Friday, December 12, 2008

| 'twas another Christmas thingy

publicity - public + city = brilliant

After many many long days of planning, drafting, writing, designing, composing, practices, drilling, practices, props, practices, traveling, practices and back-breaking, the real night came and boy was it fun.

men shan't live on bread alone..

We persevered through many long, tough, sleepless nights all with the sole purpose of giving glory to God; the purpose of the existence of the coined TGBTG - To God Be The Glory.

thanks teddy for those comforting words...

As the night passed by as quickly as it came we, the directors can't help but wonder if we accomplished what we set out to hit. Whether the message was clear and if it'd penetrated the hearts of the crowd - if lives were touched and hearts broken.

and they moved..

..with much love

To my fellow musicians,
Thank you for giving God your best. Thank you for bearing with me all these times. It's my sincerest prayer and hope that all of you gain something from this musical and not see it as just 'an event' but rather remembering our existence as servants, as parts of the body that is this musical. I pray that all of you would as I, only use your gifts to give glory to Him who gave us these talents in the first place. I love you all, I truly do.

God bless

As the night drew darker and the flashes of the cameras fades, the casts and crew left the hall to celebrate, a small group of people remained because for us the work ain't over yet.

suspension killer

We packed all we could into our humble vehicles and transported them safely to YAC. But since it's worth packing, it's worth over-packing - much like a Top Gear challenge. heh~ Joash, you rock.

the box survived... so did the Christmas tree

All of you did a great job and I believe that God is pleased with all of you who serve Him faithfully.

Thank you for all your sacrifices. Nite peeps~

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MORGZZ said...

Wa duh! Bro,

You also foodie ah. Brining the bear to makan ha ha. But I think you are the kind of chap I like to invite to the table.

Food! it's God's enjoy. mind if I follow your blog man?

So saying hi from across the border. I invite you and your friends to MORGZZWORLD. have a blessed Christmas and happy holidays!


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