Saturday, January 03, 2009

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In the previous years I would normally recap the events that took place last year. But I guess this year will be a little different with exams and all. Maybe exams are just an excuse but.. I guess we'll just never know.

the directors

Perhaps I might just find time to blog about last year and all of its ups and downs etc etc etc. In fact, I was just preparing the pictures to be posted and found that the beginning of last year I had like, loads of pics to post till somewhere around the 3rd quarter of the year. From there it kinda slowed down.

good gawd!! they make an awesome couple!!!

Guess I was getting busier and.. partially lazier.. I'm an honest man. I'll admit my flaws. Ya'll can stone me know people. Go ahead. >.<

ana-chan's like.. shooooo kiutt!!

Sigh~ The end of YAC. That was the signaling of the new year. I guess for the younger ones, it's like a new beginning for them but for me and some of my peers, it's more of a sad goodbye.

So to you YAC..

..we bid thee farewell~

Been going a few times in the last week. Something that I don't normally do because:
1) I'm not metrosexually align to the 8 planets and their moo- bah~!
     Pluto is still a planet to me!!
2) I don't have alotta cash. Ergo. No spendie spendie.
3) Being born and raised (probably will die here too), there ain't
     much excitement in the 'mall'.

But nonetheless, I went there again and upon miss Ai Ai's insightful wisdom, she suggested me tried the Korean Restaurant, ZingDo.

lots of stuffies to order but..'s more or less the same stuff. btw hot lot chean

ZingDo was okay only larr. Not really worth the money if ya ask me. I'd rather do BBQ Plaza at Klang with Wayne. Yeap, I'll do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..
I'll stop here.

i hope it taste good... WHEEEE~

Neway, so just last night a group of mysterious people were called to a secret, unidentified location to some secret unidentified, mysterious thingies.
No Mr. Policeman. It isn't an orgy.
*koff* Boy, that was tense.
Speaking of tense, here are some snapshot of the mysterious group of people's faces doing their unidentified, mysterious thingies.

A paparazzi managed to grab a shot of what they're watching with their blank-faced, expressionless stares.

whaiii eets aur korean drama!

Boy that korean drama was fun to watch. By the way, our big boy just turned 23 and he's officially the oldest dude in my batch. Congrats big boy with a big... um.. heart.

Blessed 23rd Burfday dude!!

Nites peeps~

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