Sunday, January 11, 2009

| 2008 in 52

And when I say 52, I meant 52 pics and when I say 52 pics, I mean


Here goes nothing folks!

the creepy planning

the cheerful visitation

the lost memory

the manhattan cherry-poppin

the old new experience

the joy of a new wife

the youth alive

the wife in action

the free starbucks for CG

the cruel accident

the cruel'er damage

the i'm a level 70 rogue ftw! short obsession

the memorable camp

the cute kids

the servant-heart friend

the discovery of east peninsula

the smokin' rat

the bacon and cheese

the dan dan wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

the funny scandal

the 40 days

the 'it's klang all over again'

the anxious crowd

the passion of 268

the fondness of subway

the shocking truth of j.leong

the sabo'ed for posting the next picture

the next picture

the final year lendu

the trash

the awesome sight of nadleeh cebok'ing

the new era

the tgif cherry-poppin

the investigation of wordilicious

the first cf in campus

the sickly mission

the that's a huuuuuggee bi block of cheese

the 'guys.. guys... final year, guyss.. burp~'

the decision making

the epic melaka camp

the reason for the epicness

the... owh... maii... gawddd...

the meat.. lots of meat..

the prezzies from afar

the beauty of xunlei

the forbidden kiss

the joy of serving

the given gift

the day teddy had dinner

the first ever christmas party in campus

the awesome bbq

the christmas visitation

That's all folks. That's my life in 2008. I have only one word for 2009;


Nite peeps~

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