Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Despite it being mildly melancholic, it is still one helluva catch tune, hence the title which in this blog usually have little or no connection to the post at hand (or web browser, depending on how fussy you are).

Blessed Burfday To All Feb Babies!

But since I wasn't able to take pictures of all ur cakes and stuff, I'll only post who I have and who is but the form following the function of what, and what I have are the pictures of...

Miss Jessika Woah~

Blessed burfday she had indeed. She was so happy, she stabbed her fugu cake for the fear of poisoning.. I think.

it cries pink tears

spreading it around like a severe case of Much Love®

In fact, with that much love requires a certain amount of emo to uphold the thin balance of Much Love®. Despite it being a joyous occasion, two lovers were separated by a foot thick wall. To make matters worse, Vain too advantage of the young Sally Brown.


as if this blog needed another reason to eat up bandwidth

Anyway, I dunno if it's well known or not but teppanyaki buffet-restaurant Sibaraku serves in between lunch and dinner rush hour, some awesome tea-teppanyaki. On Saturday, Becca and I went there for some late lunch and despite having the fear of being stuck in a long queue thanks to good ol' commercialism Valentine's Day, it was pretty nice and quiet. We had quite an awesome time of stuffing ourselves silly with Some Good Food® though I'm not here to show ya pics of the food but rather of some awesome chocolate fondue in action.

the chocolate was the tempation

the bowl, my brilliance

the sweetness, her allegiance

And after getting lost for nearly an hour and participating in some illegal activity that could easily get me jailed; they were, after all stored in a 5.56x45mm ammo crate, this was the only safe picture that I'm able to reveal without jeopardizing my safety.


Finally, my parents in their awesome logic dictated that rather than spending RM600 in a hotel buffet dinner thingy, they'd rather spent 'em money on some awesome Chinese food and boy were they right.

salmons yummy

yes, i do know CNY was over loooong time ago

once again, Some Good Food®

it be crabs!

Ended the night with some good view and a whole lotta thinking.

i've only personally brought 4 people here

Nite peeps and have a fun week!

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