Monday, December 03, 2007

| a good break comes with a sick price

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On a fine Saturday evening, after a good prayer amongst directors, Deb-dear chased all of us away from Aero Arts Room so that we won't interfere with her no. 17 move, the Spread-Eagle. heh~ So the five directors alongside with the Band and friends went down (or up) to Sibaraku restaurant in MP for a good teppanyaki buffet~

trust the fat kid on them chopsticks

eating bots - transform and fat up!

We ordered our first wave on the ordering papers and then went out of our comfortable private rooms to grab some awesomely superbly unbelievably.. crappy sushi at the bar. I know it's a cheap Japanese buffet for RM22 but for crying out loud, those sushi were bad. It's so bad that it's not worth taking them on my camera - that's how bad they were. IMO, bananas are cheap and should never be mixed with sushi. Heck, they shouldn't even be part of the sushi.

sotong ballzzz

Fortunately, there were other so-so stuffs worth eating at the bar outside of the rooms. Balls of sotong(s), tempura veggies and small fishies, mushroom soup, other-thingies and some very tempting ice kacang-ness of which we didn't touch.. at all.. seriously.. *sob sob* The that we did touch though, were GOOD~

mussels with butter

clockwise from top-left: lamb, oyster egg, more lamb, fish slices

8 portions worth of tau-gays... the girls are nutz

members of a mj's neverland-ish club.. brrrr.. felt a chill

We were pleased.. nauseatingly pleased. We ate so much till we had bellies protruding out on us so much so we had to slouch else we'd look stuupid and pregnant (more of pregnant than stupid). The guys walked around while the girls.. well, they do what all girls do best - they shop (window or otherwise).

new shoes for sunday service

The next day, I woke up early in the morning for Sunday service feeling all fine and dandy. After lunch though, things start to deteriorate in my body but as hard as I tried to push it aside, I couldn't. By the second round of night practice, my body was on the verge of collapsing and I went home - shamefully defeated by the sickness that has smitten me like a cat in the rabbit's eyes. Fever and flu has got to be the most irritating combo ever. Worse off, despite sleeping very early I had a nightmare.

joo haf failed noob

Woke up feeling sick though I had to study for my two midterm paper tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday. yay~

May ya'll be luckier in health, studies and monetary-wise than I.
Nite peeps~

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shulin286 said...

Take good care of urself ya, my dear friend. Don't push yourself too hard, ok?
Good luck in your coming exam.
Gambate, gambate, gambate oo... =)
Hope ya get well soon and see ya be healthy again.

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