jia (tsing tsing)

Dad came back from Bali and Christmas came early.

Real early.

i shall await the day
we open it and say
"by golly tis be wonderful day"

Nite peeps~

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