Tuesday, December 02, 2008

| another Christmas thingy under a low line yo

colourfully racist shoes

It's been another crazy past few weeks with what little rest days taken up by everything but anything of what I really need. Been living on an unbelievably tight schedule with assignments and mid-terms biting my arse. Not to mention doing the work of a director, making fair, right and wise decisions, paying bills that aren't my own, and of course, dealing with people.

Nonetheless, it's been fun.

poor poor tired people

In the midst of craziness we managed to celebrate Ana-chan's 21st burfday. It's truly a wonder why she's still single.. come on guys, ya'll blind or wut? >.<

the gathering

the surprise

the gift

the happy ana-chan

another Christmas thingy: The Given Gift (aCt:TGG) is just 7 exciting days away. To miss it would be a great loss indeed to one's self. Sure, we sell DVDs of it for an insanely cheap price, but nothing beats watching it live so do make an effort to come.

director - she directs

Fortunately, the past few weeks I've been stuffing myself with Some Good Food®. Most of which would some how or rather have something to do with the ever so lovable pork. Been eating pork almost every single day so much so I can almost literally feel my cholesterol level sky-rocketing. But hey, for the sake of attaining that Some Good Food® what's a few years of life being taken away anyway? heh~

good food from Wok & Pan

some really good food from Jia Jia

awesome char siew fan from Melaka Baru

pork satay be epic

Cholesterol.. naish~ Can't wait for the hols to come. I must and definitely will stuff myself silly (even more if i already haven't). If possible, I'd wanna find my good ol' dear friend in KL. Till then, pushing on till the end.

getting in touch with estrogen

Sorry for the delay post. hehe~
Nite peeps~

p.s. i kissed ai and it felt good


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