Wednesday, January 21, 2009

| i know what you did 10 days ago

Catch phrases that aren't catchy at all are like herpes; they're a great fun to catch but real hard to live with.


Please don't quote me on that.

veli naish~

So now, lets proceed on to the usual flurry of pictures and poetry.


Ten days ago, a small group of people met up with the motivation for excellence, driven by love.

with their bookmarks and bibles in place, they set about all but late

planning and writing, they didn't hesitate

and guarding them was a dog named gabe ;)

Seven days ago, donuts flew and they all jizzed drooled

untimely mistake but BBQ Plaza's still cool

preparations to leave and thus coffee was due

the unwinding cable car blew the winds reminisce still

Behold there laid a group of maidens

being guarded by men, so kewl and refined

they sat under a colorful tree made by pagans

shrouded by beauty that screams behind

Nonetheless, holding undie-bags that catches they eye

with Carl's Jr I shall say good bye

Nite peeps and have a great Chinese New Year!

p.s. the Nissan GTR is my ulti-dreamcar!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG~!!!!

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