Saturday, November 22, 2008

| piracy saved malaysia

Now before the local boys in blue come storming into my home with the pretext of ISA (not that you know where it is anyway), let me now reaffirm my anonymous internet rights (if there's such a thing). As the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees no. 7 says, "Ensure no Internet censorship", I shall now speak my mind freely, uncensored..



The Star recently printed a rather interesting article that the p2p community would find rather interesting.... heh~ The article featured my favourite torrent site, in the technology pullout of the paper, In.Tech and it talks about piracy.

"The Internet is an open and neutral platform where
users should be allowed to share content, knowledge
and anything else, anyway they want"
~ Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay

Here are my two cents; it is the existence of piracy that enabled and empowered Malaysia to be what it is today. Without them, our engineers, techies, designers, and business people would be missing a leg, hopping around like a headless chicken. Frankly speaking, not everyone can afford MsWord 2003 or Adobe Photoshop. Seriously. Without piracy our government wouldn't be where it is too.

            Therefore I salute thee, piracy. For such a name is but an irony to the revolution that you bring to the world. Breaking down the greedy, capitalistic, hoarding, illiberal, covetous companies and organizations who refuse to let even a single penny slip past their fingers, sitting behind their comfortable leather chairs, shielding themselves behind the laws of men.

Thank you The Pirate Bay and Xun Lei. Thank you for the bright future you've given cyberspace. It's because of entities like you, we can progress in this exciting digital age.


Much better.
Nite peeps~

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