Saturday, May 09, 2009

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Hiya guys! It's been like, what- a month (40 days to be precise) since I've been out of my lil' hole here. Sorry for like, not posting for a month (40 days to be precise) and stuff. Thanks for all the thoughtful worries and motivation that gave me just the right push to once again, fill this secluded world of cyberspace with junk.

                 Where have I been? you might ask..


Well.. for one; hanging around. For another, finishing up assignments/projects/misc; the usual debacle of trying to balance the whole universe (was in a hot dense state and nearly forty billion years ago expansion started, wait- and the earth began to cool, autotrophs began to drool, neanderthal developed tools, we built the walls-we built the pyramids! Math, science, history, unravelling the mysteries, that all started with.. before the world began you were on His mind, and every tear you cry is precious in His eyes, because of His great love He gave His only Son, everything was done so you would come..) with a single equation.

*munch munch munch*

Other than that, I've been interestingly busy serving a few Sundays straight with good ol' Miss Ash (wife of Mr Light, whose kids will be born with only one fret and without strings, etc etc etc), prepping ready to finish up serving as CF comm as well as Final Year Missions, playing for weddings, etc etc etc. The usual stuff ay?


one small step for pizza, one giant step for ana

Had some fun here and there though and that's A Good Thing® (Ahhhh... ®s how i miss using you. we'll have so much fun together). One of the best things that happened between the month (40 days to be precise) was a birthday of my Significant Other or S.O. (pronounced Ess-Oh; thanx to the dude who made that up for me, you know who you are *winks*) and of course Law Night. The food was so so, emcee is over-rated and cross-eyed, performance sucked.. well, the idols did except for the last two. Out-sourced CF sketch was simple and good. Cross Fusion was jazzy as ever while the real highlight of my night (other than my Ess-Oh, of course) was thedudefromkopitiamomgomgomgXDFXDF- Douglas Lim! Crazy, Funny, Sublime~

twas a wonderful night, my dear Ess-Oh. Blessed Belated Burfday~

Last CF/CG ended rather well. Made me real sad thinking of how I'll be left alone while the rest of my batch brothers and sisters are gonna graduate (and yes, I do have emotions *sobz*). Gonna seriously miss you guys;

Wayne (mah-bradda-froma-diffrent-motha)
Sylvester (cat goes pew pew and karaoke)
Joel (honor serving with ya)
Julian (friend, comrade, brother)
Louis (always fun around with ya.. or more like you're the subject of the fun)
Lucius (sorry for playing around with the awkwardness- heh~ go jou!)
Tzeh Wy (the jokes are amplified with ya around)
Renee (the masks were never really masks but a different aspect of you XDF)
Jess (thanx for allowing me to irri ya all the time.. it be fun! XDF)
Kay Lyn (for the words not spoken, may the heart be felt)
Sharon (tomorrow morning if you wake up..)
Tee Chor Ping (as long as we learn something, it was worth it)
Wen Wen (remember, if anything happens to Julian.. I'm here~ XDF)


I'm hoping that despite the drag, things will continue to look good. Now lets talk about movies.

Well.. more like, lemme rant about movies.

For one, X-Men:Origin:Wolverine. I was hoping they'ed redeem themselves from the utter hatred for making X-Men1,2 and 3 but I was wrong. It seems hollywood (and their accursed screenwriter/director) have this on-going cancer of making unbelievably sucky films based on famous names as a way to make money. The only people that seem to like it are those who hath no slightest clue of the true story and girls who wanted to see the actor who played Logan butt-naked, running across the street and into a barn. Wonder what fantasies they're having during that scene. heh~

read: budd-light nekkid

But the worse thing they could've done was to make superkewl Deadpool lame. As in, "..a pool of powers; Deadpool. All the strengths, none of their weaknesses" lame.
Behold, here's Wade Wilson aka Deadpool;

Other related news, Star Trek rocks. Easy candidate for movie of the year. First 5 minutes made my Ess-Oh cry and lemme tell ya this, she NEVER NEVER cries.


Once again, take your time reading this. If ya can't finish it the first run, come back and try some other time. heh~

Nites peeps~

p.s. that special post about you, Ai will have to wait kay? XD

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